Dr. of Spiritual Awareness $70

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Dr. of Spiritual Awareness This is a really fascinating new course on developing spiritual awareness. If you’ve taken and enjoyed Spirit Quest, you’ll love this course. The information is along the same lines, some completely new, some of it is a new look at similar information. The course is a doctorate program and is very […]

Master of Religion

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During this course, I have learned a great deal about the Christian religion. One of my favorite lessons was on Bible Study. There are numerous resources online including E-Sword, Christianity.com. and edible.com. It is very interesting to note the information in the Bible in contrast to organized, dogmatic religion. people have put their own rules […]


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UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH SEMINARYDefining Spirituality CourseRev. Chuck final essay The most fascinating part of this course was the discussion of god/God as an ever maturing entity.   That was a completely new concept to me and one I rather enjoyed pondering.  The multi-discipline approach (science, philosophy, etc.) was also unique from other presentations so that too […]

Spiritual Development Course

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Noosphere (pronounced /ˈnoʊ.ɵsfɪər/; sometimes noösphere), according to the thought of Vladimir Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin, denotes the “sphere of human thought”. The word is derived from the Greek νοῦς (nous “mind“) + σφαῖρα (sphaira “sphere“), in lexical analogy to “atmosphere” and “biosphere. Introduced by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 1922  in his Cosmogenesis“. Another possibility […]


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Four Gospels Writer: Matthew Place Written: Palestine Writing Completed: c. 41 C.E. Time Covered: 2 B.C.E.“33 C.E Introducing Jesus and news of “the kingdom of the heavens” (1:4:25). Logically, Matthew begins with Jesus’ genealogy, proving Jesus’ legal right as heir of Abraham and David. Thus, the attention of the Jewish reader is arrested. Then we […]

ULC Monastery Not Affiliated with headquarters

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CHANGES AT THE UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH ULC – Universal Life Church & Online Seminary This is an important announcement regarding some changes that have been happening at the Universal Life Church. For additional, independent verification of what’s going on, click Monastery. As some of you are aware, the ulc.org site has changed hands. Due to […]

Spirit Quest by Jean Pagano

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Spirit Quest Final Project Spirit Quest is truly a remarkable course. It presents many tools and offers ways to use them that are both practical and simple. The results, however, and anything but simple – they are in fact quite profound. Of the many tools that were presented, I found two that I believe are […]

A Course In Miracles

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A Course In Miracles Lesson #10 CommentsVisualization is good, but I always give a condition to anything that I think I want.  That condition is that what I think that I want  (which may be mostly ego-based)  is for my higher mind and higher consciousness.   I would not be on the earth if I were […]