Defining Spiritualism

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Defining Spiritualism is a very insightful course that gives a terrific overview of how various philosophies have influenced religion and how such extremes in thought developed. It is very helpful in understanding others and how to minister to them – especially those with a more scientific worldview. The lesson on atheism was very interesting. I […]

Metaphysical Healing

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Summation of the Metaphysical Healing Course By Susan Wallace Full Circle The idea of coming “full circle” in strategies for creating health and balance within clients is growing daily. Each culture in history has had its concept of healing powers and rituals used by the people of that culture. With modern medical models the more […]

Baby Naming Certificates (10) $19.95

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As a minister, you may be honored to be included in many of the life passages of those in your community. The naming and blessing of a child is one of those special events. These certificates (10 total) are excellent to have if you are asked to perform baby naming ceremonies. They are a memorable […]


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I want to thank the ULC for offering the course on Shamanism, I have learned very much from this course. Although I wasn’t active on the forum I did read questions sent in by other students. One had questioned if the course was worth the price, for me it was. I have bought a few […]

Christian History

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There are several miracles in the saga of the rise and survival of Christianity.  One is the resurrection of Jesus Christ and another the resurrection and survival of the church after persecution after persecution and meddling by the irrelevant, irresponsible, self centered, dishonest and of course the despotic – that is from both the outside […]

Faith Stones – Universal Life Church -$2.25

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Faith Stones. Thoughtful gifts for a Sunday School class or other church group. Each 2 1/4″ – 2 3/4″ striking black rock is engraved with an inspirational word. Sayings include “Love,” “Hope,” “Trust” and many more. Natural stones, sizes may vary. Specify the word you’d like or just have faith that you’ll get the one […]