Christian History

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Christian History An evaluation of the Synod of Whitby (AD 664) with reference to the political and historical context of contemporary Northumbria. by Rev. Graham Louden, M.A., Dip.Ed. (Oxon), B.A., A.C.P., (Hon.) D.D. It has long been traditional amongst historians of the period to represent the Synod of Whitby and its outcome as a momentous […]

Funeral Ceremony

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By Rev. William C. SandersChristian Service performed by her step-son Rev. William C. Sanders, Minister ULC. Friends, I welcome you today to a service of celebration as we reflect upon the life of Beth Galloway Sanders. We remember her as a kind and spiritual friend who loved and lived for Jesus Christ and for making […]


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First, I would like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the Master of Religion course. Over that past 20 lessons I have found myself taking a much deeper look into the King James Bible. Along with some of the alternative translations of the Bible, I came up with more than a few interesting differences […]

Become a Chaplain

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Master of Chaplaincy Studies Lesson 7‏ I interviewed a local chaplain of a nursing home. He gave me details of his ministry that included conducting weekly services, visitation, bible study and grievance counseling to family members and nursing home patients. He said that he enjoyed it very much but the hardest part was he had […]

Baptismal Certificates (10) $19.95

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A baptism of either an adult or a child is a momentous occasion. You may be blessed to get to perform one or more of these life-changing ceremonies. As a remembrance of the occasion, it’s very professional to be able to present the subject with a beautiful certificate to commemorate the day. You get 10 […]