St. Paul

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“Master of St. Paul“. The subject and title seems a bit ironic because of St. Paul’s service and dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Non the less I found this course to be informative and I enjoyed the weekly assignments. The teaching techniques used are effective in that they make the student research the […]


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I have just completed the course on Metaphysics and Miracles. I have found this course to be extremely valuable to me in assessing my own life issues. I think I will start this paper on the quote in the very last lesson: ” And the big lie that the ego still sells today is the […]

Comparative Religion

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I have had a longstanding interest in the study of comparative religion. I have especially examined Judaism because it provided a background to Christianity. as we know Jesus himself was raised and lived within this tradition. I have a firm belief we can’t really understand the Christian faith without search the roots of the tradition […]


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Prayer Exercise:Describe the obstacles that are preventing you from recognizing Love’s presence within you. Write an essay explaining how the concept that nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal exists might change what you ask for in prayer?  The answer this question is my imagination and illusion that I am separate prevents me from allowing […]