The Life of St. Paul

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Master of St. Paul Final Essay Master of St. Paul was very interesting to me. I would like to thank Rev. Walter Moline for a great job on the course. It was very well written and very informative. I would also like to thank Amy for all her hard work she does making it possible […]

Dr. of Divinity $30.00

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To receive this degree, we ask for a fee of $30.00. You will legally be entitled to use the title Dr. in front of your name and D.D. after your name. All Dr. of Divinity titles, regardless of where they came from, are considered honorary and no test is required. This degree is offered through […]

Wiccan Studies by Mary McGar

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 Wiccan Final Essay Mary McGar This course was very interesting to me and helped me tremendously in my new volunteer position of co-moderator of a Unitarian Universalist Pagan group.  Without this course I would have been unable to assume this position.  When I started this course, while I was not new to Pagan philosophy, I […]

The Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook for the ‘Planning-Impaired’ – $17.95

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This book is one of the best on the market. It’s funny and informative as well as giving information about weddings that’s right on the money. The newly revised version has 81 pages of spiritual, loving, non-denominational ceremonies that are bound to pull a smile and/or a tear from virtually all the couples who get […]

Mystical Christianity by Rev. Mayer

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Mystical Christianity Final Sharon J. Mayer Mother Maryesah Karelon’s classes on Mystical Christianity were a definite turning point for me on my path to knowledge. The lessons covered many themes of early Christianity and church dogma. The practice of making the church masculine and taking the feminism out of worship was brought into the Christian […]

Metaphysical Healing

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Summation of the Metaphysical Healing Course By Susan Wallace Full Circle The idea of coming “full circle” in strategies for creating health and balance within clients is growing daily. Each culture in history has had its concept of healing powers and rituals used by the people of that culture. With modern medical models the more […]

Spirit Quest by Rev. Anne Marie Brooks

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The Spirit Quest course was not what I expected, it was much better. Everything was explained so well and with humor. I did not make major changes in my life probably because I am on my spiritual path with goals already which led me to taking this course. I was familiar with many of the […]


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Buddhism Course Essay I have sat down many times now trying to write this essay on the Buddhism course by Tricia Stirling. I haven’t been able to adequately put to words the influence that this course has had on my way of looking at life. Am I Buddhist, can I follow the Eight Fold Path? […]