>The Lost Scriptures info

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> This is the continuation of my essay on the Master of Religion series.  The lost scriptures.  Not being a theologian it is hard for me to get into huge detail about this lesson. Several years ago I picked up a copy of the Apocrypha which is the old testament books that were left out for whatever reason.  Probably due […]

Baptismal Certificates (10) $19.95

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A baptism of either an adult or a child is a momentous occasion. You may be blessed to get to perform one or more of these life-changing ceremonies. As a remembrance of the occasion, it’s very professional to be able to present the subject with a beautiful certificate to commemorate the day. You get 10 […]


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Shamanism by  REV. KURT FONDRIEST      Reading the various lessons on shamanism enabled me to understand how this form of consciousness has evolved throughout the years.  It also had a profound impact on how I view my own metaphysical- christian faith.      Shamanism for me is a connection made by an individual and his or […]

Wiccan Studies by Mary McGar

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 Wiccan Final Essay Mary McGar This course was very interesting to me and helped me tremendously in my new volunteer position of co-moderator of a Unitarian Universalist Pagan group.  Without this course I would have been unable to assume this position.  When I started this course, while I was not new to Pagan philosophy, I […]