Buddhism Course Lesson 11

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1. Mahayana is based on sutras, and are believed to contain the teachings of Buddha. also, Mahayana believes that all people can attain enlightenment, not just monks and nuns. Theravada relies on the self for salvation, whereas Mahayana believes in the other power, in order to save all souls, not just self.
Mahayana believes in the concept of Bodhisattva, wherein a person returns to help humanity find salvation.
2. To attain Bodhcitta, one must return and help everyone attain salvation before personal Buddhahood can be acheived.
3. The appeal in Mahayana is that it is a simpler and more approachable way to enlightenment, particularly in the world today, wherein people are busy and do not have the time to attain salvation through self power. The various practices of the Holy way, as opposed to the Pure Land Way,  are numerous and may be too difficult for the modern man to understand.

Wayne Cuthbert