Chaplaincy Studies

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1.  Describe someone who has the Divine Mark.  What set them apart?
I would have to say the Rev. Lou Brock and Dr. Jacqueline Brock, have that Divine Mark.  I don’t think I can say any better then this…
The Brocks are both ordained ministers. They are committed to the work of the ministry with a calling to teach and evangelize. The apostolic anointing and gifting’s enable them to speak and edify the body of Christ in this generation. A multitude of souls have been saved, healed, delivered, and filled with the Holy Spirit. Many have gone on to establish powerful ministries. The couple is sought after as ministers of the Gospel, keynote speakers delivering inspirational, motivational, and spiritual messages. Their submission to the Word of God has given them a worldwide platform to speak into the lives of churched and un-churched people.
I have been blessed to have met both of these great Pastor and spend sometime with them at Rev. Lou Brocks 70th birthday party, as well as a yearly charity event that is held here in St. Louis.  I did not know that they were Pastors when I first met them but they had this ease about them both.  A feeling of peace is what I felt whenever I spoke with either of them. 
2.  Has anyone observed the mark in you?  What did they say.
I have been told that I have been blessed with the spirit of a old caring soul.   That my care-giving is  warm like a robe of love that I put on someone who is feeling lost or sick.    That I also have a way of making people feel like they belong and that God has hand picked them for something great in this world.  Others have said that I have so much joy and love in my heart for God that it just pours out of me where ever I go. 
3. Consider your calling…
I truly believe that God has called me to be a caregiver to the lost.  I have been blessed to have been through alot of bad things in my life and I say blessed because without going through the bad things I would never have really appreciate the great things that God has put in my heart.  I wish I could say it was like a lighting bolt that hit me and told me that I need to follow Gods word, but it wasn’t.   It has always been a feeling deep inside of me.  A feeling I could never shake.  No matter what I tried to do, no matter how many times I said “He couldn’t want me to do his work, not after all I have done.  I am miss reading my feelings” God keep pressing.  Finally after the passing of my mother I had no where to turn or no one to talk to so I started talking to God.  Not just talking to Him I started yelling at Him.  Telling him I didn’t understanding why things were the way they were.  Why I had been though so many bad things.  After a while, when I began to listen, I began to feel this warmth of love and wholeness that I had never felt before.  I felt Him tell me that if I would have just Stopped and listen to him and what he was calling me to do,  instead of listening to the flesh of men, I could have saved myself alot of heartaches.  He has called me to be his  hands and arm for the people who have no one.   To let them know that they are someone with a purpose, with value.  And most of all that they are loved by their Heavenly Father and there is nothing they can do to make God not love them.  Once I realized these gifts he had given me only then did I truly know who I was on this earth and why I was here.
Rev. Sandra Hatchell


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