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Depends on where you look and as well where your minds eye takes you. There are those who will tell you there is little known of the Ancients Druids. Caesar himself only spoke of them in general. We know that they were Celtic people or where they. Could it be that they as ancient Egyptians and the lost civilizations of the Myna been from Atlantis.

These individuals who were one with nature priest and priestess they were, Each with knowledge of the ages and wisdom to know the very nature of us the upright creature of mystery and legend ,were to be the ones that would mold the existence of ourselves and that of others.

Yes when one dies according to Ancient Druid the spirits passes on to another. They believe that the knowledge of one would flow within the mind of another and as well that new knowledge one would receive worked with the others spirit to build character and ones mind. It is believed Merlin was a druid with many a past life to draw from in his dealings with King Arthur. Where a Druid comes to a story the world which existed is filled with wanders of peace and joy and ‘O’ yes war. But you do not see the Druid as the war Mongol yet they stood on the side of right and peace among those they served.

They use the powers of mother earth and mother nature as if they were given the permission to do so. They Conner up visions of beauty and of future . Then just as they appeared they seem to drop back into oblivion of which they came . Or did they?

It is a known fact that they exist today throughout the world as a brotherhood of priest and priestess. Are these the descendents of those ancients Druids who build Stonehenge so they could learn the knowledge of the universe.

Do they meet in secret to reveal their rituals to one another in the oral fashion as the Ancient Druids did. Or have they somehow found the written manuscript of an Ancient Druids knowledge and brought out the wisdom of their words in the faith they process.

As for Druid being the beginning of Wicca, I believe not. As with all thought and belief they begin with a separation or one saw and they have taken which they say and designed it into something that has become a faith and a wiliness to know. Could one of the Romans seen a Druid talk to the wind or see one bring life to flower or witness the change of seasons come and go as a Druid my of commanded,

No one knows for sure since the secrets of both are forbidden to one who processes not the spirit even tho ancient as they are no spirit pasted on the wisdom and knowledge the Druids professes.

Pastor Pat

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