Funeral Blessing

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By ‘Didj Man’

Let the sweetness of the Creator’s breath draw this new born child of the eternal to the everlasting mercies that do beckon one as a Mother whispering to her Babe in the cradle; let my breath cover you and remind you that you are mine and that no thing done under the sun can escape my gentle gaze, But let now I pray thee your gaze be as mine; brief, gentle,and kind. For the face you see does wash clean as you are now stepped out of your earthly body and are now a seed of Hope for all who await this journey ahead,so as you leave please remember to smile for the World in which you came for the power of forgiveness is the holyspirit’s witness to the blood that quickens all those who be ever living to see the day wherenone would ever have to pass from this World to the next in blind faith, but in the unquinching arms of wisdom, and a love that has no bounds, but yet all boundries are made by this love. Fear not my coming child for death is not becoming of you; I take you unto life and that is who I am……………

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