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What is a Sin??

That was an interesting question, one which I have a fairly clear understanding of in my heart, but I have trouble putting to words.

Basically, I do not believe in sins as acts or thoughts which are wrong based upon some interpretation by people, of the bible or any other religious text.
I prefer to think in terms of right and wrongs based upon social values of the time and area as well as what to me is the most basic…if it does no harm.

However even that understanding is a bit vague. I believe that certain actions may not be wrong/a sin in and of themselves, but if they were to be found out, they may hurt another. Does that make them a sin? Perhaps it is the intent that decides. One example might be, I believe that people have the capacity to fall in love with more than one person at the same time. How they handle those loves is important. If, they keep the second love secret from the first love in an attempt to not hurt them and step back from acting upon the second love, but still hold the feelings in their heart…I do not see a sin there. If they choose to act upon both loves and play a secret juggling act, not really considering the feelings of the others, that to me is wrong.

I do not believe in a God who would still be punishing us for some apparent sin committed by the world’s first couple. I do not believe in a God who would call genuine love between people a sin merely due to their color or their sexual orientation.

I think it is a sin (word used loosely) to not live life to its fullest.
I am trying to get a clearer idea of what sin is to me (if it even exists), this course has made me think more deeply.

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