Spirit Quest Essay by Rev. Juliano

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This was a great course. I was using many of these techniques already and it gave me a new perspective on them. It also refreshed my memory on other ones I had learned before. One I used and tell others too is grounding. Your explanation was worded in a way that gave me another way to used and to teach others to learn to use this essential tool. I personally visualize big battleship size anchors and chains that connect to my feet and then anchor and tied me to the earth. Things coming at me are sent right down the chains in the earth and I am an immovable object.

I deal a lot with people who have attachments or even worse things inside of them and it’s always very hard to get them to fill in the empty space when we can get the negative things to leave. Hey don’t realize it will fill right back up with something, even the same thing, if they don’t fill it in. Now I usually try to get them to use the Angels or the Holy Spirit to fill in that energy but the not so religious the Gold Sun technique sounds like it would work and I can’t wait to give it a shot.
I now have a brand new arsenal of techniques to protect myself from outside energies, other people’s energies and my own negative energies, some of which I have never thought about or understood. Those tools are invaluable to me and I thank you for them.

My life in general has been given a whole new tool chest to help me cope with my anxiety and depression issues that I have had all my life. I have been using the roses as coping mechanisms and also to isolate people and situations that I know will trigger either of these illnesses.

I’ve also been able to step out of my comfort zone and do public speaking engagements and attend large events which I have always avoided in the past. Overall I have a much better understanding of everything spiritual and of spirit in general. This was the most comprehensive course of the topic, I don’t think anything was left out.

Dave Juliano