Spirit Quest Course Essay from Universal Life Church – by Rev. Post

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Hi Reverend Amy ~ Thank you so much for offering the Spirit Quest Master of Metaphysics course – I found it to be truly amazing. I feel like a different person. I find myself looking at people, situations, etc so differently than before I took the course. This essay that I am submitting to you now as my final essay for the Master of Metaphysics degree is actually my second attempt – I put an explanation in the essay itself so you will see what I mean – I firmly believe that my first essay never made it to you because my “spirit” knew it wasn’t my best work and that I would do better. I did leave my mailing address at the bottom to have my degree/certificate sent to me after you have had a chance to read my essay, please feel free to leave my name on the blog though if you like, its perfectly fine with me. I will copy in my essay just to be sure it makes it to you safe and sound. Take care and I’m sure we will be in touch and cross paths frequently – Blessings~ Christine Post


Spirit Quest – Master of Metaphysics Degree Program – Final Essay

~Submitted by Christine H. Post

I have had so many experiences since finishing the SpiritQuest Master of Metaphysics Degree program that I have seen through an entirely different mind set. I had actually done an essay two months ago when I finished the program but just didn’t feel it quite expressed my true feelings about the program. I had submitted it but noticed it hadn’t been posted so I am positive this is yet another positive sign that I hadn’t quite finished what I set out to do. Before taking the course I would have just assumed it had gone missing, or been forgotten but as I now realize that everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) happens for a reason, I’m sure my not being satisfied with my first essay is why it didn’t make it to its destination.

I was amazed as we learned each new tool how many of them I had actually been using right along (grounding cords for example), they are such a practical tool that I find myself using them without even thinking about it. If I get into a situation where there is a lot of negativity flying around me, I can actually feel that grounding cord shunting it away.

I had always had trouble trying to define and understand the “third eye”. What perfect way to think of it as your command central. This is one of the many reasons why I liked learning all of the tools, the program was presented in a very relatable manner.

By thinking of a camera lens opening and closing to turn up and turn down my chakras I feel in much better control at all times. If things start getting too intense, just close them until things feel more in control and then can be dealt with.

I still feel like I have a journey ahead of me but after learning so many useful tools I am looking forward to the ride and enjoying every minute of it.

Christine H Post

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  1. pmelius

    Christine, Thanks for sharing your thoughts in your essay.
    This sounds like a great course, which I intend on taking. I also wanted to thank Amy for her “KindWords” that always show up when i need them. Amazing how things work out! There is a power at work in our lives! I thank you both.