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ULC - SEMINARY Druidism Course



This is an outstanding course on Druidism. I've personally always been fascinated by the Druids and am thrilled to have a course of study about them.

This course is for lovers of the ancients both past and present. If you are curious to know the origins of Druidism and Druidry, then allow yourself to be swept back in time by reviewing both the facts and history of this ancient society. Charming lore, imagination and intrigue await you with this magical course.

In this 20 week course, you will learn about their deities, culture, lore, focus and studies. It's interesting and the information is presented in a fun and interesting manner.

Some of the lessons are below:

Lesson 1 - Introduction and History

Lesson 2 - The Society

Lesson 3 - Ethics

Lesson 4 - Deities

Lesson 5 - Sabbats

Lesson 6 - Myths

Lesson 7 - Pros and Cons


Druidism Sample

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