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General Ministry FAQs

Below you will find a series of questions that the Seminary is frequently asked. If you have any questions that aren't covered here or in the other FAQ areas, please feel free to email amy@ulcseminary.org and ask you question. We may decide to add it to our Frequently Asked Questions about the Universal Life Church page.

Select from the categories below of questions you would like to view.

General FAQs - If you want general information about what the can and cannots are about being a minister, this will fill the bill. More the legalities than the specifics.
Ministry FAQs - This is a general list of question about conducting a ministry. It's less about the legalities and more about the nuts and bolts of having a ministry.
Seminary FAQs - This section has frequently asked questions about our seminary, how it works and what you can expect. Gnostic FAQs - Gnosticism is an interesting religion. This section has FAQs about it and we also offer a course on this interesting religion.
Wedding FAQs - Along with our wedding training section, we also have this section on wedding FAQs so you can have a few more questions answered about how to do a wedding. Humanist FAQs - Humanists are people who don't believe in God, but still believe in being human. Here are some answers to your questions. Feel free to send more info. if you have it.
Wiccan/Pagan FAQs - We have a wonderful course on both Wicca and Paganism, but this section will give you some basic answers to determine your interest and whet your appetite. Druid FAQs - The Druids are fascinating. We have a wonderful courses on Druidism and this course will answer some basic questions about Druidism and get you excited to learn more.
Pantheist FAQs - Many people have not even heard of Pantheism, so these questions will help you learn about this interesting belief system. Methodist FAQs - This is a more 'mainstream' religion, but there are differences between this denomination of Christianity and others. This explains it.
Buddhist FAQs - We have a wonderful course on Buddhism, as well as these questions to help you get a glimpse of what Buddhism is all about. Dianic FAQs - These questions deal with a specific area of Wicca, known as Dianic. There are many areas of Wicca, so these questions wil clarify things.
Baptist FAQs - The Baptists are another denomination of Christianity with the core beliefs of Christians, but with their own distinctions that make Baptists unusual.. This will clarify some of the differences. Mormon FAQs - The Mormon religion is something that holds fascination for a lot of people, like 'do Mormons drink coffee?', among others. Many questions are answered here about this unusual variation on Christianity.


1. I wasn't able to print my confirmation. Can I get another one?
I'm afraid that the program generates the email at the time of ordination. To get another one, you'd need to ordain yourself again or order one from the site.

2. I don't remember my ordination date. How can I get it?
To get your ordination date, send your request to generalcontact@ulchq.com. Give them your full name and address at the time of ordination and they will give it to you.

3. I need a letter of Good Standing to do weddings. How can I get one?
You can order this from headquarters as well. Write to generalcontact@ulchq.com. Give them your full name and the address you'd like it mailed to. There is no cost for this.

4. How do I know if I need a letter of Good Standing?
Look at the Marriage Laws in the FAQ section and the training section.  You can also confirm by calling the local county clerk where the wedding will take place and ask if you need to register.

5. I live in one state and I was asked to do a wedding in another. Can I do this?
Yes. You are legal to do weddings in all 50 states, as long as you're at least 18 years old.

6. I'm getting ready to do my first wedding, what do I need?
Aside from possibly needing a letter of Good Standing, you would do well to order a book of ceremonies and certificates. (Basic Wedding Pack, for starters.) You should also read the training section (under 'classes') that has wedding training, as well as the wedding FAQ section.

7. I want to start doing weddings, how do I get started?
Start by ordering the Wedding Officiant Training Kit. It has all the materials you'll need. Then get business cards and later a website. If you are not in time to get into the phone book, start by going to all the wedding facilities in your area (or calling them) and ask to be put on their Preferred Vendor list. You will get calls this way. To get started doing funerals, you'll want to go to Funeral Homes and do the same thing.

8. How do I know what to charge?
Call other ministers from the phone book. Look under wedding supplies and services and look for the ministers. Ask them and then determine your price from there.

9. I live in Canada. Is my ordination legal here?
In some provinces yes and some no. Get a letter of Good Standing and present it in your province to see. It varies greatly depending who you ask.

10. I want to start a group of ULC ministers in my area. How can I do this?
Ask for people to join you on the forum and look through the directory. We don't handle the formation of the groups, but we'll be happy to invite it on the discussion board.

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