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Select from the menu of the categories of questions you would like to view about different types of religions. This set of questions is about the seminary in general and will hopefully answer your questions about the seminary. Otherwise, you can also go to the the Seminary page.


General FAQs - If you want general information about what the can and cannots are about being a minister, this will fill the bill. More the legalities than the specifics.
Ministry FAQs - This is a general list of questions about conducting a ministry. It's less about the legalities and more about the nuts and bolts of having a ministry. There is much to learn about being a minister.
Seminary FAQs - This section has frequently asked questions about our seminary, how it works and what you can expect. Gnostic FAQs - Gnosticism is an interesting religion. This section has FAQs about it and we also offer a course on this interesting religion.
Wedding FAQs - Along with our wedding training section, we also have this section on wedding FAQs so you can have a few more questions answered about how to do a wedding. Humanist FAQs - Humanists are people who don't believe in God, but still believe in being human. Here are some answers to your questions. Feel free to send more info. if you have it.
Wiccan/Pagan FAQs - We have a wonderful course on both Wicca and Paganism, but this section will give you some basic answers to determine your interest and whet your appetite. Druid FAQs - The Druids are fascinating. We have a wonderful courses on Druidism and this course will answer some basic questions about Druidism and get you excited to learn more.
Pantheist FAQs - Many people have not even heard of Pantheism, so these questions will help you learn about this interesting belief system. Methodist FAQs - This is a more 'mainstream' religion, but there are differences between this denomination of Christianity and others. This explains it.
Buddhist FAQs - We have a wonderful course on Buddhism, as well as these questions to help you get a glimpse of what Buddhism is all about. Dianic FAQs - These questions deal with a specific area of Wicca, known as Dianic. There are many areas of Wicca, so these questions wil clarify things.
Baptist FAQs - The Baptists are another denomination of Christianity with the core beliefs of Christians, but with their own distinctions that make Baptists unusual.. This will clarify some of the differences. Mormon FAQs - The Mormon religion is something that holds fascination for a lot of people, like 'do Mormons drink coffee?', among others. Many questions are answered here about this unusual variation on Christianity.


The Universal Life Church Seminary has students from around the globe.Below you will find some Frequently asked questions about our Seminary program. If you have any questions that aren't answered below, please write to amy@ulcseminary.org and she'll do her best to answer them. If the question is asked often enough, it may be added to our list of questions. If you look on our seminary page, you'll find in -epth descriptions of the different courses, along with course descriptions which may also answer some of your questions.

1. How do the courses work? The courses are all done through email. Each week, you will receive an email with that week's discourse. It's your job to read each discourse (essay/lesson) at least 3 times each and to absorb it as best you can. Most of the lessons contain homework for you to do. We usually won't be collecting it, but it's very beneficial for you to do and will help you increase your knowlege and skill as a ULC minister.

2. When I finish the course, then what happens? Each of the seminary courses require you to write an essay, which will be posted on the forum and on our ULC Seminary blog. This fulfills the requirement of having your work published and subjected to peer review.

3. When will I get my degree? You will get your degree for each course upon successful completion of the course and the essay requirement. When you mail in your essay, be sure to include your snail mail address to ensure that the Seminary has your updated address for sending your degree.

4. What do the degrees look like? All of the degrees are mailed on certificate paper with gold foil highlights. Each certificate also has a pen and ink signature, a gold foil seal and is custom printed with each name in matching font. They are very attractive and professional.

5. How do you graduate from the Seminary? Currently, we are requiring 40 credits to receive an undergraduate degree and 60 credits for a post graduate degree. You will receive a Master of Ministry for the undergraduate degree and a Doctor of Ministry for the post-graduate degree.

6. It doesn't look like there are enough classes available to graduate, so what do we do to get the rest of the courses? We have new courses being added all of the time, so start with the ones available and add them as they are released.

7. How do I join the seminary? You can join by filling out the form on the website. Each application is reviewed by hand to avoid adding people who are not serious about the seminary. When you are accepted, you will receive a different email approximately every two weeks with course samples, educational material and interesting articles.

8. Is there a cost to join the seminary? There's no cost to join and the bi-weekly emails are part of the student curriculum. There is also no obligation to take courses at any time and you can take them at your leisure and as finances permit.

9. Are the courses accredited? The ULC Seminary is not accredited by any agency nor are we currently seeking national or regional accreditation. Most Department of Education recognized National Institutional and Specialized Accrediting Bodies are linked to mainstream Christian and Jewish faiths and their accreditation requirements would severely limit the breadth and variety of course offered by the Seminary on a plethora of religious paths.

We are open about our Non-Accreditation and why we are not currently seeking national or regional accreditation because there are many "internet degree" programs are "accredited" by an agency not listed as recognized by the Department of Education. Many of these "agencies" are merely extensions of the Institution offering the degree and created for the sole purpose of "accrediting" their own programs. We at the ULC Seminary do not use these tactics and nor endorse of this form of misrepresentation.

To find out more about accreditation visit the Dept of Ed's accreditation page http://www.ed.gov/admins/finaid/accred/index.html

10. Are the degrees legal? Absolutely! The degrees issued by the Universal Life Church and ULC Seminary are authorized under Section 94874(B)(2) of the California Education Code.

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