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Universal Life ChurchWhen you sign up, you will receive a free monthly newsletter that is full of useful tips, discounts and ceremony samples that are designed to assist you in your ministry. We update our newsletters regularly to keep you posted on what's happening in the ULC and its Seminary. We try and keep you current on what's happening. Anything of an urgent nature will be posted on the announcements page. Once you sign up, you will receive your first newsletter within an hour usually.

Universal Life ChurchWe add samples of ceremonies and of essays written by some of our students who have completed the various program. You'll also get a monthly email announcement of our most current happenings.

Free ULC Monthly NewsletterUniversal Life ChurchBelow, you can sign up for the Newsletter automatically, along with any of the other mailings that we offer. I have found a great new program that allows me to put all the subscriptions up at once, to save you time.

Universal Life ChurchWe only use the information you have provided for ULC Seminary mailings and it stays with us. We realize that you have shared your information with us and we appreciate that honor.

Newsletter - We like to keep our ministers informed with both regular monthly newsletters with tips and such, as well as a monthly announcement with current information. We also send out samples of our courses for free.
Kind Words - When you sign up for the kind words, you will get weekly uplifting emails to brighten your day and warm your heart. They are personally written by me and sent personally to you.
Sermons - We have a huge number of available sermons which are mailed out to those who subscribe, in addition to those listed as available on the site. Chaplaincy Program - When you sign up for the Chaplaincy program, you'll get free mailings every month, as well the opportunity to earn the title of 'Chaplain'.
Seminary Program - The Seminary program is our pride and joy. We have 28 current courses available by email, as well as bi-monthly emails going out to all the students. Sunday School - On the website, there are quite a few sunday school lessons posted, and you can also sign up to have them emailed to you weekly.
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