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The Universal Life Church dove of peace.This is the page for Funeral Stories. We'd like to hear from YOU about your experiences. Performing a funeral can be a tremendous experience for the minister. There are many emotions to consider and it's important to remember that you want to make this experience comfortable and healing for the beareaved. With a wedding, every word is being videotaped, and every action is being etched into the memories of most of the people there. They want to preserve that day for the rest of their lives. With funerals, it's a little different. You, as the minister, want to create a memorable atmosphere, but it should be one of healing, rather than a new beginning.

It is the hope of any good funeral minister that the day be remembered as loving and healing and as a time of celebration of the deceased's life.

From your experience, tell us some things that have happened at funerals you've attended. Every story you tell is an opportunity for others to learn through your valuable experience. Please send your stories to stories@ulcseminary.org and we'll post them for everyone.


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