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gospelsulc The Four Gospels program is based, obviously, on the Four recognized Gospels of the Bible: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

ulcEach lesson is broken into several different emails that correspond with reading from a fabulous book called 'The Unvarnished Gospels'. This book translates those famous biblical gospels directly from the Greek. This translation gives greater depth and meaning to the words many of you already know.

ulcThe email lessons you will receive will have each of the books broken down several lines at a time with possible interpretations and ways of looking at the meanings of the Four Gospels.

ulcJesus had many lessons to share and the lessons were intended to grow with the times, just as we all grow spiritually throughout time. The lessons were also intended to be utilized, not just looked at from afar.

ulcThis program looks at the spiritual applications of the Four Gospels and the lessons of Jesus. This course explain these lessons with present-day analogies and examples and invites the student to use personal introspection and experience to find out how best these timeless concepts can be incorporated into everyday life.

ulcEach book of the Bible is sent a month apart with a bonus set of emails containing the whole text of the Book of Thomas.

ulcAfter ordering the course, you will begin to receive the lessons immediately and the book will follow shortly thereafter.

ulcThis course can be ordered here: The Four Gospels

You can find a sample of this course by clicking Sample Four Gospels.





















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