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Sunday School Lessons for Saint Matthew Chapter Six

(Lessons in Giving and Being Rewarded by God.)

Written By

Bryan Ray Cook

For the Universal Life Church Seminary



This book was created to provide Sunday School teachers a teaching tool to describe Saint Matthew Chapter Six to their students using lessons, games, and materials than can be ran off for students to study by at home. I hope that Sunday school teachers will find this book useful for their Sunday school classes as this book teaches students a people the art of giving whether its giving back to the community or giving to a friend. (There are more lessons to follow from the same author.)


Saint Matthew Chapter Six Verse One


"Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen by them: otherwise ye have no reward in heaven."


Suggested Sunday School Teacher Interpretation:


What this verse means is that we should not make public what we do for someone else.


Why should we not do that?


Some student responses may be: "Because God doesn't want us to do that." "Your putting on a show."


Suggested Sunday School Teacher Explanation:


The verse teaches us that making a public display of doing good for someone may help a person's situation on earth and bring about opportunities such as fame or recognition on Earth to someone. If that is the case that person already got his reward on Earth by the praise of one's peers. God under those circumstances does not see fit to reward that person.

On the other hand if that person did the good thing for someone in secret not looking for personal gain that person will be rewarded when they reach Heaven because they did not boast about giving to someone. It was done in secret without anyone else knowing about it. It signifies that the person truly cared about the plight of the other individual and acted in that individual's best interest.



True or False?

One should make a public display of doing good for others.

God will give you a reward if you do.


Suggested Games.

Sunday school teacher can initiate role playing games. One person can play God turning away from the person that gave to someone in front of everyone. Have the class play the peers congratulating that person who did something good but have one person playing God turn him or herself away from that person because they already have reward from peers whether it's in terms of money or prestige.

After that the Sunday school teacher can have one person give to another while the rest of the class doesn't notice. The student playing God tells the other student he or she will go to heaven because no one else noticed the good deed the other student did for the other student, it was done in secret.


Word Game - Use these as an example for creating other word games


Take heed that ye do not your ______ before _____.

Otherwise ye have no____ which is in _________.

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