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Spiritual Sermons - This section has a lot of spiritual sermons and writings, as well as an option to have different ones mailed to you weekly for free. As part of it, there is a free spiritual growth series that many have found to be of great use to them. They are free to read and sign up for.
Absolution of Sins - If you believe in confession and being absolved of your sins, there is a video on this page, as well as information on how you can do this. The form on the page is private and for your use. Even if it's not part of your belief system, there is something freeing about letting something out into the Universe and releasing your burden.
Sunday School - This section is primarily Christian-related, since I don't know that Pagans have any sort of Sunday school, but you are welcome to look through this and see if there are lessons that may be of interest. You can also sign up to have some emailed to you every week. Starting A Church - In this section, you can learn to start a church of any type, using the ULC name or a name of your choice. There are many sections that you can go to which will have samples of the various types of forms required to start a church of your own. You can use these pages as templates to get your own information together.
FAQs - The ULC Seminary has an extensive collection of Frequently Asked Questions, both about our church and about a variety of other religions. These have been submitted by ministers of those faiths, so if you would like to submit some or see things you'd like corrected, please let me know. FORUM - The ULC has an active forum where students can post their lesson work or discuss their classes, as well as just engage in disucssions with other ministers. It's free to sign up for and you can find topics of all types listed here. Please join us to talk and debate (politely) with other ministers.
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