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Hodgkins Lymphoma

ULC - Universal Life Church & Online Seminary Universal Life ChurchRecently, I got an internal notice that I need to share some information about my experience with Hodgkins Disease. Bear in mind, that this is just my experience with healing myself from Hodgkins and that it should not be taken as medical advice, any kind of treatment or diagnosis. Doctors are good for such things and you should definitely weigh in for their opinions and suggestions.

Universal Life ChurchThe standard course of treatment is chemotherapy and often radiation. I was 25 when I was diagnosed in 1992. I had already been ill for 8 months before I decided I was ready to hear the diagnosis. Denial is not just a river in Egypt. One of the great things about Hodgkins Lymphoma is that the medical treatment for it is very effective. This is great news for those who have it and for those who love them. The treatment, when I did it, was 3 months long. I did the Stanford 5 and it was experimental. Chances are, they are up to a higher number in their trials, but I don't know for sure. Many other people were doing the 6 month version, but the 3 month one worked very well. No radiation, but a double dose of chemo. I was okay with that. They tried it on me because I had already been ill for 18 months by the time I got treatment, give or take. Deathly ill -- walking skeleton.

Universal Life ChurchDuring that time, however, I did a lot of alternative treatments to get myself prepared for doing chemo. I had hoped I wouldn't need to do chemo at all, but it all works out. One of the things about Hodgkins, that's different about other kinds of cancer, is that once you are given the 'all clear', if it's going to come back, it will come back withint he first 18 months. Most cancers are more in the 5 year range.

Universal Life ChurchThe bad news about this is that people who go through chemo often start it and finish it while still in denial about the whole thing. And since they are still in denial, the cancer is 'gone' before they've had a chance to process the entire experience. Because of that, they often don't do the other necessary work to resolve what caused the cancer in the first place.

Universal Life ChurchMy experience with handling cancer (or any other illness) is a multi-pronged approach. For any kind of issue, there are 3 major issues: Body, Mind and Spirit. If you only deal with one of them, the other two will come back and bite you in the butt. Balance is everything. I'm going to put out some suggestions for things to focus on and ideas for things to try. Again, I strongly suggest BALANCE.

Universal Life ChurchDIET - If you are not doing chemo, go for a vegan diet. No dairy, no meat, no salt, no sugar, etc. I did the Gerson diet myself, but it's a very difficult diet. There are many different diets to try. Pick one that is organic, no salt, lots of greens. I drank a LOT of carrot juice. The important thing is that your diet is clean. One of the reasons to avoid meat is that it can be hard to process and it's full of protein, which cancer cells love. If you ARE doing chemo, it good to have plenty of protein, for the same reason. Cancer loves protein and protein makes the cancer cells replicate. Chemotherapy attacks the fastest replicating cells, which is why your hair falls out and you get canker sores. Fast-replicating cells. Again, discuss this with your doctor first.

Universal Life ChurchBAKING SODA - I read recently that a tsp of baking soda in water or juice, taken once a day (if you're ill or once a week if you're not) will help to eliminate tumors. It is well-known that cancer can only survive in an acidic environment. If you create an alkaline environment in your body, the cancer will disappear. I have tried taking it and I notice that my body almost immediately moved to a more alkaline state. Wish I had known it when I was ill!

Universal Life ChurchCOFFEE ENEMAS - This sounds weird, I know, but it's the fastest and easiest way I've tried to detox your liver. When you have cancer, you have a toxic liver. That's a given. No matter what kind of cancer you have, you have a toxic liver. When you do chemotherapy, you are adding more toxins to an already overloaded immune system. Doing coffee enemas will resolve that. More information about that is in a little write-up I did that you can download HERE.

Universal Life ChurchSUPPLEMENTS: For the best healing of your body, there are a lot of supplements you can take which will dramatically help your healing process. One of the places I have gotten my supplments is a site called Dr. Ron's. Great supplements. The Adrenals are outstanding, but you have to take them with protein, which I found out the hard way.

Universal Life ChurchMitochondrial Repair - I've been taking a revolutionary supplement of late that has made a huge difference for me. It's called 'Sanki'. What it does, is fix the mitochondria in our bodies, which is a bacteria that helps us with our energy and makes our bodies work. If it's broken, which it is for everyone, but more for people who are ill, then things don't work right. Fixing it is like repairing the blueprint.

Universal Life ChurchENZYMES - Another important thing is to take enzymes. There are two basic categories of supplments: Digestive and Systematic. You need both. There are lots of places you can find them. The one I have been buying from recently is HERE. There are other places to get organic, high quality supplements. Get blue/green algae pills/liquid chlorophyll, alkalaine supplments. Red Clover is, I believe, a very good thing for Hodgkins. Licorice (pills, not candy) is good for balancing blood sugar and giving energy. There are many places online that can make some other good suggestions, but these are just a few. Supplements are very important though. I've been free of cancer for 20 years, and I still take regular supplements of a variety of kinds, as well as continuing with the coffee and other remedies. Going through cancer was very stressful and, while I wouldn't want to change any of it, I certainly don't want to go through it again.

Universal Life ChurchAFFIRMATIONS - The diet, enemas and supplements are important body healing things. That's the body aspect of the triad. The 'Mind' aspect is the second part of the triad. For that, I'd strongly suggest learning about doing affirmations. Louise Hay has a great book on the topic. It's called 'You Can Heal Your Life'. It's a great book. The important thing about affirmations is learning to speak in the positive. The universe only hears positives, so it's essential to speak in the positive.

Universal Life ChurchWatching comedy is also a good idea. Laughter really is the best medicine. The other thing that's important is to work on areas where you are angry. Learn about forgiveness. The link there is for a sample lesson of the Spirit Quest course. That lesson is about forgiveness. You may not even be aware of what you're angry about, but trust me, you are. You wouldn't have cancer if you weren't angry. You might have something else, but with cancer -- it's anger. Do what you can to release it and forgive.

Universal Life ChurchSPIRIT - The third leg of the triangle is Spirit. Whether you are religious or spiritual or neither, this still needs to be address. You have cancer, time to start exploring options. Time to start learning some meditation, get some psychic readings and healings, get yourself in some prayer circles, etc. It all helps. To receive positive affirmations every week, you can get them emailed to you or anyone you know by signing up for Kind Words. It's free and there's no sales pitch or any obligation for anything. It's just my gift to anyone who wants or needs it. I strongly suggest taking the Spirit Quest course, offered through the seminary here, but if not here, then do get some spiritual help.

Universal Life ChurchEFFECTS OF CHEMO - Chemotherapy isn't easy, but dying is worse. You may lose some of your hair, but not necessarily all of it. When it grows back in, chances are good it'll be baby-soft and curly, but it won't last. Mine grew in in a weird ash-grey color. Very strange. While going through chemo, you're going to lose some of your short-term memory. The doctors say that only lasts for 48 hrs. -- as long as the chemo is active in your system. Clearly, whoever decided on this has never been through chemo because it's basically just not true. The short-term memory problem will last until you detox the chemo out of your system. Don't worry about that until the cancer is gone. Then you'll have plenty of time to get your body back. You may also lose some feeling in your fingertips and you may feel a little nauseous. Take some liquid chlorophyll while doing chemo and that will help keep your red blood cell count up. There are medicines that help with that too, but the more natural remedies you can come up with, the better. For more info, or if you have any questions, please email me at amy@ulcseminary.org. I'd be happy to talk to you about it.

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