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Kind Words from the Universal Life Church

I had a dream about me adding this feature. I don't usually have dreams telling me to do things for the website, but this time I did, so I thought I'd heed it.

One of the things I really love about this job is that I get a lot of really great emails from people full of positive validation. It always makes me smile.

What the dream kept saying was that there are many deserving people out there who don't get the benefits of having lots of nice things said to them. That's where this section comes in.

When you sign up below, you'll get weekly emails telling you good things. They won't be long emails or 'quote of the day' kind of emails. Just a kind word to come to your email box periodically which will, hopefully, make your day.

So many of you have done the same for me and have told me how pleased you are when I respond back,that I feel this is the least I can do.

As with most things on our site, this is a free service. Please include your first name below and you'll receive an email that will brighten your day.


At first, I wasn't sure if this was a silly thing or a cool thing, but after several months of sending the messages, I've decided that it's definitely cool. It has become my favorite thing to do for the Seminary. The responses I've gotten have been overwhelmingly good. As with all things spiritual, the messages often seem to come at just the right time.


Please sign up for it and enjoy the validation coming your way.



"Wow. I love these kind words. Always the right words at the right time."
-- Rev. Jennifer --NJ Errand Service

Kind Words Weekly

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