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Universal Life Church online seminaryI have sent out a request for people to write online courses for the Universal Life Church Seminary. Many people have responded and I'm looking forward to some quick expansion of the ulc seminary course list very soon.

Universal Life Church online seminaryFor those of you who are interested, I have posted this page to answer some of the more common questions for course submission.

Universal Life Church online seminary1. What you write is yours. You keep the copyright and can use the material however you wish. We would prefer that you not offer the course to other ULC sites as we are trying to keep our curriculum unique and it would create confusion when people are counting up their credits.

Universal Life Church online seminary2. You would be leasing us the use of the program. We would store the program on our server to be sent out on a weekly basis to the students. If, for whatever reason, either you or the seminary decides not to offer the course any longer (not a common occurence), we would keep using the course for those enrolled, but would not offer it to anyone new.

Universal Life Church online seminary3. Compensation: You would be paid monthly $15 for each program sold. Some months it's a little and some months it's a lot, but over time, it pays off. Once the program is finished, you will receive the monthly checks with no additional work on your part.

Universal Life Church online seminary4. Course Requirements: The courses need to be at least 20 lessons long. You are welcome to make them longer if you like (Spirit-Quest is 30 and the Wiccan Program is 25.) The lessons themselves need to be, if written on a Microsoft Word Document with 12pt. font, between 5 & 8 pages. Five is really the bare bare minimum and not on more than a couple of lessons. The rest need to be at least 8 pages, preferably a little longer.

Universal Life Church online seminaryIf you are familiar with HTML and want to submit it that way, that would be appreciated. Graphics are encouraged. Homework is also encouraged. They can be in the form of questions to answer (with the answers being posted on the forum) or things to do and think about.

Universal Life Church online seminaryWhen you have five lessons completed and I have them put up in HTML, the course will be offered. After that, I need one lesson a week from you to keep up with the autoresponder.

Universal Life Church online seminaryI will also need something to put in the bio of you about the author. What makes you feel comfortable writing the course? What training or studying have you done? What is your specific area of interest?

Universal Life Church online seminaryI have had several people offer to write courses on both Wicca and Buddhism. It would be helpful, for those who are considering writing a course, to try to focus on a particular area of those things. That way, I can offer multiple classes in the same general topic. I'm sure, with such a large belief system, that we can come up with more than 2 courses about them. (smile).

Universal Life Church online seminaryI would like the Doctoral course to be more indepth and assume a certain working knowledge of the topic. It is preferred that the student take the masters first. That's not true with the metaphysics courses, but I'd like it to be true for the rest. :)

Universal Life Church online seminaryI hope this answers most of your questions. Please send me an outline of the course you'd like to teach with an idea of what the lessons would cover (just general topic is fine.)

Universal Life Church online seminarySend them to amy@ulcseminary.org and I'll get back to you as soon as I've had a chance to review them. Thanks again!!



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