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Dr. of Metaphysics
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METAPHYSICS AND MIRACLES - You can order this program here: Miracles

This Dr. of Metaphysics degree is based on A Course in Miracles.This is a course based on A Course in Miracles and spiritual psychology. It also gives students a good grasp of Metaphysics and builds on the teachings of the Spirit-Quest metaphysics course. It teaches students how to make the kinds of choices that enable them to transcend their problems and experience inner peace.

It is rooted in A Course In Miracles, which is a modern day revelation that draws on the wisdom of ancient Eastern Religion, Western Christianity and psychological and spiritual principles.


ACIM is not a religion. It claims no monopoly on God. It is a study in spiritual psychology, and radical metaphysics that offers the student a transformational perspective on life.

     The purpose of this course in Everyday Miracles, written by Rev. Loretta Siani, Ph.D is to put the teachings of A Course In Miracles in everyday language so that more people can reap the benefits of its lessons.

     After taking this course you know how to access the power of miracles in your life and you will be better equipped to:

Harness the power of your unconscious and higher mind in your life. Make the choices that will heal your inner conflicts and bring you inner peace Clarify your life purpose. Use the alchemy of your intention to change your life. Release yourself from the negativity of your past. Access the wisdom of your true nature and your inner teacher. Heal your relationships. Rediscover who you really are. Escape from fear and doubt. Understand and apply spiritual practices for developing optimal health in mind, body and spirit.


Course Lessons Include:

The Nature of Mind and Spirit

Thinking from the ego

The Nature of Creation and Existence

Projection Makes Perception Meditation -

The Gateway to the Higher Mind

The Genius of Desire

The Power of Purpose Intentions

Attention Attention Attention

The Gift of Visualization

Letting Go of the Past

Letting Go of Your Illusions

Asking For Help

And Many more. For a Sample of this interesting course, click MIRACLES


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