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In this 6 month course, the student will be exposed to two sides of Astral Projection, the theoretical and the practical. This class was first offered to students back in 2003. Since then, over 1000 students have taken the course and had amazing results.

In each lesson you will be presented with two parts; a theoretical lecture of how the Astral Plane works and what you will experience while you are there, as well as a practical discussion on how to achieve these results for yourself. At the end of each lesson is a set of assignments to help focus you on the goal of achieving Out of Body Experiences.

Throughout this course the student will learn

How to meditate

What kind of creatures are on the Astral Plane

What exactly the Astral Plane IS

How to use the Astral Projection to achieve changes in your life

How to experience Past Lives by using Astral Projection

How to protect yourself mentally and spiritually

The use of dreams in your day to day life

Exploring the vast wonder of the Multi-verse via the Astral Plane

Communing with God and His helpers on the Astral Plane

How to remember what you have been doing while you've been asleep

Dealing with Death and Heaven

This is an interactive class. The required tests for this class are included as ebooks and linked in the lessons dealing with those texts. Practice of these techniques will help you achieve the biggest results. Dream diaries and journaling will be required and will help you master this method of OOBE. There is an exam a required essay at the end of this course, as with all the courses.

Come and discover the wondrous worlds that await you.


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