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At the ULC Seminary, there is an abundance of free training for both the new and the experienced minister.Welcome to the Ministerial training center, where we aim to educate new ministers in the basics of being a Universal Life Church minister. We are trying to provide training that applies to most religions. The basics about weddings and funerals applies to the majority of people. We have also included the section of ceremonies from our ministers as well as a variety of poetry, which you can read for your own enjoyment or perhaps to use as a reading during a wedding, funeral or other events.

We do our best to keep this material updated and current. If there is any other material you'd like to see here, let us know so we can get it up there. Write to amy@ulcseminary.org with your ideas and suggestions.

Marriage Laws: In this section, there is a video that describes all the laws in the various states about which ones require a letter of good standing and credential and which don't. There's also a list, so you'll know the legalities of performing a wedding in the various states. The Marriage Ceremony: Learn to perform weddings with confidence and certainty at the ULC Seminary training center. In here, I'd like to talk with you about being a wedding minister. How do you set yourself up? What do you do at a consultation? What do you wear? What happens during the processional? All of these things are covered, along with a lot more, like processional examples, which is a common question from couples.
Funeral Sermons & Services Funeral Ceremonies:  Many ministers are intimidated when it comes to funerals. This article will help take out the mystery and let your confidence shine through. You'll learn a lot about funerals and how to conduct them in a professional manner and where to get words to say at the funerals themselves. WiccaWiccan Training Pages:  This section has a number of different articles written about Wicca. If you've ever been curious about it or it strikes a chord in you and you want to learn more, this is the place to look. Compliments of Lord Starwalker, among others.
Starting Your Own Church: If you are interested in starting your own church, please review these pages and feel free to use the samples to help you in your own quest to start a new church. There are samples of different things you need to file with the state or IRS. Possession and Demons:  This section was written by one of our ULC ministers to share some of his insight on Possession and Demons. There are those who disagree with this concept entirely and those who believe in it whole-heartedly. This is one person's interpretation of the concept.
Coping with Transition Anxiety:  If you are asked to help someone make a transition from living independently, to moving to assisted care living, then this article may help address some concerns that will arise. This material can easily overlap into other areas where the information still applies. 10 Commandments: This is a short comparison of the varieties of the ten commandments which have been debated amongst the different religions for hundreds of years. I think the differences and similarites are a core issue for ministers of all types to understand, since there are so many variations on this same theme.
Becoming, Then Being A Minister:  This is an insteresting talk about what it means to be a ULC Minister. It's a great way to look at how we deal with other people, what we can do for our communities and how we can best serve ourselves and the other people we come across.

Seven Questions To Ask Your Minister: To be a minister, consider these seven major questions about what you're doing with your ministry and why you're doing it.

This essay may help you focus your ministry needs and goals.

Seminary Application - To apply to be a seminary student, this page has all you need to get the free mailings and the status of being a seminary student. You will get exclusive seminary student mailings along with samples of all the courses. Online Seminary Courses - We have here a complete list of courses, prices, credits, descriptions and samples of all the courses available, along with a direct link for where to sign up for each course. The courses increase over time, so please check back.
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