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Hello,ULC Wedding Minister in action!Universal Life ChurchULC Fellowship StoriesThis is the page for Ministry Stories. We've included a few blurbs below from weddings. We'd like to hear from YOU about your experiences. A funny, touching or shocking story from a wedding, funeral/memorial or something during a service or outreach. Any story you'd like to share. As ministers, you've had some unique and interesting experiences. Maybe you had a bride or groom pass out?

Universal Life ChurchOr maybe the groom stuttered through the whole ceremony? Have you had any animals as part of the service? Any weird outbursts from guests?

Anything like that would be interesting to share with others, so we can learn from your experiences and share with you. At the Seminary, it's all about learning, sharing and growing in competence and confidence as a minister. Plus, some of these stories are just plain funny and since funny things happen to all of us, it's nice to know we're not alone.

Wedding Stories - For those who have done weddings, you know that there are a lot of crazy things that can happen at weddings. Here is a collection of stories, submitted by our ministers, of wedding ceremonies they've performed, things they've learned and other things that will make you laugh. Inspirational Stories - Some stories that you hear about or read are enough to make you want to cry. They get you all choked up and make you want to share it on your FB wall. Those are stories that we have collected here and continue to share.
Fellowship Stories - Fellowship stories are stories from ministers about how their ceremonies, sermons, events, etc. have gone. Any stories from your ministry that would help educate, inform, or amuse our ministers is a good story to share. Commentary Stories - These are other stories from people who have heard them, found on the internet, or perhaps experienced themselves. Great stories that share a little information.

Submitting a story to us at stories@ulcseminary.org and we will not only get your name in print, but we will also serve to validate your press pass, if you own one.




The following are wedding stories from Rev. Amy Long:Here are a few stories from some of the weddings I've been to and some stories that have been sent my way."I've yet to see a bride or groom pass out, but twice I've seen ring bearers do it!""I performed one wedding in an ice rink. After the bride and groom skated away, I had to get one of the groomsmen to practically carry me off the ice.""Once, I walked out on the grass to the ceremony site and had a number of guests and quite a few family members greet me warmly and tell me how good it was to see me. I couldn't figure out why, until I realized that I'd performed the wedding of the bride's sister about a year or so prior.""At one indoor wedding, the groom was mopping his brow and complaining frequently and loudly about how hot it was in the house. (I was in black with a robe on and it was only a little warm) His hands shook during the ceremony, but he got through it okay. Afterwards he said, "Wow, someone must've turned on the air-conditioner. It sure got a lot cooler.""I performed one wedding when I was nine months pregnant. The contractions were about 10 minutes apart, which was how long the ceremony happened to take. A guest in back was timing them for me. My son was born 48 hrs. later. Who would've thought the baby would come on time?"

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