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Become a minister through the Universal Life Church

You can order your legal credential from the ULC Seminary store.universal life church ordinationUniversal Life Church ordination is valid for life and does not need to be renewed, ever. If you are unsure of your ordination status, you may send an email to support@ulc.net to inquire.

Please provide complete details, to include your full name and current address, as well as any previous address you may have used, and approximate year of ordination.

If your name has changed for any reason other than becoming married, you will need to provide a copy of the legal name change document as well. Ordination records are confidential and contain sensitive data. They are not kept online in any form and must be researched by an authorized records clerk, who will manually make any needed changes.

Starting your own Universal Life ChurchHELP PEOPLE GET ORDAINED : I know that many people have asked me how they can ordain people on their own sites. They are ULC Ministers wanting to help people become ordained. Using this form, they can do just that.
You can order your legal credential from the ULC Seminary store.RE-ORDINATION: Welcome! This is a page for those who have been ordained before, but want to ask questions about your ordination status and want to confirm.
ULC - Universal Life Church & Online SeminaryHOW DO I GET ORDAINED?: On this page, you can fill out the ordination form to become an ordained minister. Fill out the form completely and correctly and your ordination will be promptly recorded at headquarters in Modesto, CA, as well as in the Seminary database. ULC Seminary PresidentABOUT US: If you'd like to learn more about the Universal Life Church Seminary, how we started, where we came from and what we're about, please read up on our about us page to get all the details. For information about the split between the various ULC's, go to Split in ULC.


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