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Universal Life Church - ULCWelcome to week three of Insights Into Awareness. This is a sample of the Insights nto Awareness Course. Every week you will receive an email in your box that has wonderful information for you to study. Please read each discourse at least 3 times, as three is the magic number. Do you assignments carefully and diligently and at the end of this course, you will receive a masters degree. If you don't receive a mailing every week, please email amy@ulcseminary.org so she can check it and re-mail them as necessary.

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Lesson 3 -- The Universe as Energy


Universal Life Church - ulcThe Third Insight tells us how to develop a new view of life. It defines the physical universe as one of pure energy, an energy that somehow responds to how we think. It tells us that sometime near the end of the second millennium humans will discover a new energy, which radiates outwards from all things (including ourselves), forming the basis for all life.

Universal Life Church - ulcHuman perception of this energy first begins with a heightened sensitivity to beauty. The perception of beauty acts as a barometer telling each of us how close we are to actually perceiving the energy. This becomes instinctually clear because once you observe this energy, you realize it's on the same continuum as beauty.

You ± Insights = Wisdom

Universal Life Church - ulcThe Third Insight informs us that everything in the universe is composed of Energy, and this Energy creates all the forms and substances of what we call our reality. A large ocean of eternal Vibration, this energy coalesces into the myriad forms of existence, whether it be a rock, flower, computer, wave, grassy meadow, or you. Existence is made of the same basic Substance and it is always in action--ever birthing, unfolding, transforming, and shifting.

Universal Life Church - ulcIf you are not well acquainted with the events that have molded the world over the last one thousand years, take some time to study and familiarize yourself with this time period, keeping in mind that what you are looking for are the reactions, hopes, fears, and needs of the people rather than the dates, and facts of governments, Church, or institutions.


Stepping Back in Time

Universal Life Church - ulcOnce you have gathered enough information, take the time to step aside from your everyday activities and take a time-capsule journey backward in time to view the events of this last millennium in the flesh, so to speak, experiencing in your imagination what life was like as the years roll by. Become a living, breathing part of history, making it truly your own.


Universal Life Church - ulcThese stories are not just about people long turned to dust; they are about who you are, and what your world is like today. They are the roots and you are the limbs of the Tree of Life. As a tree draws sustenance and life from the Earth through its roots, so does the present culture draw from the living roots of its past. Think on it.


Universal Life Church - ulcThe Third Insight describes a new understanding of the physical world. It says that we humans will learn to perceive what was formerly an invisible energy. This means we have to gain an understanding of the history of science. Recall, for a moment, the information revealed in the Second Insight. After the fall of the medieval world view, we in the west suddenly became aware that we lived in a totally unknown universe. In attempting to understand the nature of this universe we knew we had to somehow separate fact from superstition.


Universal Life Church - ulcIn this regard, scientists assumed a particular attitude known as scientific skepticism, which in effect demands solid evidence for any new assertion about how the world works. Before we would believe anything, we wanted evidence that could be seen and grabbed with the hands. Any idea that could not be proved in some physical way was systematically rejected. (The evolution of this sort of thinking is studied in more depth in the Master of Spiritualism course.)


Universal Life Church - ulcThis attitude served us well with the more obvious phenomena in nature, with objects such as rocks and bodies and trees -- objects everyone can perceive no matter how skeptical they are. We quickly went out and named every part of the physical world in the attempt to discover why the universe operated as it did. We finally concluded that everything that occurs in nature does so according to some natural law, that each event has a direct physical and understandable cause.


Universal Life Church - ulcIn many ways those early scientists were not that different from those in our own time period. They decided, along with everyone else, to master their environment. Scientists today are still doing this. The idea was to create an understanding of the universe that made the world seem safe and manageable, and the skeptical attitude kept us focused on concrete problems that would make our existence seem more secure.


Universal Life Church - ulcWith this attitude, science systematically removed the uncertain and the esoteric from the world. We concluded, following the thinking of Isaac Newton, that the universe always operated in a predictable manner, like an enormous machine, because for a long time that's all it could be proved to be. Events which happened simultaneously to other events, yet had no causal relationship, were said to occur only by chance. The old Newtonian idea is that everything happens by chance, that one can make good decisions and be prepared, but that every event has its own line of causation independent of our attitude.


Universal Life Church - ulcThen, two investigations occurred which opened our eyes again to the mystery in the universe. Now, after recent discoveries in modern physics, we may legitimately ask if the universe is more dynamic than that perceived by Newtonian scientists. Perhaps the universe runs mechanistically as a basic operation, but then also subtly responds to the mental energy we project out into it.


Universal Life Church - ulcMuch has been written over the past several decades about the revolution in physics, but the changes really stem from two major findings: those of quantum mechanics and those of Albert Einstein. The whole of Einstein's life's work was to show that what we perceive as hard matter is mostly empty space with a pattern of energy running through it. This includes us. And what quantum physics has shown is that when we look at these patterns of energy at smaller and smaller levels, startling results can be seen.


Universal Life Church - ulcExperiments have revealed that when you break apart small aspects of this energy, what we call elementary particles, and try to observe how they operate, the act of observation itself alters the results--as if these elementary particles are influenced by what the experimenter expects. This is true even if the particles must appear in places they couldn't possibly go, given the laws of the universe as we know them: two places at the same moment, forward or backward in time.


 The Basic Core of the


is Pure Energy


Universal Life Church - ulcIn other words, the basic stuff of the universe, at its core, is looking like a kind of pure energy that is malleable to human intention and expectation in a way that defies our old mechanistic model of the universe; as though our expectation itself causes our energy to flow out into the world and affect other energy systems. The Third Insight reveals that all things are literally one and therefore interconnected. Because all energy is interconnected, it is malleable to human consciousness through the action of intention. Incredibly, it responds to our expectations of it. Our radiating thoughts and feelings cause our energy to flow out into the world and thus affect other energy systems. This, of course, is exactly what the Third Insight would lead us to believe.


Universal Life Church - ulcWhile the things we perceive as beautiful may be different for each of us, the actual characteristics we ascribe to beautiful objects are similar. As you think about this, we will begin to see that when something strikes us as beautiful, it displays more presence and sharpness of shape and vividness of color. It stands out. It shines. It almost seems iridescent compared to the dullness of other less attractive objects. Colors and shapes seem magnified.


Universal Life Church - ulcThe third Insight encourages us to own the reality of this universal energy by observing it in nature and within people. In the beginning, the easiest, gentlest way to get closer to seeing this energy is to cultivate our appreciation of beauty. When we become aware of the unique and beautiful qualities of nature or a person, we have, in effect, raised our vibration on the continuum of consciousness.


Increasing Your Appreciation of Beauty


Universal Life Church - ulcA quiet mind is the best place for you to begin your Journey towards Awareness of the beauty with which we are surrounded in our environment. If you are eager to begin applying the idea of Awareness through insight, you might want to ask yourself this question: “How can I improve my contact with natural beauty?”


Universal Life Church - ulcOver time the heart awakens, and in order for your own insights to grow into wisdom, they need fertile ground in which to sink deep roots, and time to grow and deepen. Here are some exercises you can do to help you begin to awaken your insight into beauty.


Universal Life Church - ulcIf possible, take a day and spend it visiting a park, a wood, a church or temple, especially if you can find one that is empty and quiet. Explore how you feel as you are visiting your chosen place. Look about yourself, and try to sense Connection and a sense of belonging.


Universal Life Church - ulcFor one 24 hour period, take a leisurely walk down a street that has particularly beautiful yards filled with gardens of flowers, bushes, etc. Continue the quiet mood you have from your walk into the evening by not turning on the TV. What did that energy feel like? How did you feel the next day? Contrast the energy of this day to the energy you feel when you are at the supermarket or the bank, or at the gas station.


Universal Life Church - ulcMake a point to connect with something beautiful and peaceful in nature every day.


Universal Life Church - ulcWrite in your journal about these experiences and how they made you feel. What feels better to you? How can you work these experiences into your everyday life so they become a part of who you are as you work towards connecting to Spirit.


Universal Life Church - ulcAttention to beauty includes not merely the "beauty" we can see, but the wonder and uniqueness of each individual person or object as being the supreme manifestation of Divine Beauty. After putting ourselves into resonance with the beauty of an object or person, the next level of perception will be to see the energy in that which we find beautiful hovering about everything surrounding us. This awareness of universal energy is the foundation for ultimately engaging its flow and becoming a co-creator with it. Once we know that we are part of a living system of heretofore invisible energy, a core belief will have shifted and we will then exist at a higher vibration.


Universal Life Church - ulcThe old skeptical attitude was germane when exploring the more visible and obvious phenomena in the universe, such as trees or sunshine or thunderstorms, but there is another group of observable phenomena, more subtle, that can't be studied--in fact, you can't even tell they're there at all--unless you suspend or bracket your skepticism and try every way possible to perceive them as the really are--living organisms surrounded by and filled with energy. Once you are proficient, you can then return to studying it all out.


Plant Power


Universal Life Church - ulcWhat does a philodendron plant have in common with a cup of yogurt? As we begin to awaken to the teachings of the Third Insight, we begin to understand, to know that plants possess amazing powers. Among these powers is the ability for plants to detect human thinking -- even from miles away. Plants, normally attuned to each other, seem to be able to monitor the movements of humans and animals in the environment right down to the cellular level.


Universal Life Church - ulcMarcel Vogel tells us that man can and does communicate with plant life on a regular basis. Plants are very sensitive instruments that can measure man's emotions. They radiate energy forces that are beneficial to man. And man can feel these forces! They feed into one's own force field, which in turn feeds back energy to the plant. Native Americans have always known this. When in need, they would and do again, go into the woods, and with their arms extended, they place their backs to a pine tree in order to replenish themselves with its power and healing influence. Apparently, then, life retains memory and sentience -- the ability to perceive -- even at the molecular level.


Universal Life Church - ulcYou might literally see energy, or you might sense it in other ways, such as a burst of well being, or energizing. Some people interpret energy as an inner knowing, and they might express it as feeling a great power in a tree. They can feel its roots reaching for the center of the Earth. They sense its wisdom, and its age. An increasing number are beginning to realize that a tree can feel like a blessing, a shelter, even a teacher.


Universal Life Church - ulcOthers, more attuned to the sound vibrations (auditory perception) might say they love hearing the creaking of the branches and hearing the leaves as they whisper encouragement to them. If you find you cannot see the energy fields in nature, do not become distressed. By discovering how you perceive things, i.e., editorially, visually, kinesthetically, or by feeling, you can learn how to sense their messages to you.


Awakening your sense of Energy Insight


Universal Life Church - ulcTo begin learning how to look at energy, start by looking at your fingers. Sit comfortably in a position where you have the blue sky in front of you to use as a backdrop to your experiment. Lean back and touch the tips of your index fingers together. Keep the blue sky in the background.


Universal Life Church - ulcTake your eyes slightly out of focus. Now separate the tips of the fingers apart about an inch and look at the area directly between them. Move the tips closer, then further apart. Place your gaze on the area between your fingers. Both fingers should appear slightly blurry, which may appear like strands of smoke stretching between the tips.


Universal Life Church - ulcYou can also hold your palms or forearms very closely together and see the streaks of energy between them as well.


Universal Life Church - ulcOnce you are able to see the energy field, notice the streaks of energy on other parts of your body. Then observe the energy field of another person. This exercise works best out doors and against the blue sky as a background.


Universal Life Church - ulcIt is easier to see energy fields if you soft-focus the details of a form or a face. In a room, keep the light dim, and place the person or object against a fully light or fully dark background. Try looking at the outline of a friend against the sky to see the radiating band of light surrounding his or her body. In either case, squint your eyes to blur your vision slightly. If at first you don = t see anything, keep practicing, and gradually, you will begin to see the energy as a gauzy, transparent white veil.


Getting Acquainted with

Nature ’s Energy

Universal Life Church - ulcThe best place to go to awaken your inner senses to energy is to go to those areas where energy is natural and restful. A quiet place is the best place for you to begin this exploration of energy around you. When you are driving down a congested beltway or highway in a busy city it is very difficult to accomplish the task of opening yourself to the Energy of the Universe. A question to ask yourself about this present journey is: How can I go about improving my contact with natural beauty, with Nature's Energy?


Universal Life Church - ulcWhen was the last time you went into a forest or to a park? Do you live by a river, a lake, or the ocean, and yet just can ’ t seem to find the time to go there?


Seeing Energy in Nature


Universal Life Church - ulcWhen you are out in Nature, there are some exercises you can do that will help you to see energy in the things of nature around you.


Universal Life Church - ulcThe best time of the day to perform these exercises are at dawn or sunset. Choose a place in a wood, a park, by a river, or near the ocean where there are trees growing. Sit in a comfortable position and begin to focus your attention on the beauty around you, and gradually bring your focus in onto a special tree or plant.


Universal Life Church - ulcSoften your focus, as you gaze about. Does one plant or tree seem more beautiful than the others around you? Quietly sit and see this living being in all its splendor. Breathe in its beauty and fill your entire being, both physical and spiritual with its essence. Imagine your body expanding with all the beauty you feel.


Universal Life Church - ulcImagine or visualize yourself connecting to the plant or tree. Feel its living energy. Continue to absorb the energy, keeping your focus soft until you are able to detect a bluish band of light. If you can’t actually see it, pretend that you are able to see it for a moment. Enjoy this sensation, this connection for as long as you want.


Universal Life Church - ulcBegin to look at the trees and plants around you. Try to look at these plants as total energy systems, and think of everything they need to flourish--soil, nutrients, moisture, light. What you will find is that the total ecosystem around each plant is really one living system, one organism. And the health of each of the parts impacts on the health of the whole. The basic point is that once we start thinking about the energy relationships all around the plant you will begin to see amazing results.


Universal Life Church - ulcExperimenters in this type of biology, such as those at Horn Farm in England, have discovered that while the plants in their studies were not particularly larger, according to nutritional criteria, they were more potent. Those plants that were given special attention and were mentally asked to grow stronger did so. This was accomplished by having someone sit with the plant and focus all his attention and concern on the plant's growth.


Universal Life Church - ulcDuring the experiments another phenomenon was observed that was equally astounding. The plants grew faster than those who were not given this special attention. One study showed that nutritionally rich plants subjected to the special personal attention, when ingested, increased the body's efficiency dramatically. The increase was beyond what could be reasonably expected from the nutrients themselves as we understand how they work in human physiology. Something inherent in the structure of the plants created an effect not yet accounted for. But it appears the focusing of attention on the plants gave them something that boosts human strength in return when they're eaten. The ramifications of this could be revolutionary in the food production industry.


Universal Life Church - ulcThe reality of this discovery is new to everyone, but the interesting thing is that this energy is what science has always been looking for: some common stuff underlying all matter. Since Einstein particularly, physics has sought a unified field theory. Yet, the existence of this energy is not totally foreign.


Chi (Ki) the strength of Energy


Universal Life Church - ulcKarate masters have talked about an underlying Chi (Ki) energy responsible for their seemingly impossible stunts of breaking bricks with their hands and of being able to sit in one place unmoved with four men trying to push them over. We've all seen athletes make spectacular moves, twisting, turning, hanging in the air in ways that defy gravity. It's all the result of this hidden energy that we have access to.


Universal Life Church - ulcOf course, this evidence won't really be accepted until more people can actually see it for themselves. And for science to accept this it will have to devise a way to measure this phenomenon.


Universal Life Church - ulcAs stated previously, there are two periods of the day that are most conducive to seeing energy fields. One is sunset. The other is sunrise. With practice you should be able to see the energy that emanates from the objects you study. This is because everything on earth possesses its own particular energy. Notice the way each type of plant tends to grow together with others of its kind in little communities. Notice how the plants and trees stand out with a presence and a slight shimmer. This is life. This is consciousness.


Universal Life Church - ulcAs you observe the various energy fields you might also begin to see the different colors associated with particular kinds of energy, such as pinks, yellow, blues, or greens. These colors often tell us the state of health or dis-ease of those objects we are looking at. This energy coloration has been named auras by metaphysical scientists, and is used in a variety of healing, energizing, and strengthening therapies.


Universal Life Church - ulcThe Third Insight teaches us the nature of beauty, and describes this perception as the one through which humans will eventually learn to observe energy fields. Once this happens, then our understanding of the physical universe will quickly transform. For instance, we will begin to eat more foods which are still alive with this energy, and we will become conscious that certain localities radiate more energy than others, the highest radiation coming from old natural environments, especially forests.


Universal Life Church - ulcEventually people will see the universe as comprised of one dynamic energy, an energy that can sustain us and respond to our expectations. We will be able to see that we can give and receive energy from a variety of sources, which will sustain us and harmonize us with the Universe and all that is contained therein.


Universal Life Church - ulcThe basic stuff of the universe, at its core, looks like a kind of pure energy that is malleable to human intention and expectation in a way that defies our old mechanistic model of the universe. It is as though our expectations themselves cause our energy to flow out into the world and effect other energy systems. The trick of it is to learn how to do this positively and spiritually rather than selfishly and destructively, the way we are doing now.


Universal Life Church - ulcLearning how to perceive the energy that flows in and through everything takes practice and patience, but we all have the capacity for doing so. You should select a place in nature that is quiet, peaceful, and relatively away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. If possible, select a variety of spots in which to practice learning to see and feel energy, such as the woods, the ocean, a stream or river area, hills and mountains, and deserts. Each of these places has its own particular type of energy, and its own lessons to teach you about the real you and the truth about the universe.


This week’s Assignment


Using The Third Insight To Gain And Balance Energy


Universal Life Church - ulc1 Carry a small notebook or your Journal all day for three days, and write down all the important messages or lessons you pick up from daily encounters with other people, either in person, or by phone. You might begin to see some surprising patterns emerging.


Universal Life Church - ulc2 If you find yourself experiencing low energy levels and you need an energy boost, begin first by getting in touch with your body in order to clearly identify what it is that you are really feeling. Take the time to record your feelings in your Journal. This will help to clarify as well as fully identify what is happening inside yourself. Take a few moments to pull in energy from the Universal Source. Understand that no matter where you are, your breath is always with you.


Universal Life Church - ulc3 If you feel yourself becoming stressed, you can calm yourself by taking several deep, cleansing breaths, and then paying attention as your Breath fills your lungs, "see" any stress or tension simply dissipating as your exhale. Whenever you feel drained, sit quietly for a few moments and visualize/feel a sturdy cord extending downward from the base of your spine (Base Chakra) and deeply penetrating into the Earth. Imagine Earth Energy flowing up the cord into the center of your chest (Heart Chakra). Then "see" your Crown Chakra (located in the center of the crown of your head) open to allow a silver cord to extend skyward. Allow healing, refreshing energy, and peace to flow down this cord into the Heart Chakra, and connecting firmly with the Earth Energy. Soon you will feel a positive shift in your energy.


  • On those occasions when you feel an energy overload, go to a neutral place and sit quietly for a few moments, breathing evenly and deeply. Again, re-establish your Base Chakra cord, extending it down into Earth, and feel the excess energy drain downward into Earth, there to be transmuted. This will restore your equanimity. If you are feeling over- or undercharged, a brief five- or ten-minute walk will do wonders in restoring your energy levels and system into balance.

Universal Life Church - ulcAnd remember:


You are a being of Energy  

You are a Child of the Universe

You are a Child of God

You are a Child of Light  

You are a Child of Love

You are Love

You are God


Universal Life Church - ulcHave a wonderful week, and Walk in Light.


Universal Life Church - ulcUntil next week,


Universal Life Church - ulcBlessing be with you in all you endeavor to do.

Universal Life Church - ulcThank you for joining us this week. See you next week! If you have any questions or comments about this course, please post it in the ULC forum.

Universal Life Church - ulcUniversal Life Church - ulcYou are encouraged to post your lessons on the forum or send them to amy@ulcseminary.org and she will post them for you. The goal is to begin some meaningful dialogue with other ministers and to learn from the different exchanges.

Universal Life Church - ulcUniversal Life Church - ulcTalk to you next week!



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