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Online Seminary Program
ULC Seminary
Universal Life Church - ULC Seminary ProgramThe Universal Life Church is a unique organization because we allow people to become ordained first and get training later. Because of this unusual set-up, it seems only natural that our Seminary Program would have to be unusual as well.
What we've created is a two-tiered system. Normally, people go through seminary, then upon completion of the required program, they graduate and become ordained ministers. Since our church is set up differently, our seminary needs to be set up differently as well. The ULC Seminary's position is that we believe in sharing information and providing as much training as possible. We also recognize that not everyone has the ready funds to take classes, but still has a thirst for knowledge.
To respond to this need, we invite people to sign up for the program for free. By filling out the application, you will be added to the database and will in effect be creating your initial transcript. Once accepted, you will receive uplifting and educational emails every two weeks. These emails will have course samples, opportunities for receiving seminary credits at no cost to yourself and many other either uplifting or educational things. This part of the program is absolutely free and is a gift from the Seminary to create a stronger sense of community and belonging and to help provide some spiritual nourishment to those who thirst for it. Signing up for the program means that you get the communication, but does not carry any degrees or credits on is own. Those by-weekly emails are just an extra. We added them in part because people would say, "I signed up. Now what?" By getting the regular communication, it's almost like having a guidance counselor to help you pick classes and see where your interests lie. You also get some extra info that others don't have access to, just for signing up. Membership does have its privileges.
The second part of the program consists of various paid courses which offer both degrees upon their completion as well as course credits. You can take one or two courses just for the degrees and the knowledge or you can continue on to take more courses to finally graduate from the seminary. Each course is sent via email, some with a book and some with CDs for meditation.
We also have a list of graduates page. This can be found at SEMINARY GRADUATES. We would love to be able to put your name up there as well! To read about the seminary from a student's perspective, go to Seminary Letter.

The Seminary is free to join and offers online degrees.
Each of the classes presented will be assigned a certain number of credits. If you have previously ordered one of the classes, a receipt for purchase, pix of your holding it or whatever you can provide will suffice. We keep a record of each course completed on your transcript, which we update regularly. You don't need to join the program to take the classes and taking the classes in no way obligates you to take any more.

We have also been approved, through the state of California, to grant degrees for each of the courses we offer. (Due to budget cuts, that division has been closed, but the approval, under the religion exemption, still stands.) We only offer degrees for current courses through the seminary and not for courses completed previously through another seminary or through headquarters. The courses offered through headquarters are completely different than the ones offered through the ULC Seminary. Our courses are at least 20 weeks long and all require final approval of a submitted essay.
The Universal Life Church Seminary is in the process of creating its online seminary program. We are continuing to add online degree classes which will help you in your ministerial training. If you have any suggestions for classes or would like to share any of your knowledge on any of the topics, please send an e-mail to amy@ulcseminary.org. We are adding new classes regularly. For feedback about the classes, see the seminary section on our forum. Please feel free to join the forum discussions and share your own experiences. We value all of your input. For any questions not answered here, go to Seminary FAQs for further answers. We also have all of our essays on the RSS feed, as well as at the seminary blog: SEMINARY BLOG.

Graduation Requirements: Current graduation requirements are 40 credits for an undergraduate 'Master of Ministry' degree and 60 credits for an advanced 'Dr. of Ministry' degree. It takes approximately 10 classes completed to earn the initial number of credits. I'll say again that you don't need to graduate the whole program to get the degrees for the individual classes. Classes are being added regularly. We may offer some elective credit for various courses, but that would be granted on a case by case basis. Our goal is to strengthen the validity of the Universal Life Church through its Seminary.

For a complete list of seminary courses and to order them, go to: Seminary Courses
- Register and Apply to become a student for the ULC Seminary Program.
- Current Seminary Students
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Online Degrees -- Master of Metaphysics
MASTER OF METAPHYSICS - SPIRIT-QUEST:  (5 credits) > >> Details
This exciting new 8 month course will help you to understand yourself as spirit and will give you some of the tools you need to move forward in your life and move past the stumbling blocks that keep you from your spiritual goals. It's written in a straightforward manner. If you wish to get a feeling for what others have learned from the course, please visit our forum, where the final essays are posted. When you have completed the final course, you will be asked to complete your own final essay. Upon it's completion and review, a Master of Metaphysics degree will be mailed to you. Your course credits will be recorded and applied towards your graduation. For more information on this course, go to Metaphysics.


This Dr. of Metaphysics degree is based on A Course in Miracles.DR. OF METAPHYSICS - METAPHYSICS AND MIRACLES:  (4 credits) >> Details
This interesting email course is based on A Course In Miracles and teaches you how to create miracles in your everyday life. Written by Dr. Loretta Siani, a published author and respected therapist.
Upon completion of this informative and interesting course, you will be asked to complete an essay. Once received and reviewed, you will be mailed a Dr. of Metaphysics degree. For more information about this seminary course and a course sample, go to MIRACLES.

$ 75.00
Celestine Prophecy CourseMASTER OF SPIRITUAL AWARENESS : (4 credits) >> Details
This amazing course is based on the Celestine Prophecy. In this 20 week email course, you will enhance your spiritual awareness and clarity. The course is interesting and informative.
Topics include: Finding your sacred space, awakening to spirit, the universe as energy, our need for energy, message of the mystics, engaging in the flow of evolution and much more.
For more information about this great course, go to Spiritual Awareness
$ 60.00
Celestine Prophecy CourseDR. OF SPIRITUAL AWARENESS: (4 credits) >> Details
This is a really fascinating new course on developing spiritual awareness. If you've taken and enjoyed Spirit Quest, you'll love this course. The information is along the same lines, some completely new, some of it is a new look at similar information.
The course is a doctorate program and is very well-written. Course samples will be available soon on the seminary program page (www.ulcseminaryProgram.php)
This is a weekly course with approximately 20 email lessons, written by Charles Grooms. An excellent choice for a program to take.
For a sample of this great course, go to Dr. of Spiritual Awareness
$ 70.00

A Unique Course on the origins of Spiritualism. MASTER OF SPIRITUALITY -DEFINING SPIRITUALITY:  (4 credits) >> Details
This fascinating 20 week email course teaches you how to counsel to science-minded 'prove it' sort of people. It gives an in-depth look of where spiritualism came from and how it has evolved. Through this course, you will learn where various concepts of religion and spirituality came from, how it has been adapted into our culture and, more importantly, how to use that information to counsel others in our roles as ministers. Upon completion of this course, you will have a much more rounded spiritual education, which will tremendously enhance your ministerial skills. For a more in-depth course description and a sample, click
SPIRITUALISM. This course will provide you with a Master of Spirituality.
It's very well-written and easy to follow. Written by Rev. Chuck Bynum.


This Dr. of Spirituality degree is based on A Course in Miracles. DR. OF SPIRITUALITY - The Miracle of Prayer :  (4 credits) >> Details
This interesting course is also based on A Course In Miracles and teaches you how to understand and use the miracle of prayer. Written by Dr. Loretta Siani, a published author and respected therapist.
If you've taken the Dr. of Metaphysics course already, you know what an informative and enlightening author she is.
Upon completion of this informative and interesting email course, you will be asked to complete an essay. Once received and reviewed, you will be mailed a Dr. of Spirituality degree. For more information about this seminary course, go to Prayer. For a Sample, go to Sample Prayer.


A Unique Course on the origins of Spiritualism.MASTER OF MYSTICAL CHRISTIANITY:  (4 credits) >> Details
Have you ever wondered if there is more to the Christian story than you were taught? Are you a seeker for the truth, a truth that may very well lead beyond the well-worn paths of traditional religion? The Faith That Time Forgot presents new insights and alternative perspectives to many spiritual and theological issues, inviting you to come on a mystical, magical journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. In this series of emailed lessons, you will find different answers to common questions such as:
Does Genesis truly teach that woman is destined to be subordinate to man?
What was the nature of the “Fall” in the Garden of Eden?
What do the ancient Gnostic manuscripts teach us about early Christianity?
What is feminine and what is masculine in the 21st century?
How does our lack of reverence for the Divine Feminine relate to our ecological crisis?
Will the real Mary of Nazareth, Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth please stand up?
Are resurrection and ascension possible today, for anyone?
These and many other questions are addressed in well-researched, well-documented studies that challenge the seeker to go beyond their preconceived limitations and explore the reaches of the unknown. Much has been left in the shadows over the centuries. Much has been entombed, but not for eternity. Now is the time to bring light into this darkness and allow the silent shadows to speak. This is a quest for the Grail within yourself - your own Holy of Holies. We are your companions on the Way and we welcome you with joy and love. May you journey in truth and light, with the One ever before you. For More information go to Mary Magdalene.
A sample of this course can be found at Mystical Christianity


A Unique Course on the origins of Spiritualism. MASTER OF CHRISTIAN HISTORY:  (4 credits) >> Details
This is a historical survey covering the history of Christianity up to 1054. The growth of the Christian church has taken place within a historical context. Over time, the Christian church has been influenced by the political, economic, socio-cultural, intellectual, and artistic movements of each epoch of world history and has in turn influenced those self-same historical epochs as well.
The history of Christianity and world history are in many ways intertwined. With this in mind, we will engage in a historical journey that begins with the founding of the Christian church in the midst of the Roman Empire of the 1st century A.D. and continuing up to the break between Western and Eastern Christianity in The Great Schism of 1054.
This is a 20-week email course that you will enjoy tremendously.
For information on this course, go to Christian History.


A Unique Course on the origins of Spiritualism. DR. OF SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT :  (5 credits) >> Details
We have a brand new course
, by Dr. David Crouch, called Dr. of Spiritual Development. It's a college-level course about spiritual development. A sample can be found at www.ulcseminary.org/spiritualdevelopment.php. The course uses NLP techniques, among others, to show you how to improve the quality of your life and your intereactions with others. Some of the topics include:
    • Improving clarity of Purpose
    • Stacking anchors to concentrate focus and intent
    • Implementing the nature of purpose into your daily lives -- Futurepacing change
    • Connecting with the Divine through naturally occurring altered states (Shamanic and Meditative States of Consciousness)
    • Sacred Trance -- Listening for the still voice within
    • Deepening Levels of Sacred Trance -- How to reach Focus Points of Awareness
    • Out of Body Journeying/Soul Journeys
    • Generative Visualization -- Connecting with the Divine through the Movies in Your Mind
$ 70.00

Bible-Based Study Program. MASTER OF RELIGION: (4 credits) >> Details
This email course is a bible-based, Christian Studies course for those interested in learning more about the Bible and Christianity. In it, we will cover topics like:
The Old Testament
The New Testament
The lost Scriptures of the Bible
Effective Bible Study
and much more. This course is written by a scholar in this field of study. If you are a practicing Christian, interested in becoming more fluent in the Bible and what its words mean in your life, this is the course for you. It has a Catholic feel to it, so it's more geared towards Christians of that belief system. For a more in-depth course description and a sample of this course, please go to CHRISTIANITY.

A Unique Course on the origins of Spiritualism. MASTER OF GNOSTICISM:  (4 credits) >> Details
Gnosticism Outline & Lessons
Lesson 1 ------------------------- A Definition of Gnosticism
Lesson 2 ------------------------- Gnostic scriptures, Texts
Lesson 3 ------------------------- Gnosticism
Lesson 4 ------------------------- philosophical and religious
Lesson 5 ------------------------- The main features of Gnosticism
Lesson 6 ------------------------- Moral and ritual practice
Lesson 7 ------------------------- Major Gnostic movements and their texts
Lesson 8 ------------------------- Important terms and concepts
Lesson 9 ------------------------- History
Lesson 10 ------------------------ Gnosticism: Ancient and modern
Lesson 11 ------------------------ Gnosticism and the New Testament
Lesson 12 ----------------------- Gnostic and Gnostic-Christian ties
Lesson 13 ------------------------ Gnosticism vs. Christianity
Lesson 14 ------------------------ The Gnostic Gospels -- Are they the real history of Jesus?
Lesson 15-------------------------- Why is Gnosticism Important Today? Since the Da Vinci Code, This Religion Has Been Gaining Interest
Lesson 16 ------------------------------ Nag Hammadi Library
Lesson 17 -------- Gospel of Judas - Who Wrote It and What Does it Say
Lesson 18 -------------------------- The Secret Teachings
Lesson 19 ------------------------ Gnosticism Today
Lesson 20 -------------------------- Summation
For a sample of this course, go to Gnosticism.

$ 65.00

Online Seminary Program -- Religious PhilosophyMASTER OF RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY : (4 credits)  >> Details
Unlike Comparative Religion, this email course is not an exercise in comparing and contrasting different religions. It is an analysis of religion itself. There is, however, a certain degree of similarity to Comparative Religion, for it is nearly impossible to study anything in a vacuum. Therefore, examples of material covered are provided in the religions of the world — not for the purpose of comparing one to another, or in how they differently address particular issues, but as illustrative examples of the topic being covered. An outline of the individual lessons can be found by clicking Religous Philosophy. A sample of the course can be found at Religious Philosophy Course.

$ 60.00

This online degree is for the study of Paganism.MASTER OF METAPHYSICAL HEALING :  (4 credits) >> Details
This email course is about metaphysical healing. Through this course, you can learn to use the energy of both God and the Universe to give wonderful spiritual healings. This is a step-by- step guide, teaching you how to use your hands to heal. It gets straight to the point, highlighting what is important and each chapter has revision exercises and model answers.
A sample of this course can be found at Metaphysical Healing
An overview of the course can be found here: Metaphysical Overview.

$ 60.00

At the ULC Seminary, we study all areas of spirituality and religion.  This is a course on Comparative Religion.MASTER OF THE LIFE OF ST PAUL: (4 credits) >> Details

This is a course about the life of the apostle Paul. The author has spent years devoted to research and study of this early Christian leader and is sharing this with you.

There will also be 5 lessons in the end of the program about prayer, repentence, worship and faith for those who are devout Christians interested in learning more about the practice of your faith.

This course is interesting from a historical perspective as well, so even if you are not of the Christian faith, it will further educate you in the religion of so many others.

For a sample of course lessons, go to St. Paul Course.

$ 60.00

At the ULC Seminary, we study all areas of spirituality and religion.  This is a course on Comparative Religion.MASTER OF PAGANISM: (4 credits) >> Details

Welcome to Paganism for the New Age.

This course is an introductory course to Paganism and offers, upon its completion, a Masters in Paganism degree.

The course is 20 lessons long, sent to your email box once a week. You will learn about the different beings, beliefs and important knowledge about Paganism.

It is worth 4 credits in the Seminary.

The course differs from the Wicca study course in that all Wiccans are Pagans, but not all Pagans are necessarily Wiccans.

The interesting course studies the many different facets of Paganism including the various Gods, the Holidays, the rituals and the old stories.

This is a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge of Paganism. As ULC Ministers, we pride ourselves on our breadth of knowledge about all belief systems. The more you study, the more you begin to recognize the similarities, rather than the differences.

For Info on the course lessons, go to Paganism Course. For a sample of the course, go to Paganism.

$ 60.00
Our current curriculum will consist of the following classes:

Online Seminary Program -- The Four GospelsDR. OF CHRISTIAN STUDIES: THE FOUR GOSPELS: (5 credits) >>> Details
A course on the four gospels. When you sign up for this interesting and enlightening course, you will receive a text in the mail and e-mails over the course of 4 months that will help you to learn about these four books of the bible. While this is obviously a course of interest to Christians, it is also of interest to those who wish to look at the words and deeds of Jesus in a more spiritual sense, rather than in a religious sense. What you may find in this Greek translation, is that there are more similarities between religions than there are differences and if you look closely enough, you will see deeper spiritual truths in these books than you (if not Christian) would expect to find. You will receive a Dr. of Christian Studies at the end, along with your course credits. For more information about this course, click The Four Gospels.


We have Wiccan and Pagan online seminary degrees.MASTER OF WICCAN STUDIES: (4 credits) >>> Details
This 24 week exciting course is perfect for those interested in learning the path of Wicca, a Pagan belief system. It's a weekly email course, written by Daven, sent straight to your mailbox for about 7 months. This course discusses what Wicca is, the spiritual aspects of it, the practical application and much more. For more information about what others ahve learned from this valuable course, please visit our discussion board, where final essays from this Master of Wiccan Studies course are posted. For a more complete description and a course sample, go to

MASTER OF HISTORICAL JESUS: (4 credits) >> Details
This course reviews the life of Historical Jesus. Many have wondered what his life was like. We all know about the few years of his ministry, but what of the rest of his life? What of the man?

Lesson One-- Introduction to Historical Jesus Studies/Source and Gospel Synopsis
Lesson Two-- Religious Sects of Jesus' Day
Lesson Three-- Quests For the Historical Jesus: Period One and Period Two
Lesson Four--Quests For the Historical Jesus: Period Three and Period Four
Lesson Five--Quests For the Historical Jesus: Period Five (Renewed Quest/Post Quest) The Jesus Seminar
Lesson Six-- The Q Source (The Hypothetical Gospel of Q)
Lesson Seven--Discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library- The Gospel of Thomas Part 1
Lesson Eight--Discovery of the Nag Hammadi Library- The Gospel of Thomas Part 2
Lesson Nine--The Secret Gospel of Mark
Lesson Ten--The Gospel of Mary
Lesson Eleven--The Environment in First Century Palestine (Jewish/Pagan)
Lesson Twelve--The Kingdom of Heaven (Secret Teachings) (Part 1)
Lesson Thirteen--The Kingdom of Heaven (Secret Teachings) (Part 2)
Lesson Fourteen--The Kingdom of Heaven(Secret Teachings(Part 3)+++This may entail more lessons
Lesson Fifteen--The Resurrection
Lesson Sixteen--Lesson Twenty++++ (A Probable Reconstruction of the life of the Historical Jesus)  This may entail more lessons.  It will also conclude with a final assignment for the student to reflect upon all that they have learned and from all of that information reconstruct the life of Jesus from their own point of view. This final assignmnet should be at least five pages long.

For a sample, go to HISTORICAL JESUS



MASTER OF CHAPLAINCY STUDIES: (4 credits) >> Details
This is the core course for the Chaplaincy program you all have been asking for. This course discusses the history of chaplaincy, as well as what the duties of a chaplain are. The program covers topics of where one minister and what makes it a chapel, the importance of listening, grief counseling and a lot more. When you complete this program, you will receive a Master of Chaplaincy Studies. When you graudate from the program, you will have earned the title, 'Chaplain.'

To join the program, go to CHAPLAINCY PROGRAM to sign up.

For a sample, go to CHAPLAINCY

At the ULC Seminary, we study all areas of spirituality and religion.  This is a course on Comparative Religion.MASTER OF COMPARATIVE RELIGION: (5 credits) >> Details
This is one of the more scholarly email courses offered by the Seminary. It is taught by an expert in the field who teaches this course at several colleges. It is a very well-written course on the origins of various major religions with comparisons and contrasting views of the different world religions. The HTML coding for this course is also very well done, so if you have the option, try to get it that way as well. Taking this course will expand your knowledge and competency as a minister tremendously. For a more extensive description, please click Comparative Religion.
For a sample, go to Comparative Religion Sample.
$ 75.00
At the ULC Seminary, we study all areas of spirituality and religion.  This is a course on Comparative Religion.MASTER OF DRUIDISM: (4 credits) >> Details
This is an email course on the study of Druidism. It is 17 lessons long and you'll receive one lesson a week for the duration. You'll learn about the culture of this faith, the belief system and much more. It's very interesting and told in an easy-to-understand, friendly, personable style. For Info on the course lessons, go to Druidism Course. For a sample of the course, go to Druidism.

$ 60.00
At the ULC Seminary, we study all areas of spirituality and religion.  This is a course on Buddhism. MASTER OF BUDDHISM: (4 credits) >> Details
This is a newly re-developed email course from the Seminary. As with all the courses, there are 20 lessons (a few courses have more). Through this course, you can learn about the interesting religion of Buddhism. Learn the history, origins, practice, philosophy and more. Upon completion of this course, you will receive a Master of Buddhism degree.
For a more extensive description, please click BUDDHISM
$ 60.00
At the ULC Seminary, we study all areas of spirituality and religion.  This is a course on Shamanism. MASTER OF SHAMANISM: (4 credits) >> Details
This email course on the study of Shamanism. Shamans have been revered in many religions as the conduits to the gods. They have the knowledge and skill necessary to commune with spirits. This course will discuss the role of the Shaman, the various mind-altering drugs used by Shamans and what their affect is. This course is well-written and covers this controversial topic with great respect and neutrality. For a more detailed course description and a sample, click

$ 60.00
At the ULC Seminary, we study all areas of spirituality and religion.  This is a course on Shamanism. MASTER OF THE GOSPEL OF ST. THOMAS: (4 credits) >> Details
This is a really fascinating new course about the Gospel of Thomas. This course delves into 114 of the sayings of Jesus.
The Gospel of Thomas is different because it is less a narrative and more a collection of quotes attributed to Jesus.
The author, Rev. Ray Thompson, has been studying this Gospel for many many years and has come up with some fascinating insights.
When you take this course, you will be given an opportunity to read and evaluate these different sayings for yourself and apply them to your own life. Even if you are not a Christian, you will see wisdom found in these quotes -- wisdom shared in the other major religions of the world.
From the author: "The Gospel of Thomas is a fascinating document. It is not a story gospel but a collection of 114 sayings of Jesus. A few can be found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, but most were previously unknown.
Thomas introduces it as the “mystery teachings of Jesus” and that is just what they are. There are many ways these sayings can be interpreted. I have spent many years studying them and applying them to my life. This course is the fruit of my labor.
Although I dare say others who have worked with the gospel probably have found other meanings in them. That is the nature of them and why they are called “mystery teachings.” This gospel is within the scope of what is called, “Gnostic,” Greek for knowledge, but more specifically spiritual knowledge.
I use this quote from the church father, Clement of Alexandria, as the opening line to the course, “Not all truth is meant for all men.” (and women) This is the philosophy throughout the course. Take what you want and leave the rest or be a glutton and try to consume it all." -- Rev. Ray Thompson
For a more detailed course description, click GOSPEL OF THOMAS
For a sample, click Thomas Gospel

$ 60.00
DR. OF BIBLICAL EGYPTOLOGY: (4 credits) >> Details
This course reviews the various if, when, and who facts and theories regarding Exodus and Moses focused on Pentateuch era Biblical Egyptology. Uniquely, the instructor translates hieroglyphs so the student can read critical artifact inscriptions and make intelligent self determinations!
The debates about statues, steles and artifacts are discussed including which Pharaoh was most likely associated with the Egyptian “Israelites” immigration, their enslavement and ultimate departure. You will be introduced to ancient authors like Artapanus, Manetho, and Josephus and their quotations such as: “…he was from Heliopolis and when he led his people he changed his name to Moses…”
The course reviews current “Exodus” TV episodes and books. A dutiful student will be able to confidently discuss these and other issues as expected of a seminary graduate. The interfaith course is appropriate for anyone with an academic interest in one of the most fascinating subjects in archeology, books and motion pictures – Ancient Egypt and the Exodus epic!
For a sample, go to BIBLICAL EGYPTOLOGY
For a more detailed course description click EGYPTOLOGY.



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