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ULC Seminary students will graduate with skill and knowlege of ministry. Below you will find a list of our current Universal Life Church Seminary students. This list grows daily. For many of them, the courses they are taking or have taken through the ULC are listed as well.

We are very proud of our seminary students, so if you have any questions about the status of a student or you are a student and would like to update your record, please write to amy@ulcseminary.org and she will be glad to assist you.

We also have a list of graduates page. This can be found at SEMINARY GRADUATES. We would love to be able to put your name up there as well!

If you are not a seminary student yet, you may REGISTER here. It's free to sign up.

Seminary Courses - This page has a list of courses, prices, credits, descriptions and samples of all the courses available, along with a direct link for where to sign up for each course.
Seminary Application - To apply to be a seminary student, this page has all you need to get the free mailings and the status of being a seminary student. You will get exclusive seminary student mailings along with samples of all the courses.
Seminary Graduates - This page lists the graduates of both the Seminary Program and the Chaplaincy Program. If you have graduated and are not listed, please let me know, as I do get behind and I occasionally forget to update things. Course Essays - Once you finish a course, you will be required to write an essay in order to receive your degree. Our blog is full of essays written by our ministers, as well as stories of why people became ordained and occasionally a few kind words.
Chaplaincy Program - The Chaplaincy Program is a separate program from the Seminary program, although all courses you take during the Chaplaincy count towards seminary graduation. Click for more information. Discussion Forum - This is where our ministers get together to talk about their courses, beliefs, share ceremonies and stories of their ministries. It's a great place to meet some ministers and see what being a ULC minister is all about.
Student Letter - This is a letter from one of our seminary student graduates who want to talk about what it is to be a seminary student and what it is to be a minister. If you're not yet sure you are ready to take the step, hear from someone else who has. Minister Training - This section has a huge section all its own about different things ministers should know about conducting weddings and funerals, counseling, demons and other interesting information that will help you become a better minister.
FAQs - This is a wide selection of frequently asked questions about the Seminary, being a minister in general, and many pages about some of the many religions in the world and of our ministers. Your ministering abilities will be enhanced by knowing about the beliefs of others. About Us - The ULC Seminary has been around since 2004 and is affiliated with the real, original Universal Life Church in Modesto, CA. To understand the differences between the various ULCs, which had a split in 2006 and another change in 2009 or so, go to Change of Site for a video and more information.

Br. Gregory O. Jobson-Larkin, Seminary Student

Br. Gregory O. Jobson-Larkin D.D.
Universal Life Church/Seminary Commissioned | New York & USA Certified Clergy | Ordained Interfaith Minister | Wedding Ceremonies & Services Officiant | Bereavement Ceremonies Services Officiant | Spiritual & Motivations Coach/Speaker | Business Consultation | Blessings Officiant | Br. Gregory Jobson-Larkin D. D.

Why do you want to be an interfaith minister?
My first ordination, at the age of 14 yrs. occurred an A.M.E Church in Jamaica Queen, New York. Sexual abused by the then minister of music, plus eye witness to the political and moral hypocrisy of the church administrative structure led me to renounce my faith to that organization and embark on a 40 year interfaith wilderness trek sojourning for a time participating in many other religious experiences: Hindu, Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, religions of African and Asia. I have actively worshipped and seriously embraced the ritual and customs of all faith distilling the essence into one word phrase: "Pursue the excellence of being." This is who I am, the life=journey of me , and now I seek a physical 3rd party affirmation of this life's focus in the form of being recognized as an Interfaith Minister.

What areas of ministry attract you? 
The Universal Energy (Holy Spirit, Chi, Ancestors, The Force) permeates everything, as it is everything. I seek to encourage the awareness of, the practice of, and invite all humanity to embrace the excellence of this phenomenon, All ministerial areas fascinate and invigorate me, yet communications technologies (spreading the good news} interest me the most. I wish to formally teach and work towards increasing a person's awareness   of their inner light, and how that light guides to better life choices.

What does the statement, "We are all ministers" mean to you?
We are all ministers. Paper and/or the recognition of a person's walk (works) does not define the person; the person's walk (works) defines the individual, and we all effect and affect individuals, situations, and cause advent wherever and whenever we touch another's life. We minister life to that person, and we can also minister death, either way we all minister, and we all make a difference.

What does the term, "Interfaith" mean to you?
The term Interfaith conjures the imagery of synaptic electrical conduits connectivity, as "faith" is the source energy that the "inter" binds everything together with everything else. Yet, the purest connection looses no energy in the transference process, and neither takes away nor adds to the quiescent source. Imagine becoming a pure WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) reflection of SOURCE. This is what the term Interfaith speaks to me.

What previous areas of interest do you see yourself integrating with your ministry experience?
The United States Nuclear Powered Submarine service taught me the value of training and preparation, married to perfect practice and dedication to 100% mission fulfillment; I shall integrate the practiced essence of these experiences, plus the experience of formally owning and operating a religious AM radio station, 24-track analog recording studio, advertising music business, administrative head of a NY-based Time Warner public access channel, minister of communications and technologies 5-year employee for a nationally recognized and broadcast congressman/minister/church organization, financial investment consultant, Internet SEO consultant, media company owner and not limiting out the best integration experience of husband & father.

What are you expecting from this program in terms of educational knowledge, practical knowledge and personal growth?
I expect nothing, and also everything as I truly am open to the experience; whatever it is or is not does not matter. What matters is the first step of the journey, all educational knowledge, practical knowledge and personal growth shall and always will follow. The Universe shall decide the how, and what's because that's its domain. I only seek understanding.

Give a brief description of your religious/spiritual background to present.
I have embarked on a 40 year interfaith wilderness trek sojourning for a time participating in many other religious experiences: Hindu, Judaism, Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, religions of African and Asia. Currently I am enjoying the study of Quantum Physics, as well as Metaphysics as a religious pursuit.

Describe your professional and educational history (include highest level of education achieved, list current licenses and/or certifications).
Masters of Media Studies, Harrington University
Bachelor of Media Studies, Harrington University
Certificates/Areas of Studies/Course Credit from:
The New School for Social Research, Screenplay Writing
York College, Theater Arts & Communications
Queens College, Music Appreciation
City College, Jazz Appreciation
Francis Lewis High School, Business & General Studies Diploma
Queens Technologies School, Computer Science
USN Nuclear Powered Submarine Service, Qualified (Silver Dolphins)
USN Advanced Electronics & Electricity, Qualified Instructor
United States Naval Nuclear Submarine Service Veteran

Evaluate yourself as a ministry applicant. What areas of expertise do you have and how do you see the ministry enhancing your skills?
The "ministry" enhances all skill, named and unnamed, known and unknown because the "ministry" is a practice of the excellence implementation of "u" in "you" with regards to the bringing about the best of the"u" in "us." The Universe knows the way of area enhancement of expertise, my responsibility and choice is to sincerely offer myself as a ministerial candidate to conduit its energy to others. I am the skill-set that I bring.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Seminary Student Listing for Trent Murman

ULC Seminary Student:  Rev. Trent Murman, OSM, OSF
Date of Ordination:  July 9, 2012
Background Education and Training:
Safety & Risk Manager at a local casino. Jan 2002 to Nov 2008
Secutiry Training Coordinator Jan 2000 to Jan 2002
Physicians Surgical Assistant Jan 1990 – March 2003  
St. Anthony Medical Center  Jan 1980 to Jan 1990
US Naval Medical Center ~ GLakes, IL  January 1972 – August 1979  
Medic USN 1972 ~ 1975 ~ USS Glover AGDE-1
Medic NavRegMedCenter GLakes
Combat Medic USMC 1975 ~ 1979 ~ 1st MarDiv FSSG Camp Pendleton, CA
I was a combat medic stationed with the USN and USMC from '72 thru '79 treated and guided many of our nations finest thru their joys and hardships. It is my belief that NO MAN SHOULD DIE ALONE. My goal is to work with these nation warriors that may have no one to help them make that final journey from this earth to His house. It is a sad day when the family's of these fine service members push them to the wayside as if they truely didn't care for them. God bless the service members of WWII, Korean Conflict, Viet Nam, Gulf War etc...we as ministers should rally to serve them as deligently as they served our nation in its time of need.  Oh-rah !!
Go In Peace

Friday, March 15, 2013

Re: ULC Seminary Student - Rev Anderson

Jeffrey L. Anderson, MIBA, JD
Ordained 2/18/13
I have always believed we are called to be ministers of the Gospel, although not all called to Preach.  We all need to constantly work towards finding His calling.  "Study to show thyself approved unto God..." 2Tim2:15

Friday, March 15, 2013

Why I Became Ordained by Rev Wagar

My name is Rev. Connie R Wagar.

Thank you.

I was first led to your site by a friend in AZ who wanted me to marry him and his soon to be wife. The problem was the relatives of these tow were a mix of religions. The couple were young Pagans. One set of parents were Mormons, and the other Methodist. Many other relatives varied from Baptist to Catholic. The couple wanted a service that did not bring disharmony to anyone if possible. They wanted to include their own vows as well as more formal "sounding" vows, excluding the use of Jesus's name. This called for a complete new written vow set for them. (and this was my first wedding). Need I say panic set in, and I sat for days writing and re-writing the new vows. In the end I had a completed set of two different ceremonies and set of vows.
I also incorporated the families in the service, letting them know the new marriage would not succeed if the families were not supportive of the couple and their wishes. 

At the completion of the services, I had several family and friends walk up and say they loved the service, and never once did I break with the wishes of the couple and it seemed no one had realized I spoke of "their" god and blessings  and guidance, but never once brought ANY specific religion into the service. IT was lovely, and of the 150 people present not one complained about the service.

Weeks before the ceremony I had queried the couple to see how dedicated and serious they were. I offered advice to them and reminded them to never go to bed angry. To remember it is all an uphill trip that cultivated in  what energies they would put forth into it.

More services followed and all were required me to write services dedicated to the couples style of life, and many had to be tailored to the different beliefs of the family's. I now find myself pleased to have brought these folks to the beginning of their new journeys and hope they find life together a success.

I also have had the sad duty's of being there for folks who were in the process of passing. One instance was with a client I was with as a caregiver for. The lovely lady and her husband were  German and Lutheran.

 The husband was aware I was not of their faith, but had seen the sticker in the window as Minister. The visiting Nurses had a woman who was a Chaplin trained in many religions and had been called. The phone rang and we found she was not able to get there through traffic and the husband looked frantic. HE took my hand and asked if I could help her to find the Lord. She needed last rights.

 I happened to have my formal ministerial clothing in the car and some of the books from your offices. The husband followed me in to stand with her as I did as he asked. She knew me as a caregiver and smiled. I had nearly finished when the Chaplin arrived, I offered to give way to her but she shook her head and took the woman's other hand as I spoke and guided her to her to the hands of her Lord.

She smiled and her husband took the hand from the Chaplain. HE also took my hand with tears as she passed with a smile and such peace. 

I checked on him a few days later and he invited me in. We sat and talked, and he thanked me for what I said and how I did the service. And then he smiled, and said she knew I was Pagan he told me though I had Never told her. HE said it was what was in my heart that had taken her "home" and with that I wiped the tears from my eyes and hugged him as I left.

Rev. Connie R Wagar

Friday, August 24, 2012

Seminary student - David Sherman

David Sherman Musick b. August 18, 1949. Oildale, California.

I've been a Christian my whole life. I believe the Messiah is God's Anointed one, and the only begotten of the Father. I have felt the call of God in my life from an early age and indeed, went to seminary at 18 in Waxahatchi Texas. The school was the school of my denomination. I dropped out to join the Navy during the VietNam war and stayed in the Military service for 30 years. At some point I realized that denominations and pet doctrines undermine the teachings of Christ, and strip the Word of God of its Spiritual dimensions by the divisive nature of their separate agendas.

I have devoted to follow the dictates of my heart and get to the unshakable and basic foundations of 1st century Christianity. So for the last 30 years I have sought out the Word of God in my own and have arrived at my own conclusions. This is why I chose ULC and it's understanding of liberty and freedom of religion. Its freedom of ordination appeals to me because I don't need a man to qualify me for the ministry. God will do that. If I fail, it will be because I called myself into His ministry instead of the other way round.

To God be the glory. David.

Friday, August 24, 2012

New ULC Seminary Student - Rev. Taylor

Dear Rev. Amy,
I am Michael Taylor
Date of Ordination: 27 June 2012
  I apologize for sending so many e-mails, but I am happy, humbled, and yet also befuddled and frightened by the reality of Ordination.  I joined thru the seminary site because seminaries are where the minister can learn his or her profession. 
First a little about myself.:  I am 52 yrs old, of African American descent, I was received into the Latin Rite of the Roman Catholic Church by baptism shortly after birth.  I am the product of a mixed marriage: Southern Methodist father, and Roman Catholic mother.  I was educated thru the Catholic school system from K-12  I have felt the call to Ministry of some sort since my youth, but was always stymied; first by my father who was spiritual, but not religious and who did not agree that I had a true call, and by  the religious orders that I was attracted to for lack of academic rigor.
I would like to concentrate my ministry, (at least I feel the call to), on weddings, and visitation of the sick, lonely.  I presently work as a security officer at a local hospital.  For over 14 years I have worked at a number of hospitals, and have had many conversations on spiritual matters with employees, patients, and even some of the ordained chaplains and other clergy. On some of those occasions the person I had talked to had asked me if I was a minister or priest.
I was unchurched for almost 20 years.  I had a falling out with my faith tradition, and I am ashamed to say it,  walked away from God. but even though I walked away from him I did not stop believing in him.   In the intervening 20 years I looked into some other belief systems, but never felt that God was calling me to ministry thru them. 
 In 2000 I turned 40 and started to notice in the obituary column guys that I had gone to school with and began to take stock of where I was, where I wanted my life to go.  I encountered someone who reconnected me with my faith tradition, began to study my faith.  I found that after 12 years of parochial school I did not learn much about the faith tradition that is Catholicism.  I encountered The Teaching Company and their wonderful products of college level courses that explored many subjects including faith, spirituality, religion, and philosophy.  I also joined the Knights of Columbus a catholic men's service organization. and began to read their mail courses on the faith, but two things stymied me, one at 40 I was too old for ordination in the religious orders that I was interested in, and that lack of academic rigor reared its head again.  I would need two masters degrees one in theology or divinity, and one in Spanish before ordination.
I encountered the ULC thru a friend who is ordained and does weddings at Renaissance Fairs around California. I started search the websites and almost joined the monastery, Luckily I knew that there is no such thing as an independent catholic priest.  Under canon law a priest must be incardinated with a diocese under the authority of the ordinary, (bishop).
As stated I am happy, humbled, befuddled, and yes frightened by the reality of ordination.  I am hoping that the seminary will help me on my path to serve the community of faith as a ULC minister.
Rev. Michael Taylor ULC

Friday, August 24, 2012

Ordination by Rev. Mewett

Greetings Amy,
Courtesy demands I should submit my credentials to you confirming viability of ordination.
* Four years Baptist Theological seminary Sydney, Australia. Graduating with Diploma of Divinity
* Three years study with Melbourne University College, Melbourne, Australia.
   Graduating with Licentiate of Theology       .........   L.Th.
* Current, working with Salvation Army Chaplaincy Department as Court Councillor
Reason for ordination request:   Transferred to Methodist Ministry by invitation - Methodist Church no longer exists in Australia - now Uniting Church.  Resigned - Unable to accept new concept.
Because of chaplaincy work and increasing demands for ministry - the request is made for ordination
Added qualification: Two years with Melbourne Unuversity College - Diploma in Religious Education.
Should ULC see fit to add a post nominal this would be appreciated.  Twenty years ago a US seminary agreed to grant a Bachelor of Religious Education and commence on Masters.
Your attention is appreciated.
                                              Warmest regards - Albert (Al Mewett)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fray (chaplain for prisons, hospitals and nursing homes)

 Thank you for allowing me to be ordained.  I am a retired Activity director for nursing homes and assisted living . I worked closely with the ill and dying and with their families, friends.  I loved what I did so much I think the calling of becoming a Chaplain is what the heavenly father wanted for me to do in the first place.  I have patients, humility, compassion and respect and love for every soul here on earth no matter what their beliefs or where they come from or religion color we are all the same in fathers eyes. don't you think?  Any way i want to minister to the prisons, jails, to our lost souls and to the terminally ill and their families.  And what ever else I'm called upon to do for the heavenly fathers work.

My personal religion is Wiccan\ Pagan but I do believe in the almighty father and mother earth and her creations.  God created the heavens and earth but mother nature rules the earth wind fire water to some degree along with the heavenly father. and paganism for my love of all nature and all living things god created to help with nature balance of things here on earth.  I also believe in the devil cause without belief in satin you can't believe in heavenly father!  There is good and evil in the world today and Jesus did die for our sins, and I am so thankful for this due to the fact the state of which the world lies in!  Meaning holy wars and crimes will go on till the revolution says in the bible the 7 seals will be reveled and the world as we know it shall parish! Blessed be and in his holy name amen.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

ULC Seminary Student - Rev. Walsh

Rev. James Michael Walsh III    
Location: Atwater, Ohio
Ordained: August 12th, 2012
Seminary Story:
I have always had an interest in religion. I was born a Roman Catholic, but converted to Orthodoxy when I was 18. I always had an interest in serving from a ministerial position, but having been married, widowed, and now married again, the Church would never ordain me to the priesthood (Orthodox priests can only be married once). So I will never be able to realize that desire of mine through my Church. One night, the thought came ot mind to check the net and look into ordination regulations, etc...long story short, I found ULC! What I really like about ULC is that they allow you to remain in your Church...or whatever faith you are in...while enabling you to serve your fellow man, and God, with more authority, and direction.
I am looking forward to the seminary courses, and learning as much as I can. Reasons being that I love furthering my own knowlege, and also to add more *credibility* to my ordination for those who are convinced that being a minister requires degrees, etc. I also look forward to sharing those special moments of all those that my calling brings me in contact with.
God bless!

Pastor Jim Walsh

Friday, August 24, 2012

ULC seminary student - Rev. Killmoor

Ordained 1998. I want to be able to give good lessons to those who don't feel comfortable in a conventional churches, either due to not having fancy clothes, tattoos, or any other reasons. I also want to be able to give better educated answers for those having questions. Thank you for your time and efforts in this matter.

Stacie Killmoor

ULC Seminary Student

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Edward Jehoshaphat Quartey Ordained: 2000

Kenneth P. Jack Ordained: 09/02/08

I'm currently with the US Army. And I'm about to get out ,I feel in my heart that God has called me to serve him as pastor.
Myers Ordained: 4/30/2006

NicoleAraujo-Gomez Ordained: 08/11/04

Pagan since 1996
Patricia Norwood Ordained: September 2 3004

Rev. Douglas L Taylor Ordained: 04/04/2008

Presently deployed overseas with U.S. Army. Have, since a young age, desired to be an integral instrument for the spreading of the Gospel. Finally quit rebuking Gods call and took up my sword and cross.
Reverend Shanda Lynn Kennedy Ordained: April 15, 2007

Working on children ministries
Ruthann Daniel-Harteis Ordained:

Thomas Moore Ordained: 13 January 2006

Za Muan Ordained: Nil

No Ministry experiece but I want to attend.
A. Gordon Ordained: over 42 yrs. ago. Don't remember

Married, 2 sons, 1 stepson. A have been a non- denom. minister for over 42 years. Was a cook in an Italian Rest./ cocktail Lounge for 35+ yrs.,
A. James Coy Ordained: Janurary 9, 2007

Interests In Shamanism and Gnosis.
A.J. Janschewitz Ordained: 1/29/1998

Former police officer, learling to be more of a "peace officer."
Aaron Michael Blackburn Ordained:

ABEGUNDE JULIUS TAIWO. Ordained: 26/11/2007.

Iam a spiritual student to the core after dumping christianity as a religion i practiced for 14goodyears.Now iam on my own path to GOD.
Abel Santos Ordained: Oct. 6, 2007

Ace Adams Ordained: 8-2004

Acie Workman Ordained: 7/28/2004

Bachelors in Social Work Masters in Human Services Licensed Social Worker Field work 24 years
Acker Ordained: April 1, 2007

Well, I am a Christian Wicca, and I am glad you allow all religions into this simenary. I grew up a Christian, most of my life, but it was recently that I have discuvered Christian Wicca. Was glad, cause it made me a better person, and made me feel better about myself. It's hard sometimes cause I tried to tell my family of my religion, and they just kept judging me, and telling me I was going to hell, and that I was a Satan Worshipper, and so forth, and it made me upset. So I had to go back into the closet, on this point. But as a minister, I can preach what I believe is right without actually telling people that I am a Christian Wicca. So thank you, for this. God Bless you. Edith
adam califano Ordained: 12/19/08

Adam Douglas Boykin Ordained: 08/08/08

Welcoming all inquiries.
Adam Ellsworth Ordained:

Adam Goldey Ordained: 1976-02-09

adam r. rocke Ordained: 12-06-04

master of science in env. and occupational health; b.s. in health ed.; reg. env. health spec.[REHS]-St. of CA; reg. env. assessor[REA]-St. of CA; certified Lead insp./assessor -St. of CA; consultant; university lecturer& other teaching exp.[St. of CA credential for Community Colleges-Hea. and related techologies];other info upon request...
Addina van der Woude Ordained: 02-21-09

B.S. in Psychology, Reiki Master/Teacher.
Adrenna Jan Lamb Haynes Ordained: 04/12/07

Practised Wicca & varying denominations for 18 years; born-again Christian 1994. Very active in United Methodist church-media coordinator, Growth ministry, marketing
Adrienne Grimmitt Ordained: Sept 4 2006

agbey Ordained: 1990

Ahmed B. Said Ordained: 9-14-2000

I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y I am of Malaysian and African American origins I have a GED and have some college education.
Ahua Tersugh Timothy Ordained: nil

I have a LL.B. I am born again with Deeper Life Bible Church.
Aiesha Turman Ordained: August 13, 2002

Aimable Ordained:

Aiyanna Looney Ordained: August 8, 2004

I do mostly Wiccan and Pagan weddings, but am looking to do more in my community.
AJ Eakin, Msc.D., Ph.D., D.Div. Ordained: 2/15/1991

Professional psychic/channel. Got ordained by ULC in '91 to protect myself legally. Soon after I became a student of the Internation Metaphysical Seminary of the University of Metaphysics. Earned my bachelors, masters & Doctrate in Metaphysical Science (Msc.D.). Then returned two years later to pursue my Ph.D. in Metaphysical/Transpersonal Counseling. I'm also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP (neurolinguistic programming)Practitioner, Rebirthing Practitioner & Firewalking Instructor. I LOVE LIFE, animals, people, rollercoasters & junk food. Hate spiders, carrots, & Austin Powers. Not to fond of conservatives & people who insist on being right Hobbies.., self taught musician (piano & guitar) & a Magician/Illusionist. Oh.., almost forgot.., I'M also GAY AND PROUD OF IT!
Akeghior Joseph Terzungwe Ordained:

akinneye Ordained: 11/11/1005

pastoria certificate
Alan Charles Brooks Ordained: 0000-00-00

ULC ordained in 1999
Alan Charles MacIntosh Ordained: 2005-04-03

Just began studying.
Alan Green Ordained: 2000-01-01

Come from a Baptist background. Was baptised as an infant in the Church of England, but it didn't take the first time ;) I enjoy dialogue with shamanists, pagans and spritual healers. Have been a lay preacher and enjoy teaching and dicussing with all spiritually minded people. Want to have a structured study path without having to join a particular denomination.
Alan Iroff Ordained: 10/19/2007

I plan to take this ordination seriously. I intend to complete many of your courses. My goal is to perform weddings, officiate at funerals, and spread a message of peace, tolerance, and good will
Alan John Northcott Ordained: 0000-00-00

Alan K. Pratt Ordained: November2, 2007

I have had the calling from God to persue my desire in ministry. I have previously served as a ministery outreach specialist, and have spread the word of Christ to everyone I have ever met.
Alasdair Gordon Ordained: 18 August 2005

Life Coach and Change Agent; Registered Hypnotherapist in the UK (GHR) and Certified NLP Master Practitioner; Reiki Master and Teacher; Spiritual Healer; Stress Management Consultant; Doctor of Divinity (World Reiki Ministries); Graduate of Edinburgh University in Law (LLB) and Divinity (BD); Graduate of Calumus International University (BWI) in Change Agent Studies (EdD - taught Doctoral Degree); American PhD in Biblical Studies and Doctor of Ministry (Saint Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies); Doctor of Spiritual Development (ULC); Licentiate of the City and Guilds of London Institute in Training and Development; Fellow of the World Guild of Metaphysical and Spiritual Counsellors; Contributor to the Dictionary of Evangelical Biography. Lives in Scotland ( UK )
Albert C. Bowers Ordained: May 16th, 2006

Albert F Le Blanc Jr Ordained: 12/19/05

Lutheran Lay Minister
Albert F. Carson Ordained: 12/19/06

New Student, new to religion, old to spirituality.
alcide aukinson Ordained: 21/05/2009

Alex Ordained:

Alex R. Graywolfe Ordained: 06/25/2006

Alex Tanner Ordained: 01/20/07

Alexander Ordained: November, 1976

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University, Class of 1970, CEO of Major Alcohol Rehabilitation Facility, Licensed Pilot, Experience in Assited Living for Elderly handicapped residents
Alexander Ordained: 1997 or 98

Graduated High School 1976 Marine Corps 1976 - 1986 Security Consultat 1988 - Current
Alexander Ordained: November 12, 2008

I am currently working in the world as a Reiki Master Practitioner (Teacher), and am interested in exploring ways in which I might offer metaphysical counseling to people.
Alexander Colin Brow Ordained: 4-11-07

ordained pagan high priest
Alexander Gutierrez Ordained: November 5th 2008

BA in Psychology, from St. Peter's Jesuit College 1988. I've studied religions from around the world for the past 20 years. Thankful to ULC for my ordination on Nov 5th 2008.
Alfonso E Martinez, III Ordained: Jan 18, 2008

Ordained on january of last year, and wanting to focus on the paganism aspect of religion to better understand my own religion and be able to teach my students with more depth. Also I would like to understand other religions, so that I may be able commune with them.
ALI Ordained: 19-04-2008

Alice Marie Martin Ordained: August 1, 2008

I am of the Wiccan faith and want to learn and study more. I am also a full time student at Ashford University Online enrolled in the BA program in Psychology.
Alicia Gamble Ordained: April 29 2009

Alicia Marie St.John Ordained: 0000-00-00

Methaphysical/spritual awareness and healing classes taken for 5 yrs. MA degree holder in Psycholgy Christian Psychotherapy from Christian perspective.
Alisha Marie Callihoo Ordained:

Just figuring out who I am and I think I 've finally did it!
Alison Hyland Ordained: August 2006

B.A. Humanities M.A. equivalent Published author
Alissa Mae Taliesin McMorrow Ordained: 4/15/09

I found the Unitarian Universalist church when I was 15. I have studied a Course in Miracles. I am studying a Pagan tradition. I have been a seeker all my life. I am 30 now and am ready to start my own church.
Allen Ordained: September 30, 2007

Raised Congregational/Unitarian - Christian Faiths. Currently Universalist- Wicca Faiths Reiki Master 3rd Level Angelic Toning - 5th Level
Allen Benge Ordained: December 13, 2001

Prior to joining ULC, I completed 3/4 of New age Seminary in Phoenix, AZ, conducted by Dr. John Rogers. I say I have a practical education in comparative religion, having been Catholic, Free Will Baptist,Methodist, Southern Baptist, Ba-hai, and Pagan, among others. I have a marriage ministry and working toward a church.
Allen L Manrow Jr Ordained: 2008

Which part? From privite Episcopalian boarding school to Outdoor youth outreach program founder and leader, trainer of Leave No Trace ethics to student of ancient religions, or just plain human being.
Amanda Kundert Ordained:

Amanda Saye Ordained:

Amaridus S. Jamison-Dukes Ordained: July 17, 2001

I have an AAS in IT, a Computer Specialist Diploma, I'm adept at reading Tarot, and have been teaching a Wicca 101 course to adults and teenagers who have parental consent. Currently awaiting approval of Spiral Scout status, and unofficial "Safe-Place" for children in the neighborhood due to their knowledge that I care for their well-being and safety.
Amber Marie Faust Ordained:

I have been a practitioner of Wicca for 7 years and have been the High Priestess of Circle of The Phoenix since April 2008. I was raised as a pastor's daughter in the Pentecostal Christian tradition and began developing my spiritual leadership skills at a young age.
Amber Marie Stone Ordained: 04/14/02

amber menninger Ordained:

amy dougherty Ordained: 3-17-09

I'm a 32 year old single mom of an autistic daughter, a tv director, an indigo who has always been fascinated by religions and metaphysics. When I was 7, I was checking out books from the school library about metaphysics & energy medicine. When my parents asked me why I was reading about these subjects, I told them that I was trying to figure out what I was feeling (energy.)
Amy Grose Ordained: 2003-04-24

I want to learn as much as I possibly can in order to be able to reach out to people of all religions and faiths.
Amy Heiser Ordained: 6-7-97

Was baptised and confirmed Methodist but always felt beliefs took me out of the "box". At 13 the Church warned me not to dabble and out of fear I stopped. At 19 aspect of alternative belief came back and at 20 - almost 15 years ago I started my spiritual quest for enlightenment. I first started studying Wicca and worked with a few covens for a short while. Then I fould a Druid Grove, where I found home. I have been studying Irish Celtic history and mythology ever since and encorporating Druidism into all areas of my life.
Amy Marie Salmen Thomas Ordained: April 13, 2007

I am teacher of truth and divine love. I am a life coach, wellness consultant, Doctor of Divinity and Metaphysics, Master Reiki Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor, hold a Masters of Business Administration and have completed Counseling and Nutrition training. I founded The EartHeart Institute. I am energized to be a member of ULC and start the Seminary program. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
amy reed Ordained: 7/17/2006

High Priestess Second Degree Priestess/ Correllian Tradition Wiccan Council/ Connecticut Shamanism Student/Keshav Howe www.mind-bodyconnections.com Master Martial Artist Tarologist
Anastasia Roberts Ordained:

Anastasya Ordained:

anderson Ordained: 05-09-07

Andrea Barnett Ordained: 4/19/2009

I have been a Registered Hypnotherapist since 1998. I have studied Reiki since 1999, and I am a Reiki Master. I have been a faithful member of The Metropolitian Community Church since 2005. I am have known for a while that God has called me to Ministry for a while now. I am now answering his call to ministry .
Andrea Frances Lawson Ordained: August 6, 2004

Andrea Jill-Marie Waya Ordained: may 24th 2006

Pagan; Wiccan; Native American religion; United Methodist; Former: Catholic, MCC. Interested in Spirituality, Holistic Medicine, and Nature Religions.
Andres Pena Jr Ordained: 03.01.2007

come from Catholic upbringing
Andres Salazar Ordained: June,11-2008

Andresen Ordained: June 5, 2006

Andrew Arecco Ordained: 5/26/03

Andrew Burns Ordained: June 19, 2009

Andrew D. Foster Ordained: 0000-00-00

Andrew Dandridge Ordained:

Andrew James Ball Ordained: July 8, 2008

Gnostic Christan
Andrew John Kosorok Ordained: can't remember

ANDREW LABOY Ordained: DEC.12,2006

Andrew Lee Caplin Ordained: JAN 12 2007

Andrew Michael Benet Comer Ordained:

Andrew S. Kent Ordained: December 22, 1969

Ordained in 1969, I haven't done much with my ULC ordination since then, although I have spent much of my life helping, advising, and advocating for others as a layperson. The recent (and continuing) controversy over non-traditional marriages, and the continuing debate over the nature and role of religion in society, have renewed my interest in applied spirituality. A few friends have become Interfaith Ministers through more formal training, but, as I am unable to commit to a traditional ministerial practice, I've declined to follow their path and, instead, have considered relying on my ULC ordination for credibility. Having misplaced my original credentials, and assuming that the church would have no record of my original ordination, I re-applied for ordination. But, to my surprise, an inquiry to ULCHQ revealed that my original ordination was still on file, and that all I had to do was to update my contact information and, if I wanted them, order replacement credentials. So here I am, a "man of the cloth", seeking meaningful ways to answer my calling, to craft a ministry commensurate with my time, energy, and the limitations of a physical disability, and to help bring a measure of sanity and serenity to a world gone mad. Amen?
Andrew Theodore ferry Ordained: june 22 06

Andrew Timothy Higgins Ordained: 20th September 2002

Andrew William Jarvis Ordained: 2004-06-09

Background: Bachelor of Divinity with Honours from University College Cardiff, The University of Wales, UK (now called University of Cardiff).
Andy Wright Ordained:

Angel Arizmendi Ordained: 09 April 2008

Angel PUlliam Ordained: 4/05/09

I have my doctorate in cognitive studies, and am interested in courses you have available.
Angela Banuelos Ordained:

ANGELA BROOKS Ordained: 5/18/2008

Angela Butts Chester Ordained: 11-5-05

Raised Presbyterian, have attended Non-Denominational churches, but have a Spiritual base in my heart.
Angela Collins Ordained: 05/27/09

I am a 28 year old mother of two. I am looking to help people with their spirituality and other issues as needed.
Angela Kay Ziegler Ordained: 02/01/2008

I have always felt a spiritual calling and have spent much of my life searching for the Truth that underlines the world's religions. I see God in all things and the interconnectedness between everything that is or was. When I was 18 years old I was at an all time low in my life and I ended up in Alcoholics Anonymous. Over the last 14 years I have sponsored hundreds of spiritually sick young women who were trying to pull the broken pieces of their lives back together. Now that I am older, more confident in my spiritual beliefs, and have had 14 years of experience working with recovering alcoholics, I want to begin a journey to heal people outside of AA. I think that I can contribute a lot to those people seeking a spiritual solution.
Angela Morgan Ordained:

Angela S. Rickman Ordained:

angelique d. jones PhD Ordained: 2-8-07

Spriritual Counselor PhD in Motivation Phd in counseling
Angelique Sims Ordained: 4/30/2004

Angie Lamb Ordained: 10/04/2006

Associates Degree in Accounting; Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies; B.A. in American History with ephasis on American Civil War and Louisiana Histories
Angila Chrisitina Moore Ordained: 05/25/2007

I have years of knowledge about christianity however recently over the year have become full wiccan.
anissa hopkins Ordained:

anita naylor Ordained: june 30, 2009

i am a christian counselor and work with churches in the area
Ann Marie Kaufman Ordained: January 3, 2002

Registered Nurse, Spiritual Response Therapy Consultant and Teacher, LaHo-chi Energy & Toning Practitioner, Reconnective Healing and Reconnection Practitioner, Soul Recognition Facilitator, Psychic Medium
Ann Marina Kathleen Weeks Ordained: December 13 2006

I've been a conscious student of The Divine for over ten years. I'm a qualified Tarot Consultant and am not working at present, to give me space in which to reflect on where I've been, in preparation for what life is calling me to do next.
anna buck Ordained: 08/01/2007

Zen Buddhist/Christian
Anna Christine Thomas Ordained: july 16,2007 (i think)

equestrian, Muslim, 32 year old white single female engaged to Egyptian
Anna Christine Thomas Ordained: july 16,2007 (i think)

Anne Elizabeth Gageby Ordained: 25 jan 08

Anne Marie Brooks Ordained: 1999?

Became an online ordained minister and after working on a Ph.d from the American Institute of Holistic Theology I decided I also wanted to take the seminary courses and complete that process as I have decided also that I want to perform services and know what I'm doing! Says I'm already a seminary student, that's what I thought????
Anne Noella King Ordained:

Anne Ruth Brown Ordained: 5/9/06

Anne-Marie Blanchard Ordained: 5/12/08

have been a student of: native american spirituality, undertook a 10yr. daily study of the bible; and a buddhist practitioner for 7 yrs. I have taught sprituality to children and women, worked as a writer for several non-profit orgs, and have developed a unique understanding of spirituality as expressed in our world today
Annemarie Seidenberg Ordained: 4/14/09

I am currently a practicing Reiki Master with a degree as Doctor of Naturopathy. I seem to be guiding my clients on their spiritual path. I feel it is important to understand all facets of spirituality.
anthony casteel Ordained: oct.7th 2006

Anthony David Alameda Ordained: 1/18/2008

i believe i have a call from god to open a church and spread the good news
Anthony Dean Perry Ordained: 0000-00-00

I've studied Paganism, Wicca, Buddhism, Christianity, Judeism, and just about any other religion I found interest in. All are one.
Anthony Hall Ordained: 05/29/2002

Anthony Michael Salerno Ordained: November 18th, 2007

Anthony Perry Ordained: October 3, 2001

I have become a new person and want to be closer to the creator.
Anthony Rico Ordained: 2/27/2007

Weddings in Tucson and Surrounding Areas.
Anthony Roberts-Ashton Ordained: 9/1/2005

Anthony Ruse Ordained: Feb 23 2007

American living in both San Antonio, TX and Seoul, South Korea
Anthony S. Harman Ordained: 06/17/2009

Anthony W. Smith Sr. Ordained: October 8, 2006

Born, Raised, and currently living in Indiana. US Naval veteran. Brought up in American Baptist Church. Studied some Native American Spirituality. Looking to strengthen my Christian background, and entering in to ministry as such.

Antonio J Lagares Ordained: 5/25/06

Religious Education teacher for 5+ years.
Antwine Ordained: May 14, 2007

Educator Chruch Tape Ministires Youth Minstry
Arcy Michelle Perdew Ordained:

Areatha Backus Ordained: Aug 23 2006

Ariannah Skye de Avalon Ordained: June 10, 1999

Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Ordained Priestess, Writer, Photographer and Artist
Armeca Washington Ordained: 02/13/2009

Arnold Ordained: 05/10/2006

Arnold Scott Ordained: 5/12/2002

aron james cates Ordained: 3/8/2006

Arthur Gannon Ordained: Dec. 2005

Arthur L. Strafuss Ordained: Aug. 5 2007

MEd, Instructional Design, University of Massachusetts, Boston Ma. B.S. Computer Science, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston Ma. A.S. Electronics, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, Ca. 6 years US Navy Teaching for 20 years Walk very close to God. Just a simple man trying to do the right thing and trying to see the god in everyone. My basic belief that get me through the day is that there are many paths to God. Not just one...
Arthur L. Zour Ordained: 0000-00-00

Entered into Police and Fire Chaplaincy in just before thr attact on 911
arthur mcgowan Ordained: 1988

pastor teacher chaplain evanglist
Ashley Hammond Ordained: 10/31/08

Asif Gill Ordained: 27-07-2007

Hello,Peace be with u in name of Jesus.i want to join ur seminary tell me the good way how i join ur seminary?plz bcoz Jesus gives his life for us.so my life only for my Lord.
Attila Varga Ordained: i can,t remembr

Audrey Cutright Ordained: 3/07/2007

Audrey Kay Thomas Ordained:

Aue Ordained: June 2003 or 2004

I am the mother of two, a boy who will be 29 and a girl who is 17. I retired from the USAF on 31 Jul 2003 after 28 yrs, 8 months and 13 days. The last 12 years of service I was an instructor and my classes could contain as few as six or as many as 150 - 200 personnel. The class duration was anywhere from 2.5 hrs to 6.5 hrs depending upon the subject matter being taught. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher.
Austen Dooley Ordained:

Austin Hayden Walker Ordained: 12 October, 2008

College student and member of small non-denominational spiritual group of pagans and non-pagans specializing in ancient rites of numerous cultures. Some of us need some kind of official status and basic ministerial training.
Autry Ordained: October 10, 2006

Reiki Master and Reverend Wellspring Holistic Therapy http://wellspringny.tripod.com Photographer,reporter,student of life
Avor Ordained: 27th May 2007

I have completed Lutheran seminary in Ghana and I am now pursing my Bachelor of Divinity programme at Trinity Theological Seminary Legon Ghana, which I need financial support to pursue my three years programme therefore help me with some sponsorship Thank you
Ayaba Bey Ordained: July 8, 1985

I have been an ordained Minister with ULC since July 8, 1985. I have authored three books and produced a music CD. I teach metaphysical principles from several schools of thought from ancient Kemit to Africa, India, Asia and Aboriginal, integrating them through their common thread of truth and universal ancient laws. I have received my Naturopathic certification. In my practice I treat dis-ease through the use of reflexology, meditation,correct mental attitude through the use of affirmations, music, movement and visual art.

Azmat Noel Ordained: 1964-11-07

I am Azmat Noel.and wants to join the samnary for the Ministry work.
B Adams Jr Ordained: April 25, 2009

Baams Ordained: 02/19/2007

Master of Science Degree in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. 28 years as a Registered Nurse.
Babb Ordained: 2/24/2007

Bachelor Degree Sociology from Arizona State University Master of Science Degree Criminal Justice Arizona State University Finished all but dissertation for PhD program in Curriculum Leadership at the University of Denver Professor of Criminal Justice and Associate Dean of Occupational Studies for Colorado Northwestern Community College
Baker Ordained: June 25, 2006

Ball Ordained: May 12,2009

I have been a active member of United Centers of Spiritual Living ( aka Science of Mind aka Religious Science) for 50 years. New Thought is my life purpose and vocus
Ballard Ordained: 12/28/2001

I have been ordained since the above date.
Banach Ordained: 12/4/08

Masters in Education (2007), attorney (1987), teach in inner-city school w/high poverty. Called to ministry 2008, Baptised 11/30/08
Bangura Ordained:

Bannon Ordained: December 3, 2008

Barbara Annette Durbin Ordained: 07-12-2007

Barbara Diane Stewart Ordained: May 11, 1995

I will send a copy of my current resume.
Barbara Hawley Ordained: October 17th, 2007

I'm already ordained with ULC.
Barbara Isbell Hale Ordained: July 25, 2003

Wife, Mother, Homemaker Professional woman with much and varied experience. Very spiritual, a seeker of truth and knowledge. Energy Worker and Healer Silva Graduate Reiki Master Quantum Touch Practitioner
Barbara J Dole Ordained:

Native of Idaho High School graduate Nursing since 1977 Hobbies: reading, learning, art, Herbal and spiritual healing,outdoors activities, creative activities, helping others when possible
Barbara Praun Tavora Ordained: 06/23/2004

Barnett Ordained: 10/02/2006

barrios Ordained: none

alameda bible church christian none denominational nm, albuquerque
Barry Deel Ordained: 08/06/2008

I am an eclectic pagan.
Barry R. Ressel Jr Ordained: August 27, 2005

Interest in general worldwide Theology
Barry R. Trute Ordained: July 13, 2006

BA in Geography MS in Recreation Administration
Barry Trotter Ordained: ?

Bart Allan Laber Ordained: 01-26-07

I was born into a Christian family and both my father and mother were heavily involved in church. My father has been a Minister of Music in numerous churches in my life. After HGH School and getting married, I began my ministrytraining at Southern Methodist College in Orangeburg, SC. I completed two semesters and had begun a third when I got divorced and turned away from my faith for a while. Recently, after a bout with alcholism and a stint in recovery, I began to feel the call of ministry on my life again.
Baryza Ordained:

baxter Ordained: 08-02-06

rn, rrt. wiccan/ pagan
Baysinger Ordained: August 8, 2003

Retired Professional Broadcast Engineer. Worked with missionaries in Central America to construct and maintain AM, FM, and Short-wave radio stations. Involved with Music Ministry in home church.
Bean Ordained: 8-21-06

DD from ULC 8-22-06
Beardsley Ordained: Jan. 26, 2006

Beatrice M. Hall Ordained: 2/21/2007

Explorer of life and the world around me.
Becki Walters Ordained: February 9, 2007

I became ordained after much meditation and consideration at the request of my brother. I am officiating his wedding this July, and have been asked to perform at least one more wedding and two Wiccanings. I am a second degree initiate in the Albion Tradition, and have been a practicing Witch for 22 years. I take this ordination very seriously, and view myself as an eternal student. I plan to get my undergrad from the seminary in the next six to eight months!
Beckrich Ordained: Feb. 14, 2004

Belinda Ordained:

Belinda Estelle Silbert Ordained: 1997

Minister; TV and radio Psychic Medium; published author; teacher; international opera singer and musician.
Belinda Gail Perry Ordained: 13 July 2003

Belinda Singleton Ordained: 6/5/08

I was ordained throught ulchq.org. I perform wedding and feel as if something is missing, so i'd like to learn more about ulc & what it can teach me.
Bella Tyler Ordained: September 27, 2008

I am cat. I like to eat bugs, and sleep all day. I believe that cats should have the right to be ministers. I really want to do this for myself, I believe in myself. I believe in the power of self. I am trying to do what is right, and look foward to preforming minister duties. It would give me a break from my usually nap and bug eatting duties. I also believe that female cats should be allowed to be ministers as well! We as females have just as much rights as Tom Cats!
bellworthy Ordained: 16-aug 2007

vet, wiccan, pagan
benjamin cornwell Ordained: 05/25/09

benjamin cornwell Ordained: 05/25/09

Benjamin Michael Michalski Ordained: July 18, 2006

very well versed in matters of spirituality since working a 12 step program for 11 years.
Benjamin R. Baker Ordained: March 18, 2000

None given
Bernadette Garcia Ordained: 11/01/2007

Would like to pursue degree in metaphysics
Bernadette Montana Ordained: Oct. 2007

Owner of a Metaphysical shop in Cornwall NY., Also the mom of 3 sons, and a 3rd dregree High Priestess in the Alexandrian trad. I am also a pipe carrier in the Sun Bear tribe and a member of the Baramaya Native american tribes.
Bernald Fred Ashmead Ordained: September 11, 2008

Born Houston, Texas, 01-15-47 Married Donna 36 years. 3 adult children, 9 grand babies Honorable Discharge, U.S. Navy B.S. History/Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi, 12 hrs. public admin. Texas Southern University....Teacher/Municipal Court Judge/TV Producer
Beth A DeBruyne Ordained: April 23, 2006

Beth Ioan Leina`ala Lopes Ordained: Saturday November 24, 2007

Beth Nye Ordained: May 1, 2009

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be in the wedding business. Back in 2005 I had planned a private beach ceremony in my state, but for some reason we had a terrible time finding someone willing to officiate the ceremony. Later on, I found out that other residents in Delaware were finding it equally frustrating. I've also called the state to find if there was a need for this type of job, their answer gave me the ambition to start this business plan that I've been formulating for the past few years.
Beth Nye Ordained: May 1, 2009

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be in the wedding business. Back in 2005 I had planned a private beach ceremony in my state, but for some reason we had a terrible time finding someone willing to officiate the ceremony. Later on, I found out that other residents in Delaware were finding it equally frustrating. I've also called the state to find if there was a need for this type of job, their answer gave me the ambition to start this business plan that I've been formulating for the past few years.
Beth Picciotti Ordained:

Bethany K Trainor Ordained: 02/08/2002

ULC Odrdination in 2002, Pagan Elder and GoG Credentials since 2005, HPs of Circle Tri'kara, 2 years on CoG Local Council as 1st & 2nd Officer, Local Pagan Teacher, OB/GYN Nurse.
Betterini Ordained: 11/12/2007

Ordained and Associated with the ULC-HQ. Education: Massachusetts Fire Academy - various dates, certificates Northeastern University - EMT program 1994 Certificate Former manufacturing jeweler
Betty Tanner Ordained: 11-03

Beutler Ordained: 10/14/2008

Searching for answers.
Beutler Ordained: 10/14/2008

Searching for answers.
Beverly F. H. Brown Ordained: 2000-07-27

Rev. Beverly F. H. Brown Ordained 07/27/00 I am new to the ministry. My life was so filled with abuse, dysfunction and challenges of life and death, that I couldn't survive it alone. I want to help others who are in turmoil. Giving them a chance to see the positive choices they can make to change their lives for the better. I am studying for a Master of Comparative Religion Degree At ULC. I'm lovin' it!
Beverly I. Wakefield Ordained: 11/17/2001

I was raised a Baptist. Throughout the years I have studied many religions from paganism to Life Science. I am somewhere in between. My goal is to help as many people as I can regardless of their need. I also want to live my life more spiritually with a oneness with our Higher Power.
Beverly R. Owens Ordained: 4/13/2008

I have always been spiritually minded. I grew up in the Church of God, then turned to a study of Wicca in my early 20's. I have read much feminist thealogy, various forms of Paganism, and at this point in my life find that I am being drawn to the practice and teachings of Buddhism.
Bibby Ordained: 13/10/2007

Left school, need a way in life.
Bickford Ordained:

Not ordained yet. I'd like to take some classes.
Bill Smith Ordained:

Bill Smith Ordained:

Billings Franklyn Jones Ordained: May 15, 2001

Eucharistic Minister and Lay Reader, Episcopal Church 1979 to 1999. Ordained Minister and honorary Doctor of Divinity 2001 Completed bible coursework from the World Chiristianship Ministries was licensed as Baptist Mnister Dec 30, 2001 served as associate pastor from Dec 30, 2001 to last year Served as interim minister 4 times 4 times attended Covington Theological Seminary
Bishop Christopher Chris Ordained:

Am the pastor of Jesus Covenant Church.Am married with a son.Am a gifted teacher and preacher.Read industrial chemisrty at the University of Port-Harcourt.A commissioned chaplain with the Covenant Chaplain Institute.
Bishop Douglas Hargro II Ordained: 2002-03-08

Email: dohrg5@aol.com Background: BAPTIST AND METHODIST
Bishop Dr. Ronald Thompson Ordained: August 2000

Ordained with ULC and House of F.A.M.E. Mansions of Glory in Cleveland Ohio. Have a Doctor of Divinity through House of F.A.M.E. Mansions of Glory
Bishop James Coleman Ordained: 03-17-1982

I hold a Doctor of Divinty From ULC 03-17-1982 also A Doctor of Religious Humanities 01-06-1983 from ULC granted the title of prophet by ULC 03-19-2003 was ordained at the ULC church in Staten Island New York that was started by the New York Police Officers I have served as a chaplin at at D.C. nursing homes and also funeral homes also served as chaplin for the Scottish Rite Masons and High Preist and Prophet for the Shriners and I'm a member of the Supreme Council Of American and was Elevated to the position of Bishop of Deliverance of Joy Church By Arch Bishop Peter Crutchfield Of Washington D.C
Bishop kenneth J.Gillis Ordained: judec. 2005

overseers, founder.

Bishop Patrick Schwab Ordained: 2004-04-20

I was ordained in Nov. 1989 in a small church in Reno, NV. I ran a homelessness shelter as well as an alcoholic and drug program. I as well trained ministers in leadership, sermons and duties of a minister. From there I study in the non-profit institute of University of Arizona. I'm a very diverse man as I can hold my own with the High Priest of Isis in Virgina City NV(a personal friend) or discuss the pro and cons of Catholic Church or dive into the metaphysicians of the base of all religions. When I?m not on the Mount Rainier scenic Railroad as a conductor I?m writing an article for comparative religion or continuing the journeys of Paul in the sermon section.
blackwell Ordained: november 3rd 2008

blackwell Ordained: november 3rd 2008

Blackwell Brooks Ordained: September 29, 2008

Block Ordained: March 23, 2000

A student of comparative religions. Studied Philosophy of Religion in college and graduated with honors in philosophy. Wrote my thesis on Martin Buber, a famous 20th century Jewish philosopher and his concept of the relationship between man and G-d. Have always enjoyed studying and practicing various aspects of spirituality, religion, paranormal and the occult.
Bloore Ordained: March 4, 2004

I am a Hypnotherapist in private practice since Aug. 2004. I have certifications in NLP, Time Line Therapy, Past Life Regression Therapy and Therapeutic Guided Imagery. I have been initiated into the sacred symbols of Huna as Haumana Ho'omanaloa (Student of the manipulation of Mana). My Practice is spiritually centered and active with an emphasis in relationship strategies and support of cancer therapies.
Bobbie Escolas Ordained: 10/17/2005

Hypnotherapist, Reiki channel, angel channel
Bobby Edward Crews, Jr. Ordained: 06/26/03

former minister of music with the church of God. now mininster with ULC since 2003. Training in the ministry since the age of 16 (11years).
Bobby Smith Ordained:

Boby Dale McWhorter Ordained: September 15, 2008

Have already graduated from a 2 and half years of training through a leadership class from Cathedral of Light Seminary. Have already been ordained after the finishing my studies. I just want to continue my education through different outlets. I feel that there is never enough knowledge when it comes to the spiritual side of teaching and learning.
bohannon Ordained: January 15 1998

10 years High Priestess, extensive study in pagan spirituality
Boldman - Wolf Ordained: 2004 not sure of date

Bongiovani Ordained: July 18,2005

Bonni J. Lee Ordained: June 27 2006

Bonnie Bakley Ordained:

Raised Roman Catholic, now I practice paganism
Bonnie J Wallen Ordained: Dec 28 2006

Bonnie L. Machia Ordained: March 31, 2004

20 plus years in the Medical and Human Service Fields. Sgt in the VT State Army Gaurds as a Medic and Chaplin. Involved in many groups like the National Wildlife Federation, Womens Rights Coilition, Teens on drugs, my community,etc. I'm a professional adovocate. I live off-the-grid, meaning Au Natureal with no electricity or phone, other than a cell and I utilize the local libraries computer systems.
Bonnie Lee Dilworth Ordained: 2003-01-28

Bonnie Melton Ordained: 0000-00-00

Bonnie Ruiter Ordained: October 5, 1999

Usui Reiki Master Chakra Therapist Crystal Therapist Aromatherapist Flower Essence Practitioner
Bonnie Sheehy Ordained: 11-1-05

I am a 37 year old wife and mom. I am a student to all religions and am considering starting a church of my own, but feel in need of training.
Booker Ordained: 10-11-2008

Preacher For Our Universe (God)
Borum Ordained: December 2, 2007

I was raised in the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) denomination. I was previously the Minister of Music at my church. I am currently preparing to make a comeback as a church organist and Minister of Music.
Botnick Ordained:

Boulanger Ordained: Pending

Young entrepreneur, having a deep spiritual commitment and interest towards life, shamanism, and the law of attraction.
BOUNOUNGOU Albert Parfait Ordained: 2008-09-05

i am a penticostal pastor in cameroon (africa) i have been funtioning for 6 years in a church of 500 members in the capitale city of yaounde. we need to be recognise and we need more training. i am born again for about ten years now so let s start class. i want to know how to send money if i want to send .we do not have credit cart systeme in our caountry
Bower Ordained: 01/12/2006

I am a pagan with 23 years of experience, Most of my studies have been solitary but, I was part of a coven and received my 1st degree. I am furthering my spiritual beliefs to help form a church based on this truth "Spreading peace thru Self-Awareness". To that end I am looking to receive further training so that I can serve the people better. And in doing so I shall acheive my ulitmate goal of being more spiritual.
Bowman Ordained: October 20, 2006

What sort of background details are you asking for?
Brad Miller Ordained:

Bradford Duarte Ordained:

American living in the Philippines and loving it. College graduate with a major in Biology. I'm single. Worked in electronics and the last several years as a Biological technician. I've delved into several types of religious learnings and even the occult at one time in my life. I'm always interested in something different and always searching......
Bradley D. Thornton Ordained: 04 July 2002

Bradley Fowler Ordained: 11/18/08

Bradley Nelson Ordained:

Bradley Ottman Ordained: 4/7/2006

Background Details: In 2006, I received my spiritually calling. At that time, I became awakened to some of the most profound Truths of creation and had numerous wonderful experiences through angelic contact. I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and I have studied numerous religions, belief systems and healing modalities from around the world. Even though there is no one religion or belief that holds the entire truth, I have still found many hidden Truths within everything that I have studied. The
Brandi D. Bird Ordained: September 11, 2004

Brandon J. Pettit Ordained:

Brandon Lee Bashak Ordained: 04/19/2004

Brandon McCluskey Ordained: 2/9/2007

I have a BA Degree in European History with a Minor in Greek and Roman Civilization from SUNY at Albany NY. I am an ecclectic Wiccan/ Hindu. I am interested in learning all I can about my various Faiths and becoming a Minister for various ceremonies
Brandon Shane Gray Ordained: June 28, 2007

I've been a student of spirituality all my life, and most of the people that I know come to me for religious advice, regardless of their faith or denomination since I try to keep an open mind about the subject of personal faith. After a couple suggestions from friends that I seek ordination, and some careful consideration, here I am and I couldn't be happier!
Brandy Rainey Ordained: 6/11/2009

I was born and raised in the United Pentecoastal church and Assemblies of God.
brannan Ordained: ordainment desired

Have been saved for 6 years. Moved to phoenix as a student of masters commission which is a discipleship program.program includes scripture memorization,public preaching and much more training to reach the world and save lives through then power of Jesus Christ
Brantley Ordained: 10/14/2007

Brantley Ordained:

Breach Ordained: pending confirmation/4-30-09

I am a student of religion and history.
BreAnna Pottinger Ordained:

Brenda B. Garcia Ordained:

Student of Metaphysics and Usui Reiki since 1993; Usui Reiki Master since 1996.
Brenda Firestone Ordained: March 30th, 2004

I am a student of Wicca and other Ulc courses. A Reiki Master and Teacher.
Brenda Jane "Morningstar"Fuller Ordained: 0000-00-00

I was born and raised as a Lutheran. I went to the Lutheran School for 8yrs. I have taught many sunday school classes. I have had one class in grief relief.
Brenda Joyce Cermak Ordained: NOVEMBER

A.A & B.S. @ Johnson & Wales University Account Representative @The Chronicle Newspaper Mother of one, grandmother of one
Brenda Joyce Collins Ordained: 0000-00-00

Brenda L. Bates Ordained: 2002-03-17

Applicants Fullname: Brenda L. Bates Address : 7617 Woodlea Rd. W. Email: batesb2001@yahoo.com Background: Catholic Spiritual Training: Graduate of the Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics, Medina, Ohio Lightworker Intensive Instructor, Intuition Development Instructor and self study.USA Email: batesb2001@yahoo.com Background: Catholic Spiritual Training: Graduate of the Natural Psychic School of Metaphysics, Medina, Ohio Lightworker Intensive Instructor, Intuition Development Instructor and self study.
Brenda L. Plumley Ordained: March 24, 2007

I am a 3rd level Reiki Master, as well as an ordained minister with ULC. I have been involved with Quantum Theory furthering my spiritual eduacation., and have come to misnister to friends and family.
Brenda L. Plumley Ordained: March 24, 2007

I am a 3rd level Reiki Master, as well as an ordained minister with ULC. I have been involved with Quantum Theory furthering my spiritual eduacation., and have come to misnister to friends and family.
Brenda L. Plumley Ordained: March 24 2007

I am a 3rd level Tera Mei Reiki Master as well as being educated in many religions. i am primarily interested in Quantum Physics.
Brenda L. plumley Ordained: March 24 2007

I am a 3rd level Tera Mei Reiki master as well as having a broad experience with many spiritual beliefs and religions. I am primarily interested in Quantum Physics.
Brendan C. Cook Ordained: 0000-00-00

I have been a practicing Zen Buddhist for 14 years and have taken Jukai. I am also ordained in the Church of Spiritual Humanism. I was born and raised a Roman Catholic, but my father was Methodist, and my grandfather was a Methodist minister. I have also studied Taoism, Hinduism and Shinto.
Brendan Daniel Mahoney Ordained: 07-02-2007

Chef owner of an upscale catering company. I have a strong desire to enhance my spiritual education.
Brent Joseph Robeson Ordained: Oct 24,2006

Just a family guy. Work at wal-mart.
Brewer Ordained: jan. 9,2008

i dedicated my life to god 6 years ago and i love the lord my saviour.I want to be able to spread the word of god with all the knowledge that god gives me.
brian Allen Mitchell Ordained: jan 2009

Brian Comrov Ordained: Aug 2008


Brian D Koppenhaver Ordained: March 12 2007

A student of God's Word for the past 5 years
Brian Douglas Martin Ordained:

Scots-Irish-Ottawa born in Alma, Michigan. Alma College student for 2 years, studied Art History English and Religion. Psychic medium and Shaman. I am a talented portrait artist and crafter. Interested in Raiki, religions, and other medaphysical fields.
Brian F. Widmer Ordained: 27April03

Brian G. Bjorn Ordained: October 9, 2004

I perform non-denominational chrisitan wedding cermonies. I serve couples who unable to be married in a tradtional church wedding due to a varity of circumstances. I have this to be a very rewarding and has enriched my life immensley.
Brian Gardner Ordained: 8/8/2008

Raised as a Lutheran, drifted away from that, believe there is a god.
Brian Kevin Mitchell Ordained: October 2003

Brian Michael Dougall Ordained:

Brian Sawtelle Ordained: May 18, 2008

I have a BA in theatre. After college I worked in food service as a manager, and then moved into retail management. I left that and went into ground construction. When I realized my arthritis was getting the best of me, I went back to school and got my Master's in Teaching. Since teaching for the past 4 years, I have found a moral decline in the teenagers of my community. I am looking to set up a youth/teen ministry & church to try to rebuild a relationship with God for the youth in my community.
Brian Scott Carey Ordained: 12/28/2007

I was raised in a christian home. I have always wanted to be able to help individuals with there problems; with advice,just listening to there point of view. I still give advise when it is asked for. I would like the opportunity to do counseling as an ordainded minister.
Brian Swearingen Ordained:

Southern Baptist, Singles Minister.
Brian Thomas Downing Ordained: 06-01-06

Bright Triche Ordained:

Brigid E. Richards Ordained: 2002-11-27

Email: berichards@pacific.net.au Background: 12 Years of Catholicism training
Brigitte Botnick Ordained: Sept 10, 1996; June 12, 2001

Long-time interest in spirituality
Brittany Harmon Ordained: 0000-00-00

I'm being trained in the pagan arts.
Brock Ordained: 08/21/2007

I was raised in the church of Christ and never really felt like I was hearing truth. Nothing felt right so I turned completely from religion all together and found my lowest point in life with severe depression and drug abuse. For the last 10 years I have been slowly but surely finding myself again and becoming the spiritual person I AM. I respect all religions and would like to learn more about all world religions and the similarities. Your seminary offers this, so I am extremely excited to become part of it. I am mostly interested in an education @ the university of metaphysical science to become a Healer / Author with a PhD. I find that the seminary courses you offer will be very helpful in understanding all people and communicating in a way that heals
Brooks Ordained: 06-05-06

Brothers Ordained: Oct 22, 2003 (?) (please check)

Dr. of Naturapathy, Dr. of Spiritual Healing. Originator of Holistic Theism Mind, Body and Spirit Minstries, an outreach program for all in need. I peform services, weddings, blessings, sacraments, excorsims, healing, counseling and more.
BROWN Ordained: MAR 2005

Brown Ordained: 2008

metaphysics, buddisum, egypt ian-spirituality, yoga-philosphy baptist,new-thought,religous-science,and others.
Brown Ordained: ???

I have been involved with independent study of religion, symbology, mythology and yoga for years now. I would like to expand my knowledge through courses, but so far have not found a school that is either affordable or has the subjects matters that I'm interested in. During a Google search, you site came up. I am interested in learning more and working with your institution for my spiritual growth.
Bruce Pharr Redding Ordained: March 19, 2007

Bryan Dahlstrom Ordained: August 8, 2008

Bryan DeShasier Ordained: 08/18/2007

Bryan Keith Speroni Ordained: August 2,1994

I was born and raised a Baptist and continue to be one. I was born again by faith in Christ on October 23,1972. I have been full-time in the Gospel ministry since 1980. I currently pastor a Baptist church. I am a Bible college graduate and have a number of post-graduate degrees. I turned to the ULC for ordination in 1994 when the church I was originally ordained in closed up. Since then the pastor has also passed away. So, I felt the ned to be re-ordained (if there is such a thing) and chose the ULC because of their belief that I should do what I think is right when it comes to my ministry, not what others think. I prefer to pattern my ministry after the Bible rather than the ideas of men. I am married with 5 children and am happily serving the Lord in my little corner of New England. I joined the ULC seminary and have completed the Four Gospels course. I found it very interesting. I didn't necessarily agree with everything I studied but found it interesting none-the less. I hope if you haven't yet opened the New Testament and read through it, that you will. I know the ULC Seminary involves folks from all different religious traditions. But, if you come from a tradition that is not Bible-based, would you at least open the Bible and read it for yourself. I think you'll enjoy it and hopefully be more knowledgeable as to the Christian faith. Let me make a suggestion. When you read it, don't come at it with preconceived ideas based on what you've heard others say about it. The best way to read it is to put aside the ideas of others, open your mind and let the Bible speak to you personally. God bless you all!!!
Bryant C. Erba Ordained: 07/02/2006

I'm a Christian Hispanic male, studying computer technology. I'm a parishioner at the First Congregational Church at WTBY CT. I'm single, my parents are Rev. Wilfredo Erba and Rev. Onelvia Polanco.
Buben Ordained: July 2, 2007

I became ordained today. Currently, I am a Reiki Master and would like to continue my studies in the spiritual area so that I can help people.
Bucher Ordained: 30 Oct 2006

Buffy Marie St. Amand Ordained: 08/28/08

Bunga Ordained: 04-Nov-07

Burgess L Gordon Ordained: January 26, 2007

Burks Ordained: Dec, 01, 07

I have been a U.S.C.G licensed Captain for over 9 years and wished to be able to fulfill the numerous quest I have received to be married
Burton Ordained: April 11 2008

Bushawn McMillan-el Ordained: 2/5/2008

Bussart Ordained: 2003

Buth Bonroath Ordained: May 29, 2006

Byron Allen Ordained: 07/05/2002

Byron Allen Ordained: 5th of July 2002

Bzovy Ordained: 6/08/07

im new, and eager to learn.
C. Randell Adams Ordained: 11 July 2002

Caleeb Sanders Ordained:

so much
Callie Tharpe Ordained: 4/28/2009

Camara Ordained: Jan 18 2003

As a Holistic Practitioner for over 10 years, dedicating my life to nurturing my spirituality, allows for the opportunity to minister to the soul of the human beings that I serve. Heart Centered Healing, a teaching and healing practice that is based in the Divine simple energy of love. Living the belief that is both the Traditional Holistic ways, (for the spiritual aspect of well being) and the Traditional Scientific Medical ways, (for the physical aspect of well being), coming together to create whole healing, has created the credibility in the medical and spiritual community in which I serve. With many years in the Spiritual Community, Medical Home Health Field, and Business Environment, my journey of healing, teaching, and metaphysics has been a very enlightening path.
Camirand Ordained: March 18th, 2007

I have had a call to ministry my entire life. And yet I could not justify chosing one religion over another...there is so much to learn and share from so many...This opens me to it all. I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist practicing in Ottawa, was raised RC, studied Mahayana Buddhism in Canada the US and Germany. I am excited and frightened at the same time, but want to be an example of what peace can be.
Campbell Ordained: 7/15/06

I have BA's in both Psychology and Sociology, but have felt a calling towards the ministry. I want to continue my education in order to make me more credible to the public.
Candace Faulkenberry Ordained: 1/12/04 and then redone for name change on 5/8/07

I am a mother of 7 children. I have spent most of my life serving others, working with developmentally disabled, children, and seniors. I currently run a little league football program and would like to start my own business. I just married my high school sweetheart in November and am looking forward to starting my life new with someone who supports me and my goals.
Candice Strauss Ordained: June 14,2002

I'm a wedding minister, and have a Dr.Of Divinity.I have a congregation called CountrySide Wedding Ministries located in Leander,Tx. We are a mobile ministry.
Carissa Copeland Ordained: 11/11/2007

carl coglianese Ordained: september 23, 2006

Christian for 26 years and going strong. Love God and the gospals. Gave my heart and soul to Jesus. and wish to teach Of his Love for mankind and the book of the Word, the Bible. just a regular man searching to serve his God and Lord
carl Jones Ordained:

In search of truth. I seek and knock will you open the door?
Carl L. Hults Ordained: 0000-00-00

Carl M. Caporale Ordained: July 2007

Carl Nathan Tillis Ordained: 7/31/08

Carl Scarborough Ordained: August 29, 2001

Administrator of Liberty Gospel Center
Carl Tillis Ordained:

Carleen Vincent Ordained: 0000-00-00

Carlos Gomez Ordained: 4/8/2008

I am a christian wanting to learn more about God and How I can minister to others.
carlson and reed Ordained: mochabear@hotmail.com

hi my name is lealynn me and my husband to wants to be a part of a coven so can you please give some info like phone nummber and address here in monroe. and my husband to be his name is paul
carlson and reed Ordained:

hi my name is lealynn me and my husband to wants to be a part of a coven so can you please give some info like phone nummber and address here in monroe. and my husband to be his name is paul
Carmela Anita Maxell Ordained:

Carmela Marriah Patton Ordained:

Carney Ordained: 11/22/2005

Carnovale Ordained: 9-8-08

My life vow is that of service; certainly the forgotten. I have attended one full year of chaplaincy training and have completed course work indepth, Interfaith, World Religions and Faith Traditions. I honor all path's to God, The Creator, Spirit, the Divine. I have two Bachelors one, Univ of Utah Epidemiology and 2nd Univ of Phoenis, BSBA.
Carol Ann Chappel Ordained: June 8, 2006

Greetings, Over the years, irregardless of religion I have found myself comforting people of all faiths and walks of life, letting them know that love and faith will always prevail no matter thier choice of religion. I am Pagan in nature and have held countless circles and study groups even though I'm camra shy once I'm in circle I surrender to Spirit. I have gone through many trials and tribulations and everytime I've surrendured to the Goddess and good old fashioned commom sense I made it and I'm very happy to be with ULC. Thank you and Blessed Be, Carol Chappel
Carol Johnson Ordained: August 13 2007

I have been an astrologer for 30 plus years, and a spiritual inquirer for far longer. Baptized twice: Once by water, later in 1983 in the Holy Spirit. Joined the Unity Church back in 1986, but an infrequent attender now.
Carol Lewis Ordained: 2-13-2009

Carol Little Deer Williams Ordained: 07-12-2007

I am Native American and I have been doing healing and spiritual work since I was 8 years old
Carol Marie Jones Ordained: 04/27/2006

Carol Mayhall Ordained:

caroline goodman Ordained: 5/1/2009

Carolyn A Weaver Ordained: 0000-00-00

Carolyn Jeanette Wolfe Ordained: 9/30/2006

Registered Nurse 15 years.
Carolyn Mendoza Leverette-Rodriguez Ordained: 7-19-2008

i have actually been ordined in another organization since 1992 but i left that organization years ago and i have found, stated and am the bishop of a ministry, which is named Free Will Full Gospel Holy Ghost Filled Worship, Praise, Prayer Fasting in Faith Ministy inc.
Carrie Ann Davidson Ordained: July 18 2006

Carter Ordained: 2006

Former Youth Paster, Former Asst Pastor, Former Nursing Home Chaplain, all in the American Baptist Church.
Casey E. Perkins Ordained: March 23, 2008

I am a widower. Was married for 30 years. Have been in the ministry for the past 25 years. Either working with the youth or as a Bible teacher. Now I wish to do more work in the ministry and just want to learn all I can so I can teach others.
Casey McGahen Ordained: 15 Aug 2003

Casey McGahen Ordained: 15 Aug 2003

Cassidy Owens Ordained:

Course in Miracles
castillo Ordained: 1994

reverend, psychotherapist, holistic healer, reiki master.
cates Ordained: 3/8/2006

Catherine Carey Ordained:

Catherine Fearnley Ordained: Thursday 4th January 2007

I attend a Christian Church but have a interest in anything paranormal
Catherine Juliano Ordained:

Reverend; tarot reader
Catherine L Teague Ordained: 2/27/09

Reiki Master Sales and Marketing Manager
Catherine Lorusso Ordained: July 9th 2001

I have studdied Theology for the last 9 years.I have taught various religion classes to children, led Wiccan celebrations,dedications and speak at numerous churches of various religions..I also handle the religious aspects for Cub/Boy scouts in my town, where being a Universalist is non conflicting. I am interested in obtaining counciling training, since people are choosing me to do so anyway, I would like the proper training .
catherine lynn dossett davies Ordained: 08/18/2000

masters in religon
Catherine Nicolette Whittle Ordained: 7 April 2009

I have B.Th. (Honours) in Practical Theology with the University of South Africa. I wish to train for the advanced Dr. of Ministry (60 credits) with ULC Seminary if possible, please.
Cathy Flinn Ordained: February 7, 2009

I feel I am just beginning to answer a call that started in my twenties. At that time, women were not invited to be ministers of the church. That really turned me off and I got away from the church for a while. Now I am back and it feels great.
Cattedra Ordained: 2004

I am interested in courses to enhance and define my spiritual journey on this earth. I am 53 years old and have been a seeker for many years.
Cecil H. Lamb Ordained: 1/14/08

Cecilia Castillo Ordained:


Celeste E. Mattingly, LCSW Ordained: 12/16/2002

MSW- 1995 LCSW- 1997 private practice since 2000 Reiki Level I & II 2002 Ordained 2002- have not utilized- nor proclaimed Rev. Reiki Level III 2006 30-year student of various metaphysical & spiritual practices including- 22 years clean & sober & 20 years of ACIM. Looking to legitimize my claim I am 'expert' in Spiritual Issues and to provide a forum for written expression.
Celina R. Gillis Ordained: February 6 2008

Cesar Anibal Chirinos Garcia Ordained: 2006-06-08

B.S. in Engineering. M.S. in Physics. Practicing Buddhism for 10 years. Ordained- ULC. Interested in a background in Religion to seek ministry work. My goal: to extend my spirituality through knowledge and compassion.
Chad Ferguson Ordained:

I am a Reiki Master, Have been the Director of Education for an International Church, I formed the Blessed Universal Life Church and I am enrolled in the Dr. of Metaphysics (ULC) Program.
Chandra L. Bronsted Ordained: November 2005

I have my Ordination Certificate at work. I know that I was Ordained the week of Thanksgiving 2005. If you need the exact date, I can provide it once I have the document in hand. I am a Registered Nurse and work in a Christian Senior Living Community. I receive great satisfaction providing spiritual support to my residents and their families. I also just recently performed a wedding for my Brother and his now wife. Since, I have been approached by others to perform more weddings. I have love to read the Bible and have a great desire to learn more.
Chantal Birch Wilkins Ordained: April 30, 2001

Charlene Reddington Ordained: August 20 2001

I have been practicing since 2001.
Charles Alexander Vinson Ordained: June 5, 2007

I have been following Christ for over 5 years and I have been under the teachings of the C.O.G.I.G. denomination but I am not one that bound myself to denominational boundaries. I have all types of denominational backgrounds
Charles Andrew Cantrell JR Ordained: May 9 2004

I am interested in possibly going through the seminary program towards graduation. I am also currently working on a BA from Wright State University in Ohio. My degree is Social Science Ed. and Religion. I have been studying religion on my own for many years.
Charles Bynum Ordained: 1969-12-31

Schooled in the history of Philosophy. Author of the Defining Spiritualism Course.
Charles Cook Ordained: 01-07-2009

Charles Garcia Ordained: April 12 2008

I grew up in the Pentecostel church from the time I was born til I questioned some of their doctrine and got no answers just angry looks. Today I have decided to keep an open mind and heart for all beliefs and to not dispel any just cause I may disagree on some of their practices. I believe that everyone has the right to believe what they will and noone has the right to make anyone believe what they want them to.
Charles Garrity Ordained: 0000-00-00

Charles H. Grooms Ordained: June 6, 2001

Charles H. Jordan Jr. Ordained: 10 Jul 07

Charles Hall Ordained: 10/10/2007

CHARLES JACKSON Ordained: 01/26/2008

Charles Jerone Francis II Ordained: October 30th, 2005

Charles Kent Yoke Ordained: June 22, 2007


Charles Little Ordained: August 18, 2007

Like many here, I felt the call to serve as a minister for most of my life but did not feel right with any religion. Then, when everything was right, the Creator led me to do an internet search on how to be ordained and blessed me with finding the ULC.
Charles Louis Rieck Ordained: 3/24/2005

I have no clue on what you want in here please let me know.
Charles Morris Ordained: 20 May 2009

Charles Nicholson Ordained: 2003

Charles R Redwen Ordained: cant remember but 2006 i think

i was originally ordained from you in 2006 and was previously ordained in 1999 by World Christianship Ministries. I also recieved a Doctor of Divinity then also. I suffered a major cerabellum Stroke and would like to take the seminary and work on your masters programs
Charles W. Overbey Ordained: 0000-00-00

Charters Ordained: 25th Sept '08

I am an evangelical Pastor for a small Fellowship of mainly Senior Citizens. We are the Good Shepherd Fellowship. We worship together regularly each Sunday. I have served God with Operation Mobilisation (OM) Christian Mission '79 - '85 I am married, with one 8yr old son.
Chastity D Good Ordained: February 18, 2008

Cherie J. Wagner Ordained: Aug. 15, 2008

55 year old Christian Lady. Realtor with 30 years additional office experience.
Cherokee Reynolds Ordained: 01/20/2007

Cherrye Yvonne Bess Ordained: 2004-01-01

Minister of Music for African Methodist Episcopal Churches for 30 Plus years, taught School School, Bible Student, Praise and Worship Leader 30 plus years. Recording Artist and Play write. Graduated from Bethune-Cookman College which is United Methodist Supported with a B. A. in Speech Communications and a Minor in Music Performance. 1985
Cheryl Ann Feather Ordained: 7/23/2007

Cheryl Ann Muzio Ordained: September 15, 2008

Cheryl Barr Ordained: none

I have been on a pagan path for 20 years. I practice the old ways mostly Celtic in origin. Though my Goddess is Isis. I also work with the God Horus and the Ancestors. I interest lies in all forms of religion, but I am mostly Pagan. I have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personalties) We have 4 main personalities that come out at this time. We are all taking the path to being a minister together. We feel that the things in our past that we have dealt with and overcome have made us the strong person we are today. There are things in our past we are not proud of, but we do not make an attempt to hide them nor are we ashamed of them for they have helped to shape us. We truly care about people and feel that we have much wisdom to draw upon when working with others.
Cheryl Barr Ordained: none

I have been on a pagan path for 20 years. I practice the old ways mostly Celtic in origin. Though my Goddess is Isis. I also work with the God Horus and the Ancestors. I interest lies in all forms of religion, but I am mostly Pagan. I have DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personalties) We have 4 main personalities that come out at this time. We are all taking the path to being a minister together. We feel that the things in our past that we have dealt with and overcome have made us the strong person we are today. There are things in our past we are not proud of, but we do not make an attempt to hide them nor are we ashamed of them for they have helped to shape us. We truly care about people and feel that we have much wisdom to draw upon when working with others.
cheryl denise mcfarlin Ordained: 01-30-08

am i reiki healer and a yoga teacher and martial art teacher.am 40 yrs old and im a good spiritual person that always trying help other and always listen to other who need help
Cheryl Matthynssens Ordained: 02/22/2009

I am currently a Chemical Dependency Counselor in a prison and went to expand my knowledge to assist the suffering addicts.
Cheyne Robert Brown Ordained:

was looking for a spiritual training that I could do at my home and at my pace
Chris Dauten Ordained: March 7, 2004

Chris Kendell Ordained: June 2, 2002

Chris Wiggins Ordained: 4-24-05

age 25 would to learn more about the word of God
Christa Jones Ordained: 02/15/2006

Christa Michelle Page Ordained:

Christan Diana Connell Ordained: 10/05/03

Reiki Master Teacher, certified Feng Shui consultant, Metaphysical facilitator - Tarot, Chakras, Astrology
christi lewallen Ordained: July 27, 2007

What do you want to know? I'm a stay at home mother who really wasn't getting any spiritual satisfaction with regular churches or in my life. I find myself searching beyond what I was taught in church growing up, and I feel this will help me in my growth
Christiansen Ordained: July 12, 2007

MBA in General Business. Studying for PhD in Applied Management & Decision Sciences. Fluent in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish.
Christie Jo Austin Ordained: new

I am Pagan (greek) by belief, but wish to help and assist anyone of any religious preferance
Christie Marie Woodard-Clark Ordained: March 27, 2008

Christina Marie Rieck Ordained: 3/24/2005

I am not sure what exactly you would like in area, please let me know.
christina mesenbrink Ordained:

Christina Mulhall Ordained:

Christine Anne Elkins Ordained: October 13, 2008

I started studying the Bible texts after getting into a theological discussion with my older brother about the "missing texts" of the Bible - and after spending the past few months doing that, I became very interested in learning more; but I didn't want the stringent and rigid teachings of the "conventional" church. That is what led me to ULC; and ULC Seminary. I have learned a lot so far and only wish to expand on my quest for knowledge.
christine barnett Ordained: 3.24.09

Christine Beyer Ordained: 2000

I was ordained in 2000. I became a Reiki Master/Teacher in 2000. I am a certified Holistic Health Counselor Practitioner, and I teach Creative Healing Arts.
Christine Brunner Ordained:

Christine Garrahan Ordained:

Christine M. Lahnala Ordained: 8/9/2006

Christopher Allen McMahon Ordained: June 05, 2008

Christopher Boden Ordained: January 19, 2000

Perform Weddings, Spiritual Counseling, Grief Counseling, Pre Marital Counseling, available for shut ins and those in the hospital, available for Funerals.
CHRISTOPHER CASS CAMP Ordained: October 2007

I am a Noetic (Spirit-based) counselor and therapist. I am also a Reiki Master and a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason in the Valley of Washington, DC, and am a 7th generation Master Mason in Federal Lodge #1, FAAM in DC (founded in 1793). I have been a menber of the Scottish Rite Research Society since 2006. I am also part Choctaw and Swedish, and have studied shamanism, Celtic and Norse religions extensively. I am a graduate of The Advocate Experience with David Goodstein and Rob Eichberg in Dallas in 1983, and am active in InterPlay. I am a 3rd degree Wiccan high priest (2008; my first degree was from Circle Seminary in The Black Forest Clan in 2002, and my second degree was from The Coven of the Blue Crab, Temple of Ancient Mysteries (TOAM), Baltimore, MD in 2007. I am a professional trainer, a historian of Freemasonry, and am a GLBTQI, HIV/AIDS and environmental activist and advocate. I am a professional trainer, a historian of Freemasonry, and am a GLBTQI, HIV/AIDS and environmental activist and advocate.
Christopher Compton Ordained: 05/26/2009

Happy to be able to spread the word of god from a semi gnostic point of view.
Christopher Downing Hoffman Ordained: Dec. 12, 2006

Christopher Edward Jordan Ordained: March 17,2007

Christopher Grafton Ordained:

Christopher Ivan Nelson Ordained: 9-22-06

I am a 22 year old student of Life, who resently started a nonprofit organization helping earths inhabitants gain a sense of global community.
Christopher Kalt Ordained: September 4, 2006

Christopher Kalt Ordained:

Christopher Lamar Johnson Ordained: January 19, 2009

Christopher Lee Ordained: July 3rd, 1978

Minister, professional photographer
Christopher Lee Mayeux Ordained: 10/08/2008

no details... just starting out
Christopher Lee Reed Ordained: October 9, 2007

I am a very devout Christian that believes in the Holy Trinity, that Jesus Christ, God's only son, lived here on earth, Died for our sins, and was raised agin so that we can have everlasting life as born again believers.
Christopher Mckevitt Ordained: not sure

I am a Christian recovery pastor. I have worked with those who have substance abuse issues for over 8 years.
Christopher R. Grafton Ordained: Unsure

Christopher Roe Ordained:

I am a Hoodoo practioner/Conjure Rootworker. my faith is Christian Spiritist.I can do Prosperty Spells,Love Spells, Spiritual Cleansing,Clearing, I don't Do Jinx or Revenge work.
Christopher Trieble Ordained: October 16, 2006

BA Loyola College, Baltimore MD Ordained Minister ULC 48 years old Management Professional Interested in Chrisian Faith Studies Ph.D candidate
Christopher Tripet Ordained: 199

Christopher Tripet Ordained: 199?

Christopher Wilkins Ordained:

Christy Lee Thomas JR Ordained: December 6, 2007

Prior Military service (Army) Internal Energy Practioner (1997) Taoist Study (1998-present date) Sketch Artist General Engineering Skills Studying Web design and publishing
Chuck E. Lindeen Ordained: Verify

Chuck Riley Ordained: 11/2006

I am a "Men of Valor" Christian leader and volunteer Childrens Minister. I would appreciate the opportunity to expand my knowledge.
CHUNTA CLARK Ordained: 4/15/2004

Clarence Bryan Duncan Ordained: 10/22/2005

Clarissa Knotts Ordained:

Mother of four and married, Chrstian.
Clarisse Ordained: 16th, 2009

i would like to particepate in some of your seminary and get blessing from you in name og Jesus
Clark Ordained:

I am a committed Christian who attends a Church of England church in Scunthorpe England. Our church is very traditional in its approach but is moving and growing in a contempory way. I have set up and run a music group and have been instrumantial in introducing contempory music and worship inot the church. We are in the process of re-ordering our church and intend to turn it around so it has a bigger focus inthe communtiy : to be known as St Hughs church centre. I have been amember of the church choir for 36 years and am now begining to take on more responsibility within the leadership of the church. I have commenced the course on Spiritual awareness and am growing in my standing of spiruality.I am undertaking a Bishops course which runs for two years.I am thinking about becoming an ordained Local minister in the Anglican Church and am praying through this process.AT the moment I am a Registered paractice nurse working in a local GP surgery and am completing a course in Reflexology as i has developed an interest in alternative therapy.
Clautaire Duclair Ordained: 0000-00-00

I'm a student at Life Christian University. I' m working toward a traditional assocate degree. I plan to plant a Church in florida next month, I would like you to help me,please. I want to continue my programm with you.
Clayton Bartholow Ordained: ?

ULC ordained -- I'll have to check my paperwork for exact date. Teacher by profession Seeker of Truth & Understanding
Clayton Burton Ordained: November 10, 2008

Cleer Ordained: Jan 28, 2008

I have a degree in Mental Health Counseling and have served the gay community and those afflicted with HIV. I also have had a private practice providing holistic and spiritual counseling. I am semi-retired from both these.
Cliff Harvey Ordained:

Clinton Beverly Ordained: 03/22/09

clorice a daniels Ordained:

I am a active member at brownsvill mb church. I do bible study and women ministries.
Cobb Ordained: 31 may 07

Hight prease of the coven of the wican moon
Cody James Gamble Ordained: 7-31-2008

Coemgen Goodenough Ordained:

COENRAAD J.GEYSER Ordained: 08/04/2008

Cole Jack Machado Ordained: September 21, 2007

Former Mormon
Coleman Sr. Phd. Ordained: Nov. 13 2008

Colin Lim Ordained: August 12, 2006

Colleen Erin Culver Ordained: 07/02/2007

I would like to be able to minister to my community & seek knowledge from ULC seminary.
Collins Ordained:

I am involved with the Evangelism/Outreach Ministry at our Church, and desire a deeper knowledge of Christianity as well as the Life of Christ.
Colton William Booth Ordained: January 24th 2009

CONFIDENCE C Ordained: 29 /O1/2008


Conner Robert Myers Jr Ordained: February 28 2007

Connie Kirkpatrick Ordained: that is next.

Long history of religion, never felt right, always out of place, like it was all a lie. Today I know it is, that stories are told, those that work for the storyteller. I know Goddess/God and they are my true parents in this life. Learning to remain in Love, to let all else drop away. Student of Mother Earth, Her elements, cycles and all else. As a drug/alcohol & other substance counselor, found that I could teach a spiritual way of life. Continue today with women who seek their truth.
Connie Tan Eng Lian Ordained: 12 March 2007

Seeking the wisdom of Divinity.Studied Holistic ,alternative complementary and Nutritional Medicine since 1993.INterested in Aromatherapy. Reiki Master since 1994. Practised Quantum Touch in Jan 2007.Working towards a practitioner and Instructor Certification.Age 12 weekly visitation to Home for the aged till age 16. Daily volunteer at Retarded Home and Spastic home. cooling period, started family. 1993 had a minor stroke, Studied Natural medicine never stop. Continued normal life 2 weeks after stroke.No drugs or medications, changed lifestyle. Studied all natural cure for Cancer updating all the time. Minister to friends and relatives one at a time when dread disease struck , help to give courage to face the disease.hopefully to help reverse cancer and working on cancer prevention.Great interest in metaphysical healing and telepathy.
Connie Williams Ordained:

I am very interested in furhering my studies in various religions throughout the world. My background began with the Christian faith as a child at a Baptist Church in Quantico, Maryland. As an adult my sprititual awareness grew to include studies in Crystal Healing Properties, and REIKI healing. I am very interested in African Traditional Religions, Shamanism, the Buddhist and Hindu faiths. I look forward to expanding my spiritual awareness and knowledge through this program.
connolly Ordained: 5/28/2008

Constance J Bollinger Ordained: November 20, 2008

I'm 61 years old, and have recently discerned that I am to be on a healing and counseling path. I have been a healthcare worker with the elderly for several years, specializing in Home Health. I have recently retired due to health problems.
Constance J Bollinger Ordained: November 20, 2008

I'm 61 years old, and have recently discerned that I am to be on a healing and counseling path. I have been a healthcare worker with the elderly for several years, specializing in Home Health. I have recently retired due to health problems.
Consuella Moore Ordained: 2004-03-24

Background: I am currently taking course at the witchschool.com and thepagancollege.com I am a Christian Witch. I have actively been combining both paths for 6 months. I would like to start a Christian pagan website and open and interfaith temple.
cook Ordained: may 2005

Cook Ordained: Oct -11-2008

Coralyn Sheridan Ordained:

B.A. in Political Science B.A. in Creative Writing Masters in Counseling Psychology Marriage and Family Therapist Intern Transformational Trainer
Corey Cook Ordained:

Cori L. Stephens Ordained: 5/15/2008

I am a holistic/metaphysical esthetician/energy worker.
Cornelius Andrew Lucus Spikes Ordained: 01/02/2008

I am a 34 year-old associate minister and father of 5 kids.I served in the national guard as a 13B20 ,& for the last 13 years been a administrative clerk I have been called for over four years and working toward that calling.I was bought up in a methodist church, but do to my mother I have been exposed to the traditional baptist church my entire life. I have been associated w/[taught/spoke at] non-denominational, baptist, and methodist churches.My experience include Southeast Texas Jailhouse Ministry w/Rev. Nathaniel Scott, witnessing, praying ,sick and shut in ministry, teaching ,preaching,titheing faithfully,intercession, and leading by positative example.
Cornelius Andrew Lucus Spikes Ordained: 01/02/2008

I am a 34 year-old associate minister and father of 5 kids.I served in the national guard as a 13B20 ,& for the last 13 years been a administrative clerk I have been called for over four years and working toward that calling.I was bought up in a methodist church, but do to my mother I have been exposed to the traditional baptist church my entire life. I have been associated w/[taught/spoke at] non-denominational, baptist, and methodist churches.My experience include Southeast Texas Jailhouse Ministry w/Rev. Nathaniel Scott, witnessing, praying ,sick and shut in ministry, teaching ,preaching,titheing faithfully,intercession, and leading by positative example.
Corty Ordained: 01/15/2009

Brian has always wondered why people do what they do in the name of GOD.
Corty Ordained: 01/15/2009

I have always been a spiritual person. I would like to expand on my current knowledge to help others.
Corty Ordained: 01/15/2009

Brian Has always been interested in belief and what causes people to do what they do in the world under the Name of GOD!!!
Corty Ordained: 01/15/2009

Brian Has always been interested in belief and what causes people to do what they do in the world under the Name of GOD!!!
Corty Ordained: 01/15/2009

Brian Has always been interested in belief and what causes people to do what they do in the world under the Name of GOD!!!
Cory Cazes Ordained: 05/01/2009

christian background
CORY MICHAEL JENKINS Ordained: 6/21/2005

Corydon J Ure Ordained:

Courtney Kolodzieski Ordained: November 2, 2008

Craig James Mervin Ordained: 11/27/2007

Craig Joseph Speicher Ordained: 10/13/07

I am married with one child
Craig L. Joyner Ordained: 12/22/2007

Craig Phillips Ordained: April 12th, 2009

I was raised in a Christian home, with very strong belief in God and the Bible. About my mid 20's, I began studying Christian history and learned about the vast array of diversity in beliefs right from the proposed time of Jesus's life. This period lead me to step away from Christianity and into historical religious study. Losing my faith in Christianity was perhaps one of the most trying times of my life. I have a steadfast faith again now, though vastly different than before, and a greater understanding of the inherent balance in the universe. While I'm not a Christian anymore, I am supportive of my Christian friends, as long as their faith is enriching their lives. Many people, even those who act like they are happy to everybody else around them, are often heartbroken and down-trodden in many religions. Everyone should feel uplifted by their faith, without exception. I hope to assist others, who go through hardships in religion, to find a more loving path and live lives more balanced and fruitful.
Craig Vincent Ordained: 12/31/2008

Creighton Ordained: February 11, 2007

I am a wife, and mother of two small boys. I am a full-time professional. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree and have taken some graduate coursework.
Cristopher DeRose Ordained: 7/05

Cross Ordained: January 2004

Crump Ordained: May 10, 2006

I have been in ministry for Jesus for more than 10 yrs and will continue to spread the ALL AFFIRMING Gospel till I take my last Breath. Both singing and preaching His Gospel I am more persuaded than ever!!
Crystal Landi Ordained: 9/19/06

Wiccan, would mainly like to officiate pagan handfastings.
crystal m. kobs-anderson Ordained: 2007

Cuchetto Ordained: May 1, 2004

II am 46 years old, married for 24 years and the mother of two beautiful girls. Soon after we were married, my husband and I moved to an incredible little valley in southern California where my metaphysical/spiritual journey began to take form. I had been raised Catholic but always felt a "knowing" that there was something far richer in spirit that was missing from my religious teachings. The move to this magical valley helped place me firmly on my spiritual path. The affirmations I experienced while living there from both the people that came into my life and the situations and events that touched me at that time resonated deep within my soul. Fifteen years ago I was overwhelmed with visions directing me to share my learnings with others. I created an annual retreat for women, The Women's Circle, and we meet once a year at Summer Solstice. Together we have continued our spirit path and learned many things from our time together. While I am the facilitator, we are all the teachers and the students. I have over 35 women on my invite list with a dozen or more attending each year as their schedule allows. Out of this group came the many ceremonies that I use now as a ULC Minister. I regularly perform weddings, Blessingways (for moms-to-be), house/business blessings, naming ceremonies, Maiden-rites (welcoming young ladies to womanhood), Crone-rites (welcoming menopausal women to the Age of the Crone) and universal meditations (collecting our group from all over the world in a focused meditation for a specific purpose). I am currently studying with Astroon, an amazingly gentle and loving star being that is channeled through Lynda M. Lynda and I have also offered classes to teenagers that showed them the beauty of self and helped with goal setting and achievement during the hectic teenage years. What fun we had! I have also been studying the Medicine Wheel for almost ten years and would love to see more Native American spirituality courses offered here. We are currently working on a Medicine Wheel garden that is 22 feet in diameter at my home. The project was again a gift of vision. The vision also showed me the 18 people involved in this project, each responsible for a certain quadrant of the wheel and the importance of the aspects of the wheel location in which they stand.
Curtis Sepulveda Ordained:

Cynthia Aberle Ordained: March 12, 2005

Cynthia Anita Hopwood Bigger Ordained: 2006 not sure of date

Cynthia Eileen Lukens Hanagud Ordained:

Graduate of Salisbury University 1985 BS Biology Graduate of Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of MD 1990 DDS Life long interest in religion and spirituality
Cynthia Harmer Ordained: new

Nursing asst for ten years, English teacher for ten years, Correctional officer for a year, now working on building my own branch of a ministry, possibly my own church. I truly believe in your mission.
Cynthia L Harris Ordained: May 6, 2006

Cynthia Metzner Ordained:

Cynthia Nanette Mathews Ordained: 09/05/03

I am a mother, wife and child of God. My beliefs are along the Celtic Christian path. I have performed weddings, blessings, and one funeral. We have a family gathering weekly where we meet and discuss. I have a (down to one) prison ministry as well as a "secret sisters" ministry. We go quietly about helping others and don't take any credit. All credit is given to The Spirit. For instance, if your neighbors yard is tall, and you know they are ill, then mow it. Don't fuss about the problem, quietly fix it. Donate to family shelters, etc. When you see someone do the same, quietly ask them about themselves. Make a friend and a new "sister", or a "brother". We never meet, never take credit, but pass on the good works and "sisterhood". When someone asks "hey- why are you doing (mowing, cooking for sick, baby sitting) this for me? Then say - I thought maybe you prayed for help? Or - G_d sent me to you. Or whatever your belief system is without taking credit for your works. Perhaps we should call it the Silent Sisterhood, but that would not be realistic. As you can see, I talk a lot.
Cynthia Roark Ordained:

cynthia rutledge Ordained: 2005-10-25

I am not sure of my ordination date. We are planning to move andI have it packed away. I wish to take the Four Gospel courses. Need to know what to do, how much and when it starts.
Cynthia Tippit Ordained: July 9, 2007

I would like to transfer credits in to get a bachelors degree if possible. I studied one year at CCU and then at Metro. I have 10 more credits to get my BA at Metro, but would like to change focus and also get my Masters of Metaphysics.
D. Scott Kindschy Ordained: 3/22/2005

Thanks and Blessings to you Amy
Dale Alan Furr Ordained: 28 August 2006

Dale Gordon Farr Ordained: Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dale Joseph Albertson Ordained: 16 July 2007

I have an AA in Liberal Arts. Studied Religion since the sixties. Became a minister under a California Organization - Christ Centered Crusades in the nineties. Left that to study other religions throughout the world. Feel most at home with the earth and the universe that we belong to.
Dale L Johnson Ordained:

I retired as a police officer after 28 years. I still teach and instruct police type skills for private security. I am a long time BSA Scouter. I am married with three children and five grandchildren,
Damaso A Hodges Ordained: March 30th 2007

Damian Jared Healy Ordained: 4th November 2007

Dana Farnum Ordained: May 21, 2008

Danial Noel Allman Ordained: April 23rd 2006

Daniel Adeyemi Ordained:

Daniel C. Arendt Ordained: 07-03-08

My only other religious interest besides ULC has been Roman Catholicism, on such faith and ineterpretations as expressed through works written or maintained by the Vatican. My knowledge of comparative religious perspectives and of exploring religion was akin to that expressed through "Ways Of Being Religious", a 2000 textbook compiled by Gary E. Kessler of California State University, Bakersfield; many of the therein footnoted reading references are also known to me; said textbook has ISBN # 0-7674-0089-5. Such is the scale by which, outside of Catholic or ULC participation, I consider comparative religious studies. As to credibility of sources upon which I consider comparisons, same include writings of: 1. Arvind Sharma, born in India, capacity as Professor of Comparative Religion at McGill University, Montreal Canada; wrote "The Hindu Gita" (1986), "A Hindu Perspective On The Philosophy Of Religion" (1990), "Religion And Women" (1993), and "Today's Woman In World Religions" (1993). 2. Masao Abe, born in Japan, capacity of Visiting Professor in the Dept. of Philosophy at Purdue University; he was a leading interpreter of Buddhism, and a leading participant in Christian-Buddhist dialgoue; writing include essay "Kenotic God and Dynamic Sunyata" and book "Zen and Western Thought" (1985); he won the 1985 American Academy of Religion award for outstanding contribution to scholarship in religion. 3. Tu Wei-Ming, born in China, capacity teacher of Chinese intellectual history at Princeton University and the University of California at Berkeley prior to being Harvard Professor of Chinese History and Philosophy (1981); lectured on Confucian Humanism at Peking University, Taiwan University, Chinese University in Hong Kong, and University of Paris; a member of the Committee on the Study of Religion at Harvard and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences; wrote "Neo-Confucian Thought In Action: Wang Yang-Ming's Youth" (1976), "Centrality and Commonality" (1976), "Humanity and Self-Cultivation" (1979), "Confucian Thought: Selfhood as Creative Transformation" (1985), and "Way, Learning and Politics: Essays on the Confucian Intellectual" (1989). 4. Liu Xiaogan, born in China, held PhD in philosophy from Beijing University, capacity Visiting Scholar in Dept. of Religion at Princeton University; most of his works were on Taoism, including "Chung-Tzu's Philosophy and Its Development". 5. Jacob Neusner, capacity Distinguished Research Professor of religious Studies, University of South Florida Tampa, and Life Member of Clare Hall, Cambridge University England; wrote 500 books on Judaism and served as President of the American Academy of religion (1968-69). 6. Harvey G. Cox, capacity Victor S. Thomas Professor of Divinity at Harvard University and as ordained Baptist minister; wrote "The Secular City" (1965), "The Feast of Fools" (1969), "The Salvation of the Spirit" (1973), and "turning East" (1977). 7. Seyyed Hossein Nasr, born in Iran; 1958-79 was Professor of Philosophy at Tehran University, later Professor of Islamic Studies at George Washington University; his 1981 Gifford lectures published as "Knowledge and the Sacred", also wrote "Ideals and Realities of Islam" (1966) and "Traditional Islam in the Modern World" (1987). Insofar as so-called pagan religions are concerned, I rely on whatever best scholarly treatises may exist; in the case of lifelong pursuit of articulating what religion is, I condiser the works of James Breasted (University of Chicago) re ancient Egyptian culture and that of Ur (now Iraq) as I find same last precedent to modern religions. Lastly, I am developing a catechism for my church ministry which will...insofar as same is possible without establishing one set of beliefs above another or excluding any faith or non-faith...provide a code of ethics for control members which of course will be encouraged in membership, and which will mirror the relevant bits of the RC Catechism as imprimi potest Cardinal Ratzinger 1992 and adopted by John Paul II 1994. I feel God has called me to ministry in ULC and its simplified and dignified celebration of all in Creation, sans the politics and such so prevalent these days; I offer the within foregoing to express my knowledge of religion in general and to indicate my intent of complying with ULC and all Federal and State and other laws that do or may apply.
Daniel C. Mills Ordained:

Daniel Charles Hildebrandt Ordained: June 17, 2006

Daniel Clark Ordained:

Daniel Dale Davis Ordained: December 30, 2005

Ordained Stephen Minister
Daniel Douglas Gustafson Ordained:

I am a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor in the State of California.
Daniel Fashingbauer Ordained: 01/15/2009

Daniel Fashingbauer Ordained: 01/15/2009

Daniel J Brown Ordained: 2005

Daniel J. Dobbs Ordained: 19 October 2006

Daniel J. Proulx Ordained: 9/25/06

Ordained minister, Registered nurse
Daniel L Headley Ordained: October 30, 2008

Daniel L Headley Ordained: October 30, 2008

DANIEL LEE MOORE Ordained: February 28, 1993

Pastor of a small church and part-time Protestant Chaplain. Currently have a BS in Business, Associate in Bible Studies, M.Div. In ministry. Looking for continuing education.
Daniel Lopez Ordained: Dec.12,2008

I don't know what to say, other than I wan't to learn more about God. So that I can better help people that I meet.
Daniel M. Brings Ordained: 0000-00-00

Daniel Moo Ordained: Feb 4, 2008

I am currently pursuing a degree in Humanities while enlisted in the US NAVY. I decided to become a part of this ministry, because I feel that oneness, no matter what belief, is key to living.
Daniel Nugent Ordained: 12-07-1999

Daniel s.white Ordained: Nov 1,2006

I got my ordination at my home church from my pastor. I have been giving sermons since nov, 2006.
Daniel Scott Irwin Ordained: January 12, 2007

Daniel Smith Ordained:

Daniel W Spivey Ordained:

Danielle Miller Ordained: September 1, 2007

Danielle Revels Ordained: 7/17/07

Danilo E. Ines Ordained: April 20, 2007

On May 3, 1965 I personally accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and Lord of my life. Enter Bible College on June, 1975. Become pastor of Independent Baptist Churches since May,1980 up to present. Ordained Minister of Universal Life Church on April 20, 2007.
Dannon Forbes Ordained: 7/1/09

I was ordained online a few years ago but most of that information and the information for my training was lost to me during a rather nasty divorce. I hope to begin this path of seeking knowledge with much better luck this time. Regards, DEB Forbes
Danny C Cole Ordained: NEw

dannyjoe berg Ordained: 0000-00-00

Daphne D. Witherspoon Ordained: A.S.A.P.

I have been a practicing and studing Wiccan for 5 years. I
DARBY , JR. Ordained: 9 / 14 / 05

I ALREADY HOLD A DOCTOR OF RELIGIOUS STUDIES Ph.D. FROM ULC, DATED FEB/06; I have been licensed and ordained for 7 years.
Darien Cornish Ordained:

Darin Buri Ordained: June 24, 2004

I have served as president of the local Unitarian Universalist Congregation for 6 years. I originally became ordained so I could perform weddings and funerals when asked to even though my state does not require ordination for these services. I just felt better about being more official. I am interested in taking some courses to advance my learning.
Darlene Marie Meehan Ordained: 8-19-07

Pagan, vegetarian, believe in freedom of religion, animal rights, and saving our Earth.
Darlene Marie Meehan Ordained: 8-19-07

Pagan, vegetarian, believe in freedom of religion, animal rights, and saving our Earth.
Darrell Dean Herman Ordained: Monday September 15, 2008

Independant, Non Denominal.
Darrell Dean Herman Ordained: Sat. Jul. 26, 2008

I was Saved and Born again, And Filled with the Holy Spirit, January 11, 1976, In Austin, Tx. At Trinty Baptist Church, I Now am a Member of Christian Life Church, In Austin, Tx. Which is a, United Pentecoastel Church.
Darren K. Comerford Ordained: 3/17/2008

Darren R. Phillips Ordained: 07/10/2006

Raised Southern Baptist after 17 Years changed to Church of God for 10 years now Nondenominational
Darren R. Phillips Ordained: 07/10/2006

Raised Southern Baptist after 17 Years changed to Church of God for 10 years now Nondenominational
DARRIN BUSH Ordained: APRIL 2005

DARRIN BUSH Ordained: APRIL 2005

Darrin Lindsay Currell Ordained: Nov.30.2007

darryl lynn jackson Ordained: jan 17 2007

Darryl W. Morris Ordained: 10/2004

Darson Ordained: 5 May, 2008

I have sought understanding all my life; my affiliation with the Seminary is a continuation of that pursuit.
Daryl Forbes Ordained: 20 January, 2004

Dasha Byers Ordained:

David Ordained: 09/09/08

I have been a Christan all my life, I was baptised in 1998. I am Have always been a person who helps other with my faith.
david spinner Ordained: 05/11/2001

David A Smith Ordained:

David A Woods Ordained: July 2, 2004

forensic hypnotist, forensic consultant
David A. Estep Ordained: March 1, 2008

David A. Kjono Ordained: 5/27/07

Previsously Ordained through Church of Universal Spiritualism Studied religious philosophies for 30+ yrs Married/retired
David Alan Carter Ordained: August 14, 2006

Electrical Engineering and Communications. Former Youth Pastor and Nursing Home Chaplain.
David Anthony Dot'o Ordained: May 18, 2007

I used to be a Traditional Satanic Priest, Now I am a pentecostal Christian
David Anthony Musser Ordained: April 9, 2000

I come from a line of Nazarene Ministers, my father is a psychiatrist as well as seminary degrees from Olivet Nazarene U. I have two associates degrees in Culinary and Music (LAS) and am just finishing this semester Visual and Performing arts Degree (Music BA, LAS) from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (3.8 GPA). My plan was to function as a music minister. I recently left a staff position at Vista Grande Baptist Church. I have a background in teaching sunday school. I plan to become an independent minister working primarily in counseling.
David Beavers Ordained: March 29, 2006

I attended nondenominational Christian Bible college, receiving a BA in Biblical Studies in 1989. I served eight years in the Army (3 Regular Army, 5 Guard and Reserve) as a medic. I've served bivocationally as a nondenominational Christian pastor for about fifteen years.
David Beavers Ordained: March 29, 2006

I attended nondenominational Christian Bible college, receiving a BA in Biblical Studies in 1989. I served eight years in the Army (3 Regular Army, 5 Guard and Reserve) as a medic. I've served bivocationally as a nondenominational Christian pastor for about fifteen years.
David Biery Ordained: 5/22/09

David Brown Ordained:

I have thought about Seminary for many years, but never found a place that allowed openly gay people pursue a degree in Theology. I have been reading Theology books for many years and was an acolyte in the Holy Catholic church, helping the Priest perform Sunday services.
David Brown Ordained: March 26, 2006

David Brown Ordained: March 26, 2006

David C Finley Ordained: 10/06

david c white sr Ordained:

David C. Carr Ordained: 2000-10-12

Website: http://www.quietdragons.com
David Crockett Ordained: September 25, 2003

David Cross Ordained:

David E Garlock Ordained: 22 August 2008

I am anxious to reach out and help people on their journey toward spiritual growth and progress.
David F. Conley Ordained: nov. 17 2003

I have been baptist, methodist for 25 years now I am u.u.
David Gene Buchholz Ordained:

David Hester Ordained: 6/6/2008

I should have an older date of ordination back in 2000-02 and I hope to receive information on that from HQ. Thanks for offering these courses for free and I will on the 16th start the Comparative Religion Course.
David J. Gripka Ordained: 2004-03-11

ULC Doctor of Divinity May 10, 2004 ULC Docotr of Biblical Studies July 15, 2004 Conservative Christian
David J. Trail Ordained: 05/18/2008

David James Alfaro Ordained:

David John Williams Ordained: March 24, 2006

David Josef Lovejoy, Ph.D. Ordained: April 23, 2004

Been involved in Christian Ministry since June 5, 2000 with the founding of Ambassador Ministries, Inc. in Phoenix, Arizona. Served as president of this ministry until my resignation takes effect on May 1, 2007, at which time I will begin a new church, Victory Christian Fellowship, here in Moorhead, Minnesota (Fargo, ND). I was ordained by the ULC on April 23, 2004, and on December 28, 2004 earned my Ph.D. in Religion from the ULC. Earned my Th.B. and Th.M. From the Chaplains Bible College (Florence, AZ) in 2001, and 2003.
David Juliano Ordained: 5/22/2000

David K. Larkin Ordained: August 15, 1999

David Kemler Ordained: March 14, 2003

I am currently ordained by ULC and the International Metaphysical Ministry and the Metaphysical Interfaith Church holding a bachelors degree in Metaphysics (B.Msc.) from The University of Metaphysics and a Doctor of Divinity (D.Div.) from the University of Esoterica. I am in private practice in Tampa Bay as an Esoteric / Occult Arts Consultant. I perform all pastoral services associated with my ministry.
David Kwadwo Ofosuhene Ordained: 1981

I am a Missionary Pastor in Disability ministry, Prison ministry and ministry of Helps Date of birth January 25,1952
David L. McKinney Ordained:

Am on record with ULC Monistary as an ordained Minister, but do not have the date myself. Am the only Wiccan voluteer chaplain for Georgia Dept of Corrections. Member of Officers of Avalon, Member of Order of the Pentacle. Have been a facilitator for Brigids Well, a celtic spirituality group in Atlanta Georgia.
David L. Rose Ordained: November 16, 2006

david lee justice Ordained: september 6 2008

David Linton Ordained: Oct-6-2008

High School Grad, Some under Grad work year and half. Army Vet. I was a Catholic and just left the church i was every active in the church a alter boy in 5 or 6 grade. I thought i was losing my faith in god were i was losing it the Catholic church,So i stop going to mass. All i want to do is service God with out the lies and Bullshit!
David Moreau Ordained: Feb 22, 1998

I have been a Wiccan Priest and High Priest since Aug 2, 1992.
David Mulzet Ordained: 05/26/09

Wedding and Vow Renewal Ceremonies, Home, Serving of Holy Communion, Visits to shutins, Hospitalized, Nursing Homes, Hospice Centers, Receptions, Pet Funerals, Visitation with Sick, Elderly, and Bedridden, Blessing of the Sick/Dying, Volunteering, Bereavment Support, Funeral Rites,
David O. Schankin Ordained: 5 May 2004

Born in Michigan, US Navy Vietnam combat veteran, retired by USN in 1977. Education: AS, BS, MS Professional Certifications: CISSP, CISA, CISM
david owen plunkett Ordained: 1980

David Paul Napora Ordained:

David R. "Bud" Brown Ordained:

I am a life long seeker of knowledge.
David R. McPherson Ordained: 2/14/2006

david r.klette,jr Ordained: 0000-00-00

David Scott Williams Sr Ordained: About 7 years ago

I got it through you guys. You didn't have as much detail back then.
David Tappan Ordained:

Davidson Agyemfra Ordained: 1994

An ordained Graduate Presbyterian Minister, Have completed Unit 1 of CPE course in Ghana. It is my desire to complete all the 4 Units.
Davinia Lyles Ordained:

dawn E Roberts Ordained: 2005-2006

sunday school teacher for a church father in law minister want to do work for inmates and childern personal reasons have a church for kids noo adults all there own have them every where i love the lord I do home studies and mail them back the daily word was instielled in me by my elders
Dawn Elena Gilbreath Ordained: 8 October 2006

Practicing massage therapist Reiki master Student of Tibetan Bon lama who is the grandson of a shaman in Siberia Married, two children.
Dawn Marie Lytle Ordained: March 18, 2007

Dawn Pisturino Ordained: 12-30-07

registered nurse, lots of spiritual studies, BS in Natural Health nearly completed. freelance writer
Dawn R. Botuelle Ordained: 1/21/2008

Dawn Snatchko Ordained: 1/22/2009

Dawn Y. Tieffenbacher Ordained: 0000-00-00

Dawna Wright Ordained: 1999

Master's in Public Health PhD Health Research Registered Massage Therapist Focusing Facillitator Vipassana Practitioner Wedding Ceremonies Old Master's Painting Methods Visionary Artist, Dancer Lakota-Souix Ceremonies Haitian Ceremonies Drumming-Chanting
de Boer Ordained: januari 17 2008

De Grange Ordained: 8/8/05

De Mann Ordained: 02-26-2001

Was ordained on February 26, 2001 but would like to enroll in this program.
de Priese Ordained: 04/04/2002

I have a healing ministry and I have performed a Pagan Handfasting/wedding. I am a Clinical Hypotherapist, a Rei Ki Master, Electromagnetic Field Balancing Practitioner Registered Nurse
DeAnn J. Weaver Ordained: 12/15/2005

A.A. Degree in General Studies, Anne Arundel Comm. College Dec.1997. Toyota Techician certification, June 2006
DeAnn Pilch Ordained: 2002-04-07

I was baptized into the American Lutheran Church (ALC) as a child. Well into adulthood I said that I was "Lutheran for life." Naturally, that wasn't quite accurate. After college, in the 1980's, I began exploring metaphysics, quantum physics, divination, etc. Halloween, 1996, I was consecrated to the Lord and Lady in a coven ritual. I continued self-study until 2002 when I was ordained through ULC. I then enrolled in Witch School as a charter member. I'm currently a practicing First Degree Correllian Wiccan Priestess. Of course, I'm continuing my studies at Witch School, intent on reaching Third Degree.
Deanna Leigh Shomo-Fletcher Ordained: 06-21-07

Debbie parker Ordained: JULY 27 2006

Debora Murray Ordained: 9/15/2007

Deborah Diaz Ordained: 09/02/06

Spiritual Teacher of St Francis S.B. Church Trinidad currently a member of St. Anne S.B. Church BKLYN N.Y.
Deborah Vincent Ordained: Jan 1997 ?

i am not sure what you are aksing for here, financial, spiritual beliefs, eduaction, i am currently on disability, for my back and ptsd
Deborah Ann Baams Ordained: March 15 2007

I have worked in the customer field busy for 11years. I manage an optical store for 5years.
Deborah C. Whitcraft Ordained: August 25, 2002

Deborah Charlston Ordained: 9/27/07

Deborah Hawkins Ordained: 0000-00-00

New Age, Wiccan Third Degree
Deborah Lederer Ordained: 06/24/2006

I practice a spiritual, earth-based religion -- a mix of wicca and Native American spirituality.
Deborah Marie Cervone-Dudzik Ordained:

Deborah Rae Syms Ordained: December 2, 2006

Debra Ordained: 0000-00-00

Debra Barrows-Shingler Ordained: Nov. 25, 2008

I have always had a fascination with religion. I have studied different paths and have yet to find the one that totally fulfills my beliefs.
Debra Anne Utpadel Ordained: feb 14, 2006

Registered Nurse, EMT-Paramedic, Psychology Major, traditional healing, granddaughter of a Shaman, Navajo healing
Debra Diane TaFoya Ordained: 12/14/06

Debra Elaine Graham Ordained:

Debra Howard Ordained: 06/04/2007

Reiki Master/Teacher, Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher, Magnified Healing Master/Teacher, Intergrated Energy Therapy Master/Teacher, Ama-Deus Master/Teacher, At-One-Ment practitioner, Runes practitioner,Shamballa Master/Teacher,Read taro cards, facilitate drumming circle monthly
DEBRA J ADAMS Ordained: FEB 9TH 2007

Debra Jane Bly Ordained: 13/06/2003

Spiritual healer
Debra June Myles Ordained: 0000-00-00

Wicca and american Indian
Debra Louise Daniels Ordained: April 17, 2005

I am a licensed social worker within the state of Michigan who works with the mentally ill population. I too am a Reiki Master and I teach Reiki and help others learn this beautiful universal energy. I have always had a strong faith with beliefs that we are all united. I feel as well I was put here to help others and, would like to continue. I would like to attempt to become a chaplan if possible as the years go on I have worked and given comfort to many upon their final journey. I believe this is where I should be.
Debra Sue Kimball Ordained: Aug. 6th 2006

Rev. Debra Kimball
DeBruyne Ordained: April 23, 2006

Dedron K. Jordan Ordained: December 20, 2007

I'm a pastor located here in the Dallas, TX area who is in process of starting a church.
Dee Jones Thomas Ordained: December 22, 2005

My Ordination is from ULC headquarters. I have the Masters and Doctorate in Religion from them, and a few others. Also I have the S.O.U.L. Couselors certificate.
DeHate Ordained: July 3,2006

I am a Pagan Witch. I came out of the Church of Christ. My beliefs are eclectic in nature.
Deirdre Hays Ordained: March 13, 2009

AA degree in Human Services
Deirdre Hebert Ordained: February 19, 2006

Pagan, Editor, Programmer and writer
DelaCoeur Ordained: Jan. 2007

Delaine Carter Ordained: 12-30-08

I attend Faith Bible Ins. Now
Delaine Carter Ordained:

I attend Faith Bible Ins. Now
Delgado Ordained: December 21, 2000

Deloris Quinn Ordained: April 8, 2005

I am the founder or a mission. I feel the need to learn this information to help the many that the Holy Spirit send to me.
delzingaro Ordained: NOVEMBER 14, 2007

demetress lewis Ordained: may 17th 2006

been a student of bible for over 30 years and I want to reach out to otherrs all that I can.
Denise Anna McSpadden Ordained: 4-11-08

BSc(Hons) Product Design & Innovation, PgDip Sustainable Design, PGCE-PCE, Reiki Master, Karuna Practitioner. Pagan-Omnist.
Denise Borum Ordained: December 2, 2007

I was the Minister of Music for several years. I served a church organist for many years. I grew up in the COGIC church. Woman were not allowed to be ordained at the time.
Denise C Tencza Ordained: January 2004

denise marie echavez Ordained: december 08,2008

I'am a filipino american who residing here in the philippines, my mom is a filipina and my dad is a german american, my parents are separarted long time ago before i was born and my mom raised me alone with my two older sisters (not with the same father). we are in the lower class society and thats why there are many obstacle to finnish my study i got into some high school education but just as i said i didnt finnish it till in my second year.. I got into a relationship at the very young age(15) and i had my first born at the age of 18, and untill now im' still living in w/ my boyfriend and got two more kids at the age of 25. I'am very interested in such things like paganism thats why i want to join.. please allow me to join your ministry
Denise Walker Ordained: new

I am a full time Licensed Massage Therapist in private practice. I recently was ordained by ULC and would like to learn as much as I can to build myself up body, soul and spirit
Denn Alaric Ordained: 06MAY2008

Dennie D. Mildfeldt Ordained:

Dennis Carty Ordained: July 14, 2003

How can one have faith in any one religion without a good understanding of all religions? I'm here to learn and try to understand.
Dennis Clark Ordained: April 25 2002

I'm just a man,trying to find my way thru life.Want to be as close to GOD as I can be.To pass a message to others that GOD is the answer to all of our daily lifes.
Dennis DuMond Ordained: Sept. 28, 2005

Dennis Hosang Ordained:

Dennis Lowe Ordained: February 25, 1999

I am currently the pastor of a Congregational church in northern New York. I also am a graduate of the 2005 class of the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina's School for Ministry.
Dennis Magsby Ordained:

I am a Reverend at my church. I preach my trail sermon December 4, 2008. I have a Master Degree in Health Services.
Dennis Magsby Ordained:

I am a Reverend at my church. I preach my trail sermon December 4, 2007. I have a Master Degree in Health Services.
Dennis Magsby Ordained:

I am a Reverend at my church. I preach my trail sermon December 4, 2007. I have a Master Degree in Health Services.
Dennis Prehn Ordained: July 11, 2003

Dennis R. McGarry Ordained: new

At one point was a born again christian. Originaly Irish cathloic. Do not beleive in the ways and means of the traditional chruch and have been looking for others.
Dennis Walter Zerull Ordained: 18 December, 2006

Dennis William Hawkins Ordained: 0000-00-00

No professional Courses.
Derek Charles Alexander Martin Ordained: May 1999 ?

Raised Roman Catholic. Studied Wicca. Now Buddhist/Universal.

Derek Kemp Ordained: 2 June 2009

Desiree K Heinen Ordained: 12/26/2005

I am just blessed to be of service to others.
Desmond OConnor Ordained: 12/10/2005

Many years ago, God spoke to my heart saying, "My people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge. How are they to know unless the Word of God is preached, and how are they to hear unless a preacher is sent? Go and prepare thyself to minister to the people, and then you may teach My people how to receive from me." The goal of this ministry is to bring believers of all denominations to a deeper understanding of the love relationship that we have with God in and through Jesus Christ and the dynamics of that love experienced through the work of the Holy Spirit. It is through the Spirit that Christ dwells in the believer and the love of God is poured out in our hearts. His Bible based ministry of prayer and teaching leads people to discover who they are in Christ and to experience the love of God restoring them to wholeness of spirit, mind, emotions and body. The vision is here. It is now. It is for you to take hold of, cling to, and to never lose sight of. For only in holding on to the vision God has for us, His people, can we freely give as He gave, do as He did, and go as He commissions us, to be His ambassadors of light in a dark and hurting world.
desue Ordained: dont remember

Detlev Herbert Kurt Litzkow Ordained: 8/13/2006

Devona Wicks Ordained:

i want to serve the LORD and feel that I have been called to preach HIS WORD.i am going through a lot of difficult things right now and i still want to preach and serve the LORD with all that's in me.
Dhanraj Saviour Joseph Ordained: 15-Jun-2009

Born again by the grace of God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ on 16-Jun-1996, baptized at the New Life Assemblies of God Church in Chennai (India) the following Sunday (23-Jun). Now, living a life of testimony to the grace of God and leading people to Christ through every means possible.
Dhanraj Saviour Joseph Ordained: 15-Jun-2009

Born again by the grace of God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ on 16-Jun-1996, baptized at the New Life Assemblies of God Church in Chennai (India) the following Sunday (23-Jun). Now, living a life of testimony to the grace of God and leading people to Christ through every means possible.
Diahara Traore Ordained: March 11, 2009

I have an MA in Islamic Studies and currently a PhD candidate in sociology. I have studied the Bible through catechism classes at a local church and on my own have studied and read sacred texts of Islam, the Bahai Faith and Christianity.
Diahara Traore Ordained: March 11, 2009

I have an MA in Islamic Studies and currently a PhD candidate in sociology. I have studied the Bible through catechism classes at a local church and on my own have studied and read sacred texts of Islam, the Bahai Faith and Christianity.
Diana J. Brodie Ordained: 2004-02-14

Seeker of Truth and Humor in the Universe.
Diana Jennings Ordained: April 23, 2006

Diana Worman Ordained: 12-16-2008

Diane C. Anderson-Rawls Ordained: 0000-00-00

with many things that have kept me within the spiritual world. As a child I was Baptist, then moved through all the different religions learning and trying to understand just what made them so different from each other. I've worked with women and children and mentored teens on navy ships in the Mediterranean. I've traveled and learned many things about belief. I know now it has the power and in it is the word. And with out it we are nothing.
Diane Sams Ordained:

Diane Wright Ordained:

Diann Patricia Hosp Fritsch Ordained: July 11, 2006

I have a masters degree in counseling and social work.
Dianne Barskey Ordained:

Dianne Lynn Heins Ordained: 6/30/06

I'm not sure what you wish to know. If you wish to know 'what' spiritually, then Christian, Wiccan HP, shaman, energy worker, for a start.
Doble Ordained: Not yet oredained

Bachelor of Arts in Theology Graduated in Mountain View College 1989 Masters in MInistry Graduated at AIIAS 2004
Dodson Ordained: 7/2003

DoMani Di ioli Ordained: June 9, 2009

Long meandering spiritual journey
Don Kier Ordained: 02/10/2006

Don Woodard Ordained: 03/08/2009

Donald Berry Ordained: 5-5-06

Donald C. Ferris Ordained: 26 April 2003

Donald E Tubbs Ordained: 2004-10-07

Background: Southern Baptist
Donald E. Boman, Jr. Ordained:

Donald E. Worden Ordained: July 17 2005

I have always tried to be avialable for those who need councelling, a shoulder and non judgemental.
DONALD EADDY Ordained: MAY 22,1992

Donald Eugene VanDekrol Ordained: 6/5/07

Donald Gardner Ordained: 02/03/2009

Donald Gene Parker III Ordained: 0000-00-00

Donald H. Vine III Ordained: March 27th, 2003

I am available for all Christian religious services, ministerial, and evangelical duties (such as weddings and funerals). I also provide counseling through the teachings of God. I am also very well versed in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety.
Donald M. Eck Ordained: February 6, 2008

MBA - California Coast University, Santa Ana, California
Donald Michael Smith Ordained: September 29, 2007

Donald Miller Ordained: 01/28/2003

i do not know what details you want other than i have studied paganism for 20 years
Donald Montgomery Ordained: 4/24/2009

Donald Papp Ordained: 12/24/09

48 years old, married Christian male with three beautiful daughters ages 21,18,15. Saved at 19 years old. Loving the Lord every day...
Donald Patrick McCoy Ordained: 10/31/2007

Donald Ray Parks II Ordained: 10-16-07

Donald Warren Ordained: 1975

Have a MAsters and Doctorate in Business Administartion. Was ordained in Calif in 1975-1976 Time Frame. Was Asst Chaplain of Chapel of the Lakes, Tacoma, Wa in 1988-1990.
Donato J. Laviola Ordained: 12/26/2006

Dondy Robbins Ordained: Oct. 15, 2002

Doneath Porter Ordained:

Donell King Ordained:

Donna Baydak Ordained: 2001-11-16

naturopath, spiritual guide, chaplain
Donna Hickey Ordained: 09/28/08

Donna Hynes Kruse Ordained: 1/2006

I am a Reiki Master. I've been studying religion, sprituality, and personal growth for 20 years. I am especially interested in the history and use of oracles.
Donna Kae Cogell Ordained:

B.A. in History; member of the Congregational Christian Church; strong belief in the spirit and metaphysics
Donna Kay Hall Ordained: March 1, 2002

Medically retired from textile plant and would like to to be an evangelist for non-denominational churches. I want no pay, only travel expenses paid and will hold Sunday services or revival services for the church
Donna Koontz Ordained: Feb. 22, 2007

Donny Herschel Smith Ordained:

Hello, I am currently 31 years of age, and have worked in law enforcement for the past 14years. I find myself preaching to friends and family alot, and would like to learn more, and become licensed to do these things.
Dora Michelle Pinson Ordained: November 7, 2007

Doreen Campbell Ordained: When I acquire enough credits

Interested in furthering and expanding wisdom, knowledge and ministerial skills. Have been choir director, music minister, prayer healer, teacher and counselor.
Doris Copeland Ordained: February 25, 2001

I have been in ministry since 1984. Served as pastor for 14mos. & interim pastor several times at my home church. Presently, serving as asso. minister and teacher of adult sunday school class.
Doris Marie Burton Ordained: April 9 2008

studies of life,religion,sciences.would love to learn more.
Dorothea Torres Ordained: 2004-03-27

Website: http://www.castleministries.com Background: ULC Book - A New Life ULC - Ultimate Wedding Ministry Pkg
Dorothy Davis Ordained: October 20, 1980

Dorothy E. Coe Ordained: July 8, 2006

graduate of Education For Ministry from University of the South's School of Theology - (4-yr intensive study of OT,NT theology & philosophy. active Episcopalian 21 year partnership with my beloved Gail
dorothy jan shelton Ordained: 07/22/2004

Doctor of biblical studies associate of arts in business completing bachelors in criminal justice
Dorothy K. Cona Ordained: Oct. 2, 2006

I believe that every person has the right to express their own beliefs while worshiping the Lord no matter what their spiritual traditions may be. Favorite Quote: Happiness keeps You Sweet, Trials keep You Strong, Sorrows keep You Human, Failures keeps You Humble, Success keeps You Glowing, But Only God keeps You Going
Dorothy K. Cona Ordained:

Dorothy Katherine Dillon Ordained: October 2, 2006

I am an intuitive energy healer who is opening to spirit through my own continued healing and am beginning to work in helping others.
Dorothy Kvasnok Ordained: November 16, 1999

Dorothy Marie DeMoss Ordained: 06-30-06

In 2003 after being diagnosed with Interstitial Pulmonary Fibrosis for which there is no cure, my husband walked out on me. I was devastated and suicidal. I found ULC late one night as i was surfing the web for something ,anything to help validate what I was feeling. I was raised as a catholic but had not attended mass in years. So many things about my church and that of most mainstream churches just turned me off. ULC allows for free thinking non-judgemental individuals to do good works for their fellow man. This is what I was looking for. I look forward to being able to marry life partners of any gender and any religion. I want to create a small group of like minded people to go into the community and do good. I am so excited ! I am just full to the brim with ideas . I have kept the fact about my reading and studies from my family. I guess I felt they would laugh at me or think I was going senile. All along the way it has given me purpose and kept me sane, I plan on telling my family what I have been up to in the next few days. My son and his wonderful girlfriend who have been together since JR HS (He is now 27 they have a wonderfull little boy named Devin ) have decided to get married I only hope they will allow me the priviledge of officiating. Wish me luck ! Reverend Doctor Dorothy DeMoss DD
Dorothy Pettigrew Mills Ordained: January 26, 2007

I am a Bible believing Christian. I have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, who died on the cross as a propitiation for my sin. I believe He arose from death and the grave on the third day and is sitting at the right hand of His Father. I believe He is coming back to gather His believers (the Church) and will eventually destroy this earth as we know it and will create a New Heaven and a New Earth in which I will abode with Him forever. As a Minister of The Universal Life Church, I will endeavor to tell my story so that others can be saved by the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I pledge to in all things to bring Glory to God and His Son Jesus Christ and to never do anything that would bring shame to bare upon His Kingdom. I love you all, Thank you, Dorothy (Dot) Mills
Dorothy Zegzdryn Ordained: 04/22/2008

Dotti Templeton Ordained: 9/06

I've been performing weddings since my ordination and would like to expand my ministry services.
Douglas J. Trouten Jr. Ordained: 03April2008

Douglas J. Waring Ordained:

Douglas James Timm Ordained: Seventh of January, 2007

Douglas L. Hubler Ordained: 1974

douglas michael libby Ordained:

Doyle Ryburn McKinney Ordained: 2007-10-26

Dr. Doyle Ryburn McKinney, Ordained: Feb. 2006, Dr. of Metaphysics ULC, Ed. S. Arkansas State University, MSE, Arkansas State University, B.A., ChapmanUniversity, A.A. Allan Hancock College. Teach Bible Classes and Counsel with Christian Parents and Young People. Thanks, Doyle Ryburn McKinney
Dr Shaa SK Bae Ordained: 2004

I am a counselor currently, with a PHD in Int'l Religions.
Dr, Solomon Kyengo Ordained: 2005

Born In muslim Family. Now christian pastor with CCI. Married with four kids
DR. CARLOS D. COTON Ordained: 01/09/2005

Ph.D. International Business D.D. from ULC Ministry includes weddings, baptism, hospital and prison visitations
Dr. Grace Telesco Ordained: 8/20/08

Phd Social Welfare MA Criminal Justice BS Professor of Sociology- Social Work & Criminal Justice Retired Liieutenant NYPD
Dr. James CC Darling Ordained: May 22, 1999

PhD in Distributed Computing, now pursuing theological matters. Have discovered, amongst other things, the meaning of life! Writing a thesis on this to warrant Dr. Divinity, and studying to build up my background knowledge. Currently attending "Bishops Foundation Course", but my spiritual interests are wide, and some of your courses look most interesting.
Dr. John L. Mapes Ordained: July 2002

MsD, MS, BSN, RN, & BA; MsD is the Doctor of Metaphysical Science
Dr. Judith G. Wolf Ordained: May 15, 2003

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Reiki Master, President & CEO Young Arts Arizona Ltd.
Dr. Keola G.A. Downing, Ph. D. Ordained: 1992

I am a Ho`oponopono Practitioner and use the Hawai`ian Pule form and Ho`oponopono to help people find their inner identity. This is usually hidden from the conscious mind and can require help to find. Once found your inner self can help guide you through your life so that you forget your principles less and follow your true spirit more. It works well, and you are less likely to hurt others. Mahalo, Keola Malalo O Ka Anuenue
Dr. Larry Copeland Ordained: November 9, 2007

I have closely followed and participated in both the Roman Catholic Church and the Baptist church for over 25 years. My experience includes performing religious ceremonies for the Catholic Church as an altar boy for funerals, weddings, baptisms, preparation for mass, communion, confessional training. For the Baptist Church in Clairemont, SD, I was an assistant Pastor for over 6 years. I hold several degrees in computer science a B.S, MBS, MSITM.
Dr. Lonewolf Spirit Smith Ordained: 5-12-08

ministry,counselling with terminal ill patients and their families last 30 years
Dr. Maryellen Elcock Ordained:

Dr. Richard L. Benson Jr. Ordained: 2004-04-19

Honorably Discharged from the U.S.M.C & U.S.A. A.A. Social Sciences, A.A. German History, B.A. Behavioral Sciences, B.S. Military History emphasis on German, M.S. German Military History, Doctorates of Religious Science. I wrote a book and is published entitled: World War II Nazi Awards & Decorations of West Germany. It deals with the recreation of the Wartime Decorations of WWII that West Germany recreated for the veterans without the swastika so that they could wear them. All items with the swastika are forbidded from public display and is a felony in Germany by the law of July 1957. My hobbies are; building wooden R/C boats, R/C submarines, R/C tanks. I have a train layout that I let anybody play with. My kids are grown and one has twins. I have a boy in the Navy in Submarines, another boy works for a major hotel, the best one I should say, another works for a major grocery chain, and the youngest, my daughter is in school. 2 of my boys are Eagle Scouts. I retired from Federal Service in 2000 and suddenly found myself with alot of free time. I now prepare the evening meal for the community of Catholic Priests. You cannot ask for a nicer group of employers. Thank You for this oportunity to list my accomplishments.
Dr. Ruth J. Goldberg-Ives D. D. Ordained: July 8, 2003

Good day ULC Seminarians: Each and every time I encounter a situation that stumps me, I feel that I need to return to square one, start all over, and go back to school, reorganize, review, regroup, it is a form of penance, I suppose. But it always seems to freshen my point of view and my outlook to do this. I am mystified by some of the things that are happening. I can't explain or evey imagine and rationsl, logical, mudane explanation for the things that happen. As I look at the list of courses. They all look wonderfully intriguing and interesting. I am probably a liberal-universalist-charismatic-Catholic. And so my first question is: Who are these people? And what do they want from me? It is a kind of abnormal psychology question. I saw the Verdi opera, Othello recently. And guess who got the most applause, Iago, the schizophrenic guy who kept off of the confusion and strife going on. He was the most powerful character in the play. They applauded the evil outcome, the sccess of and evil design. It was amazing.

Bible teacher and preacher in various Protestant churches. Bible Study
Drumm Ordained:

M.S.W. Hunter College School of Social Work
Duaine R Arvidson Ordained: 2004-04-27

Having been a long term student of religions, the bible, Torah, and other works including the Tao Ching writings with my circle of friends and fellow students I have shared many of my religious studies and thoughts on life and religion. It seems appropriate that I pursue this course of study as a stepping off point to serving my community in a more personal manner as a pastor and friend to others.
Duncan Ordained: 27th of March 2007

I registered through the ulc hq and would like to learn more about conducting sermons and wedding ceromonies as Scotland has a long tradition of religous faith and infact many people almost three quarters of all couples married here come from england as it used to be that scotland was the run away spot to get married in as the laws of scotland were seperate from england and still are and in fact many people carry on the tradition of marrige at gretna green a world famous spot for marriges in scotland.
dunn Ordained: 4/2/06

dustin ray barrick Ordained: 1/4/07

I have always want to be someone that helps people through god so i pray alot about it and God was telling me and giving me the sense that i should become a minster and that is about it.
dustin ray barrick Ordained: 10-25-2007

Dwayne Sogis Ordained: Last week

Dwight Brown Ordained: 02-20-2008

Follower Of Abraham- One GOD Judism Christism Islam
Dwight Zgavec Ordained: 10/2007

Eardley Ordained: 08/05/2006

Ecclesiastes Goodwin Ordained: August 21, 2005

Ed Grote Ordained: 0000-00-00

Formal training: M.Div., M.A. Counseling in Substance Abuse Treatment Center using the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Edgar Dunson Johnson III Ordained: 4/14/2006

College professor, interested in martial arts, educating students to be ethical, open-minded, and curious scholars. My area of research is public education policy, particularly as regards the needs of non-traditional students, particularly those who are having a difficult time in school, whatever the reason. I love to teach and hate to grade. I hope to inspire optimism in and provide vision for students who struggle.
Edgar Lynn King Ordained: 12-17-06

I'm 26 year old Wiccan from the State of TN. And i would like to take part in the classes thank you
Edward A. Barkley Ordained: 2003

Dr. of Relgious Education from Trinity Evangelical Seminary (1993) Licensed Clincal Social Worker Limited Licensed Psychologist Board Certified Forensic Psychotherapist Board Certified Sexual Abuse Treatment Specialist Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Abuse M.A. in psychology Oakland University B.A. Psychology, Detroit Institute of Psychology U.S.A.F. Medic (NATO) middle East 1954-1961 Program Director of Clinical Mental Health Services Northeast Michigan Mental Health Services 1961-2003 Court Psychologist @ Catholic Human Services since 2003 University Adjunct Faculty for Spring Arbor University since 1997 to present Graduate Program in Counseling Alpena Community College- Adjunct Facult in psychology department since 1971 to present. Presenter-Marriage Encounter Presenter for many trainings, seminars, inservices etc... Work a lot with prisoners, probationers and parolees - victims and their families. Doing the work God directed me to do.
Edward A. Williams Jr Ordained: 8/28/06

edward covell Ordained: 05/11/2008

Edward E. Donnelly Jr Ordained: 5/17/09

Edward G. Nare Ordained: July 7, 2006

Edward Holman Jr Ordained: 02/13/00

I have being in the ministry for six years and currently am a youth pastor
Edward Hyde Ordained: February 9th, 2008

Edward John Amos Jr Ordained: 7/28/06

I am a fulltime medical missionary to Haiti. I'm interested in starting a church here and sharing the Gospel
Edward Lee Scott jr Ordained: 06/19/2007

Edward R. Kusser Ordained: 2004

Have been ordained for 2 years-I am also a justice of the peace and been performing weddings for about 3 years
Edward Scott Barnett Ordained:

ACIM student 10yrs Currently medical practitioner and Psychospiritual Counsellor
Edwards Ordained: 16 September 2006

Reiki Master Teacher. High Priest in Reikifire Ministry
Edwin A. Ronsani Ordained: please confirm (oct 2000?)

Edwin C. Qualls Ordained: April 17 2008

accepted Jesus as Lord and savior July 10, 1983
edyo. rosa-paez Ordained:

Eileen Bates-Bordies Ordained:

I have a Doctor of Philosophy in Religion dated 1 Feb. 2007. Such was issued by ULC. Whatever additional credentials are available to me, regardless of any additional effort, are vital. Please advise.
EILEEN T. CONNORS Ordained: 10-10-06

Elaine G. Brock Ordained: November 9, 2003

Elder k.j. Gillis Ordained: 4/26/2008

elder kenneth J. Gillis Ordained: 0000-00-00


Elisha Agaba Eddie is a clergyman and a teacher.He was born to Mr Matthew Nathaniel Eddie and Agnes Iyombe Agba at the Sacred Heart Hospital, Obudu in Cross River State of Nigeria on July 5,1972.He is married to Rev Mrs Adorable Clara Elisha Agaba(Ordained by the Universal Life Ministry) and they have a son Accurate Elisha Agaba. He was ordained a Reverend by the Universal Life Ministry on October 3, 2007 to validate his Nov. 25, 2006 ordination by Global Theological Institute & Seminary in Nigeria. As a teacher, he started his teaching career at the dawn of 1990 in Ohong Town where he prepared candidates for junior and senior school certificate examinations.This he did until 1992 when he felt the need to professionalise his career.This led him to the Cross River State College of Education,Akamkpa(now, CRS University of Technology, Calabar) where he studied English as a Double Major. After teaching for several years, he proceeded to the Institute of Education, University of Ibadan(Rivers State University of Education Campus in Port Harcourt)where he studied Education/English. He has experienced leadership at various levels both in religious and secular worlds.He has headed churches,started branches of churches; headed schools,inspected schools.Presently, he resides in Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria where he executes and monitors the activities of Super Leaders.
Elizabeth A. King, MA, DCH, Gendai Shihan Ordained: 0000-00-00

I have a varied background of spiritual endeavor -- raised Roman Catholic, a nun for 7 years, I left the Church and tried a number of structured orthodox Christian churches for a number of years, then branched out into Wicca and Shamanism, and finally came to Buddhism, and at this time in my life I devote my energies to teaching Reiki and Pastoring my healing ministry for all faiths (Crystalchamber Center Ministry).
Elizabeth Angilette Ordained:

Ph.D music D.D. (ULC)
Elizabeth Ann Estell Ordained: 06/15/07

Hi, Iam just starting in Wiccan. I have read a view books already. Most of the books have told me to study mythology. I am trying to learn all the Gods and Goddess.
Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins Ordained: 04-06-1998

I am a shamanic practitioner and street jester and a co-founder of Shamanic Shift Center, a non-profit spiritual outreach of shamanic alchemy and universal fun restoration for self and world shifting towards the Best.
Elizabeth Guerrero Ordained: 10-28-06

Elizabeth J Leasum Ordained: 10/31/05

Not really much to tell excpet I would like to become as knowlegeable as possible in alot of aspect... I like to know alot about alot..
Elizabeth J. Maynard Ordained: 7-14-06

Currently studying with Witch School.com . Studying the Correllian tradition and working toward my priestess status. I have been a practicing Wiccan for 16 yrs. I have also attened Salem International University in WV and majored in Criminal Law. I studied there for almost 2 yrs. No Degree.
Elizabeth Louise Andres Ordained: October 13 2005

Elizabeth M. Ramos Ordained: 1/11/07

I have studied spirituality for 15 years, I am interested in creating a church in the near future, and I am now in the process of getting the credentials I need to feel confident with my intention.
Elizabeth Mirrielees Hodge Ordained: 07/07/08

Philosophy professor who is interested in simply learning more.
Elizabeth Nichols Ordained: July 20, 2008

Elizabeth Nye Ordained: 2/14/2009

Elizabeth Pierce Ordained: September 10, 2006

Elizabeth Wilson Ordained: TBD

I am a baptized christian who has always had a heart for ministry and would like to pursue theological and spiritual education even though I have not currently enrolled in a college or seminary. I believe in doing what God leads you to do even if it is unconventional. And my life is definitely unconventional. I am very excited about the opportunities the ULC provides and the religious freedom it supports and advocates!
Elizabethmarietta Samuh Ordained: 25 April 2009

Ellen Kaylor-DeJournett Ordained: September 25, 1982

Ordained as Ellen Kaylor in Bullhead City, AZ.
Ellwood August Bartlett Ordained: 1990

I'm pagan and have run my own coven here in maryland since 1998. Haven't done much with my ULC credentials, but am looking to start.
Elpidio Ramos Ordained: may 18, 2007

Emerson Ordained: Unknown

Emily Pogue Ordained: 8/22/2008

I am a Registered Nurse and Nursing Instructor who works to bring comfort to people who need it.
enderle Ordained: idk

enderle Ordained: idk

Epigmenio Munoz Jr. Ordained: 2001-03-13

Email: eppiemunoz51@hotmail.com Background: University Theology classes, seminars, etc. Ordained at ULC. Certified Trainer for Jose Silva UltraMind ESP system.
Eric Brown Ordained: 01/11/2008

Eric Chriistopher Minutes Ordained: 3/24/08

Eric Joseph Schuh Ordained: November 3, 2006

Eric Mathews Ordained: 1/11/2009

I have worked with people that have had drug problems and helped bring God into their life to beat their addiction.
Eric Mathews Ordained: 1/11/2009

I have worked with people that have had drug problems and helped bring God into their life to beat their addiction.
eric redmond Ordained:

Eric Ryan Ordained: November 16th, 2008

Eric Sanchez Ordained: June 9, 2008

Puerto Rican, French Dominican decended. born New York, NY 1955

Erica Ann Goetsch Ordained: June15,2007

I have been self-studying at home for 3 years -from various sources (mostly -internet and semitic language websites)
Erica Williams Ordained: 08/15/2007

Ernest D Jones Ordained: 04/18/2007

estep Ordained: 2/3/2007

Estes Ordained: 07/07/07

I believe in God, but I practice Wiccan. Everything evolves from mother earth. I was a Catholic, but fell away from the church, due to the monitary structure they were trying to instill on everyone. I'm a nature lover, thus this is where the Wiccan comes in. All religions are okay, but I believe you have a right to choose which one you want to become involved in. I'm a medical transcriptionist by trade. Is there anything else that needs to be covered? Thank you. Karen
estrada gallardo Ordained: 09/10/08

Eugena M J Brooks Ordained:

MPA - Long Island University Social Work - Certified Crisis Intervention Counselor / Domestic Violencce Employment Specialist - DRC Peer counselor : Substance Abuse Community Educational Outreach for people with HIV/AIDS
eugene Lee Rapalyea Ordained: 2/27/08

I have had a relationship with God since I was a child and an ongoing spiritual quest for understanding and expansion.
Eugene Weiser Ordained: 001/02/2008

Eugenio A. Rivera Ordained:

Eva C Goulette Ordained:

Evangelist Naeem Ordained:

Dearest brother, I am Pakistani Evangelist but this time I am Working in Sultanat of Oman.I want join your seminary pl send me full information on my postal Address. Your brother in Christ Evangelist Naem Address: Evangelist Naem Rashed Post box 787 Salalah 211 Sultanat of Oman
Evans Ordained: 1/6/2008

Chief Executive of a NZ Charity. Appointed Justice of the Peace (1996). Appointed Civil Marriage Celebrant (1999) and appointed Civil Union Celebrant (2006).
Evelyn D. Bromell Ordained: December 18, 2005

Evelyn Lukacs Ordained: don't remember

I have been ordained by the ULC several years ago and am looking for some additional training.
Eversole Ordained: July 1999

Evie Hernandez Ordained: November 7th, 2008

F. James Barker Ordained: 2003-07-23

Fabio Sabino da Silva Ordained: 2002-11-11

I am brazileiro, I have experience in docencia, I am formed in letters, by USP, university of my country, I am teacher of letters, but it would like to be formed by other country. Perhaps have difficulties in writing in English, for that I ask that excuse me. Thank you very much.
Fairhurst Ordained: May 22, 2006

FALCON Ordained: SAT 24TH FEB 2007

Faleasha Dawn Jones Ordained:

I was ordained but I am not sure what the date was.
Faon Lewis Ordained: 7/12/08

fasesin gilbert Ordained: 20th may 2009

lm a dr. of divinity holder , and anadvance degree certificate holder in church growth. a pastor, a bible teacher and a prophet.
fasesin gilbert adeniyi Ordained: january 7 2009

a pastor, and evangelist, aprophet, and a bible teacher of 22 yrs.
fasesin gilbert adeniyi Ordained: january 7 2009

a pastor, and evangelist, aprophet, and a bible teacher of 22 yrs.
Feldman Ordained: 10/01/2007

I have a BA in History from Portland State University. I'd like to have credentials for the ministry. I am interested in graduating from the seminary.
Feldman Ordained: 10/01/2007

I have a BA in History from Portland State University. I'd like to have credentials for the ministry. I am interested in graduating from the seminary.
Feleighsha Griffin-Beach Ordained: 7-9-08

Felicia R. Miller Ordained: 9/13/06

Adult married mother of three sons. Physician Assistant working in the Emergency Department of a busy innercity hospital. Both of my parents were Pentecostal ministers and I grew up being the PK. (We all know what that means) Like many pastors children I became rebellious. I've worked through many of those early issues but never did come to believe as my parents did. I believe that though my parents beliefs were devout they were not as comforted by the LOVE of God as is our gift of a loving God. The God I worshop is loving, forgiving and devine. I wish to help those who do not know the loving god. I wish to help all those who never believed they were worthy to ask for more. God wants us to be happy , fulfilled and successful. He made the ultimate sacrifice so that we all could know , by the life of Christ, how to live our lives.
FERNANDO MACOLOR CRUZ Ordained: September 19, 2006

College Instructor and Spiritual Adviser
Fernando Morales Ordained: 083108

field_other Ordained: field_other

Figueroa Ordained: 09/03/2007

Fitch Ordained: June 20, 2006

Self-Employed Married 41
Flora Yvette Mcknight Ordained: 46016

Floyd Noan Moore Ordained: 10/16/05

Worked in maintenance repair for many years one time was a Sunday school teacher had the calling for minster work some time ago. To this day i get a lot of people coming to me about there lives. Now working as a Security officer at the age of 57 would like to do more of God work with his people This seminary will help me in my life and perhaps lead me to others that needs my Help
ford jun taketa Ordained: Dec. 2003

I began, but never completed the Master of Spirituality course due to family turmoil that resulted in a long over due divorce. I am now happily residing in Belle Plaine, MN and am writing my memoirs.
Forrest M. Richardson Ordained: October 10, 2005

Foster Ordained: 12/06

I was raised Catholic, but profound, spiritual experiences led me away from strict religious doctrine. Panentheism is my philosophy.
Fowler Ordained: 18th of March 2007

Frances A. Galvan Ordained: 1/22/2002

Frances Delehanty Ordained: 1-31-08

I was raised in a Baptist home but became a member of a non denominational church after i became an adult. I am in my mid 50's and live in a very small town in East Texas.
Frances R Peck Ordained: March 25, 2008

I have been active in Science of Mind (Religious Science) and a metaphysical student interested in spirituality and facilitating growth - mine and others - for approximately 25 yrs. I have a PhD in Environmental Policy and am an ABD PhD in Geography from Arizona State Univ.
francis g garcia Ordained: 02/18/07

hi i am the mother of 10 kids 2 are angels in heaven 1 is in prison for 16 years and 1 is my hero he is in the army and in iraq i love all my kids with all my life i have been married for 31 years i attended the saME curch for 12 years before we moved to hemet
francis graham metcalfe Ordained: 17/01/2008

I have been a practicing pagan for over 11 years/ The past 6 of those i have spent helping to set up a small uk tempple devoted to my goddess
Francis Rounding Ordained: 0000-00-00

Frank A. Hedge Ordained: 10/5/05

I am a christian,I Love our LORD and my goal in this Life is to serve and obey my LORD & SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.
Frank A. Selden Ordained: June 29, 2004

I recieved ministerial training from the 7th Day Adventist CHurch in the late 80's. I left the church over several doctrinal issues. The Christian faith is important to me and I enjoy spiritual discussions more than any other kind. In 2004 I joined three other ordained ministers to start a church on the Mosul base in Iraq. THe only problem was I needed to be ordained and I had not been for nearly two decades. I contacted ULC and youhelped immensely. SInce then I have performed one wedding as a ULC minsiter and had a book published on my experiences in Iraq entitled "Finding Faith in the Fury". I am interested in a training / education program of some kind that leads to a Dr. of Div degree of some kind.
Frank Bella Chavez III Ordained:

Frank D. Hurley Jr Ordained: 06-17-2006

frank j casella jr Ordained:




i obtained the secondary school education.I am born on the 05/05/74 in Accra Ghana.
Frank Leon Holcomb Ordained: 9-7-07

I got saved about a year ago and had a calling to preach i got ordained through a credited website and wish to take seminary classes now.
Frank M. Semeraro Ordained: July 26th 2006

Frank R. Palumbo Ordained: November 10th, 2001

Wedding Officiant - over 400 Ceremonies performed. Counsel and lend support to Veterans Hospital's in the Philadelphia area.
Frank Selden Ordained: June 29,2004

Frankie Nelson Brooks Ordained: 03//16/2008

High-school Graduate, History in Law Enforcement and Military, seeking to further education in Theology to help prepare myself in life as a minister.
Franklin D Miller Ordained: ?

have beed Ordination you for 3 years
Franklin Ralph Sollars Ordained: Not ordained yet

I am a psychologist psychoanalysts who has been involved as a spiritual leader on a Gnostic/kabalistic/Psychological Path for 30 years. I would like practical training in ministerial matters and further religious training.
Frasier Ordained: 12-2-2003

After 3 Kidney Transplants over a 22yr period including a 8yr stint of going to Dialysis 3xs wkly I just want to be able to help others to embrace life
fred a. benner jr. Ordained: 0000-00-00

freddie valdez Ordained: 3-20-2009

theoligan, christ minded,universal, neo-pagan
freddie valdez Ordained: 3-20-2009

theoligan, christ minded,universal, neo-pagan
Frederick A Anderson Jr Ordained:

Frederick H. Newcomb III Ordained: 2001

Raised Catholic and Methodist, I later left the established Churches in pursuit of a higher truth. Through combining Christianity, Buudhism, Hindu, Wicca, Paganism, Islam and New Thought with my college studies in Anthropology, I have found insight into God and man's relationship with the creator.
Frederick Lerda Ordained: Oct 2008

Looking to enrich the lives of others I have decided to join the seminary in order to learn more. I ahve been blessed in my life with good things which I am now prepared to pass on to all others I can reach and teach.
Frederick Meekins Ordained:

G Joivta Gomez Ordained: ?

I've been in relgion for 30yrs. I'm a directer of relion ed. a member of Cursillo, and direter of hispanic mimistry. and also im stating to work with the anglo comuntiy.
Gabriel Michael Ordained: October 27, 2008

Gabriela Camberos Ordained: 01/21/2008

Catholic, Hispanic
Gabrielle Bartomeo Ordained:

Gael Sweeney Ordained: 2005

Gail Anne Seevers Ordained: May 30th, 2006

I am a 48 year old female, I wish to help others. I live in WV and have a wonderful family.
Gail Diane Strader Ordained: January 9, 2006

Gail M Jacobsen Ordained:

Hi, my name is Gail and I am very interested in signing up for your seminary classes. I am and always been a very spirtual person, and have always felt so alone, as my family does not share my beliefs.. I became disabled in Nov 04 and have no income for the time being, but would love and appreciate any guidance you can give till my situation improves, and I hope to take many courses. Thank you, and God Bless, Gail
Gailor Ordained: 5 JULY 1999

Galen Dee Boman Ordained: 2007

Garcia Ordained: 11/06

State certified Interpreter, Reiki practitioner and student of Sacred Contracts (CMED)
Gareth Duffy Ordained:

Garrick Hilderbrand Ordained:

I am currently an associate minister of Rock of Ages Baptist Church of Maywood Illinois I am married with a chuld on the way and looking to go forward in ministry.
Gary A Gailor Ordained: 5 JULY 1999

Gary A. Graveline, Sr. Ordained: June 23, 2007

I am a funeral director and embalmer in training to become Wiccan.
Gary John Kucipak 2nd Ordained: 28th OCT 2007

Prior Service Militery, Father of 1 son, Freemasonry, and New to the Minestry,
Gary Lewis Jones Ordained: July 7,2007

New Minister (bright)
Gary Lytle Ordained: September 12, 2001

Gary M. Wood, Rev. Ordained: October 12, 2006

Gary Michael LaPointe Ordained: 11/06/06

Gary Watts Ordained: 0000-00-00

My father taught me about the European pagan religions, and the varied beliefs of the Americas. He taught from the bible as a history book. He guided me to search for my own truth. Now I help others who are looking for a belief structure and guide them through the options that are out there.
Gary Wayne Mcbride Ordained: July 13, 2007

Gayle Sims Ordained:

Gearhart Ordained:

Currently studying Wiccan and Pagan religion
Geldenhuys Ordained: 21 May 2009

I am a solitary Wiccan/witchcraft practitioner. Have been for the past 15 years.
Gene A. Bes Ordained: 1999-06-01

Senior Pastor Since beginning as Senior Pastor we have developed a worship team, women's ministries, Sunday School, youth group, jail ministry, and homeless fellowship meetings. The church is known in the community as a church that cares for people. It is a healthy, outgoing, and friendly church that has been successful in leading over Two Hundred and thirty people to Christ in the past four years. My responsibilities includes preaching, teaching, counseling and overseeing the health, growth, and formation of the new congregation. I also serve with the local Fire & Police Departments as Chaplain.
Gene Goldman Ordained:

Gene R. kopecky Ordained: 01/06/2006

Geneva deSoto Ordained: 5/23/2004

Georg O.P. Eschert Ordained:

Dr of Spirituality (2008) Master of Metaphysics (currently)
Georg O.P. Eschert Ordained:

Dr of Spirituality (2008) Master of Metaphysics (currently)
George A. Spurr, Jr Ordained: 2001-02-04

I was raised in the Baptist church and have worshiped most of my life in the Church of Crist. I have studied on my own the various religions of the world, as well as the background for and the missing parts of our Bible. I try to keep an open mind as I study the various beliefs. My wife passed away December 2002 and I am trying to find the time to devote to more study.
George Bradford Perdue Ordained: Sept 20, 2007

Comparative Relegion Student
George Charles Lichty Ordained: 2002

I became ordained not long after I left the Air Force in September of 2002, however I've long lost that e-mail account so really have no information to base my records on, sadly. I was living at 65 Frank Drive, York, PA 17402 at the time if that helps. Thank you.
George E. Parrish Ordained: April 24, 1998

George Joseph Ordained: 9/27/2007

I am a christian, belonging to orthodox church. Iave studies christian theology privately. I have passed some bible courses from World Bible School. I am a B.A, B.Ed. I am going to complete M.Ed this year.
George Michael Hines Ordained: 2000-01-13

Email: gmichaelhines@hotmail.com Background: ULC, Ph.D, ULC Doctor of Biblical Studied, Licensed Funeral Director,and Roman Catholic Lay Reader.
George Oppenheimer, Jr. Ordained: August 27, 2006

Born Reform Jewish, have taught in Reform Jewish, Disciples of Christ, Presbyterian, and Quaker congregations, pre/post confirmation classes and adults. Currently serve a Unitarian-Universalist congregation as board member and coordinator/teacher of adult education.
George R. Hrydziuszko Ordained: July 1, 2004

George Steven Wright Bohannan Ordained: june 3 2007 3:19:28pm

George William Zorn Ordained: July 17, 2001

Gerald Dewain Carr Ordained: March 02, 2008

Born again Christian, US Navy retired, currently self-employeed
germain Ordained: 2003

I was ordained under the name of Maryann Enna. Unfortunately I have since divorced. Could you please change my name to Reverand Maryann Germain. Blessings and Thank you.
gerry dallas douma jr Ordained: 0000-00-00

originally ordained in 1991 by the church of jesus christ of latter day saints(mormons) but due to differences in interpretations and beliefs i left the clergy and eventually the church by 1993. currently i am a follower of non denomination doctrine
Giacoma Ordained: December 15, 2001

Actively performing weddings now. Wish to increase my knowledge and the scope of my ministry.
gilbert Ordained:

Gilberto Da Gloria Ordained:

Gillian Weisgram Ordained:

Ginger Lego Ordained: 4/30/2009

Gio Sugranes, Shenphen Sayo Ordained: March 22, 2005

Was ordained through ULC on March 22nd, 2005. Have also taken full ordination as a Buddhist monk in the Thai tradition in 2006. In 2007 I took ordination within the Tibetan tradition of Buddhism. I am continuing my studies in Buddhism and spirituality.
Gladys M. Weydert Ordained: March 3, 2006

Christian; Associate of Biblical Studies from Andersonville Theological Seminary in 1999. Also ordained through United Christian Faith Ministries in 2001, served as Local Elder for South Carolina 2002-2004. Certificate in Christian Counseling from Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling 1999. Precept Ministries Bible Studies Leader since 2000.
Glen Mae Baitsholts Ordained: October 24, 2005

Glenda M. Fulton Ordained:

Glenda Martin-Shirley Ordained: 2-21-07

Glendon Ricker Ordained: November 25,2001

I was ordained in 2001 after a life changing experience. My area of interest is Spirituality,Healing and teaching. I am a certified consulting hypnotist and use hypnotism frequently in my ministry as a tool for clients to reach their goals in the search of their own spirituality.
Glenis H Nelson Ordained: 2000-06-10

Have completed the PhD in Religion in 2001 BS Computer Science - Trintiy Souther University Research and Development Programmer/ Analyst Informtaion Technology, Inc - a division of Fiserv 35+ years in Information Technology Cobol CICS IBM Mainframe .net XML, XML Path Java Script Web Development / Data Warehousing Exensive Analysis Background
Glenmore James Ordained: April 20, 2000

Former Jehovah's Witness (1981-1998) ULC Minister (2000 - present) Registered in Oregon to perform wedding ceremonies (at no charge) Writing a novel on Watchtower fundamentalism and the real truth of the ancient scriptures
Glenn Dwayne Ordained: Febuary 3 2001

I want to make a difference in the world.
Glenn E. Thomas Ordained: June 26, 2006

Glenn Tyson Miller Ordained: 2006

Gloria Hamilton Ordained: 2004

I am listed with Universal Life Church as a Minister and I have the Masters Degree In Religion from ULC. I am praying to be ordained as a priest.
Glory Christensen Ordained: Dec. 14, 2002

International Fivefold Ministry
Glory Michele DeMarsh Ordained: 10-01-04

I am not to sure what your asking here. I have spent the last few years helping family members of dieing relitive's cope with and prossess grief, believing that there is not enough ministers that deal with the facks of life. I want to take my self futher now, and use many of my own experiences to reach more people that really don't know what they are not seeing.
godfrey albert sundmark Ordained: march 1986

herbalist, hypnohypist, shaman, disputes resolution, channeler of healing protocols, initiates nin the rite of Anubis.reki healer

Goldberg-Ives Ordained: June 2004

Goldweber Ordained: May 12, 2005

I have been an ordained minister since 2001- but transferred my ordination to ULC in May 2005. I consider myself to be interfaith-spiritualist in my Ministry. I have been performing weddings, funerals and other ceremonies since 2002 and registered with the state of Ohio as a licensed Minister since that time. I provide spiritual counseling, hospice support , and family counseling when faced with terminal illness or death of loved ones. I specializing in Life transition counseling and coaching and women's empowerment. I work with women newly released from prison in transitional housing and the homeless community here in Cleveland, I offer , through my ministry, opportunities for volunteerism- which i create- to support many of the non profit organizations established here in the Greater Cleveland area. We solicit donations for these non profits; with the proceeds being sent to them or delivered to them directly. We also volunteer with local elder care facilities and provide volunteers for their events and outings. I am also a medium clairvoyant, and offer classes for spiritual and psychic development as well as personal and corporate development.
Goldweber Ordained: May 12, 2005

I have been an ordained minister since 2001- but transferred my ordination to ULC in May 2005. I consider myself to be interfaith-spiritualist in my Ministry. I have been performing weddings, funerals and other ceremonies since 2002 and registered with the state of Ohio as a licensed Minister since that time. I provide spiritual counseling, hospice support , and family counseling when faced with terminal illness or death of loved ones. I specializing in Life transition counseling and coaching and women's empowerment. I work with women newly released from prison in transitional housing and the homeless community here in Cleveland. I offer through my ministry, opportunities for volunteerism- which I create- to support many of the non profit organizations established here in the Greater Cleveland area. We solicit donations for these non profits; with the proceeds being sent to them or delivered to them directly. We also volunteer with local elder care facilities and provide volunteers for their events and outings. I am also a medium clairvoyant, and offer classes for spiritual and psychic development as well as personal and corporate development.
Gonzalez Ordained: 03/28/2008

Gonzalez Ordained: 03/28/2008

Goodnough Ordained:

Goodwin Ordained: unsure

Gordon Ordained: 03/19/09

Gordon Ordained: 03/19/09

Goursky Ordained: July 2, 2002

Retired from my full time employment in Social Work, Community and Social Development. Officiant/Chaplain with All Seasons Church performing weddings and baptisms. Chair of the Region of Peel Accessibility Advisory Committee and member of the United Way for the Region of Peel's Community Investment Committee
grace c stewartchapman Ordained:

I have a BSc in Health Arts , is a Registered Nurse,Certified Midwife,Certified Natural Health Practioner, currently studying Naturpathic Medicine and Pranic Healing.I practice yoga,tai chi and meditation regularly.I have studied World Religions,Metaphysics,Theosophy, New Thought Teachings, Bible Interpretations of the Old and New Testaments.I am currently employed as a Flight Attendant, but has also been employed in the specialty Healthcare field of Oncology for approximately 25 years .I am very much interested in Minister Training, Counseling,and Teaching.
Graeme Milton Craig Frear Ordained: June 15th, 2002

I've attended services from Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist and Presbytarian congregations. I've studied from Bahai faith to Transcendental Meditation. Recently I've studied Druidism and Wicca. I am still studying and will be for life. :)
Graham William Louden Ordained: 21 April 2008

I am a semi-retired lecturer and teacher with degrees in Modern History (Oxford) and Languages (Open University) and various other qualifications in TEFL, Hypnotherapy, etc. After 30 years teaching in a Quaker school, I feel the urge to explore spiritual and metaphysical issues in more detail and came upon ULC almost by accident although, once having requested ordination (rather in the spirit of climbing Mount Everest 'because it's there'), I immediately recognised it as a life-enhancing process which provides goals, learning and opportunities within a diverse and multi-faceted community.
Grant Ordained: 2004ish?

Being a student of philosohy has led me to question many of the fundamental questions of the universe. Perhaps the most important was, "What gives life meaning?" I answer this question with the simple response of, "Passion" Without passion, we are not human anymore, merely an automaton in human form. Being a minister of the ULC provides me validation for the ministry I already practiced as a Reiki Master - to teach others to find, embrace and cherish the passion in their life while allowing me to practice my passion.
grant Ordained: 12 August 2007

am a reiki master and crystal healer
Grant Smith Ordained: 03/19/1999

I am a lifelong learner and religion has always been one of my interests and passions.
Greenwood Ordained: October 4, 2006

Currently have a Master of Arts in Counseling and Psychotherapy and am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas. Completed Dr. In Metaphysics course from ULC Seminary.
Greer Ordained: April 12/2007

Certified Reiki Master and Teacher .. Crystal Gem Therapist and Certified Reflexologists , Angel Healer, Energy Therapist.
Greg Morey Ordained: 3/30/2009

Greg W. Steinacker Ordained: 05 Nov 2001

Gregor J. Bragg Ordained: December 3, 2006

I've performed a wedding, several prayers for dinners, have a local business license as a Minister of ULC.
Gregor J. Bragg Ordained: December 3, 2006

I've performed a wedding, several prayers for dinners, have a local business license as a Minister of ULC.
Gregor J. Bragg Ordained: December 3, 2006

I've performed a wedding, several prayers for dinners, have a local business license as a Minister of ULC.
Gregory Cossey Ordained:

gregory knapper Alexander Ordained: 11/4/09

Grover Harrell Ordained: 11/07/2002

Guiffrida Ordained: 1/15/2008

Guillermo Lopez jacome Ordained: 0000-00-00

I need to know if you give oppotunity to couples out of the United States Thank you Willy.
Guinevere Haworth Ordained: 1999

I pastor a small missionary church in my area and have been doing spiritual guidance for 15 years. I am married and have 2 children, 2 dogs and 4 rats living in the home.
Guttorm Breivik Ordained: 2002-03-20

Gwendolyn Ashford Ordained: 09-10-07

Gwendolyn Deniece Ashford Ordained: September 10, 2007

Reverend Gwendolyn Assford
Gwyn Fae Ordained: August 18, 2003

Studying Druidry through the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids currently. Opening up a Universal Life Church in Florida where it is desparately needed. Have studied many different faiths. Working towards religious tolerance in our community. Business owner of All Spirits, Inc. retail outlet for all things spiritual for every faith.
Gwyneth Palmer Ordained:

H. Cline Clark Ordained: 1977 ULC-Headquarters

Haile-Eyesus Murrell Ordained: 05-15-2004

Halley-Coleman Ordained: 8/2006

I was born and raised Methodist, but as an adult, was drawn towards non-denominational churches and appreciate more and more that a personal relationship between my self and God is what really matters. Religion can be very man mad. I steer away from this and like to focus on the Gospel. So much to learn from the Gospel. I am working in other areas of my life to learn and develop my abilities in the healing touch arena of health and wellness. I use Therapeutic Essential Oils in my work and love to talk about how these oils are mentioned in scripture and how they were used so long ago..........and thankfully are being used in the modern day as well.
halllie horey Ordained: 2004-07-13

minister in washington state
Halloran Ordained:

Halloran Ordained:

Hamilton Ordained: 8-21-2007

Hampel Ordained: 10-17-2006

Hansen-Patterson Ordained: 7/9/2006

hardaway jr. Ordained:

Harle Lauren Vogel, D.O. Ordained: 1997

Harmony Piechota Ordained: 14 September 2006

Harper Ordained:

I have an Associates Degree in Theology
Harrell Ordained: 03/14/08

Harriett Simon Salinger Ordained: 0000-00-00

I was born into the Jewish faith. My family's practice was cultural and emotional but not religious. Through the journey of my life I have explored many, many spirtual traditions. about six years ago I began some study of Sufism. After moving to Los Angeles I looked in to the Kabbalah Center. I am studying there at this time. Thanks you. Harrett Simon Salinger
Harris Ordained: September 15, 2005

My father holds a masters of divinity with biblical language. He has helped stir my thirst for knowledge. I was dedicated to Christ as a newborn, and recieved Him at 13. I rededicated my life to Christ 5 years ago. I now have a daughter I dedicated to Christ when she was 5 days old. I am glad to have the Bible as a way to communicate with my God and want to learn more. I am a junior at U of P and have taken classes in philosophy and sociology.
Harris Ordained: October 21, 2003

Harry Ordained: 17 / 09/ 07

Faith cometh by hearing.
Harry C Thomas Jr Ordained: 12-13-2002

Spititual advisor for my military unit. Looking for some more training for personal growth.
Harry Michael Beach Ordained: March 05, 2007

I attended the Grand Rapids School of the Bible and Music from 1972 through 1974. I currently am a Deputy Regional Manager for Northrop Grumman and work part time as the EMS coordinator for The Methodist Hospitals coordinting and teahcing EMT, CPR and Pre-hosptial Emergency Courses. I attend a small non-denominational Church near my home with my wife, Becky. Our children are all grown now and living on their own.
harry ottley Ordained: NOT KNOWN

I am educated at degree level in law,social science and the humanities.I have 30 years experince working in social care,twelve years of wihch was spent as the warden of a hostel near Mosside probation office.I spnt many years studying the worlds religeons and the occult and this lead to me becoming a spiritual humaniist,with strong leanings towards neopaganism for inspiration.
Harvey Ordained: nov. 2005

harvey sherwood Ordained: 09/15/2008

Im a 51 year old man,married with three children and desire a program where i can heal people with love and understanding,for free.Im looking for a free course,im not a rich man and ask that someone would teach me so i can become a healer,preferably with a shamanic course.I do not plan on charging anyone for my healings,i think that healing comes from god,and why should that be given for a monetary charge,i believe that everyone that needs a healing should not be charged because a gift from god is what everyone needs to be one with the mother and father
Hays Ordained:

I am interested in becoming ordained to be able to perform wedding ceremonies
Heather A Snider Ordained: 3/11/2004

I've recently come back to my calling and wish to expand my knowledge
Heather Boyd Ordained: February 17, 2006

Had once been studying as a ministerial candidate throught the United Methodist Church when i realized I considered their ideas of who belonged to God and who was outside of God were too restrictive. I have since become a minister throught ULC and been very happy.
Heather Christensen-Branson Ordained: July 19 2003

I am a Pagan High Priestess who sees learning as a life path. I began as a jew and have been studying many faiths for over 14 years
Heather Dawn Mayfield Ordained: May 22, 2008

Heather Hoptry Ordained: 01/25/09

I was born and raised in the Church Of God. My family is devoutly Christian and raised me according to their Christian beliefs. However...I always felt that there was much more that I wasn't being told. For as long as I can remember, I have had the ability to see spirits, auras, animal totems in spirit form as well as feel other people's emotions and hear the voices of my spirit guides. My family never understood me so when I became of age I started my spiritual quest. I researched and practiced Wicca and began working with the Tarot. I have read books by psychics, healers, and Witches as well as Christians in various denominations including Catholicism. I am constantly seeking spiritual knowledge and enlightenment, so I am grateful to have found the ULC.
Heather Marie Mott Ordained: 0000-00-00

I am currently a second year "Witch in Training". I have a deep love for all things spiritual and wish to gain more knowlege on the Wiccan religion as well as deeper understanding of all others. In the past I have studied Greek Mythology, Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, Christianity, and Paganism.
Heather Walter Ordained: December 1998

Hector L. Diaz Ordained: 11/8/99

Heidi Joy Dulom Ordained:

Heidilin Suddes Ordained: not sure

I have been a solitary druid for a long time I became ordained through ulc now I wish to further my education so that I am better equipted to assist others
Helen Marie Hobbs Ordained: Auguest 5, 2002

Pagan-- Universal Spirituality Counselor-- Handfasting & Wedding Officiate--
Helena N. Gray Ordained: 02/17/2006

Hemingway Ordained: April 6, 2003

Henrietta M. Lassiter Ordained: 052006

Henry Calderon Jr Ordained: June 19, 2005

bachelors in business. Universal Life Community Services a non-for-profit.. which provides support for Battered, abused, spouses, children. and also STD Preventions education.. and referral services.. Board memeber of the League Against Aids, Non-for-Profit from Miami Florida since 1996. Archbishop, and Christian Following but with full open to all believes and respect to all and our motto is always love everyone.. Life is but a dream so live it to the Fullest.
Henry Edward Altenberg Ordained: Decem,ber 1996?

Originally joined in 1960's. MD Psychiatrist. Active member of Unitarian-Universalist church as well. Srong interest in Buddhism.
Henry Keith Ferrell Ordained: 10/12/2008

Henry Waters Ordained: Thu, May 25, 2006

Henson Ordained:

Henwood Ordained: Dec. 20, 2008

Herb Mentzer Ordained: at least 30 years ago

Have carried the ULC card for many years. My life has been missing something and I know it is God that is that thing. The ULC provides the opportunity to grow and to share my beliefs.
Herlocher Ordained: Februaury 10 2008


Hill Ordained: 11/13/06

I was a Religion student in college. I am currently engaged in expanding my spiritual knowledge.
Hoeffer Ordained: 1999

I was ordained with ULC in 1999 and am looking for additional information that will help my ministry
Hoffman Ordained: 11/07/06

Holly Ann Lee Ordained: Dec. 20, 2007

Christian background, though currently a practicing pagan.
Holly Lyn Irlbacker Ordained: 11/26/07

Kundalini Yoga Teacher
Holmes Ordained: June 22, 2008

Im thankful for this door that God has open so his will mabe done.
HOOPER Ordained: NOV.1,1998

Hope D. Roundtree Ordained: December 15, 2008

Horsch Ordained: 7/08/2008

Certified Bridal Consultant
Hough Ordained: 10/08/07

Houser Moffatt Ordained: Sept 1, 2003

Howard Barnett Ordained: July 16, 2005

howard fogle Ordained: 1/11/2009

howard fogle Ordained: 1/11/2009

howard fogle Ordained: 1/11/2009

Howard L. Cogswell Ordained: not sure

I would like to Know if I wasOrdination,&when, I think Iwrote you once,not sure, Havent heard. Would like to talk to some one, or you can E-Mail me =cogswellhoward@yahoo.com
Howard V. Scales Ordained: 25 Dec 2001

On active duty in the US Navy and hungry for more information for personnal growth.
Hsiao Tsui Liu Ordained:

I was ordained bny the ULC around 3 years ago? Can't find the exact date. Sorry. I am also a holistic health (Body/Mind) Counselor, and a Reiki Master.
Hudson Ordained: 12/14/08

I'm 50 years old and moving in a new direction. I'm a mother, wife and also a Reiki Healer and will be going for Master Reiki Teacher soon. I'm very much interested in helping others.

HUMA SHAHNAZ Ordained: 06-10-1989

ian douglas Ordained: 11/15/07

Ian Kendrick Hinkle Ordained: November 29, 2005

Qabalah, Rosicrucianism, Wicca
IDOWU Ordained: not yet

i do practice herbal and reiki healing,in my country,Nigeria. iam 44 years old,single,my father taught me some herbal uses,but unable to teach me magic and magnetic healing due to old age.
Ingham Ordained: 10/15/07

Ingo Weyer Ordained: August 22, 2007

Ira J. Potter Ordained: February 19, 1999

Isaac Cotton Ordained:

I'v been saved now for 17yrs and currently in Ministry. My desire now is to pursue my ministerial studies with ULC Seminary and desire to Pastor with the help of God.
Isaac Jonathan Goletz Ordained: 2/5/2008

I am just full filling my calling.

Isaiah Donell Reed Ordained: 03/15/2004

Itinger Ordained: 09-07-2006

Ivan Presho Ordained: June 12th. 2006

Hi, I like to try and live the philosophy of Buddhism and have an interest in angels and spirit guides to help me on this path. Also, as a Reiki Master I sense the importance of energy work. I love TV comedy programmes when I want to just blob out.
J Mitchem Jr Ordained: January 16 2006

I have been ordained twice once in 99 or 2000 and earlier this year I wanted a new start and I want to have my own church one day God willing and want to truely know what the lord wants me to do!
J Ryun Byers Ordained: July 3, 2006

J. Ann Oviatt Ordained: November 8, 2005

J. Ragen Stone Ordained: 2005 ?

Not sure what you would like... I have a professional background of 30 years (business)
Jack Evans Ordained: 1992

Ordained through Medesto ULC, Raised Seventh Day Adventist, Studied Baptist theology. Assistant pastor and co founder of Bread of Life Christian Fellowship Marshfield, MO.
Jackie Kalinowski Ordained:

Jackie Lynn Hopkins Ordained: 05-2006

I have a Ph.d in Pastoral Psychology from the University of Sedona. I have been a practicing Wiccan for 20 years. I am married and have a wonderful husband and soon to be three year old son.
Jackson Ordained: July 5th, 2007

Celtic Druid with a Native American twist. Mainly into Shamn healing, but yet, wanting to learn more healing types.
Jackson Ordained: April 4, 2007

I have been an ordained minister for several years. have a Master of Theological Studies from Brite Divinity School, prefer to be ordained with 'no strings attached' doctrinally or denominationally.
Jackson Ordained:


I am a Black African, I reside and work in my country Nigeria. I have been involved in ministerial church work in my local church and I have been ordained an Elder. I wish to continue with work of God and I look forward to your help and training.
Jacob Anthony Dupre Ordained: 10/1/2006

Jacob Barger Ordained: 1/16/08

Tantric Practitioner and Devotee of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Ma
Jacob Leseman Ordained:

I am a man whom wishes to work for the greater good and help those in need to the best that I can possibly accomplish. Around me people are not as dedicated to the works of good and light, but I wish to make a positive imprint upon the people here and on. I feel as if there truly is no other way, but the church in order to show people the light.
Jacob Leseman Ordained:

I am a man whom wishes to work for the greater good and help those in need to the best that I can possibly accomplish. Around me people are not as dedicated to the works of good and light, but I wish to make a positive imprint upon the people here and on. I feel as if there truly is no other way, but the church in order to show people the light.
Jacob Scheerer Ordained: May 20, 2007

Jacob Stallings Ordained: 2000-02-01

Jacob V. Holt Ordained: 10 Jan. 2007

jacque knight Ordained: nov 24,07

Jacquelin Juanita Diosomito Ordained: Jan. 4, 2009

In the medical field, belive in a supreme being, also practice Buddhist beliefs.
Jacquelin Juanita Diosomito Ordained:

Jacqueline Eileen Russell Ordained:

Jacqueline Rae Futrell Alvaro Ordained: January 16, 2003

James A Priestly Ordained: 10-13-2008

James A Priestly Ordained: 10-13-2008

James Albert King, IV Ordained: June 7, 2002

James Allen Lane Ordained: August 11, 2008

James Bartholomai Ordained: August 1, 2007

Recieved Masters in Religion on 15 October 2007, and Honorary Doctor of Divinity on 1 October 2007.
James Bradley Ussery Ordained: 0000-00-00

I was raised Baptist Then was a Memeber of the morman church then I was of a MCC church member and now I am a member of a all inclusive indepentdent church
James C. Perry Ordained: 2001-05-28

JAMES CHOVAN Ordained: 12-21-2008

3rd strike ministries
JAMES CHOVAN Ordained: 12-21-2008

3rd strike ministries
JAMES CHOVAN Ordained: 12-21-2008

James Christian Perry Ordained: May 28, 2001

James Christian Perry Ordained: May 28, 2001

James Christopher Kovach Ordained: June 23, 2001

James D Kilburn Ordained:

Student of Shamanism for 8 years and Druidry for 2 years
James D Kilburn Ordained: unknown

Student of Shamanism for 8 years and Druidry for 2 years
James Daniel Cobb Ordained: April 2, 2007

As a child in the 1960's & 70's I loved to stop on the sidewalks of downtown Denver and peer through plywood 'portholes' to watch construction progress on the high-rise buildings. I have since spent nearly 25 years of my working life in the electrical construction trade, both in the field and in management - essentially 'living the dream' of that little boy. I've done all that I ever really set out to do as a child and that part of my life is complete. It has become pointless to continue 'beating that same old horse.' Many a man's natural talents have no quarter what-so-ever in the perpetual low-brow world of contruction work, regardless how high up the corporate ladder one did climb. So, now at mid-life, I find the need to explore a larger world and use all of the gifts God gave me - many of which are well-suited to public Ministry - i.e. intelligence, patience, ability to effectively communicate, and an excellent speaking voice. An accredited education lends itself to respectability in todays world, and the ULC Seminary is affordable and appears to be of high quality.

James Donald Gilchrist Sr. Ordained: 8-30-2006

I am hopeing to start my semanary training in November With the Master of Druism course then to progress from there to getting my Doctor of Divinity I look forward to training with you Jim
James Downey Ordained: 05-08-09

B.A. in Psychology (Clinical Emphasis) and Sociology (Social Work Emphasis) with minors in Philosophy/Theology, Management, Communication and Education from Calumet College of St. Joseph, Hammond, Indiana. Veteran of the US Naval Hospital Corp and the US Army National Guard (Massachusetts) (91-C/91-F Medic). Licensed Teacher in Massachusetts and Arkansas
James Duncan Ordained: September 14, 2008

James Edward Davis Ordained: june 29 2007

have a bachelors degree in biblical studies fron andersonville theo seminary and am working on my masters in theology

James F. McDonald Ordained:

Student of Egyptian Magic and Druid Magic. Teacher of Dragon Magic.
James F. McDonald Ordained:

Student of Egyptian Magic and Druid Magic. Teacher of Dragon Magic.
James Flannery Ordained:


James H. Buckley Ordained: Sep 09 2005

I am a Pantheistic Pagan, with leanings towards Shamanism & Metaphysics. These are the courses that I am most interested in: Paganism Shamanism Metaphysics
James Haley Ordained: 10-14-07

I have been a practicing wiccan for the past twenty years
James Henry Buckley Ordained: 09/09/2005

Reformed Druid of Gaia Pagan Minister since 2006 ULC title
james henry buckley Ordained: 9 sep 2005

i am a reformed druid (reformed druid of gaia, reformed druid of north america, & missionary order of the celtic cross
James Hewlett Ordained: 6-1-07

James Hicks Ordained: April 1, 2009

I have no real knowledge of what it is to be a minister. I just sent off for the course for Doctor of Divinity from the ULC HQ. Should be here in a couple days.
James Inman Ordained: 2005-01-05

looking forward to a wonderful journey.
James Jarvis Ordained: 3-18-2009

M.A. Transpersonal Counseling Certificate in Integrative Education
James L Hulley Jr Ordained: 9/20/2007

I attend LSU University gave my life to the LORD at the age of 6 and the LORD has been with me He stay with me the 2years when i spent in the gulf war.
James L Hulley Jr Ordained: May 29 2007

James Lee Rinaldi, II Ordained: October 15, 2007

B.A. in Sports Medicine M.S. in Health Education Have been a Sunday School Teacher for many years, Youth coordinator, mission trip leader, and preaching sermons around the local area.
James Leong Ordained:

James Leong Ordained:

James Leong Kwong Hong Ordained: 8/2/2006

Trainer of Enneagram, Master Practitioner of NLP, Biblical Prosperity Teacher
James M. Skiles Ordained: 12-01-2007

James P Heymans Ordained: 0000-00-00

james patrick dougherty Ordained: unknown

james philip sherren panton Ordained: 06 08 19

Long involment with the mysteries,I have a lot of knowledge and experience i would like to share with others
James Prieto Ordained: 01-14-2008

I have been studying or been surrounded by Religion, Spirituality, Pagan religions, Sateria, Spiritualism, Eastern religions and philosophies starting at home since birth till the present I am now 35 years of age. The only offical certification I currently have in the field is that I am a licensed Avatar Master and Wizard. I also have a Bachelors of Science in Behavioral Science witha specailty in Gerontology. And A great deal of experience with my life and those people in my life that I have suffered and enjoyed life with.
James Pullen Ordained: 28 of january

i have wanted to be minster for a long time
James Pullen Ordained: january 28,2009

i have wanted to be minster for a long time
James R Bessey Jr Ordained: 09/07/07

James R Cole Ordained: 19 September 2007

I have studies the Bible for many years,to date I have found no way to effectively share what I have learned. Secular religions of the world do not appeal to me,as they appear only to be interested in doctrine and money.I am hoping that this is the place that I need to be.
James R Tuggle Ordained: 0000-00-00

I've studied along shamanistic, christianity, druidism, wiccan, spiritualism and native american paths. Currently consider myself an earth-based pagan.
James R. Bessey Jr. Ordained:

James R. Kronberg Ordained: 11/19/2007

James R. Lockwood Ordained: 0000-00-00

James Rainey Land Ordained: 0000-00-00

A number of years with wiccan and christian background.....now fully wiccan
James Richard Roper Ordained: September 11, 2006

Received A.A. in Ministry in 2001, received Bachelors of Theology in 2005.
James Robert Alaniz Ordained: 12/22/07

James Schellenberg PhD Ordained: 15 July 2004

Native American/ExMilitary/Third Degree Black Belt/BSMarineBiology/MSHospitalityMgt/ DoctorPhilosophyReligion
James T Price Ordained: November 30, 1978

James T. Carver Ordained: 2001-04-22

Background: Religious Studies in the late '80s (over 100 credit hours) towards a degree in biblical studies.
James T. Carver Ordained: 2001-04-22

Email: jtcarver@skinartz.com Website: http://www.skinartz.com Background: Religious Studies in the late '80s ( over 100 credit hours) towards a degree in biblical studies.
James Taylor Ordained:

james Uccello Ordained: not sure

I am 32 years old and spent alot of time behind bars. i came to know the lord in jail and started changing my life around for the better. i started working with other inmates who had questions about the lord doing research for their many questions. i eventually earned the name ( COUNSELOR or The DOC ) to my friends becuase of OUR extensive talks about family,relationships,and christ. i started volunteering in the counselors office so i can learn how to become a real counselor but after awhile realized it only takes a ear and a good heart to do right by others. i came home and found your site becuase i want to continue my education in christ. but also want to focus primarilly as a counselor. i am hoping that you can help me in the right direction to becoming a christian or pastoral counselor. as i stated early on i have spent alot of time behind bars, well recently a old crime from 3 years ago cuaght up with me and i am going to be indited on federal charges and sent to federal prison. i am not upset i think it is the lord who allowed me to change my life around and join a new path so that i might be able to help someone else while incarcerated again. the lord has a plan for all of us. i guess my calling is in the prison ministry. i do not expect to be sent away until after the new year my attorney says. so i want to be as prepared as i can be before going in. i need to work on counseling and earning a degree that says i know what i am talking about when people come to me. and as a personal thing i would like to work on actually being able to earn the name ( DOC ). also i am not sure if you offer any type of finacial help but it would be apprecciated if you do. i do not have much.
James Wetzel Brumfield Ordained: January 18,2002

BA in Psychology Experience as community activist and paralegal. practiced in open air side walk ministry. Havr recirved several certificates from ULC and ULC Monistary.
James Wilson Sides Ordained: 0000-00-00

Former member of a very formal Roman Catholic Religous Order, after 2 years oblation, 1 year formation, 2 years in Simple Vows, and 7 years in Solemn Vows which are now in pieces.
James, E. O'Neill, IV Ordained: 5/25/2007

Have come to Unitarian Universalism and have found a home and embrace lay lead congregations.
Jamie J Reiner Ordained: Tuesday the 23rd of December 2008 10:13:39 AM

Jamie L Welch Ordained: 1/26/09

Jamie Susie Laymon Ordained: 02/25/2007

outgoing person
Jan Bender Ordained: May 29,2009

I am 58 years young and just completed my undergrad degree in psychology. I am currently an ABA therapist for Autistic children. I lead meditation groups and do some spiritual counseling. I listed my first name both as Jan which is my legal name at this time but am in the process of changing it to Jagrati which is a spiritual name given to me by my Zen Master Teacher. I am know by most as Jagrati. I have been hearing the call for some time now and know that until I answer my life is at a stand-still.
Jan Class-Gregoire Ordained: 2010-03-02

I am a trained Spiritualist minister and associate pastor of United Spiritualist Church of Mankind. We believe in Holy Spirit Communication, Hands on Healing, Life after Life, and connecting with loved ones who have passed on. Have been a member for 25 years.
Jane Karuschkat Ordained: March 22, 2009

Musical, Artist, Spiritual, Psychic
Jane Karuschkat Ordained: March 22, 2009

Musical, Artist, Spiritual, Psychic
Jane Karuschkat Ordained: March 22, 2009

Musical, Artist, Spiritual, Psychic
jane sahlin Ordained:

Janeen Rayell Brown Ordained: 09/07/2007

I have been a practicing eclectic pagan/wiccan for 6 years. Prior to that I was a strong christian with the gift of intercession.
Janeen Rayell Brown Ordained: 09/07/2007

I have been a practicing eclectic pagan/wiccan for 6 years. Prior to that I was a strong christian with the gift of intercession.
Janene Pivola Ordained: February 19, 2009

Janet Goodwin Ordained: ? don't remember

I am currently non-denominational where I have served on the music ministry in the form of singing for the praise team, teacher for children's church and also previously recorded a CD with my former chuch choir.
Janet Williams Ordained:

Janice Alexia Freeman Ordained: 12/9/06

Janice Noreen McPhail Ordained: 2005

I am not sure about my ordination date, but I know it was 2005.
Janina M. Grenier Ordained: Unsure of date

I was ordained with you awhile ago. I am not real sure of the date.
Janis D. Brown Ordained: July 16, 2007

Jankowski Ordained:

Janna Celeste Hamilton Ordained:

Jannette Jordan Ordained: 0000-00-00

Attending a Lutheran Christian College
Jared Paul Chmelik Ordained: 11/28/2007

Attended Faith Evangelical Free Church. Am now attending Allince Missionary Church. Have taught 5-day clubs, youth groups, Vacation Bible Schools and AWANA.
Jasmin Fraleigh Ordained: 0000-00-00

Wiccan Priestess, healer, teacher
Jason Alan Johnson Ordained: 17 July 2007

I am an eclectic wiccan studying mainly form a basis of Cherokee and then into wicca. I have been studying and practicing since 1990. My first teacher was my granmother and then from there i have been teaching myself. i am in the military and will be getting out shortly and hope to pursue my life as a photographer or if all pans out a minister in wiccan.
Jason Carey Ordained: July 23, 2007

I have been a christian the last 2 years and have just become ordained with ULC in July 2007. I have a background in mental health counselling and my desire is to really focus on the biblical counselling aspect.
Jason Carter Ordained: June 20th, 2009

Master Instructor Jujitsu Professor - Bujutsu
Jason Dywane Wilkins Ordained: 9 October 2006

Jason Lamar Meeks Ordained: November 2005

Bishop of Power of Worship Apostles of Christ Church
Jason Lee Patterson Ordained:

Jason Melton Chaney Ordained:

Jason Mullis Ordained:

Jason Simmons Ordained: 05/27/2004

Jason Thomas Uhl Ordained: August 29th, 2001

B.A. Fine Arts 2003, current M.A. university student. ULC Minister since 2001. Substantial education in religious and spiritual arts.
Javaid Iqbal Ordained: October 14 , 2003

Javier Gomez Ordained: 6/4/2008

Jay Louis Barron Ordained: 2003-09-29

Background: Confirmed in the Lutheran church in 1971. In 1983 confirmed in the Christian Reformed Church. Became a minister in the ULC in 2003. December 16, 2003 - received Doctor of Metaphysics degree from ULC. Most of my life I have studied Zen, Buddhism, Kabalism, and Shintoism.
Jay Lynn Robertson Ordained:

A.DIV., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas July 1989
Jaye Hays Ordained:

I am interested in becoming an officiant so that I can perform weddings.
Jayne Morrison Ordained:

Studied Gardnerian and eclectic Wicca since 1992. I've always been a solitary practioner. I would like to be able to perform legal hand-fastings, Wiccanings, and other rites.
Jayprakash G. Makwan Ordained: 20thApril 1980

Member of Methodist church. working with interdenominational organization Scripture Union,Gujarat India
Jean Marie Powell Vosper Ordained: September 4, 2002

Jean Marvin Ward Ordained: 8/20/1999

I have been a ULC ordained minister since 1999 and am in the process of furthering my education in the world's religions. More info can be found at my website www.revjeanmward.com
JEANNA LYNN KYLES-GLASS Ordained: 07/02/2004

Associates Degree in Psychology (Magna Cum Laude) West Los Angeles City College, California Bachelors Degree In Psychology (Summa Cum Laude) California State University Dominguez Hills
Jeanne Marie Lawrence Ordained: July 11, 2007

I am a wife and mother of 4, and find the stated views of the ULC to be as close to my own as those of any church I have met. I am so happy that I found you!
Jeannette L. Martinez Ordained: 03/10/08

Graduated in Banking Administration in the Dominican Republic. Catholic, Two years in Gnosis, two years in Yoga, Trascendental Meditation, Methaphysics. belongs for three years Sai Baba center, tarot reader, spiritual counselor, Reiki, Digito Puncture to relieve stress, and I like a lot natural medicine, learning now spiritism.
jeannine e snider Ordained: ?

physic, spirtulism,christian
Jeannine Ann Maison Ordained:

I am a geriatric nurse in a long term care facility. I have 3 grown sons and a 12 year old daughter. I was married to my partner in Vermont in 2001. I have studied various religions on my own, but did not want an education in any one particular religion. I was raised Lutheren and raised my children in a nondenominal church. I have no religious affiliation at this time.

Jeff Dean Ordained:

Discordian since 1996
Jeffery Alan Schnoor Ordained: 09/18/2006

I was previously ordained through this church in 2003 and have been working as a Associate Minister for Years. I just cannot find my information ontheWebsite
Jeffery Randall Ordained: March 6, 2009

After attending a mens retreat sponsored by my church I came home with this undeniable tugging at my heart to serve God in his ministry. I became ordained through the ULC in March and have been working on a ministry since. I do however feel I need as much training as I can get to be well equipped to serve the Lord.
Jeffery Strong Ordained: October 27, 2007

Call in Ministry 12-22-00 Youth Pastor Youth Advisor Founder of the Soul Searchers Unit of Peach County. Pastor of Ebenezzar Baptist Church.
jeffrey adams Ordained: 05 2005

Jeffrey Allen Mullins Ordained: 20MAY2008

I have been a student of religion all of my life...
Jeffrey D. Harris Ordained:

I have been an ordained Spiritualist Minister for 10 years and a Reiki Master for 7. I practice many diverse Traditions and hold Santeria as My path and religion of choice. I have 2 years of Catholic Seminary Education and love learning all I can about Spirituality.
Jeffrey David Pitts Ordained: 0000-00-00

Southern Baptist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Jeffrey David Smith Ordained: October 26, 2006

Jeffrey G. Bryant Ordained: Nov. 17, 2007

Jeffrey M. Hoffman Ordained: March 12, 2002

Jeffrey Miller Ordained: 2004-05-24

Jeffrey Neil Van Ausdall Ordained: 28 May 2007

Jeffrey R. Mong Ordained: 02 Jan 07

born and raised in pennsylvania. attended a christian school for high school, and love to help people. im military, my job is that im a generator mechanic so i provide soldiers with eletricity when there is none. im 37 years old and love Christ and God!
Jeffrey Saviano Ordained: November 24, 2005

Jeffrey Scott Van Iderstine Ordained: 12/22/2003

Jeffrey Sheffield Ordained: August 10, 2008

Jeffrey Warren Ordained:

Jenna Cavallaro Ordained:

Jennese Lynn Acker Ordained: January 15, 2008

Jennifer Ann Cevallos Ordained: September 25th 2006

Jennifer Ann Saccani Ordained: 31 October 2006 (Samhain/Pagan New Year)

I've been very eclectic in my spiritual quest, and I've also been all over the place and horribly unfocused but knowing I'm definitely supposed to be focusing on the spiritual aspect sof my "self" and life. I currently have been attending a traditional Christian church, but my heart is drawn toward very eclectic New Age & Pagan (Wiccan) spirituality. I believe that entering the Seminary, if accepted, I can apply myself in a structured environment and fulfill my personal calling I've been too long ignoring. I'm definitely a spiritual work in progress, and the courses offered in the seminary look well-rounded, solid, and a great way to earn the experience, knowledge, and information/training I so desperately seek after. I will be applhing for the instant on-line ordination on 31 October this year, the Pagan Samhain New Year holiday. This feels the right time to make my spiritual journey official, hence, my listing a date for my ordination thta has not yet occurred. I've prayed long and hard about this journey, and I know in my heart and spirit that this is the right path and course of action for me at this time in my life. As per personal details, I'm female, 39 years young (as of 17 October this year), and I have the time and space in my life and means to undertake such a long-term momentous JOurney of Discovery. I hope you will find me acceptable to become a Seminary student. Thank you for considering my application.
Jennifer Dawn Wright Ordained:

Jennifer Epperly Ordained: 16 Feb, 2005

background in christianity and natural belief systems, ie shamanism , wicca, and nature
Jennifer Etter Ordained: May 9th 2007

Jennifer Farrell Ordained: 0000-00-00

Attended a Catholic college, received Associates degree in Juvenile Counseling. Program included several theology courses. Other than that? Not much, unless you want to count teaching Sunday school to the 18 mos - 4 yrs. old age group for many years. You have a question about Veggie Tales? That I can answer! Heh. I am here to learn.
Jennifer Hawkins Ordained:

I have been in various types of christian churches as well as religious science. I am currently reading a variety of spiritual studies to develop a well rounded spirituality and understanding of other beliefs.
Jennifer Huntzinger Ordained: 04/10/2006

I was raised in a Baptist household, and went to different churches as I got older. I never could just take one religion's view of God. As an adult, I tried Paganism, Catholicism, and several other religions. I accept that there is a God and that no religion is completely right. All religions have their beliefs and with work, we could blend all religions together.
Jennifer Jeanine Bentley Ordained: 2/7/2008

I've been studying Wicca and other spiritual paths for several years now. As a recently ordained minister for the ULC, I would like to take classes through the Seminary to further my education.
Jennifer L Oberg Ordained: 06/06/2006

certified Holistic Health Practitioner / yoga instructor
Jennifer L. Holt Ordained: Jan. 18th, 2007

catholic, non-denom, lutheran study, LDS study, MCC member
Jennifer Sterling Ordained: Nov '03

Jennifer White Ordained: 6-07-09

Jerald Lamonte Garrett Ordained: 10/01/2008

Jeremia Squires Ordained: 12/27/05

I work as a in-Home minister helping those with loved ones with a disability.
Jeremy Carroll Ordained: 03/01/09

Jeremy Ellis Ordained: 15 Dec 08

I became ordained for my motorcycle club. I wanted to weddings for my brothers. They would like for me to become the Chaplin for the club. In accepting the nomination, I would like to be schooled in the ways of being a minister.
Jeremy Ellis Ordained: 15 Dec 08

I became ordained for my motorcycle club. I wanted to weddings for my brothers. They would like for me to become the Chaplin for the club. In accepting the nomination, I would like to be schooled in the ways of being a minister.
JEREMY EVANS Ordained: 8/12/08

Jeremy J. Halsdorff Ordained: 8/27/2005

Jeremy Lynn Barker Ordained: 0000-00-00

Jeremy R. Abbott Ordained: 06 July 2008

US Military Veteran, going to school full-time.

Jeremyah Antwon Davis Sr. Ordained: 11-8-06

Jermain Allen Hawver Ordained: I will send later

I am a preachers kid(Church of Christ/Christian Church) I have or am beginning to start a ulc church ministry in my building. I have 6 members of present and this sunday 7. I am trying to broaden my knowladge of Christ. I have knowladge of the Bible but would like to expand my knowladge.
Jerome Hess Ordained: 3/15/01 ?

BA in theoretical Math and Applied Sciences. BS. in Banking and Finaces MS and Phd in Theology
Jerome Hooper Ordained: 05/16/2002

Jerome Winslow Ordained: December 11, 2006

Broad, Diverse background. Experience in Arts and Cinematography. Education in Astrophysics, PhD in Botany. Teach college level courses in Science, Technology, and Society. Student of Religion. Serious, practicing Buddhist.
Jerry R. Jaramillo Ordained: 1 Jan 2009

Served as an Assistant Chaplain in U.S. Army for 3 Years, Served as a Volunteer Law Enforcement Chaplain for 1 1/2 years, Member of Hope Chapel 4 Square Denomination, 26 Years, Lead the Hispanic Ministries, at Redwood Gospel Mission, Santa Rosa, CA. On-line Course from De Luth Univ. Old Testament, New Testament, Study of the Bible, Advanced Bible Studies, Intermediate Bible Studies, and Begginner Bible Studies, Completed Evangelism Explosion Program. Casuality Notification and Funeral Detail for U.S. Army from 2003-2005
Jesse J. Salens Ordained: 0000-00-00

ULC Seminary student.
Jesse William Caldwell Ordained: July 7th, 2006 at 4:44AM

From the age of 5 I was a member of the Nazarene Church. I attended Sunday school as well as both Sunday morning and night services and sometimes Wednesday services until I was around 18. I began to ask myself why I attended church? Who really created the universe? Why is there so much suffering in the world? Why are other religions considered to be wrong? This set forth my spiritual path. For many years I have been researching my own spiritual path. I have been a minister with the Universal Life Church for over 2 years now. I have performed 1 wedding ceremony and written a few sermons, but have not done much spiritually on a community level in the past year. I would like to expand my knowledge of all religion and spiritual paths and then use the wisdom I gain to help others in both their spiritual and emotional walks. I believe that religion and spirituality are both personal and different for each person and that is why I have come to support the ULC.
Jessica Lou Volpe Ordained:

Studying wicca for about 9 years, but believe I was taught wrong.
Jessica Roof Ordained:

Jessica Yurkiewicz Ordained: May 21, 2007

Jessie Dale Bloomer Ordained:

Have practiced wicca for about 5 years, though only conistently for about 1.5 and am looking to take the next step along my own path.
Jesus Chavez Ordained: January 12-2009

My father was a Methodist Preacher for 60 years. I have been around a church environment all my life and now I have become a born again Christian
Jesus Chavez Ordained: January 12-2009

My father was a Methodist Preacher for 60 years. I have been around a church environment all my life and now I have become a born again Christian
Jewel Meadows Ordained: 03/03/09

Pagan-Wiccan Reverend
Jewel Meadows Ordained:

I am a wicca pagan, have been since I was 12, and I am very interested on learning all that I can.
Jim DeManche Ordained: December 22, 2008

Retired Peace Officer, Reverend, Law Enforcement Chaplain, Trained Hospice Volunteer.
Jim DeManche Ordained: December 22, 2008

Ordained Reverend Ordained Law Enforcement Chaplain Trained Hospice Volunteer
Jim DeManche Ordained: December 22, 2008

Ordained Reverend Ordained Law Enforcement Chaplain Trained Hospice Volunteer
Jimmie Larry Walk Ordained: 0000-00-00

Working for the Lord since 1987. Currently on Public Access each week on Time Warner Cable in Chatsworth, California.reaching approximately 200000 each week. May the God sustain the preaching of His Word!!!
Jimmie Ray Green Ordained: June 23,2009

Grew up in an evangelical, non-denominational church. Have always had a very spiritual life and continue to grow. Meditate daily as well as prayer. Interested in language greek/hebrew text, translation. Biblical History. BIG fan of JESUS!
Jo Sevastakis Ordained: 2003?

Joan Murphy Ordained: 8/18/2007

Joan Pape Ordained: December, 1999

I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and wish to pursue working as a chaplain in a hospice or nursing home environment.
Joanna B. Fry, Ph. D. Ordained: first time 1989

JoAnna L Duguay Ordained:

Was a radical born-again Christian for 12 years and now interested more in the common threads in all religion and how we all share the same basic belief tenants. I am currently a member of AMORC and seeking to broaden my knowledge.
jodi cory Ordained:

Jody Branson Ordained: april 20, 2006

i got saved in 1986. i served in minstry for, nine years at the action center church. i now serve at oklahoma community church. for me being ordained minster is not about making money but helping people, and more then that working for God.
Jody Mitchell Rivers Ordained: April 14th, 2007

Have been a practicing Wiccan for over twenty years.
Joe & Kathy Amos Ordained: September 2003

Ordained as a Pastor 1990 Ordained as an Apostle 2003
Joe H. Baber Ordained: 02-06-09

Recently ordained, primary intrests pagan-- Wicca and Shamanism. Spiritual growth and understanding.
Joel Terry Williams Ordained: 2/5/2005

I am a First Degree Wiccan Priest. My Ordination is within my temple. I am interested in taking your classes to improve my own knowledge.
Joel Thomas Fesperman, Sr Ordained: 9-13-2002

Raised Baptist
Johanna Burdinie Ordained: 12/23/2008

Johanna Burdinie Ordained: 12/23/2008

Johanna Molina Ordained: 10/5/06

Johanna Schmidt Ordained:

I have been studing wicca for about 8 years but have been looking for the right religon for about 15 since I am only 29 that is over half my life. Wicca is the only one that feels right to me. Once I found it I finaly felt like a whole person. I began to see things different and my life changed for the better.
Johlae Jounson - McCuistion Ordained: January 14 2009

I am a life long spiritual seeker and have been counseling others for many years. I wish to continue this journey of enlightment.
Johlae Mccuistion Ordained:

JOHN A STARKES Ordained: 2005-03-15

Background: Baptist
john andrew schlederer Ordained:

John Andrew Simpson Ordained: 1977-02-13

I have been a priest in the Anglican Church for 31 years and have served in parishes, training of ministers(lay & ordained). During this time I have had a significant interest in spirituality, Christian, new age, those of other faiths and none. I have led workshops in these areas and would like to give some form and knowledge to my experience. i trust in the 'We are One' motto and like the vision of the Seminary.
John Boaz Etscorn Ordained: 07/06/2003

All things considered.
John Brown Ordained: new

John Brown Fly III Ordained: -unknown-

I've used your Ordination credentials for years, and its been wonderful having the ability to perform weddings for friends and family members. I do consider myself a religious person, and I have spent a number of years researching on my own. I would be interested in gaining more knowledge and thought since my ordination was ULC why not check out your online seminary. I look forward to seeing what you have to offer. Thank you, John Fly
John Carl Farmer Ordained: 4-16-2006 and 7-16-2006

Have been ordianed by another on 4-16-2006
John David Forsythe Ordained: July 18, 2006

I come from a Baptist and Medthodist background as my grandfather was a Methodist preacher. I was ordained by ULC on July 18, 2006. I am also a member of Wichita Falls Metropolitan Community Church. I am disabled but volunteer almost 30 hours a week of my time for Gay and Civil Rights and HIV advocacy.
John David Haag Ordained: unknown

Christian Freemason Hermeticist
John Day Ordained:

John E Wippler III Ordained: November 6 2003

Ordained November 6 2003.
John E. Perry, Jr. Ordained:

John Fischetti Ordained: 01/12/2006

John Fischetti Ordained: 1/12/2006

John Foster Clark Ordained: 11/20/2007

John Francis Cavener Ordained: 03/19/2003

BS - Finance & Management MS - Human Resources Management PhD (Candidate) - General Management & Organizational leadership DD - Doctor of Divinity
John G Bell Ordained: 2001 or 2002

I AM INTERESTED IN GETTING A Ph.d in the healing arts, or in divinity or some thing i we i would like to speak to a live person. with a phone # also i would perfer to take the course throgh snail mail ,and do you still take check or m.o REV. JOHN G Bell
John G. Hemstreet, D.D. Ordained: 1964-05-30

Joined ULC in 2002 after retiring from RC clergy after 23 years. AB in Humanities from St. Meinrad College. Graduated seminary studies from Athenaeum of Ohio DD from ULC in 2002 Feel that I have always been called to devote my time and efforts to improve the quality of life for those with whom I share community. jhtol@msn.com
JOHN GILBERT SCHROEDER Ordained: 3-24-2008

suffered with alcoholism, and drug addiction most of my life. found peace in A.A.,CHURCH,and surrendering my life to GOD! SINCE 3-20-1995
John Gordon Ordained:

John Gordon Ordained:

John Hodgson Ordained: April 16, 1998

I am a long time member of ULC who wants to now start marrying people and increasing my knowledge in all things spiritual.
John J Reder Ordained: 1999-07-05

Spirit Walk Ministry is a spiritual assembly, founded by ordained ministers of the Universal Life Church as a "union church" and dedicated to the tenet of free, open and non-proselytizing study and practice of spiritual and religious paths. Our liturgical idiom is a combination of traditional Shamanic and modern Pentecostal practition. http://www.spiritwalkministry.com/
John J. Joubert Jr. Ordained: 1979 and again in 2004

Ordained in 1979 but did not partake in any active role within the church system. Became ordained again in 2004 so as to serve as Minister at my step daughter's wedding. Have spent all my life studying spirituality and am now ready to start my active part within ULC system. Looking forward to a long and productive carreer because I have many beliefs firmly established and am looking forard to sharing them with the world as best as I am able.
John Justin Graham Ordained: May 17, 2002

I am involved with Law Enforcement with a small Private Police Department that has alot of issues. I am attempting to become the department Chaplin, alot of people already come to me for advise, Im just looking for another way to help back up what I am saying.
John Knutson Ordained: 6/16/2003

I am a little confused on my ordination. I put 6/16/2003 above as the date as that is what is in my letter of good standing. But I have the certificate thingy in my file one gets when they sign up and it is displayed on the computer. That date says Dec. 5th, 2002. the 2003 one I think was when I changed my address, as I know I originally signed up before that date. Thanks!
John L. Horner Ordained: 09/10/2003

John L. Niles, II Ordained:

John L. Watson Ordained: 04/30/1999

John Leckner Ordained:

Dr. of Metaphysics from ULC. I would like to confirm the dates of my ordination and of date of completion of my metaphysics class.
John Lious Payne Jr. Ordained: Feburary 3,2009

43 yr old african american male
John Lious Payne Jr. Ordained: Feburary 3,2009

43 yr old african american male
John MacEnulty Ordained: November 20, 2008

I am 65 years old, retired, a musician with the St. Louis Symphony orchestera for 20 years. I now play the Native American flute and act as spiritual guide and leader. I write and perform throughout the area.
John Miller Ordained: 0000-00-00

John Patrick Farrell Ordained: 07/11/07

State University of New York, College of Arts and Sciences; Geneseo, NY -Bachelor of Arts in Music History and Theory (May 1991) University of Minnesota, School of Industrial Relations; Minneapolis, MN -Customer Service Certificate (February 2001) -MFA in Creative Writing (May 2001)
John Pendlebury Ordained: NEW

John Powell Ordained: 2000-04-13

After studing the Bible, The Holy Qur'an, Wicca, Buddism, The acient religions of Greek, Babalon and the Middle East, Judaism, and many other beliefs. I have decided to confirm what I know and to learn as much as is possible in this lifetime in an effort to assist others to understand what they believe and why.
John Rae Ordained: July 2008

Kung Fu teacher for 18 years, spiritual seeker. Involved in prison ministry.
John Raymond Kitchens Ordained: July 3, 2007

John Robertson Ordained: 3/31/08

2nd degree black belt, energy healer, t'ai chi teacher
John Schriner Ordained:

John Simpson Ordained: 1976

Retired Episcopal priest and seeking a wide view of religion and faith so as to be a spiritual coach/guide to our multicultural community. I finished the Spirit-Quest and would like to know the Lulu contact to buy the book of studies.
John Storey Ordained: 26/04/2009

John Timothy Tomlin Ordained: 12/16/2008

Presbyterian member NM,TX, AZ Unity Church member OR, Bahamas Whole Life Church member OR Eagle Scout Award, BSA 1967 God and Country Religious Award 1965 Ranchman Camp Meetings New Mexico Ghost Ranch Church Camp Rebuilt Presbyterian church in Juarez Mexico Summer 1969
John W Martin Ordained: 02-08-2002

John W. Johnston Ordained: 0000-00-00

john weavell Ordained: 4th November, 2008

I come from a good Christian upbringing but have not always followed God's word as well as I should have. I am at a stage in my life where I want to learn and teach God's word to others.
John Yocabet Ordained: 2003-09-14

God Quote by Robert Browning All service ranks the same with God ? With God, whose puppets, best and worst, Are we: there is no last nor first. Enrolled in Spirit-Quest, Four Gospels and Everyday Miracles Courses.
Johnnie F. Woodall Jr Ordained: March,06,2005

I became part of the family of Christ at an age of about 22 Years old. Me and my Wife are teacher's at your on Church I have grades three to seventh grade that is a hand full.
Johnnie F. Woodall Jr Ordained: March,06,2005

I became part of the family of Christ at an age of about 22 Years old. Me and my Wife are teacher's at your on Church I have grades three to seventh grade that is a hand full.
johnniebrooks Ordained: 1992

Johnny C. Powell Ordained: 0000-00-00

Johnny DuPr? George, Jr. Ordained: 2004-11-14

Background: Southern Baptist Summer Missionary for 2 yrs. Youth gospel choir (Come To Life Singers) for almost 6 yrs. Adult church choir for 4 yrs. Studied with Hare Krishnas in Dallas, TX for 9 mths. Attended LeTourneau University in 1994 to undertake relegious studies. Accepted Christ as my Saviour at the age of 14, was baptized by my Pastor at First Baptist Church of Mullins.
Johnny L. Hopkins Ordained: 0000-00-00

Several religious studies courses (New Testament, Intro to Study of Religion, Jesus, Paul, Judaism) as a part of my second degree in computer science.
JohnPaul Hall Ordained: april 16, 2009

christian background looking to be a full time minister in the faith
Johns Ordained:

johnson sr. Ordained: june 2008

i am currently a hospital chaplain
Jolindy Antionette Smit Ordained: 17 February 2008

B.A. degree majoring in Psychology and Journalism from UOFS, Bloemfontein, SA
Jon Rasmussen Ordained: January 2001

JONATHAN A. HAYES Ordained: 10-18-06

jonathan c. longcrier Ordained: can't remember

Jonathan Caverly Ordained: 5/12/2001

jonathan edward bruns Ordained: 10-8-2006

Jonathan H. B. Lobl Ordained: August 28, 1978 (please confirm)

I have extensive trining in reiki and other forms of spiritual healing. Jonathan Lobl
Jonathan Kedziora Ordained: 10/21/2007

I was raised in a Lutheran/Catholic home. I attended St. Matthew's Ev. Lutheran School in Niles, Il. After 8th grade I strayed away from my faith. It has been a long, hard struggle to regain myself while searching enlightenment. Now I want to share it with all that want it.
Jonathan Lane Ordained: 11/03/08

I have studied various aspects of spirituality and metaphysics for the last 15 years. I have a strong background in the physical sciences as well and have continued my education through various fields of study and real world application for over 25 years.
Jonathan Michael Brown Ordained: May 24th, 2006

I have been studying the philosophy and practices of Buddhism, Paganism, and Taoism for 5 years on my own as a hobby.
Jonathan Taylor Ordained: September 26, 2006

I am a sophomore at College Misericordia in Dallas, Pennsylvania. I am studying philosophy and religion. I embrace humanist ideas and am looking to fully immerse myself in the objective study of religion and spirituality.
Jonathan Wendes Ordained: October 25th 2005

Jonathan Wendes Ordained: October 25th 2005

Jonathon Kloster Ordained: Satruday, April 18

I study the physical.
JoNell Bates Ordained:

Ordained several years ago and work primarily as a nurse. I travel throughout the USA in areas where nurses are scarce. Having studied the Bible and taken several UCL courses, I still find I need more.
Jones Ordained: March 2007

A year as and Ordained MInister in ULS. Past Deacon in local church, choir director, treasurer and church trustee.
Jones Ordained: November 30, 2006

BSRN, Red Cross Disaster Services First Responder
Jones-Azaria Ordained: 1/26/08

I am looking forward to opening my own chapel and to officiate at weddings and funerals. I worked in the funeral business and feel there is a need for more thought full open minded ceremonies.
Joni Tucker-Nisbeth Ordained: April 12, 2009

I have been a practicing social worker for the past 20 years. I have worked in the fields of Social justice, Civil Rights, race relations Child welfare, and presently serve in Hospice care. I have earned a Bachelors and Masters in Social Work (MSW). For many years , others have said they have considered me a 'spiritual guide". I had resisted-- but now I truly "accept" this Sacred Responsibility bestowed upon me. I am a Spiritual Guide, one of many of Earth's Light Workers. I wanted to be ordained with ULC because the time has come that I network and organize with others to "Walk the Talk" and carry on this Sacred Light Work as a Guide. A-Ho
Jose Carlos Soto Ordained:

jose de leon vitug lll Ordained: july 1,2008

Joseph Kwame Nti Ordained: January, 2000

Trained at the Ghana Baptist Seminary (now Ghana Baptist University College)
joseph a neville Ordained:

Joseph Alonso Ordained: 0000-00-00

Joseph Anthony Craig Davis Ordained: July 26, 1997

Joseph Brave-Heart Ordained:

Joseph Chromy, Jr. Ordained: 1/2/2003

Joseph Dean Blackwell Ordained:

Joseph Evans Ordained: March 17, 2008

Joseph F. Ballard Ordained: 2001-12-16

Graduate of Florida International University 1976
Joseph Farnin Ordained: 06/02/2009

Joseph Gilbert Serge Charron Ordained: March 26, 2007

Joseph Gregory Ordained: 10/2005

Strong Catholic background and education. Currently Pastor for Grand Valley Ministries. Perform weddings, and perform community ministry work for those in need. Also hospital chaplain for West Slope Mental Health Hospital. Currently holds degrees in many fields of alcohol and drug counseling and psychiatry awareness.
joseph hall Ordained: 3/6/09

Joseph Jenkins Ordained: 2001

I am an office worker who is interested in the ULC.
Joseph King Ordained: 01/25/2009

was ordained once before a long time a go to do weddings and counselling and have just desided to replug myself in
Joseph M. Stokas Ordained: 01/02/04

Joseph Perry Ordained: 0000-00-00

Catholic upbringing with training in religous education through the Catholic Church. I have a desire to share my faith values with others and share in their times of need. I also have coursework in Human Geography and Sociology, specifically the medical sociology and death and dying.
Joseph Primer Ordained: 0000-00-00

DD,PHd form ulc
Joseph Roger Lynn Jr. Ordained: 9/4/2007

I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith, and at the age of 21, after a spiritual crisis, began to seek God through faith and prayer outside of religious dogma, believing that God would show me the right path to take. After much searching and many disappointments I would be led to a group called The Twelve Tribes communities, and would be a member for about five years before once again finding that dogma was replacing faith in my life. My beliefs continued to evolve with my experiences and I am now more inclined to call myself a spiritual person without classifying myself as a Christian or of any other specific religious bent.
Joseph Ryan Ordained: 10/18/2006

Joseph T. Ceh Ordained: August 29, 2006

I am a former Roman Catholic who has completed a Masters degree in theology and a Doctor of Ministry Degree. Due to theological differences, I chose not to be ordained. However, I feel called to minister in as many ways as my Creator places before me.
Josh Copeland Ordained: 2002-03-26

I am currently active duty Air Force as a Workgroup Manager (Network Admin). I am the Admin of the ULC Seminary and hold Mod/Admin status on several other ULC related forums. my bio is here. http://murphzlaw1inc.net.tf click on the VP link.
Josh Knighton Ordained: -

Youth Minister
Joshua Brown Ordained: 4-9-07

joshua m agbey Ordained:

Joshua A. Laughlin Ordained: 02/10/04

Pagan Minister (Versed in Irish and Scottish legends, folklore, religion, and history); Spiritual Healer.
Joshua Hale Gerner Ordained: September 28 2002

Joshua Isaiah Scroggins Ordained:

Joshua Isaiah Scrogigns Ordained:

Joshua Scalise Ordained: 5, Feb. 2009

Josse Alexandro Garrido Ordained: September 16, 2007

I am a hispanic, Spiritual Healer, and Reiki Master. I had been traing people to heal their own spiritual wounds since i was 13 years old. I currently have 26 students and i am looking foward to develop a congregation to reach out more people
Joy C. Richardson Ordained: October 10, 2005

Joyce J. Hanauer Ordained: 9/03

working in religious community and networking with others
Joycelyn Marie Ansel Ordained: 10.25.2007

Juan Cervantes Ordained: 5-2004

Juan Mancias Ordained: 2004-10-29

Background: I am raised Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas. I am a sundancer. I have a Certificate in Pastoral Studies with a specialization in Youth Ministry, from Incarnate Word University. I was reared Catholic. Have been the Director for Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Lubbock Texas and theDirector for Youth and Young Adult Ministry in the Diocese of Monterey, California. I have also been the Director for the National Conference for Native Americans, The National Tekakwith Conference in Great Falls Montana. I have had much training in Faith Development, Christology, and Bible. But mainly, I am involved very deeply and sincerely in the ways of my Native Belief.
Judge Singleton Ordained: March 10, 2002

My name is Judge Edward Singleton. I currently live in Medellin, Colombia and I have taken classes through the ULC Seminary in the past. I have been working hard for the past few years to finish my Bachelor of Science in Business Management (BS) and My Master of Business Administration in Global Management (MBA). I hold several Degrees from the ULC Seminary, the Honorary Doctor of Divinity and the Doctor of Religious Philosophy from the Universal Life Church. I would like to continue with my Seminary training and finish my course of study so as to be awarding the full degree from ULC Seminary.
Judith Ellen Gutt Ordained: 5-27-08

Judith Lepoma Ordained: 3/24/2009

Judith Lepoma Ordained: April 30. 2009

Judy Ann McAdoo Ordained:

I have been studing wicca since I was 16 . my aunt and great -grandmother is wiccan . they started working with me when I 8-YEARS-OLD
Judy Jean Quintero1 Ordained: july 11 2007

I dont know what yu mean by background info,,I'm a Reiki Master and massage therapist
Julian Blount Sr. Ordained: 09 - 10 - 08

Julian Blount Sr. Ordained: 09 - 10 - 08

Julian Grant Ordained: May 2, 2006

Julie Ann Gravel Ordained: 10-12-07

Pagan and Witch for 14 years,seeking to further my studies and hopefully gain ministry status.
Julie Estes Ordained: 06/04/2008

I need to know a lot more so I have a good background and will most positively represent the ULC.
Julie Farrer Ordained: 1st of June 2007

Assisting others to celebrate life's milestones gives me great pleasure. The healing afforded by these ancient ceremonies often goes far beyond the obvious and I feel grateful and honoured to do this work.
Julie Mueller Ordained: 5/9/2009

Wish to learn more about the spiritual path.
Julie Villalonga Ordained: 0000-00-00

A member of a christian church for 9 yrs. I have been baptized in the holy spirit, born again believer of Jesus Christ. Serve as a Deacons wife in our Food pantry and also head of it. We give food to the poor and also feed them spiritually.
Juliet Susan Childs Ordained: 19/03/2008

I have been in a 12 step programme for 6 years and follow a spiritual path. Although not a Christian, I do work as a support worker in a Christain rehab and feel that a better knowledge of spirituality would help me help these women more.
Juliette Vincent Ordained: 1-16-2007

June Richmond Ordained: 2002-04-20

Hi, How are you, I relly don't have any information to add. June
June Rose Love Cherry Ordained: October 23,2008

Ordained wiccan, degree in psychology.
Justin C. Good Ordained: 2004-04-24

I learn therefore I am.
Justin Finneran Ordained: June 17 2005

Associates Degree in Communication Arts from Delaware County Community College
Justin Francis Ordained: July 9, 2006

Justin Lane Roark Ordained: April 27, 2007

11 years of solitary pagan studies, 2 years as high priest in a youth coven.
Justin M. Oles Ordained: March 23, 2002

Justin Michael Hickox Ordained: 10/04/2008

Justina Marie Clark Ordained: June 21, 2005

I have been an ordained minister for two years. I have been drawn to the Pagan/Wiccan Path for a long time. I am continually reading and learning.
K Werner Ordained: June 18, 2004

Kallie B. Nelson Ordained: 05/18/2008

I work at walmart, i have no police records, i'm a pretty good person.
kamalakkannan Ramasamy Ordained: 20/11/2007

M.A. in English literature and 7 years' experience as lecturer in English
Karen Cohen Ordained: December 14, 1999

Karen E Perez Ordained: May 28 2008

Karen E Sampson Ordained: Feb 13, 2002

I am a former campus minister and have a very solid theological education.
Karen Jeanette Prater Ordained: 10 6 2008

Karen Jonsson Ordained:

Karen K. Angell Ordained:

Karen Koch Frederick Ordained: March 11, 2009

Karen M. Kahn Ordained: 11/17/2006

Karen McKenzie Ordained: 18 June 2006

I am a Reiki Master. Iam also a pacticing Wiccan. I have always been a spiritual individual who has looked at different religions objectively, and have studied what I could on each
Karen Richardson Ordained: June 2, 1993

Karen Shank Ordained: 11-18-2005

KaRin Varner Ordained: 11/22/2008

KaRin Varner Ordained: 11/22/2008

I was an ordained minister in the Church of God Pentecostal Church for many years. Upon divorce I was no longer allowed to keep my ordination. I have ministered by spiritual counseling and now have my ULC ordination. I wish to continue my learning and my further ministry.
Karina M. Nelson Ordained:

Karmel Smith Ordained:

Karmel Smith Ordained: ?

Karringten Ordained: I have 1 but can't find it.

What background details did you wish to know. I've been studying Sylvia Browne's books and the tenets of her church Novus Spiritus. I've also studied the Dr. Caroline Myss course and Bible Studies through Tomorrow's World. Please do not sell any of the personal information contained within. Thank you.
Kashif Hazqial Ordained: 22th December 2007

Greeting in the name os Jesus I am Kashif Hazqial From pakistan i am baptist christian and my whole family is christian we live in a govtment colony its my simple background God Bless you Marry Christmas to all of you Your Faithful Kashif Hazqial
Kashif Hazqial Ordained: 22th jan 2008

Greeting in the name of Lord Jesus Christ.We are whole Family is Christian and we live in Govement Colony and my grandfather is pastor
Katharine Trent Ordained: 05 Feb 2008

Katherine MacDowell Ordained: 3/31/07

I am in my last year in my doctoral program in clinical and health psychology and hold a masters in counseling psychology from Rutgers University where I graduated suma cum laude. I hold a BA in English and a minor in religious studies from Rutgers as well. I have been teaching shamanism for many years and have been practicing since early childhood. In addition to working as a psychotherapist and substance abuse counselor, I am a licensed professional development provider for the NJ Department of Education on mental health issues affecting children and adolescents.
Katherine Renea Amyx Ordained:

Katherine Smulian Ordained: 27th June 2008

In no particular order - Mother of 3, Acupuncturist, Wife, Massage Therapist, Nutritional Consultant, Reiki Master, Business Woman, Website Designer & now Reverend
Katherine Wood Robles Ordained: 03/13/2009

Katherine Wood Robles Ordained: 03/13/2009

Kathi Beck Ordained: 2004-01-04

Background: I am a "German Jew"-raised by a 'Catholic' and a 'Baptist' in a 'Presby.' home.... I became 'Meth' .... My family became 'Mormon'.... Oh and my best friend and God Mother to my child is 'Wiccan'. So, I am very diversified in my beliefs. I am a Cardiac Nurse and use this area to Serve God. However, I cannot find a Church Home that does not judge my beliefs. I hear,"Well, We don't believe in that!" However, I feel that we are spirits...Visiting this human school...to simply grow from our life's experiences. And once we have accomplished all we have come for, we get to go home. I have witnessed more miracles in my life than anyone I know... And I feel my next step on my trail home is to solidify my goal... I want to be a Minister of God. I wanted to be a (Nurse) (Army Man) (Mommy) and (Minister) growing up. The first three I have accomplished...However, with a Mormon family it is kind of hard to get family support to go to seminary as a WOMAN. So this is my chance, to accomplish my goals; anyway, I am not sure there is a denominational Seminary that follows my belief system... Thanks, Kathi
Kathleen Elizabeth DePalmenary Ordained: 2-29-08

solitary practitioner/stregha/celtic line. 10yrs on Pagan path.
Kathleen Jackson Ordained: 12/20/2007

Kathleen M. Weber Ordained: 02/22/2004

Life long seeker of truth.
Kathryn A. Wright Ordained: 7/2002

I was raised Christian but became Wiccan in high school.
Kathryn Amodio Ordained: I don't recall!

My background is similar to ULC's approach, as I seem to get to things in a rather roundabout or backwards way. I started my "professional" life as a Rehabilitation Counselor working with adults, realized that it made more sense to me to work with children, then that it made more sense to work to help children grow to be healthy adults and so became a trained Waldorf teacher, then a tutor because some of the children needed extra help, realized that traditional (i.e. Linda-Mood Bell) approaches were asking the child to do more of what they had difficulty doing and so undertook the Remedial Teacher Training to learn the Extra Lesson approach. During all of this, I was blessed to realize, albeit with GREAT reluctance, that Christ is my Way. As my husband was raised Catholic that became the church we attended. This proved painful as well as supportive as I felt more and more called to serve as a minister of God's grace and love. Since the Catholic church does not ordain women, I became ordained through ULC. I am currently offering both educational and emotional support to individuals via my private practice. I would very much value deepening the "reality" of my ordination. I am happy to see that you are in Elk Grove! Thank you for this undertaking. Warmly, Katie Amodio
Kathryn Carnovale Ordained: 4/09

I have been called to ministry ever since I can remember. Communiity service and service to my church, family and community have always been at the forefront of my being. I attented the Chaplaincy Institute for two years and found it to be an informative and rewarding experience. I am however, a devout Christian and wish to further my knowledge and understanding. My ministry is and will always be what I term the "forgotten": the elderly, hospice, long term care facilities etc...
Kathryn Cullum Ordained: 11 Nov 1997

Kathryn D. Mistler Ordained: December 31, 1999

Kathryn J Morin Ordained: 7-11-07

Kathryn Mutchler Ordained:

Katrina Taylor Ordained: 2001

law and restaurant management
Keely Ordained: 2003

I have been waiting for this specific field to come on line a long time. I have been Wicca for many years and now wish to share knowledge with our community.
Kefaloukos Georgios Ordained: 20-03-2007

Kefaloukos Georgios Ordained: April 1, 2007

Keith F. Reyes Ordained: 23 July 2007

Retired Military, interested in Chaplancy programs with Veteran Groups, and Emergency Management Agencies, FEMA, Red Cross, Police, Fire etc.. Need more Training etc.. Your my answers!!
Keith Howard Ordained: 12/29/2006

Was ordained before, but reapplied, retired police officer, I am Druid in my path from Scotland I follow my families heritage
Keith Kilroy Ordained: May 09, 2009

I have always helped others as much as possible and wish to continue this practice.
Keith Levey Ordained: 05/25/2009

Keith Miller Ordained: 2002

BA in Adult Studies; MEd in Educational Leadership; Married 32 years wih 3 children and grandkids.
Keith W Young Ordained: 18th of May 2007

Home Schooled Christ Follower. And credit Dr Jamed vernon McGeefrom Thru The Bible Radio Network for my Basic understanding of the teachings Gods Word And To My late aunt Cindy for bringing me in to Jesus"s Sheepfold when i was a preeteen
Kelli D. Mims Ordained: Dec. 11, 2007

I am a Christian. I am a Single Mom to an 8 year old little girl that I adopted at birth. I have been led to the Ministry by my Lord & Saviour. I found your site by typing in "Seminary" in the search engine. After reading your information I am fully interested in your Seminary Program.
Kelli D. Mims Ordained: Dec. 11, 2007

I am a Christian. I am a Single Mom to an 8 year old little girl that I adopted at birth. I have been led to the Ministry by my Lord & Saviour. I found your site by typing in "Seminary" in the search engine. After reading your information I am fully interested in your Seminary Program.
Kelly Ann Kiley Ordained: 06/21/2007

I have been a spiritual person all my life, and was raised Catholic. around 1993, when I was 16, I was ws begining to realize that Christianity was not for me when I realized there are too many religions in the world for only One to be right. I became interested in Paganism and Wicca in 1995, when I was 18, but life took over and it was put on the back bburner. When I was older, and settled down with my Husband in 2002, Paganism popped back into my life bacause of a simple web search of a non-related subject. I began studying Wicca & Paganism that year, and Dedicated myself to the Wiccan path in May, 2003. It has been five years since I first began studying Wicca & Paganism, and I consider myself an Eclectic Wiccan. I have found comfort in my Wiccan Spirituality, and fell that my faith has made me a better person. I am very active in my local Pagan Community, and have been involved in planning our local Pagan Pride day. I meet with members of my local Pagan community on a weekly basis, and am Moderator for the Local Pagan group in our area that hosts these weekly meetings, called Pasco Pagans. I thought about Ordination through ULC about 2 years ago, but it did not feel right at the time. This year I have felt ready to become ordained, and found the Seminary. I decided to do my ordination on the Summer Solstice, and did so. I did this, not for the title but to further my learning (because learning should never end) and because I feel ready to give back to the Community and provide Clergy services to my local Pagan community. I though Ordination through ULC, and taking classes through the Seminary would be a great way to do that. I am very exited about the new path I am about to begin as Pagan Clergy. If you would like to know more enformation about me, I encourage you to have a look at my My Space page at www.myspace.com/paganmomkelly Thank you Sincerly, ~Kelly Ann Kiley
Kelly Ann Selz Ordained: February 7th 2007

I have a year's theological study completed, but now I would like to expand my knowledge and increase my abilities as a minister.
Kelly Chippie Ordained: 9/24/08

Looking to fill a void in my community giving comfort to all religions in hospitals and nursing homes.
Kelly L. Routt Ordained: Feb 24 2009

Kelly Lynne Bailey Ordained:

Kelly Terrell Ordained: October 9, 2008

Kelly W. Davidson Ordained: 20 August 2008

Kelly Webb Achziger Ordained: 2002-06-24

Kenneth Colwill Ordained: July 18, 2006

I am a Mohawk Indian. I was called to Jesus Christ at age seven and called by Creator to be a shaman at age thirty nine, that was fifteen years ago. I am a Christian Shaman.
Kenneth E DeWitt Jr Ordained:

Kenneth G. O'Bryan Ordained: 12/04/03

Kenneth J Swanson Ordained: 2003-01-12

Background: I am Buddhist( Zen white plum Maezami Roshi lineage) and have taken some training toward a lay person.
Kenneth J. Swanson Ordained: 2003-01-12

Email: kenswanson@wi.rr.com Background: I am Buddhist( Zen white plum Maezami Roshi lineage) and have taken some training toward a lay person.
Kenneth L Bush Ordained:

Kenneth M. Tyrrell Ordained:

Kenneth P. Jack Ordained: SEPT 2008

Kenneth Robinson Ordained: 07-22-1979

B.S. - Social Relations M.B.A., J.D., LL.M. (Taxation) Diverse spiritual background. Current interests: chi kung, traditional and neo-shamanism, etc.
Kennneth Holloway Ordained: 4-5-06

I can't recall my ordination date. I'm trying to grow in the Lord.
Kenny Dale Blood Ordained: 5/4/07

Kent Dion Hayes Ordained: May 27,2006

Pastor of a church in Irving,Tx and we are growing,also I'm a believer in Jesus Christ and I've been taking Bible courses and would just rather get in the seminary and be apart of my family where I received my ordination.
Kent Dion Hayes Ordained: May27,2006

9yrs in the ministry,worked as a youth pastor for 1yr,presently I'm pastor of my own church,have a bachelor of arts in biblical studies,just want to get more credentials and I love to keep learning so I can be a greater teacher as well as preacher to my flock.
Kerey Denali Cheap Ordained: September 25, 2001

Traditioanl Reiki I and II-Completed Leadership training and couseling utilizizing NLP and Hypnotherapy-In progress. A.A.S. through the University of Alaska Fairbanks- In progress Honorary degrees throug ULC HQ
Keri Lynn Base Ordained: 7/24/07

Kerry Alexander Karagas Ordained: 4-16-08

kerry algiere Ordained: 11-27-2001

Minister since 2001. Excorcist and spiritual counselor.
Kerry C. Estrebilla Ordained: N/A

Age:38 Sex:Male Status:Married Nationality:Filipino Educational Background: A.B. Theology BSE Mathematics Master of Arts Education Master in Management Occupation:Principal,Academy
Kerry Cullen Hughes Ordained: April 16, 2007

I am not sure what details are required for this, but I was raised in an abusive home and grew up isolated from everyone. I am now a people person and I would like to learn more about religion. I have always been spiritual, I am just curious to see what all is out there.
Kerry Dean Teverbaugh Ordained: unknown

KESMAN Ordained: 1/2/2008

Currently Trained in Reiki Level 2 and Mediumship Skills. Working toward certification as a medium at Universal Christ Lite Church in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Kevin A Durbin Ordained: 12-22-06

Kevin Agaman Ordained: aug. 16. 2008

Ordained non-denominational

Kevin Anthony Tate Ordained:

Southern Baptist denomination by birth.
kevin d. bradley Ordained: june 28,2004

i have been studing religion for most of my life. i lean towards the christain veriety, but i also have a thirst for more spiritual growth and i am already a ulc minister . and i feel that further studies are nessesary
Kevin Gilhooly Ordained: 3/2/2006

Humane Education and Animal Welfare volunteer, President of Sparky's Pals
Kevin Michael Moffo Ordained: 2/10/2008

Kevin Murphy Ordained: 08/2006

Kevin Nelson Ordained: 2006

I have been an ordained minister since 2006, though having somehow misplaced my documents, I am not sure of the exact date (yes I am the absent minded professor!) I am an active member of the Anglican Catholic Church and do not waver from their teachings and doctrines. I was raised Baptist, but as I grew older, I had too many questions about the faith that they could not answer, and found too many dogmatic conflicts that could not be proven in Scripture. I had long felt the call to become a minister of the Gospel and so in 2006, I requested ordination from Universal Life Church. It is my daily practice to not only do morning and evening prayers, but to strive to become a better minister through the Grace of Jesus Christ, and to assist those that come to me on their spiritual journey.
Kevin S Hart Ordained: June 18, 2005

Psychology, Anthropology (Major World Religions), Education, Central European Studies
Kevin Veloso Ordained:

College student here in the Philippines, 1st year and planning to enter the seminarian to serve and set God as the first goal in life.
Khriste Kunz-Murdie Ordained: 0009-08-05


I am a protestant but several i have always have a call to join catholic,my dad was a clergyman and in my family am the only one who has not succeded to do any career course,aeverytime i get admission to any college something strange happens that makes not to join,like recently i was supposed to join a medical college and all my fee was stolen from my account and last year i was to join an engineering course but i became sick upto the moment the deadline reached.These are just but few of the occurences.I wonder am i a victim of bad luck?several times i have a call to serve but i have ignored this call and in results i can move forward that is why i feel i have to surrender to God now.
kiggundu Ordained:

am still aseminarian and majoring in philosophy in uganda at katigondo national major seminary
Kim Grieff Ordained: 8-6-07

Kim M. Eisen Ordained: November 6th, 2002

Spiritual Counselor/Healer since 1999. Workshops in Universal Knowing and Abundance Awareness. Trauma/Pain and Core Cause Release. www.SpiritHealingPower.com
Kimba Ordained: 22 January 2002

Designations: Mother & Wife Angelologist Usui/Shiki/Reiho/Gendai Reiki Master/Teacher Minister of Healing Angelic Lightworker Researcher/Author http://kimbasangels.com
Kimberley Lovell Ordained: 4/19/2009

I have been in church my entire life. I have been a faithful member of The Metropolitian Community Church since 2005. I have known for a while that God has called me to Ministry for a while now. I am now answering his call to ministry .
Kimberly A Ries Ordained: 7/22/2003

Kimberly A Summers Ordained: 8/6/08

Kimberly Anne Viall Ordained: February 24, 2008

Kimberly Bateau Ordained: 10/19/2007

Eclectic Green Witch, solitary for 18 years. I also practice shamanism.
Kimberly K Seigle Ordained: 02-28-2007

I am very interested in earning a degree in Ministry. I'm very happy to find your site where I can learn at the pace I can afford.
Kimberly K. Reeves Ordained: 07/17/2007

MA English Lit, Pre-Professional MSLS Library Science Massage Therapy Graduate Pagan Clergy
Kimberly M. Homer Ordained: 6/2/04

I'm originally from Massachusetts but moved to Utah a little under two years ago. I recently graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy and am in the process of becoming licenced here in Utah. Going through the program has given me a greater understanding and appreciation of the mind-body connection and has made me a much more spiritual person. I am now ready to expand my knowledge and to use my status as an ordained minister to help and teach others in need.
kimberly nicole valdez Ordained:

Accepted Christ into my life in 2001 and have been very active in my church and community to be used as a vessel to bring others closer to Jesus Christ! I have sung in the church choir, helped with the youth group, and I am currently helping with a youth group here in Spearman and I am also a praise and worship leader at the church!
Kimberly Sue Maloney Ordained: 7-13-06

Kimberly Wright Ordained:

I am a single mom of two wonderful children, and have always felt the pull not only to walk the spiritual path and be able to guide others, but spiritual healing as well. I look forward to every moment as I embarq on this beautiful journey.
Kimes Ordained: 04-19-03

Usui Shiki Ryoho, Usui Reiki Ryoho and Essential Reiki Master Teacher, founder of Kwan Yin Reiki, USC (Universal Spiritual Church) Minister, and Dr. of Divinity - ULC & UTC (Universal Truth Center)... I have a spiritually based healing ministry promoting spiritual journey to Peru, as well as other high-energy places, distant healing and practice primarily Kwan Yin Reiki energy healing. I have also been ministering to others, counseling and teaching metaphysical classes since the early 1980's.
King Ordained:

I have been a ordained reverand with ULC since the early 90's. I truely can not remember my exact ordination date. I am more of the mystical, shamanistic way of thinking, but I seek knowledge for it's own sake.
King Ordained:

I have been a ordained reverand with ULC since the early 90's. I truely can not remember my exact ordination date. I am more of the mystical, shamanistic way of thinking, but I seek knowledge for it's own sake.
Kipper Tyson Rowen Ordained: 0000-00-00

Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, Rosicrucian, Master Mason, Wiccan, Taoist, (9yr.) Zen Buddhist, no path, now a reborn Christian.
Kirby Trent Bible Ordained: April 9,2004

Ordained Minister
Kirk Alan Haas Ordained: Feb. 11, 2004

I joined in '04 so that I could marry my gay friends and then the state of Michigan made it illegal, ouch! I have since set up a wedding/funeral ceremony service and have been quite busy. I have started the paperwork to start a church, brick and motar.
Kirk Anthony Lull Ordained: 4/27/03.

Ive been with the church for four yrs and have had my own virtual temple on the internet, and currently enrolled in a course on spirituality a three or more yrs of study before reaching the goal I set for myself.
Kirk Brandon Ordained:

Kirk Brandon Ordained:

Kit Hawver Ordained:

Kit Hawver Ordained: several years ago

Kit Hawver Ordained: several years ago

Kit Kaplan Ordained: June 2006

Recovering addict 25 years sober. Metagifted, visual spatial learner with ADD and history of severe depression. Much lifted in last three years of regular church attendance at Sacred Center NY (New Thought). Artist and photographer known for insight. Long history of ability to manifest anyhthing but money. Ministerial school of hard knocks. I have a coffee cup ministry and bring a church when i sit down for a cup of joe.
Kit n bracher Ordained: 11-22-2002

updating current listing. ordained....since 2002. licensed notary...wedding counsultant...spiritual counselor...
Kit N. Bracher Ordained: 1/22/07

Kit N. Bracher Ordained: 1-22-07

notary public since 2000
Knobel Jr. Ordained: 4/17/2002

Ko Ordained: June 19, 2007

Kolander Ordained: 10-22-07

was ordained 10-22-07 with the ULC monastary
Korenke Ordained: March 29,1992

I was ordained under the name Valerie Johnson in 1992. In Denver Colorado.
Kresila Ordained: 06-24-2004

Krisgina Jane Rziha Ordained: 0000-00-00

I began my Spiritual Journey at 4 years old in a Presbyterian Pre-School. At 5 years old I was a member of the Methodist Church and went through Confirmation around 8. At 12 years old dedicated my life to God and was Baptized in a Baptist Church. Since this time I have been a member of various churches due to relocation: Southern Baptist, First Assembly of God, United Pentecostal and several Non-Demoninational Churches both Charasmatic and Noncharasmatic..I have went where I was led by God. I am now an ordained minister with ULC and continue my journey of truth and enlightenment as led by my Heavenly Father.
Krishna Kumar Jaisi Ordained: July 17 2007

I am a youth leader of our local Church in Nepal. I didnot get any formal education from any recognize institute regarding Christain Study. I passed Higher secondary level. I want to learn more. Please advice
Krishna Kumar Jaisi Ordained: 24/08/2007

I started my Christain life since 1993 and want to be increase my Spritual growth more through as Seminary Student.
Krista Groll Ordained: I don't remember, it has been a few years

I have 2 Master's degrees in the sciences & would like to study something new
Kristen Gehrke Ordained: 09/01/01

Kristen L. Dittman Ordained: June 2, 2006

Kristen L. Handricken, Ed.M. Ordained: January or February of 2006??

Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church and Diversity Consultant
Kristi Richards Ordained: October 7, 2007

Grew up Presbyterian, Baptized Baptist, Confirmed Catholic. Decided I was more intuned with pagan/wiccan/ new age, earth based religion I feel more comfortable with this tradition of spirituality, and not pre-processed, church-in-a-box religion.
kristi Truscott Ordained: 9/29/06

Kristie-Alia Davidson Ordained: May 9th 2007

Kristie-Alia Davidson Ordained: May 9th 2007

Kristina Belanger Ordained:

Kristina Lynne Zurlino Ordained: may 13,2008

Kristina M. Gehring Ordained: 6/25/02

I am looking to further my work in my faith - and I believe the seminary will help me with that. Also, my original ordination was under my previous name - I am now remarried. My previous name was Kristina Jasso. I have proof of the name change with my divorce records that changed my name to my maiden name (from Jasso to Widener) and then my marriage certificate that shows my name change now (from Widener to Gehring) Please let me know if you need any of this information.
Kristine Annette Knudsen Berg Ordained: 2003?

Kristopher Torrey Ordained: 2004-06-16

I am in the Marine Corps as of right now. I will be getting out in June 2005. I am a plumber as a side job. I currently work for the 2d Force Service Support Group Chaplain's Office.
Kristy Maloney Ordained: March 20, 2009

kronberg Ordained: 11/19/2007

kuchera Ordained: 01/16/2006

kumar Ordained:

I am a peace ambassador in the UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION and i use to work as a pastor with mission of south africa church.
Kupers Ordained: 03/13/2007

I am a Solitary, in a small town and finally have a computer to study with more than just myself. Hopefully with someone who knows what its all about. I am a Alaska Whitch. Peace
kwider Ordained: 4/2/06

Kyla Marie Rogers Ordained: March 13, 2007

Kyle Douglas Utz Ordained: 06/1999

Kyle Russell Ordained: June 30, 2009

Christian, but non- denominational and accepting of all faiths.
La Jonn. O. Klein Ordained: 11/13/2003

AA in Theology BA in Thelogy & Philosophy Minor Certification in Social Sciences/Secondary Edn
Labonoski Ordained: July 26, 2004

Lacey London-Riley Ordained: 05/21/09

* 6 yrs of seminary/instutute classes &18month mission to Mexico as former member of LDS Church. *Reiki Master and spiritual healer with massage therapy license. *Studies in Gnostic Christianity, Kabbalah, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism,psychic development and Edgar Cayce teachings.
Lacy L. sutton Ordained: March 26, 2002

I'm A Journeyman Drywall finisher/profesional Painter for about 20 some odd years,realy jack of all trads master of two. Just a man trying to make it the best way I know how. Ijust turnd 37back in July
Lacy Richard Moore Ordained: jan 26 2006

high priest of two wiccian covens
LAGUNDA Ordained: August 9, 2006

I have finished my Master of Divinity at EL Theological Seminary, Philippines. I want to earn a Doctor of Theology in Biblical Studies
Lahnala-Brandau Ordained: Aug 9th 2006

Lai Hon Leong Ordained: 2 July 2007

I a Ben Noach seeking to graduate as a Religious Harmoniser. I am well aware that all of us is actually good and belongs to the same G-d. I strongly believes that there is every valid path in finding G-d, as we will all finally arrive at a destination.
Laine Ordained: Jan., 2009

20 years as engineer with insurance company, 6 years as network engineer with data company, 6 years teaching in university setting.
Lamar Aiken Ordained: 2004-03-18

I,m a pastor of (God's Vineyard)A bible teaching Church , a Christain Church
Lanae L. Smith-Hailey Ordained: 20th November 2006

I am presentaly interested in becoming a minister. I am also interested in the shamanism course...
Lance E. Rahn Ordained: November 29th, 2007

I'm a certified Master Practitioner in Nuero Linguistic Programming and have advanced certification in EFT for energy healing. I intend to use my ordination as added credentials to do energy healing. I'm also a Corporate trainer with nearly twenty years of experience plus a Adjunct Professor at our local college.
Lance R. Hough Ordained: April 24, 2008

Lance S. Duncan Ordained: June 19, 2006

Lance Smallwood Duncan Ordained: 19th June 2006

Lance Smallwood Duncan Ordained: 19th June 2006

Lang Ordained: 11/26/2006

I would like to prepare myself to one day open a church of my own.
Lanman Ordained: 10-31-08

Pagan practioner
Lanning Ordained: May 12, 2007

I have always worked to help others no matter what thier beliefs. I have worked as an assesment counselor in a phycallogical rehab, a nanny and I was an Emergency Medical Technician. I really love to help people and have always felt that it was my calling I just haven't found the right outlet and am hoping this is where I should be.
Laquiza Guzman Ordained:

Larry Tate Ordained: 2/24/2009

I am a nurse and have been working in the hopice and geriatric field of medicine.
Larry Tate Ordained: 2/24/2009

I am a nurse and have been working in the hopice and geriatric field of medicine.
Larry Carnley Ordained: AUG 15,2003

12 years exorter in Church of God Cleveland,Tenn.
Larry Carnley Ordained: AUG 15,2003

12 years exorter in Church of God Cleveland,Tenn.
Larry D Vannoy Ordained: October 19, 2000

larry eugene smith sr. Ordained: february 11, 2008

Larry Fairclough Ordained: April 15, 2002

Larry Gene Harmon, II Ordained: 0000-00-00

Seven years as ordained minister, JW. Five years Chaos magician, one year as first degree, Temple of Set. Freemason and Rosicrician Training.
Larry Ray Palmer Ordained: 07/12/2002

Larry Richard Benak Jr Ordained:

Larry Shipman Ordained: 11/2004

Larry Smith Ordained: March 10,2009

Larry Smith Sr. Ordained: Febuary 11, 2008



Latricia Monique Bagley Ordained:

Latricia Monique Bagley Ordained:

Lauhead Ordained: 4/11/2001

Lauhead Ordained:

Laura Alles Ordained:

Numerous accredited psych classes, 10 plus years of study regarding many religions, metaphysics, spiritual awareness, chakra balancing, aroma theraphy, and life coaching.
Laura Gardner Ordained: 1/4/09

I was ordained here today. Although, I am also ordained with the Shanti Sophia Order and with the Enlightened Path. I have spent my life interested in shamanism and various other spiritual studies and have received training in person and online in both.
Laura Kay Larsen Ordained: not sure

first comparitive religion class at age 10 with Unitarian Universalists. Started shamanism training four years ago. I visit my people that go in the hospital etc
Laura Kelly Ordained: Aug 21, 2006

Laura L. Stiers Ordained: 5/16/2009

Not much to say at this time. I am just getting started. I wish to help others learn that there is a God and he or she is there to help.
Laura L. Stiers Ordained: 05/16/2009

Just what I have read so far. I have had a lot of health problems over the passed few years. I do belive that I am fit and ready to learn and move on with my life.
Laura Naysmith Ordained: 19/05/06

Laura Naysmith Ordained:

Laura Sweeney Ordained: May 2005

Wiccan, Neo Pagan and Mystical Christian Orientation
Laura Tlemsani Ordained: 0000-00-00

I have been a student of comparative religions all my life, and have college courses in western philosophy, comparative religions, and world religions. I am studying Pranic healing and have a level one certificate for Pranic Healing and Healing Hands energy healing techniques.I am studying teacher certification in Yoga.I am a confirmed Episcopalian who practices a pranic world healing mediation,and I am a servant of the Light.
Lauren J. McDaniel Ordained:

I play the viola and the piano. I also go to church every Sunday, and it just isn't working for me.
Lauren Moloney Ordained: 2002

Lauretta Lewis Matthews Ordained: December 27, 2007

I work in the Criminal Justice Field, I retained a BA from University of Central Texas, in 93. I am seeking a new journey in my life. The Lord has been my savior. In October the Lord tested my faith with the lose of my son to a car accident. I want to heal and grow in a direction that I have traveled and to grow in my faith.
Laurie Geschrey Ordained: 9/2003

Laurie Patricia O'Driscoll Ordained: not yet

Irish Spirituality, Pagan, Earth Centered, and ever changing
Lawrence A. Aguilera Ordained: 0000-00-00

Lawrence Olotupa Ordained: 29/11/2007

Lawson Ordained: April 2003

Lawson Humphrey Ordained: 4-11-2009

Le Roy Ordained: 08/22/06

I currently work as a therapist with people afflicted with HIV, addictions and mental illness. I have obtained a Master of Arts, in Counseling and Human Services and have 17 years of clinical experience. Since I work daily with others I bleieve that obtaining my ministerial credentials would be an added plus to my abilities to assist others. In addition, I have a deep hearted belief that giving back and helping others is a much needed contribution to our world.
lea turk Ordained: 03/07/2009

Leah Bethann Cherrone Ordained:

LeAnne S. Anderson Ordained: 7.21.2006

Raised Christian, now following a ChristoPagan/Wiccan path.
Lebron-Hess Ordained: 07/22/2008

I am new to Ministry
LeCrone Ordained: September, 2002

I am a Priestess of the Craft. I won't say I'm Wiccan because I've been a Witch since way before I ever heard the word Wicca. I am a member of the Universal Life Church under my "legal name" and this is the name that I now practice under. I don't know what the procedure is for that because it's important to me that I can perform a LEGAL ceremony for those I serve. I do not charge for any of my services. I do crystal ball readings, spiritual counseling and work with charities. Anything else? Ask.
Lee A. Cook, Jr. Ordained: Oct -11-2008

Lee A. Cook, Jr. Ordained: Oct -11-2008

If possible, could I receive a student Seminary Certificate please! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS ! Rev. Lee A. Cook, Jr.
Lee Bellemare Ordained: 1/20/08

Lee C Kearns Jr DD Ordained: July 6th 2004

I been a minister for 4 years with on-going learning experiences day by day. I grew up catholic but now in have a belfe in what the bible say i love to teach the bible and with the seminary program i can learn and to teach others the bible
Leelja L. Baur-Davidson Ordained: 0000-00-00

A blend of Tibetan Buddhism and the Red Road - Shamanic Practitoner
Leila Ann Herrick Ordained: August 26, 1996

Leina Lewis Ordained: December 29, 2002

Lemieux Ordained: 01/05/08

HPs of Celtic Wicca, practicing for 12 years. Teach a small group of dedicants currently and run a small newly forming Interfaith Pagan Eclectic Fellowship. I would like to further myself spiritually and be able to perform Rites of Passage to members of the Community.
Leo Charles Merchant Ordained: 18 January 2009

Ordained through New Horizons Ministry 18 january 2009, now acclimating my credentials and enhancing my Calling to The Master through this Organization. Evangilist Credentials and Honesty available at any request at anytime.
Leonard Mullar Ordained: pending

Retired 7 years ago and began a ministry of helping people improve their lives and homes. I provide free home improvement labor, help people become self-sufficient, out of debt and live a better life in general. I provide Financial Peace (Dave Ramsey style w/o christian leaning) training. I am a Notary Public and wish to officiate at weddings.
Leonard Roy Cooper Jr. Ordained: october 25th 2006

i was ordained from universal life church in billings montana on the 13th of december 2001
Leonard Shields Jr. Ordained: !9 May 09

I was Ordained through the Monastery after 2006. I am not worried about my Ordination but I am very interested in taking as many courses as I can.
Leonard W. Kruizenga Ordained: January 16, 2007, from Headquarters

Catholic / Universal Life
Les A Buettner Ordained: November 5th, 2004

I enjoy working with addicts and alcoholics on a spiritual level. I also carry the message into Jails and Institutions. I am looking forward to learning more about the spiritual aspects and history of the different religions of the world.
Les Gaines Ordained:

I am currently a student of English and philosophy. I have been interested in the ministry since my youth, however I always resisted the confines of established religion. The Universal Life Church seems to be the type of church that closely represents my current beliefs.
Lesley Eugene Vineyard Ordained: Sept 10, 2006

Leslie Dana Torkelson Ordained: May 26, 2006

Leslie Diana Proffitt Ordained:

Leslie Harrison Ordained: 6/14/09

Graduate of BSW. Currently MS of MHC. Spiritual quest ended today with a calling to ULC to start a church in our local community. I am hungry for more spritual information.
Leslie Michele McQuade Ordained: 1998 or 1999

1992 BA in Sociology and Anthropology from West Virginia University. (Transcript available upon request) 1992-1995 graduate coursework in Archaeology and Anthropology at Wichita State University (Transcript available upon request) Excavation Experience: Boxgrove, England; Veberie, France; Chatan, Okinawa, Japan; Arkansas City, Kansas; McCook, Nebraska; Bonnie Lake, Colorado; Several locations in Western Iowa; complete Vitae available upon request. Practicing Pagan Priestess since 1991. Lectures, classes taught, rituals oficiated, article written available in Vitae, available upon request.
Leslie Steven Prichard Ordained: 9/17/2008

Lewis Ordained: 5/15/2007

Lezama Ordained: 6th March 2007

Grew up in the Pentecostal Church having served in many different capacities. Currently a memeber of the Presbyterian Church with interest in Ministry. Currently a part time student of the Presbyterian Seminary in Trinidad and Tobago
Lian Za Muan Ordained:

I have passed the matrix exam in 1999.I am a christian and I want to join the ULC seminary
lichtenberger Ordained: NOV 14 2008

I am a Christian and a serious student of the Bible.
Linda A Lynch Ordained: 8/12/2001

I am a Reiki healer and teacher for over 10 years. I have done weddings, baptisims as well as handfastings in the past 5yrs. I am an Elder at our New Bedford CUUPS.(A Pagan orginization) I read a lot and am interested in all types of religion.
Linda Anne Spicer Ordained:

Linda Anne Spicer Ordained: 3-13-2006

Linda Condon Ordained: 2002-04-02

I am the mother of two adult sons, and three wonderful dogs. I live with my husband of 11 years, and work almost full time, and officate at weddings part-time. As I get older, it is becoming more important to me to really be at peace with myself and really, the Universe.
Linda Condon Ordained: 4-2001

Linda D. Owens Ordained: 06/07

associate degree in business certificate spiritual gifts ordain local deacon director of education ministry assistant director of youth ministry youth sunday school teacher member of interfaith clergy council member of drug free alliance member of board directors evangelism and membership a christian over 25 years
linda f jones Ordained: march 30, 2007

Linda Irene Gardner Ordained: 12/05/07

Christian faith with other elements added by faith. A person that has found herself in many different life situations. This helps me in relating to others.
Linda K. Snook Ordained: 10/12/2006

Linda Kay Ordained:

linda lindall Ordained:

Linda M. Lee Ordained: April 7, 2002

Linda M. Lose Ordained: 7/21/2007

A licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT), MA in coulseling, USF. I have one of if not the largest clientile in the area. Over 20 years in the field.
Linda Mangum Ordained: May 20, 2009

I grew up in Georgia. I have always been to be a caretaker, the bad part of that was I was also an enabler. This I learned after I began Ministering. Although I have worked in Information Systems the last 23 years and Billing Analyst the last 16 years peace comes from ministering. I have studies many Paths and Faiths. All beautiful. In 2002 I lost someone very near and dear to my heart in a tragic accident, by 2007 I had lost many more all have been given eternal life. I was on my knees one night not knowing if I could keep going. Financial problems, depression, I had become someone I did not know. Friends were walking away right and left. I was lifted up by an indescribable presence. The next morning I knew I needed help and where to get it. I had walked the Wiccan Path many years, however that night I started reading a book called A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson. I have no idea how long it sat on my bookshelf, I guess it was there because someday our Higher Powers knew I would need it. I became an avid student of A Course In Miracles and have pursed study. My life turned to Jesus Christ that night and I Thank God everyday for placing my hand in the hand of His Son and lifting me up. I listen to Sermons from Billy Graham to Dallas Theological Seminary, Kenneth Wapnick is the main source when ordering classes and seminars regarding A Course In Miracles instead of TV or radio, just my preference. I ask advice from an elderly Pastor at a Nursing Home I visit he said to me "Walk by Faith, Pray on your knees everyday, Pray before you Minister and when you Minister do not run your mouth let the Good Lord guide you". I am not sure exactly what you were looking for regarding Background I hope what I have written gives you insight as to the sincerity I feel. I prayed last night about joining your Seminary. This morning it feels like this is my next step in furthering my education, Spirituality and Faith. Blessings. Reverend Linda Mangum
Linda Miskimen Ordained: 1-28-05

Linda Murphy Ordained: 01/21/2007

linda rhoton-fitzpatrick Ordained:

I have some college, work in health field, a Senior Citizen. I am interested in your program very much and have a desire to do something with my life that may may a difference in someone's life, also a desire to have more understanding of God and to pass that on.
Linda Spicer Ordained:

LindsayMarie Kosarev- Baldassano Ordained: September 7th, 2003

Reiki Master/Teacher 2008 Reiki practitioner since 1999 Wiccan since 1991
Lisa A Morris Ordained:

Lisa Anderson Ordained: 2004-05-04

Background: Raised Lutheran, I have now learned to value all spiritual beliefs as being important and valid in my life. Whether Christian or Pagan, spiritualality is a personal experience that cannot be dictated to anyone by another human, only by God. As humans, we can only help and support each other's varying beliefs. A person should never be condemned for not following "mainstream" thoughts.
Lisa Brennan Ordained: 12/28/05

I have taken ULC's Doctor of Motivation, Dr of Biblical Studies, Dr of metaphysicis(honorary), and Dr of divinity(honarary)
Lisa Brennan Ordained: 12/28/05

I have taken ULC's Doctor of Motivation, Dr of Biblical Studies, Dr of metaphysicis(honorary), and Dr of divinity(honarary)
Lisa Frett Ordained: Sept 1, 2006

Lisa Kaye Culbertson Ordained:

I am attending Indiana University East. I am working toward my BS in Social Work. I have completed over 80 credit hours. I am currentley attending church where I help with Sunday School program. I work part time at I.U. East.
Lisa Kaye Culbertson Ordained: August 1, 2007

I am currentley attending Indiana University East and working toward a B.S. in Social Work. I plan on getting a Masters in Social Work. I am a full time student and work part time at the University. I am single. I have two grown children and five grandchildren.
Lisa Laramie Eriksson Ordained: 4/18/07

I have taken several spirituality courses in college and now looking to expand my horrizons.
Lisa Lilly Ordained: April 17, 2009

Lisa M Malay Ordained: March 28,2007

I am Wiccan and intend on taking all courses related. My intentions are to become a minister so I can preform wiccan rituals and rights as there are very very few wiccans that are qualified to do so.
Lisa Marie Sawdey Ordained: July 10,2006

I have been studing and teaching true faith for arond 9 years now and finaly able to grow now in a larger way, i have a strong Celtic background and strong Faith believes that help me threw this life
Lisa Ours Ordained: 1996

BA in psychology, Minor in Theology, MA in counseling, I was born and baptized a Russian Orthodox Catholic. I was raised by an Athiest Father and Bahai Mother. I am a Holistic and Pastoral but non-denominational Counselor. I work within the faith framework of my clients and hold with the belief that everyone's relationship with the Divine is scared and personal. I would like to further educate myself in hopes of enriching my relationship with the divine as well as further training myself how to assist others in doing the same.
Lisa Starita Ordained:

Lisa Y Solano Ordained: Feb 1, 2007

I am working in the area of Natural health and want to become more spiritual. I feel that I am very religeous but need to be more spiritual to be able to help my clients.
LIVESAY Ordained: 7 JAN 2008

Ljungvall Ordained:

Llewellyn Julian Forbes Ordained: 5/22/8

Lloyd Abbott Gray, Jr. Ordained: 04/23/2007

Lloyd C. Darby Jr Ph.D Ordained: 9 / 2 / 2005

Dr. Lloyd C. Darby Jr. President of The motivation minstry Inc. Licensed on 3 /Jan/ 1999 Odained by the church of new life on: Sept / 2 /2005 Recieved Honorary Doctorate in theology on: Sept / 5/2005 Received Ph.D. in philosophy of religion from ULC on: Feb / 28 / 2006 Received a Masters in Comparative religion from ULC on: Sept / 13/ 2006. Served as Pastor of Christ Church in Savannah Ga. I would like to know if I can qualify to be a graduate of your seminary program?
Lloyd Disque Ordained: 0000-00-00

I am a member of Southern Baptist and United Church of Christ
Lloyd Francis Arms Ordained: 07/11/2007

Truck Driver
Lofton Ordained: 07/19/2002

Master in Counseling and BSW in Social Work. I have an interest in an outreach ministry. I would like a Doctoral degree in Pastoral Counseling. I would also love the opportunity to teach online.
Lola Swisher Ordained: 28 Feb. 2006

Wiccan, Metaphysical, Herbal lore
Loll Ordained: unknown - But done

I am currently the Moral Leadership Officer for Civil Air Patrol in Concord NH. I am looking at becoming a Chaplain, they require a seminary program.
Lonny David Toler Ordained:

Lopez-Zambrana Ordained: 9/15/2008

I hold a Bachelor's Degree with a major in English and a minor in Philosophy. Furthermore, I took graduate courses at the Assembly of God's Seminary. Recently, I was attending a Judeo-Christian Synagogue and studied some Hebrew and the Torah. My experience as a Christian has revolved around preaching of the Word, Bible Teacher and rescuing the downtrodden and brokenhearted by seeking placements in different healing-oriented ministries. God has given me a lot of love for such people that is beyond my expectations. As a career, I have worked as a U.S. Court Certified Interpreter/Translator since 1980.
Lopez-Zambrana Ordained: September 18 2009

The Lord came to me in 1980. Befoe that, I received degrees in English, Theology and Philosphy from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Soon thereafter, I enrolled in an Evangelical seminary and signed up for master's level three classes, to witL Eschatology, Christoloby and Eternal Concepts. I would like to add that I was summa and magna cum in others. I love THEOLOGY and DIVINITY. My ministry is the gift of healing the physically ill and those who are spiritually devastated. On a daily basis I head out to a nearby hospital to minister to the sick and ask for their healing. That hospital has a chapel, of course, and on Thursdays I teach Bible studies. During the rest of the week I walk downtown, go from door to door, to see if I can be of help. My love for Christ moves me and I pray that this ministry will go to its final destination and growth as the Lord Jesus sees fit. (forgot to mention that churches in the area ask me to be an invited preacher; furthermore, I minister at the Puerto Rico State Prison for Women on every-other-Saturday.
Loren E. Burnett Jr Ordained: 3/18/2008

Interested in improving the abilities of my mind. Everything from every day life to astral travel. If it involves the brain and mind, I am interested.
Lorenzo Ronald Brownrigg Ordained: October 10, 1997

After accepting the call to ministry in 1990 I served as a Deacon in a local assembly. Later I attended that local assemblies Bible College and receive some formal ministry training. Served as a spiritual helper and now seeks further enlightenment in ministry by obtaining a Master of Divinity.
Loretta J. Ferg Ordained:

Occupational Therapist Shaman practioner
Loretta Kay Owens Ordained: April 19, 2007

I am a Reiki Master and a Certified Hypnotist. I will be teaching my first Reiki I class this summer, and my business name is "Transitions".I am hoping to be able to take a Spiritual Past Life Regression course by the end of the summer.
Lori Anne Porter Ordained: 0000-00-00

Lori Erwin-Johnson Ordained:

I am a licensed massage therapist, turned wedding officiant. I have an AA in Business and a BA in Behavioral Science. I would have to say that my avocation is Spiritual development and it is a path I want to take in my professional life as a minister.
Lori(n) Cahill Stanley Ordained: May 21,2007

I have 20 years experience and education in Music Ministry and Ministerial Courses in an Evangelical Church I am no longer affiliated with.
LoriAnn Roy Ordained: 10-01-08

I have been a Rev. for many years. My special are Weddings
Losito Ordained: 30 Aug 05

I like to study Catholic theogloy.
Louis Lynn Neal Ordained: 31 October 2006

Louis Lynn Neal Ordained: 31 October 2006

Life long student of religion in all its' aspects.
louis rodriguez Ordained: 3/6/2009

Louis Varricchio III Ordained: ? 2007

CAREER: Employed as managing editor, "The Addison Eagle News" (Middlebury, Vt.); science writer (NASA); author; newspaper columnist. PUBLIC SERVICE: Justice of the Peace/Vermont EDUCATION: A.S. Grahm College/Boston, Mass. B.A. Temple University/Philadelphia, Pa. M.S. University of North Dakota/Grand Forks, N.D.
Louise A. Marchione Ordained: May 29, 2005 ULC

Studied many things in my life. I am native American with knowledge of their Medicines. Minister of ULC and studied most of their courses. Studied Metepyschics. Much more studies then I could write here.
Louise Brown Ordained: 11-10-2008

I have been a United Methodist Layspeaker and Youth Minister for 4 years at Allgood Road United Methodist Church and have been excepted at the North Georgia Charge Conference to become a minister.
LOVELACE NEILS HESSE Ordained: 09-07-1994

Lovie Craddock Ordained: May 19, 2009

I have always been deeply spiritual. I have always tried to help people and I understand now it is part of the grand design for my life. I have also felt alone most of my life. I now know I was never alone and all I have to do is believe and reach out to the One that has always been there. I have been inching toward a more spiritual life and this week I jumped in. I am so overwhelmed. I went back to college and received my BS degree at age 43 in Anthropology. This was the beginning of my awakening. I love school and I do very well in my studies. I was even accepted and traveled to Africa with one of my university's Study Abroad Programs. I will be 54 next month and I am back in school in a post-graduate Paralegal Certificate Program to be completed in December. I left a 20 year career (when I returned to college) to help my troubled son and I have been searching for my life's work since that time. I am a two time cancer survivor (2003 & 2005) and I know I was saved for something wonderful. I have suffered abuse as a very small child and as a young woman. My purpose is now being unraveled after many tears and prayers and much contemplation and meditation. Becoming ordained is a major part of the work I am here to do. I look forward to learning from you. Thank you for being here.

LuAnn Lopez Ordained: 04/25/2009

Lucas Scott Thompson Ordained: 9/13/05

Was a Jehovah's Witness, then Mormon, then floated around a bit until getting an understanding of the importance of spirituality over religion.
Lucinda Parker Ordained: March 17, 2006

Strong Native American, animist background. Also member of Unitarian Universalist Association. Founder and Elder of Unity Spirit Ministries located physically in Las Vegas, NV, world wide on the web at www.unityspirit.net. I am a strong supporter of ULC and the seminary. The classes are professional, thought provoking and timely.
Lucky James Middaugh Ordained: July 5, 2007

I'm in charge of a project to build a church, but first need educaton, and I'm not able to pay for classes
Luigi Notaro Ordained: 20th of July 2006

I'm on Pagan Path from 7 years ago. I'd like to know every day more about everything.
LUIS A MORALES Ordained: 8-15-07

EVAGELISTAS y dicono de matrimonios
Luis Diaz-Benitez Ordained: November 10, 1999

B.S. in Sociology, Minor in Religion. Currently ayyending Texas Tech University in the MRC (Master in Vocational Rehabilitation) program.
Luke Walters Ordained: 0000-00-00

my parents were hippies during the 60's revolution so I was fortunate to have a more open and accepting space to be raised in. My father is also a reverand minister and my mother a theraputic scientist, well versed in practices ranging from rebirthing to reiki, hakomi, tarot, pendulums, counseling, etc. I have been through many of her trainings as well as through some of the trainings she turned me on to through her circles of allies. I used all this to create my own interpretation of what it all meant...many times. The current form that I have come to accept and share with others is something I term as, The Elysian Dream, or also known as "the dream of paradise." Namaste
Luther S. Lair Ordained:

Lyna Marie Howells Ordained: September 08th 2008

Was raised in the salvation army church, have been pentecostal, but for the past 7 years i have been on the pagan path. I believe all rivers lead to the same ocean, and that all deserve the right to follow thier own path.
Lyna Marie Howells Ordained: September 08th 2008

Was raised in the salvation army church, have been pentecostal, but for the past 7 years i have been on the pagan path. I believe all rivers lead to the same ocean, and that all deserve the right to follow thier own path.
Lynda Victoria Baker Ordained:

Lynn Alvin Sailor Ordained: July 29, 2006

Studies in Spirituality, and Mysticism by non-affilliated soures. Interested in Master of Gnosticism course, if can pay & study at my own pace.
Lynn Bergin Ordained: new

Lynn McDonough Ordained: May 14, 2001

I have a thirst for knowledge and wish to be much more active as a minister in my community.
Lynn Pollan Ordained: 04-25-06

M Blakeley Ordained:

M.E.Ward Ordained:

M.Zau Seng Ordained: Oct. 8, 2006

I am converted from drug addicted since 1993. Then I attended Myanmar Institute of Theology. I finished B.Th Degree in 1999. Now I am in ministry as assit. pastor of Yangon Kachin Baptist Church.
mace Ordained: may 12, 2009

Mae Frances Bergeron Ordained: 10/9th/2006

I'm native American and have always been spiritual and wanting to follow the red road.
Maehre Ordained: 5/5/06

Grew up a SDA Pastors son and want to follow in his foot steps
Magnus Marcelino De Jongh Ordained: 05 September 2006

Magsby Ordained:

I am a Reverend at my church. I preach my trail sermon December 4, 2008. I have a Master Degree in Health Services.
Magsby Ordained:

I am a Reverend at my church. I preach my trail sermon December 4, 2008. I have a Master Degree in Health Services.
Maiisha Funimilayo Bonillo Ordained: 12/24/06

I am an artist( singer, jewelry designer and painter). I study all theologies as a hobby but it is my passion. I am currently a manager in the hospitality business moving towards my music career and my interests in ministry...and metaphysics.
Maila White Ordained: 2003

I received my ordination from Universal Ministries in 2003. I have not been practicing ministry in any official capacity but instead have chosen to unofficially minister to children and families through education and care. As my desire to grow spiritually has expanded, so has the need to learn more. I am also currently studying for my BA in Psychology. With a passion for the science of the mind and the spirituality of the soul, it is often difficult (but always interesting) finding where the two merge. My goal is to gain enough knowledge through education and practice to help others (and myself in the process) to grow spiritually, as well as to help others with their quest for education in spirituality. A life long goal for sure, and I'm happy working towards that goal daily and am very thankful to have found the ULC Seminary to help me along the way.
Makowiecki Ordained: June 1st, 2005

I am a wedding minister in Japan. I have MA degree in Aplied Linguistics. I am roman-catholic and I would like to receive a Doctor Degree in Ministry.
Malcolm Thorpe Ordained: September 29, 2007

Malcolm Thorpe Ordained: September 29, 2007

manuel reyes salta Ordained: 1997

ordained in the ulc ministry since 1997, graduated bachelor of science in commerce & currently working in the philippine government.
Manuel Vasquez Ordained: 3/26/06

Reverend Manuel Vasquez teaches at Georgetown High School after a long career in the federal government and in private industry. Rv. Vasquez was a senior computer specialist with the Department of Veterans Affairs' Austin Automation Center where he established and headed the Hardware Support Unit and co-created the VA's Help Desk software still in use nation-wide. He worked as a Help Desk Technician for a major national company and managed the service department for Hart Computer Technologies. He works during the Summers as a consultant and trainer for Mitel Networks Solutions Inc. Rv. Vasquez had certifications in computer repair, maintenance and troubleshooting as well as network administration. He taught for the American Red Cross (Basic First Aid & CPR) for ten years and for the Austin Community Schools (Basic Drawing, Cartooning, Creative Drawing and Beginning and Intermediate Tennis) for twelve years. He was a frequent guest artist (cartoonist) for the Austin Symphony Orchestra's Children's Hour in Symphony Square. He was very active in the Austin Tennis League where he captained and coached his team, the Racqueteers to nine consecutive division championships. A life-long resident of the Austin-area, Texas, Rv. Vasquez now resides in Georgetown. He is a former member of Board of Directors for the Heritage Baptist Church's Prison Ministry, Outreach Program. He worked with Partner's In Education's Tech Tot Program and subsequently received a nominations from PIE for contributor of the year. He was nominated for the 2004 edition of Who's Who in Education. He is the sponsor of the Georgetown Computer Club. He is single and enjoys reading, writing, movies and conversation.
Marc L. Valley Ordained: 12/13/2001

I have been studying Wicca since July 2000. By being a ULC Minister I am legal In Florida to perform Reiki and other energy healings. I would like to continue my Ministerial training so that I fully know that I am prepared for anything.
Marc Nugent Ordained: 0000-00-00

20 years Buddhist training in Zen, Vipassana, and Dzogchen. Extensive Christian studies with an emphasis on New Thought Christianity and the history and translation of the Gospels. Lived and studied at a number of Buddhist, Christian, and Hindu monasteries and temples.
Marc Stern Ordained: 06/04/2009

Attended Trinity International University. Counseling with inner city teens. Taught special education children and developed curriculum.

Marcellus Price Ordained: 4-15-1998

I am a minister and a born again christian and i believe in the lord i am married and have 5 childrens i am a musician i play the guitar, piano etc. and i do a lot of public speaking.
Marcelo Oliveira Ordained:

Marcelo Oliveira Ordained: 11/21/2008

Marcelo Oliveira Ordained: 11/21/2008

Marci Lee Sbrega Ordained: July 11th 2007

I am a single mother and always been very interested in spiritual matters as well as helping the people around me. I feel as a mother I get to give others a different perspective and therefore can try to help those in similar situations
Marcia M. Chapin Ordained: May 28, 1999

UMASS/Boston - Human Services - 1982 Reiki Master/Practitioner- 1994 Minister/Wedding Officiant -ULC 1999 Narrator: CD Steppingstones to Inner Peace 1998 Author: "A Page Ninety", copyright 2007 Presently: Facilitator - A Course in Miracles and Resident Spiritual Teacher/Minister at the All 4 Healing Wellness Center in Sagamore, MA
Marcus Leach Ordained: 0000-00-00

mardar .f. ali Ordained: 6/28/08

Mardra Hord Ordained: September 2008

Margaret A. Kelly Ordained: ?2002

margaret gardi Ordained: 5/31/08

I am a srititual person and Reiki Master seeking education and vocation in the ministerial field to grow and help others
Margaret Mary Neville Ordained: January 5, 2003

Margret A. Williams Ordained:

Reiki Master Tibetan Chrystal Healing Certified Chapel of Spiritual Healing Board Member 1 Yr.
Marguerite Esther Easley Ordained:

Practitioner training from I - III in Science of Mind, Self Mastery Course, Ministerial Desert Convocation Workshop, Metaphysical Minister, Wiccan and Native American Spiritual Traditions training
maria antonia talmage Ordained: june 26,2004

Maria Esmeralda Griffith Ordained: May 20,2009

Mariah Dyan Crenshaw Ordained: August 14, 2006

I have been a First Degree Reiki Practioner for 2 months.
Marie leona Julie benoit Ordained: 0000-00-00

Catholic youth ministries, completed 2 courses from catholic dioscese, A Catholic's guide to the Bible: 90 % grade, and Christ's Mother and Ours, 97 % grade.
Marie Watson Ordained: 0000-00-00

I am an ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church. I am currently a Justice of the Peace and I perform legal Weddings & Handfastings.I am also a Notary Public.I am a Wiccan High Priestess and was Inititated into the Craft in 1986.
Marina Kolodzieski Ordained: November 5,2008

MARIO JUAN DE.SHADER Ordained: 04/09/2008

Mario Ludwig Ordained: 03/11/2008

mario serenko Ordained: 7/22/06

Marissa Emerson Ordained: June 3, 2007

Pediatric Licensed Practical Nurse
Mark Allen Jackson Ordained: 2002-05-12

After my ordination over 3 years ago, I am eager to begin new studies and focus in life.
Mark Andrew Bzovy Ordained: June 17th 2007 5:45:24 am

I'm new, and eager to learn.
Mark Andrew Gold Ordained: 8/20/2008

My father is Jewish, my mother's father is Born Again. I am a disciple of Christ, and a Jew by culture. I believe Creation & Evolution can co-exist and I believe that Christian people are generally very untolerant and judgemental. I want to bring people together under God, and break down the divisions that dooms our nation. God's will be done.
Mark Anthony Brown Ordained: APRIL 18th , 2009

Mark Anthony DeNuzzio Ordained: March 18, 2002

I consider myself a recovering Catholic who now leans towards Eastern religion and philosophy.
Mark Austin Weinstein Ordained: June 2007

Currently attending college for degree in Psychology with minor in Elementary Education. Active member of my church and would like to attend a seminary with the hope of pastoring a church one day.
Mark Douglas Maxey Ordained: April 29, 2008

Education, Training, & Awards Individual Artists of Oklahoma Board of Directors - PR committee and Poetry Committee Dialogue Among Civilization Presenter Award - United Nations and Sokka Gaki International, 2003 National and International Awards for several website designs 2001-2002 Honorable Mention
mark edward whitener Ordained:

Mark Hutchinson Ordained: may 29, 2006

Raised christian and always participated in gospel choirs and sunday school teaching. Recent life events have led to an understanding and confirmation of God's will. These teachings will hopefully further my knowledge and improve my communication, interpretation, and application of his will.
Mark J Cameron Ordained: 10/26/2008

I can only be described as a life long Pantheist.
Mark J Cameron Ordained: 10/26/2008

I can only be described as a life long Pantheist.
mark l hunter Ordained: 09/2005

MARK PIUS CHARLTON Ordained: 7 june 2006

Hello I am a natural healer (kinesiologist, spiritual healer and reiki master living in Mexico. I follow the druid faith and I am a very active member of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. I took my ordination as a way of saying to the world my commitment to my faith and to helping anyone find their own way through life.
Mark Stevens Ordained:

Mark Whitman Ordained: 17/04/2009

marla k long Ordained: 7 23 08

Marsha Lessley Ordained: 7/07

I work in the healing field. I love to help people and want to learn all I can.
Marshall H Larson Ordained: 7/06

I was ordained last summer through ULC. I am currently Circle Sanctuary's first Youth Minister.
Marshall Larson Ordained:

marshall williams Ordained: 5/27/2006

Age 49 Baptist church Ordianed Deacon
Marshon McKenzie Ordained: April 20, 2009

Martha E David Ordained: April 9, 2009

reiki master, 20 year healing arts practioner
Martha E David Ordained: April 9, 2009

reiki master, 20 year healing arts practioner
Martin Greening Ordained:

Martin Littlejohn Ordained: 0000-00-00

I have attended church most of my life. I was involved in a church youth program as a child and attended a Lutheran school for a year. My religious exposure has been mostly christian in nature. I have taken courses at junior college in mythology and world religions. I have become some what disillusioned with the opinionated doctrines of most organized churches, so I have stopped attending church. My goal is to complete the seminary program through the post-gradute degree (Dr. of Minisrty), and find my own meaning in the religious teachings that are offered. Then I can follow a path that is right for me.
martina bunn Ordained: august 27, 2007

Marty Hollis Ordained: 9/89

marvin baugus jr Ordained: 07/26/2006

police officer and minister have a great love for the work of God enjoy helping others also apart of universal life church.
mary akunnaya Ordained:

All the way from nigeria I have reada lot of cupeland's book like having right standing with God, i dont have money for any payment of the fees but i want to know more about The Trinity (2) How to convince Musilms that jesus is lord ,I am from a poor back ground,i want know more about christ and his ressuration
Mary Ann Arnao Ordained: 7/1/2008

Mary Ann Martin Ordained: 0000-00-00

Mary Ann Thomas Ordained: June 16, 2006

my original background as a child was Southern Baptist. i have found the teachings in the KJV lacking and have found pagan/wiccan to be more fulfilling
Mary Ann Vaughan Ordained:

mary ash Ordained:

I have a BS in nursing, was raised catholic but saw the truth a long time ago. I would like to share the truth with everyone willing to hear, and continue to learn and grow spiritually.
Mary Barbes Ordained:

Mary E. Greco-Tapling Ordained: 11/23/2008

baptised Catholic; would very much like to witness for others in their spiritual journey towards Christ.
Mary E. Greco-Tapling Ordained: 11/23/2008

baptised Catholic; would very much like to witness for others in their spiritual journey towards Christ.
Mary E. Greco-Tapling Ordained: 11/23/08

Conservative Christian background; baptised Catholic; thirst of theological knowledge and history of all religions. My Christian faith and love of Jesus are my heartbeat.
Mary Falcon Schell Ordained: Feb 2 1990

Traditional non christianized Pow Wow. I was ordained by a grove in Va I was affliated with for over a decade in 1990, however since moving it seems that my ordination is not 'valid'. I am mixed blood and my pracitce includes Native American Spirituality, Slavic Sorcery, Shamanism and spiritual healing. I am currently studying to become a certified traditional Naturopath
Mary Layton Ordained:

I am a Spiritual Sponge on a quest to help people on their personal journeys. I am a lesbian mom and grandmother. I have 4 children and one grandson.
Mary Stevens Ordained: March 28, 2008

Mary Teresa Coyne Ordained: June 15, 2004

Retired School Administrator; Licensed Psychotherapist; Energy Healer; Baptised and raised as Catholic; Have studied many different spiritual traditions and would like to further my spiritual growth
Mary tresa Nortcliff Ordained: 21 september 2007

I am one of seven children born into a cathalic background i have studdied the bible for 5 years
MaryAgnes D. Costello Ordained:

Maryann Arnao Ordained:

Maryanne Ferine Ordained: August 3, 2006

Many years of study in Metaphysical subjects, and have studied several Eastern religions. Have also studied archetypal and humanistic astrology.
Mason D.div. Ordained: June 2002

I have been studing religion since I was old enough to read . I am very intrested in the classes you have to offer.
Matt Brown Ordained:

Matt Burnham Ordained: 2004-06-26

B.S. of Mechanical Engineering Owner of an Engineering company and Hotrod shop.
Matthew Brian Fuhrken Ordained: 06 FEB 2007

Military Pagan priest in the Coven of the Red Dragon
Matthew coffman Ordained:

Matthew D Cox Ordained:

Matthew D. Lehmann Ordained: 09/03/08

Lutheran by birth and choice. Nazarite by calling and by choice.
Matthew D. Lehmann Ordained: 09/03/08

Lutheran by birth and choice. Nazarite by calling and by choice.
Matthew DaVaughn Cox Ordained:

Matthew david DeStito Ordained: 5/15/2008

Matthew David Michaud Ordained: 0000-00-00

Matthew Edan Kent Ordained: 0000-00-00

Matthew J. Denney Ordained:

I would like to be considered as a ULC student.
Matthew J. Hunt Ordained:

Matthew Owen Santy Ordained: 30 May 2008

Episcopalian, veteran, Former Nurse, Information technology Specialist
Matthew Walstead Ordained:

Matthew Warford Ordained: 11/16/207

been a christian now for about 2 yrs and felt the call of God to do his work
Matthew Williams Ordained: Sunday the 18th of June 2006 09:53:49am

Graduate of 4years of Seminary (Mormon). Was the Children's Theater Director at Edison Community College (Piqua,OH)
Matthew Williams Ordained: Sunday the 18th of June 2006 09:53:49am

Graduate of 4years of Seminary (Mormon). Was the Children's Theater Director at Edison Community College (Piqua,OH)
Matthew Wood Ordained: 2004-06-01

Mattison , Pastor Ordained: 03/09/06

NONE at this time .
Maureen Kilgore Ordained:

Maureen L Alicea Ordained: 11/25/2007

Max Goelling Ordained: 04/18/2005

Currently hold an MCE
Mayer Ordained: 29 JUNE 2006

Full tmie working Grandmother. Have taught Sunday School in various churches and have studied many religions. I came from a family that did not attend church but have spent over 50 years in religious study and growth. I have come to a point in my life where I want to go forward to share my learning and faith with others in a more formal manner.
Mayra Lopez-Zambrana Ordained: 11/06/2008

A native of Puerto Rico who lived in Europe and other places. After college, I started teaching English at high school level. From teaching I went on to work as a US Court Certified Interpreter and Translator. I had four sons who grew up in church and the seed gave fruit in due time. The Lord called me at a service, I committed my life to him and since then I have attended excellent churches, excellent Scripture exposure and will be personally praying for the sick, the homeless and youth prostitution. I also volunteered at a Christian "half way home", becoming their part time pastor. I am more than delighted and grateful with ULC. You ask for my background and I have been blessed by being available when needed in divers occasions. Here in Puerto Rico people know me as Reverend Mayra because most of my present ministry is out and in the open. Blessings. Rev. Dr. Mayra Lopez-Zambrana
McCairin Ordained: June 2, 2009

McCaslin Ordained: August 16, 2006

Raised attending different Christian denominations including Catholic. Family is now Buddhist, I am Christian nondenominational. Have some pagan friends. I meet many different kinds of people in my line of work which is construction contractor/house builder. Respect all.
McChesney Ordained: 2/6/07

Hail satan!
McClelland Ordained: November 2002

McComas Ordained: April 14, 2009

McCormick Ordained: 5th of Feb, 2007



McGlade Ordained: 2-18-2007

MCGRATH-ARNOLD Ordained: 08/10/08

McGuire Ordained: November 26, 2002

BA in Art BFA in Creative Writing Carpenter by trade
McKenzie Ordained: 18 June 2006

I am a Reiki Master. Iam also a pacticing Wiccan. I have always been a spiritual individual who has looked at different religions objectively, and have studied what I could on each
McKinney Ordained: November 28, 2006

I have spent my life studying religion on my own.
McKinney Ordained: 19 February 2006

Have the Dr. of Metaphysics Degree, but would like to complete the Coursework for further Degrees. Also have Ed. S. Degree from Arkansas State University. Thanks
McKinney Ordained: July 4, 2007

Working towards His Peace.
McPHAIL ROEHEAD Ordained: 10/21/2007

I would like to learn more to help me in my duty's as a minister.
McPherson Ordained: 02/14/2006

mcyoung Ordained: 7/28/2001

i have been with ulc for a while, the creatior of all things called me to preach peace love unity and respect. all will get worse if we fail to hear. all though my mission is to open eyes that are blind, i have preformed by first wedding (at no charge) for a poor man amd his young bride. ( she was with child, they needed to bond in gods light.) i lisen for the will of god thru jesus the appointed one. i know much about the other worlds. most of mankind ether will not look or are afraid of what they cannot control, so they take the truth and bend it for there own gain. God as told me that he will allow man to burn up half the world and God will do nothing to stop mankinds pain, but he will allow for people to seek and find peace love and untiy. the more whom find the way the less God will let happen here. but there is another side the dark side to stop people from finding the way. man heself is half dark, ( this must be! so that man can have free will).
Meagan Holtgrewe Ordained: April 2006

medley Ordained: may 28 2007

medley Ordained: may 28 2007

Meeds Ordained: June 22nd, 2004

Megan Elizabeth Coogle Ordained: 01/06/2008

Megan Renee Earley Ordained: 09/12/07

Been studying religion since she was 17, and enjoys learning everything she can about every religion
Melanie Faye Cowgill Ordained:

Wiccan priestess
Melanie Faye Cowgill Ordained: Sept 2006

Head of Knightwinds Renaissance Group, Wiccan priestess
Melanie Faye Cowgill Ordained: 11/2006

wiccan beliefs.
Melanie J Carneu Ordained: 11/22/2005

I am learning to support the local Buddhist and non-denominational, gnostic and pagan community as a chaplin. I would be interested in opportunities to study Hinduism.
Melinda J. Velisek Ordained: 0000-00-00

I have had no training. What I know, I learned in books
Melissa Bryan Ordained: March 11, 2008

Married, no kids, one Cat Natural Blood Psychic and Medium, 15 Generations Shamanic Blood. Have had a wealth of Psychic Experiences.
Melissa Caldwell Ordained:

melissa carol garcia Ordained: 10/15/08

melissa carol garcia Ordained: 10/15/08

Melissa Christine Fiore Ordained: 11/06/2005

I became an ordained minister about 6 months ago through Universal MInistires and would like to further my studies so that I can counsel youth.
Melissa Dawn Trumbull Ordained: Dec. 2, 2007

Degree In Paralegalism, Certificates in Private Investigation, Biblical studies.
Melissa E. Griffin Ordained: June 5, 2008

Melissa Lynne Leal Ordained: July 24,2007

I have been studying spirituallity for years .I have done a lot of soul searching and I feel I am finally prepared to follow my lifes purpose.
Melissa Sarra Ordained:

Melissa Sue Williams Ordained: 11/23/2007

Melodie Marie Schimpf Ordained: November 6, 1996

Melody Renee Manville Ordained:

Merrill Ordained: 4/12/2007

Professional business with a significant interest in human potential, universal law, and the teachings of Abraham.
Merry Grace Gregg Ordained:

Cradle Methodist Long time study at AGAPE International Center for Truth with Dr. Michael Beckwith Coverted Anglican
Merry Grace Gregg Ordained:

Cradle Methodist Long time study @ AGAPE International Center for Truth with Dr. Michael Beckwith Coverted Anglican
MesHeli LuWisi Ford Ordained: February 6, 2006

I have beeb searching for the truth about religion and spirituality since my father died at 4 yrs. I have been in and apart of all sorts of religion.(baptist, lutheran, pentecostal, mormon, jehovahs witnesses, and wicca)
Metz Ordained: 4/28/2009

Miacis Fainnir Ordained: 12/11/1997

I have earned the Doctor of Divinity, Taught paganism for over 15 years, have a PhD in Theology and a Masters in Parapsychology. The reason I would like to enter my name into the school now is my desire to open a non-denominational church. I would like to ensure that I do in fact know the required procedures.
Michael A Evans Ordained:

Esoteric Chan Buddhist and Western Hermetic traditions
Michael A. Mendez Ordained: March 16, 2004

Michael A. Settle Ordained: August 31, 2006

Looking forward to it!!!
Michael A. Smith Ordained: July 4, 2000

Michael Allison Ordained:

Michael Anthony Ganey Ordained: June 3, 2007

I always wanted to be a minister. Through your porgram I have achieved part of that goal, but need more training. I have, on my own studied portions of many religions and philosophies, but want some more formal training. I have been laid off for the last five months and to be honest me and my family are broke. It is my hope that I may eventually complete the entire paid program and start ministering to my community.
Michael B Allison Ordained: 25 January, 2004

Michael Barney Ordained: 0000-00-00

Michael Benson Ordained: 2008-01-05

I am just a simple man that is a non- denominational person that believes in the Lord and natural healings
Michael Brooks Ordained: 8/22/2000

I was brought up in the holiness church .Then I became a Pastor in 2000
MICHAEL CHILCOTT Ordained: 03/31/03

Born Again Christian At Age 18, Serving God in any way I can. Married and have two wonderful Children.
Michael Chylack Ordained:

Michael Chylack Ordained: 5/9/2009

I'm a strong believer in Jesus Christ.
Michael Crawford Ordained: 05/01/2009

Michael D.Keener Ordained: 06/11/2007

Michael David Williams Jr. Ordained: 0000-00-00

Michael E. Roberts Ordained: May 27th 2009

Computers Investigations Paranormal Studies
Michael Edward Vincent Ordained: 4/08

Ph.D. - Social Psychology-1986 D.Sc. - Clinical Psychology-1996 Dr. of Metaphysics-2008
Michael Edward Wals Ordained: 9/4/06

born and raised in Wilmington, Ohio Served in the US Navy 1988-1992. Am a Gulf War Veteran Married to a Japanese National Two children A Girl and A Boy Residing in Japan Conducting Christian Weddings for Japanese Nationals Working for the Largest Language School in Japan Speak mid-level Japanese
Michael Embry Ordained:

Michael Eric Brown Ordained: August 08, 2007

Executive Director of Arizona Missions, Inc. and TransMentors International, Inc. I am committed to creating an environment where each person regardless of gender identity, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and cultural and religious backgrounds is encouraged to explore the hard questions of faith without fear of criticism, and to empower one another to live their spiritual lives from day to day in every aspect of their lives.
michael facchini Ordained: 8/14/2004

michael facchini Ordained: 8/14/2004

Michael Firlein Ordained: 3/11/2007

Grew up a Cathlic, 9 years of Catholic schooling. Became an educator and now ordained since 2007, Performed first wedding Nov,3 2007. Looking to gain a deeper understanding and spiritual enlightenment.
Michael Frank Russell Ordained:

I currently hold a BS degree from Southern Illinois University and a M.Div from Palmer Seminary, Phila, Pa. I served as a United Methodist Pastor from 15 years and now I am Spiritual Director at a Substance Abuse Treatment Center.
Michael Garrigan Ordained: 12/05

I grew up roman catholic
Michael George Folquet Ordained: March 4, 2007

Evangelist since 1996 Worship Leader/Choir Director 1995-Present Spirit Filled 2/5/95 Daily Bible Reader
Michael Gratto Ordained: 2004-10-11

I have been a Pagan practitioner for 7/8 years now. I have been training in Pagan studies for that same amount of time. I am part of a Coven for almost 6 months now. I have done psychic training for 2-3 years.
Michael Hall Ordained: 12/02/08

Michael Hall Sr. Ordained: 02/22/2009

Michael Hamilton Ordained: 2-3-07

I am looking for an easy way to become ordained as my family is not fully open to my practicing but it is something I feel I need to do.
Michael J. Acree Ordained: 7/05

Lic. & Ordained in 2001 (missionary baptist)
Michael J. Boehm Ordained: 09/28/2006

I was raised protestant, and have attened many different churches and read many Bibles. I've recently felt the call to minister.
Michael J. Johnson Ordained: October 16, 2006

Michael James Belair Ordained: April 5 2007

michael john cusack sr Ordained: july 2 2006

Michael John Running Ordained: Dec. 28th 2007

Frew up in the Salvation army, took the three year Carps cadet couse they had to offer. Played in their band a number of years. Served as a youth rep on their board untle an event split the church I was one of the people who left. I worshiped with united baptist church and served as a deacon for two years untle oppoutunity had me leave town. moving around alot I worshiped a number of places untle movining to Elliot Lake Ontario where even after moving away and coming back I worship with Gentle Separd church hear the church my wife and I were married. I now run a Christian Martial arts club and hope to expand my ability to serve my students. thank you and God bless
Michael John Running Ordained: Dec. 28th 2007

Frew up in the Salvation army, took the three year Carps cadet couse they had to offer. Played in their band a number of years. Served as a youth rep on their board untle an event split the church I was one of the people who left. I worshiped with united baptist church and served as a deacon for two years untle oppoutunity had me leave town. moving around alot I worshiped a number of places untle movining to Elliot Lake Ontario where even after moving away and coming back I worship with Gentle Separd church hear the church my wife and I were married. I now run a Christian Martial arts club and hope to expand my ability to serve my students. thank you and God bless
Michael John Running Ordained:

Michael LaRue Ordained: 3-17-08

Have been involved as a church musician for the past 35 years and have helped design "creative worship services". I currently attend a Unity church in St.Louis and also studying Buddhism and meditation.
Michael Lynn Ordained: 2008-08-05

Michael Matthew Hampel Ordained: 10-17-2006

i am 41 male returning to my faith in a creator
Michael Milano Ordained:

Michael Miller Ordained: 03/06/2007

Michael Moll Ordained: Jun,14,2006

Michael Morrison Ordained: 5/1/09

Interested in learning and growing.
Michael Nolau Ordained: november,29,2007

Humanitarian and consultant
Michael P Smith Ordained: Feb 15 2004

Michael Paquette Ordained: June 8, 2004

Michael Paquette Ordained: 06/08/2004

Michael Payne Ordained: April 24, 1982

Michael R. Hanna Ordained: september 26, 2008

Michael Roberts Ordained: 9/27/06

I have taken several courses in bible and wicca
Michael Roberts Ordained: 06/03/2007

Studied wicca and other fields for several years
Michael S. Barth Ordained:

Michael Scott Farley Ordained:

Michael Shane Font Ordained: Dec 28,2005

married with 4 children,lived in california for 10 yrs then moved to indiana where i currently reside.
Michael Sidney McGee Ordained: 4/26/06

Counseling Psychology, MS Licensed Professional Counselor (VA) Experience in diverse spiritual practices, Wicca, Hindu, Christian, Hebrew, Buddhist.
Michael Stephen McKinnon Ordained: 08 March 2007

Michael Stephens Ordained: 28 Feb 2009

Michael T. Brown Ordained:

Michael T. Brown Ordained:

Michael W. Taylor Ordained: 09-29-06

I am a Spiritual Intuitive and Reiki Master. I do energy work and healings using the properties of crystals. I am a non-traditional christian. I feel blessed to be a part of ULC and take my commitment as a Light Worker very seriously. I work via my corporation: The MetaSpiritual Zone, Inc.
Michael W. Wewers Ordained: 11/26/2005

I am/were a law enforcement officer for over 40 years. I would like to stay involved in Law Enforcement by using my experience and hopefully training through the ULC. I would like to be able to counsel police officers etc. during time of trauma and when they experience some of the horrors of the world they live in.
Michael Ware Ordained:

Michael Ware Ordained: April 27

I want to enrich my spiritual life and share it with others
MICHAEL WARREN BREWER JR. Ordained: 25 January 2007

I have studying Biblical Scripture, world religion, and church history for many years now. Being a Religious Programs Specialist in the United States Navy has also increased my knowledge and education. I have taken various college classes, training courses, mentorship/discipleship studies, etc., etc. In my own walk, I study the text of Scripture in context, language, and history.
Michael Wellington Ruff Ordained: 30 July 2007

Active Duity Army, Second Deployment to Iraq comming up soon. Wife and Children. I try to live my life by Mat 5:6
Michael Whitton Ordained: 2004-03-27


Michael Willis Ordained: 2003-04-12

Michael Winfree Ordained: November 16 2008

i have been a minister for 20 Years and i gave up and went in the world i have been serving God for 2 years and God is calling to build a church
Michael Woodfield Ordained:

9 years sales, 12 years team management, 7 years sales team managemement
Michael Young Ordained: 3/12/09

Michalski, jr. Ordained: 24 March 2007

retired Fire Chief, Emergency Medical Technician Instructor
Michele Chavez Ordained: 1/21/2002

World Religion Studies Wiccan High Preistess AA Degree in Education Pagan Pride Day Committee Coordinator Teach Pagan Community Workshops Intuitve Counselor
Michele Gamm Ordained: 2005-05-20

I am very excited to be starting the seminary! I look forward to expanding my knowledge to include with my experience.
Michele Jacobs Ordained: 01/28/08

I have been Roman Catholic and embraced the Wiccan followings 9 years ago, because of my love for people and guiding them, I want to take this most important step.
Michelle Abrahmz Ordained: 1/11/2009

Studying Bachelor of Arts with religion studies major at university. Seeking further study in ministry work and organisation.
Michelle Abrahmz Ordained: 1/11/2009

Studying Bachelor of Arts with religion studies major at university. Seeking further study in ministry work and organisation.
Michelle Beth Langenberg Ordained: September 29, 2007

Grew up outside a small town on a farm. My grandparents & parents have impact my life on my beleifs. Very great people. Would not be where I am with out them.
Michelle Fields Ordained: July 15, 2007

Michelle Gallien Ordained: Oct 26, 2006

michelle guillet Ordained: 1/26/2008

Michelle M Madison Ordained: 12/30/07

In addition to seminary courses, studying Usui Reiki and energy healing. Also pursuing degree in IT/Web Design and writing.
michelle marie chambers Ordained: june 21, 2006

Michelle Marie Thorla Ordained: 02/09/2004

Michelle Panzo Ordained: May 14, 2008

Michelle Yvette Nobles Ordained: June 28th, 2006

I am a brand new minister. Oh it feels wierd but good typing that. This is something I think I have been searching for, without even knowing it. I hope I can learn all that I can and become a beneficial member, and minister of the Church. Thank you so much for allowing me to take that first step.
Mick Ordained: April 2006

Miguel dela Rama Ordained:

I am a 35 years old, single and working in the south of Philippines, i've been so much involve in the Parish REnewal Experience and other religous activities in our parish. However, I am still looking for a seminary in oder to push my vocation. But i find difficulty because of my age. I wanted to become a priest or even a brother. My life is atuned to serve my community, My fulfilment in life is in the service of God.
Mike Davis Ordained: 02/25/2004

I am Eclectic Wiccan.
mike mehl Ordained: i don't remember

i am interested in lersning more of all religons
Miller Ordained: 3 April 2007

Wiccan, Serving in the US Armed Forces in Europe preparing to deply to Iraq for 2nd Combat tour.
Milynda Ann Johnson Ordained: June 30, 2007

raised up in the baptist church, always believed in God and realize that he was the head of my life, but as grew older found out that tha baptist denomination could not accept me if they could not accept my lifestyle as being a lesbian. had missionary license revoked because of my lifestyle
MINISTER E .D BLAXTON Ordained: 12-2-2002

Minister Twanna Y. Ray Ordained: August 27th 2005

I am a non denominational Christian and a member of Ebenezer Christian Church in Hillsboro, Al where my father, Pastor R. M. Johnson is the pastor and I currently work at New Covenant Life Ministries in Tanner, Al where Pastor, Dr. Tyrone Bowling is the pastor; I am the Minister of Music there.
Minns Ordained: 07/03

I have always felt a calling to serve my LORD, and Savior, Jesus Christ. thru ULC I feel more confident that I will reach my goal, and start a Church soon.
Misty McCracken-Iputi Ordained: 3/8/2009

I am currently enrolled in online college for my psychology degree.
Mitchell Ordained:

Mitchell Ordained: June 19, 2007

Mitchell Eugene Guyon Ordained: 22 February, 2007

Minister, ULC
Mitchell gray Ordained: Febuary 3rd, 2009

Mitchell Morris Ordained: July 15th 2006

Have been interested in comparitive religion since Sunday School when I was young.
Mona Miller Harris Ordained: 0000-00-00

Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN Personal Journey of Faith
Monica Jane Notzon Ordained: March 28, 2006

I have relocated from Wa state and would like to continue studying I have taken several courses and I am completing two now.
Monica L. James Ordained:

Monty Edward Cleveland Ordained: July 11, 2006

Moore Ordained: Aprl 21, 2004

Moore Ordained: May 6, 2007

I'd been searching for my bearings in Faith for a long time. Being raised a Christian (presbyterian) as a child I saw myself as a Christian, but it seemed like something was missing and I kept searching. I knew I believed in Jesus but I could not rule out Judiasm. After all my Savior was/is a Jew. I became ordained. After being ordained I thought it was merely a legal title but, it caused me to search even deeper. I settled on being a Messianic Jew, it answered many problems I saw in Christian denominations. It also preserves my ability to participate in Judaism without obstructing my belief in Jesus. Anyway, I've always loved learning, and also wish to set up a Messianic Judiasm congregation in the Detroit metro area.
Morgan Cazee Ordained: 8-29-08

I began studying Wicca when I was 11 years old, but dove into it when I was 12. I have been studying since then on and off and now I want to teach others.
Morgan McBride Ordained: December 8, 2003

Morgan McBride Ordained: December 8, 2003

Morgan McBride Ordained: December 2007

Moses Maestas Ordained:

Right now I am involved in childrens mininstry as a sunday school teacher and also involved in the AWANA progam
moshay moses Ordained: JUNE 18, 2008

Mr. Louis R. Belyea Ordained: 7/26/2006

I was the High priest of a coven for five years and it was the greates experiance of my life.
Ms Sophia Stankovic Ordained: Tuesday 5th June 2007

I have been searching my spiritual path for several years and now wish to progress with this. I wish to study for full graduation.
Muhammad Ordained: 9-16-06

I was recently ordained with Rose Ministries have also applied for ordination with your church. I am a Christian , I know that Christ is my personal Savior and have recently been called into ministry. I was a practicing Muslim for many years, I have respect for all religions,but personally feel Jesus Christ is the way truth and the key to eternal life. I have been a christian now for about 5 years, regualrly attend Church and a part of our Women's ministry.
muller Ordained:

i was raised a catholic,spent multiple years studying wicca and now also a member of the british order of bards ovates and druids.am now currently studying gnostic christianity.In my work life I am a registered nurse with exp primarily in emergency and intensive care. i have also recently applied for a positon as a nurse in the the los angeles county jail,taking care of inmates.I have heard of your site and after going there i realized that after all my religeous study i should be an ordained minister!so I wish to sign up for the seminary and do some studies and then when I graduate, i will become an ordained minister.thankyou and god bless you
Mulvaney D.D. Ph.D Ordained: July 23 2003

Mulvaney D.D. Ph.D. Ordained: June 23,2003

murigi gathu Ordained: 01/21/09

iam kenyan and iwould like to open a church in my comunity ordination Date of Ordination: 01/21/09 by Kevin Andrews, Pastor
Murray Ordained:

Muske Ordained: October 12, 2006


Mycko Ordained: November 3, 2008

Southern Baptist Christian from age 15-mid 20's. During that time, obtaining "wisdom" was my ultimate goal. When I was 15 my alcoholic mother married my molester and my pastor ignored my request for him to rescue me. Despite this unpleasant situation, I continued my involvement in the church, yet my pain that I was forced to withstand alone and in silence grew. I entered private therapy and began to heal my wounds. Eventually, I turned Agnostic in my mid-late 20's and slowly became an Atheist. 'Truth' and 'Kindness' became my 'god,' and I continued to seek out "wisdom." I was a single mother who raised two children in the Bible-Belt as an Atheist for almost 20 years. As a result there was social/career difficulty, yet I continued to strengthen my will, attitude and home life. Later, we moved to a bigger town and I became a very successful business woman. Around age 40, as an Atheist, I married a United Methodist Minister. He showed me how LOVE was the most powerful force in the world. Even though our marriage was not meant to last his good, 'pure' energy is still with me today. After our divorce I started meditating and seriously studying Astrology. I remarried someone else that was more appropriate for me and we moved to Hawaii. It is there I found God again, but it was a different kind of God than the one I learned about in the Baptist Church in my teens. At least that's how the experience 'felt' to me. This time, it was MY God; the 'personal' one inside of me. I discovered the "I AM Presence" within me. My family said I changed a lot after this. I become much softer and patient after that. My knowledge of Astrology grew as did my 'wisdom'. My Astrology exploration led me to other occult wisdoms and eventually to Esoteric teachings. My desire for 'purity' and soul growth grew stronger and I hungered for more and more. Eventually, I found Universal Life Church, and made the decision to become a Reverend to solidify my sacred direction. After ordination, I created a course on "How To Read Your Astrological Chart" that I taught locally here on the Big Island. My "Astrology Ministry" gets many strange looks from people but my students spread the word how my course helped them. The combination of Astrology, Meditation, Prayer, and Self-Education has helped me get closer and closer to my true path and purpose....and to futher heal old wounds. Although I can't be sure the direction that I will be 'called' into in the future, for now it feels like I've 'Come Home.'
Myers Ordained: 4/25/2006

N Ecmac Ordained:

N. McNair Ordained: Dec. 2002

Nabbosa Ordained: 8th /may/2006

lam a female ugandan aged23 completed adegree in arts at makerere university-uganda. lam a bornagain christian, just applied for amasters degree in economic policy and management but l lack finacial support, kindly lf there is any assistance you can render to me l weill be thankfull yours faithfully specious
Nadeem Yunus Ordained:

Hi, i am christian and belong to Pakistan for 2 years i am searching any orgnizatin in which i attend seminary and will become a pastor and preache Jesus words in the world particularly in Europe
Nahtanha Hering Ordained: December 17, 2005

Naiomi Gonzalez Ordained: 4/7/08

Nancy Anne Renfree Ordained: 24 August 2007

Nancy L. Mauthe Ordained: September 11, 2008

I am a spritual life counselor and coach.
Nancy Lee Kuhn Ordained: 2003-07-02

Rev. Nancy L. Kuhn Ordained July 3, 2002 I grew up in a Baptist church in a small Pennsylvania town. After completing high school I attended and worked at a Bible College. It is now later in life that I return to biblical and spiritual studies at the ULC Seminary. While my views have changed on what spirituality means to me, I still cherish a deep intimate relationship with Jesus, my beloved master, and a great respect for a kind, loving and most magnificent God. I am an energy worker, also communicate with the angels and deceased loved ones. I now officiate weddings in Atlanta and North Georgia.
Nancy R. Bogart Ordained: January 8, 2008

Nancy Rita Frechette Ordained: May 10, 2000

I currently have a Bachelor's degree in child development; an extensive background in metaphysics; and one year of study at the master's level in spiritual psychology.
Nannette Hopper Ordained: 2002-05-24

I grew up going to the Salvation Army Church, and attended a United Church of Christ Church for a few years as an adult. I have been in many youth groups. From a young age, I tought sunday school, jr. church and nursery school. I was also an assistant to many different youth groups.
Naomi Pemberton Ordained: 4/26/06

Natasha Walker Ordained: June 19, 2006

Nathan Ellingson Ordained:

Nathan Ellingson Ordained:

Nathan Patrick Watters Ordained: September 15 2004

nathan spence Ordained:

Nathan Thomas Ordained: 01/12/2009

I am a newly ordained Reverened
Nathan Thomas Ordained: Jan. 12, 2009

Jewish and baptist
Nathanael Evan Sprott Ordained: April, 27 2007

former military, 1 year of jr college completed, served in youth ministry at local churches
nathaniel e w moeri Ordained: OCTOBER 25 2005

i was called and ordained by this church as a minister, i am pretty well versed in the bible, spent some times in the monestery were i lived as monk the degrees i would like to get are ba in religious studies as i study many different religions and masters in divinty
Nathaniel Lee Ordained: February 27,2007

Nathaniel Leveck Ordained: 01/26/2009

I have been intrigued by spirituality and and all things Biblical since childhood. I was raised a Jehovah's Witness but left that faith as a teenager. Now in my 30s, I am an avid Bible reader. I wish to learn all I can about my God and his dealings with man in the known histories.
Nathaniel McClellan Ordained: 2/10/09

I am the son of two Methodist Ministers. I was raised in the Presbyterian lifestyle. I have pursued understanding through ALL of the world's religions and have subsequently found the same principles within my own roots. I still want to learn, but cannot bring my self to affiliate through a specific denomination; and yet, I do know that I have some things of value that I can give to the world around me. So, this just makes sense to me.
Nathaniel McClellan Ordained: 2/10/09

I am the son of two Methodist Ministers. I was raised in the Presbyterian lifestyle. I have pursued understanding through ALL of the world's religions and have subsequently found the same principles within my own roots. I still want to learn, but cannot bring my self to affiliate through a specific denomination; and yet, I do know that I have some things of value that I can give to the world around me. So, this just makes sense to me.
Nathaniel Wade Ewing Ordained: 0009-04-05