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Welcome to the section on wedding ceremonies. Below you will find a variety of ceremonies submitted by our ministers. Some of the material is general use, but I believe most of it was written specifically by our ULC ministers. At the Universal Life Church Seminary, we try to share as much with our ministers as possible to make you the best minister you can be.

If you'd like to share a ceremony of any kind that you've written, please send it to amy@ulcseminary.org and let me know that you'd like it posted. We offer wedding ceremonies, funeral sermons, Pagan material and more at this site and it's here for your free use. The generosity of our ministers is unsurpassed and we hope you will give back to the Seminary by sending us one of your ceremonies or perhaps a story of your experiences to share with others.

Wedding Ceremony Book - This is the Ultimate Wedding & Ceremony Workbook for the Planning-Impaired. It is filled with planning material for the brides and grooms, information for you to know about weddings (to look like a professional), and all the words you'll need to make the best day of their lives, even better.
Wedding Stories - This is a small collection of stories about people's weddings. Some of the stories are funny, some are heart-warming and uplifting, and some can serve as examples of things to be wary of at your weddings.
Wedding Training -If you want to learn the ins and outs of performing a wedding, this is the page for you. There's an informative video, as well as a lot of helpful hints and tips for performing wedding ceremonies.
Funeral Words: If you are looking for just the right words to say at a funeral, we have what you need here. There are some available for free and others available in the Weddings, Funerals and Rites book and it's sequel.
Pagan Ceremonies - Pagans of all types, especially Wiccans have a variety of different types of ceremonies and there are many of them posted here for your use. If you would like to share some ceremonies, please feel free to email amy@ulcseminary.org and I'd be delighted to post yours. Other Ceremonies - There are many types of ceremonies that people do for a variety of reasons. This page has a selection of ceremonies of unusual and interesting kinds. You may find some useful words to use and you are welcome to submit your own ceremony to be added here.


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