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You can perform weddings too once you've been ordained through the Universal Life ChurchThis is the page for Wedding Stories. We'd like to hear from YOU about your experiences. Since many of us became ministers to be able to legally perform weddings, I'm sure we've all had some interesting experiences

.Tell us your best wedding story. Maybe it was interesting because it was your first and you forgot to tell the guests to sit down. Or maybe it was unusual because there were animals as part of the bridal party. Have you done a wedding in the middle of nowhere? I had to hike a third of a mile through the woods to get to a clearing where the wedding took place. It was next to a river and after the ceremony, the bride and groom jumped in. I had another where the wedding coordinator thought it was appropriate to tell ME (the minister and expert in the field) how to perform the ring ceremony. Just tell us your story.

Any story you'd like to share. Submitting a story to us at stories@ulcseminary.org and we will not only get your name in print, but we will also serve to validate your press pass, if you own one. Your story doesn't have to be long and don't worry if you don't feel like you know how to write. Just tell us your story and let others learn from your valuable experiences.

Wedding Words - Here are a collection of ceremonies for those preparing to do a wedding. We also have two books available through the church store. One is the yellow book available above and the others are the two volumes of Weddings, Funerals and Rites of Passage.

Wedding Stories - This is a small collection of stories about people's weddings.

Some of the stories are funny, some are heart-warming and uplifting, and some can serve as examples of things to be wary of at your weddings.

Minister Training - From this section, you can learn a whole variety of things like how to conduct weddings, how to perform funerals, and will have questions answered about how to be the best minister you know how to be.
Inspirational Stories - Some stories that you hear about or read are enough to make you want to cry. They get you all choked up and make you want to share it on your FB wall. Those are stories that we have collected here and continue to share.
Fellowship Stories - Fellowship stories are stories from ministers about how their ceremonies, sermons, events, etc. have gone. Any stories from your ministry that would help educate, inform, or amuse our ministers is a good story to share. Commentary Stories - These are other stories from people who have heard them, found on the internet, or perhaps experienced themselves. Great stories that share a little information.
Minister Stories - This unique section has stories of a variety of types from our ministers. Some are stories of weddings, some are of funerals and some are collected from the internet and will make you weep. Still, a good collection. Email me to add your own.
Poetry - So many of our ministers are creative, interesting, and deeply spiritual. Many write and share poetry with me, and I turn around and wish to share it with you. We have a whole blog devoted to poetry from our ministers. Please feel free to share them with others, use them in your ceremonies and enjoy them.


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